HRM Questions for Banking Sector

Role of HR Manager in Bank-Perception from both perceptive i.e. HR Manager & the Management

Interviewer: Name of Respondent: Name of Institution:

About the Institution:

1. Can you briefly describe the role/listed functions of the HRM department at your bank? 2. What has been some of the changes that have been brought about to your particular institution due to the HRM dept.? 3. What were things like before HRM was given as much importance as it is now? 4. Its contributions aside, could you please list some of the new issues/problems that have arisen from a management perspective due to the HRM Dept., if they exist. 5. How is performance measured for HR in your bank? 6. What types of opportunities are available for the advancement/development of human resources? 7. What are the criteria for the selection and recruitment for job? 8. What have been the primary factors in the changing perspective towards Human Resource Management? 9. To what extent is the human resource staff/department involved in strategic organizational decisions? 10. To what extent do the employees come to you concerning their problem? Mostly what problem are they?

11. In your opinion, what are some of the most pressing human resource issues faced by the banking industry today? Why? 12. What was the most difficult organization problem faced by the human resource department in the last few years? How was it resolved? 13. What are the quality and competence you think a HR Manager should have?. (to be asked to HRM and CEO?GM) 14. Are you satisfied with the role expected by the management to be performed by you? If not why? 15. What do you expect in general from a HR Manager in your organization? (CEO/GM)

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