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ALLachmenL A LvenL 8ules

LvenL parLlclpanLs undersLand LhaL Lhe LvenL ls only on Lhe MeLro 8ed Llne 1raln and Lhe LvenL
wlll only run beLween 11 am 1 pm only and LhaL afLer Lhls Llme your parLlclpaLlon wlLh Lhls
LvenL wlll be LermlnaLed.
ln order Lo parLlclpaLe, you musL reglsLer wlLh MeLro sLaff on lebruary 14, 2014 aL a MeLro
reglsLraLlon Lable locaLed ln deslgnaLed sLaLlons.
Lach person ls responslble for Lhelr own LranslL fare medla (and sub[ecL Lo fare lnspecLlons lf
?ou musL be 18 years of age and show valld ldenLlflcaLlon Lo parLlclpaLe.
arLlclpanLs musL adhere to Metros Customer Code of Conduct.
upon reglsLraLlon, parLlclpanLs wlll be provlded wlLh a wrlsLband and a MeLro PearL buLLon
whlch Lhey musL wear durlng Lhe LvenL Lo lndlcaLe Lhey are an LvenL parLlclpanL.
Lvery 8ed Llne 1raln beLween 11am-1pm on Valentines Day will have ONE decorated car where
Lhe evenL wlll be hosLed.
8oard only 8ed Llne Lraln cars decoraLed wlLh 8ed valenLlne PearLs on Lhe wlndows on lrlday
leb. 14 from 11am-1pm.
! Speed uaLlng Car wlll be Lhe LAS1 car on Lhe Lraln headlng Lowards norLh Pollywood
! Speed uaLlng Car wlll be Lhe ll8S1 car on Lhe Lraln headlng Lowards unlon SLaLlon
MeLro sLaff wearlng safeLy vesLs wlll be on board Lhe Lraln Lo faclllLaLe Lhe LvenL.
upon boardlng, MeLro sLaff wlll announce LhaL each parLlclpanL should selecL a seaL of Lhelr
cholce. AfLer 2 mlnuLes, you can remaln ln your currenL seaL, selecL a new sear, or geL off Lhe
Lraln and board anoLher Lraln
arLlclpanLs who do noL comply wlLh Lhe rules wlll be asked Lo leave Lhe decoraLed car and
reLurn Lhelr wrlsL band.
MeLro reserves Lhe rlghL, ln lLs sole dlscreLlon, Lo dlsquallfy a parLlclpanL from Lhe LvenL for
fallure Lo comply wlLh any of Lhe LvenL rules. Any declslon by MeLro Lo dlsquallfy a parLlclpanL
wlll be flnal.