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TABLE OF CONTENTS Part 1. Course Description Part 2. Required Texts Part 3. Welcome Letter Part 4.

Grading Contract ntroduction !or " Grades !or Grades "elo# a " Grades $%o&e a " Part '. ())icial *unter Polic+ on Plagiarism Part ,. $&aila%le Resources at *unter T-e Reading.Writing Center /RWC0 T-e ())ice o) $ccess$" L T1 Part 2. Class3%+3Class 4c-edule

P$RT 1. C(5R46 D64CR PT (7 6nglis- 1289 an introductor+ expositor+ #riting course9 -as )our related goals: T-roug- recursi&e processes o) reading9 #riting9 discussion9 and re)lection9 it teac-es students /10 to generate9 explore9 and re)ine t-eir o#n ideas; /20 to anal+<e and e&aluate intellectual arguments; /30 to ta=e positions9 de&elop t-esis statements9 and support t-em persuasi&el+; and /40 to proo)read )or standard accepta%le grammar9 &aried sentence structure9 logical organi<ation9 and co-erence. (ur section #ill %e conducted as a -ands3on practicum in a large &ariet+ o) generati&e and re&ision tec-niques9 #it- an emp-asis on t-e relations-ip %et#een product and process. $long #it- )requent lo#3sta=es9 in)ormal #riting9 students #ill compose and re&ise se&eral su%stantial #ritten pieces: a %rie) narrati&e /4883>88 #ords09 rendering present )or readers an important li&ed experience #it- #riting; a lens essa+ />8831288 #ords09 examining li&ed experience in lig-t o) composition sc-olars-ip9 and interrogating composition sc-olars-ip in lig-t o) li&ed experience; an extended researc-ed essa+ /1'8832888 #ords09 participating in an academic con&ersation surrounding an aspect o) #riting researc- eac- student identi)ies; and )inall+ a re)lecti&e essa+ />8831288 #ords09 introducing and explaining t-e #or= #ritten during t-e semester9 as represented in a )inal port)olio. P$RT 2. R6?5 R6D T6@T4 Please o%tain t-e )ollo#ing t#o required text%oo=s9 #-ic- -a&e %een ordered at 4-a=espeare A Co. /on Lexington $&enue %et#een ,>t- and ,Bt- 4treets0: *ac=er9 Diana. $ Poc=et 4t+le Canual. 't- 6dition /#it- 288B CL$ and 2818 $P$ updates0. 7e# 1or=: "ed)ord9 4t. CartinDs Press9 2818. 4"7313: B2>8312,,4>88. List price: E22.28.
$ lig-t3#eig-t and eas+3to3use st+le guide9 P4C contains ad&ice and guidelines )or sentence construction and grammar9 as #ell as extensi&e re)erences )or citation and documentation standards in se&eral academic )ields.

Gra))9 Gerald and Cat-+ "ir=enstein. T-e+ 4a+ . 4a+: T-e Co&es T-at Catter in $cademic Writing. 2nd 6d. 7e# 1or= and London: W.W. 7orton A Compan+9 288B. 4"7313: B2>83B3B33,11. List price: E23.4'.
$ small and lig-t text%oo=9 T4 4 pro&ides templates /)ill3in3t-e3%lan= guidelines0 and rationales )or suc)undamental tas=s as summar+9 quotation9 agreement9 disagreement9 and ac=no#ledgment o) . response to counterarguments. $ good nuts3and3%olts primer9 #e #ill dra# on it %ot- )or standard templates and as inspiration to deri&e templates o) our o#n9 )or #-ic- t-is %oo= #ould pro&ide use)ul %ac=ground. mportant 7ote: 1ou do not need t-e ant-olog+. "u+ t-e slim %oo= #it- t-e c-arcoal co&er; sa&e mone+ and #eig-t.

"ecause questions a%out con&entions o) grammar and st+le #ill li=el+ come up )requentl+9 and %ecause t-e %oo=s #eig- so little9 please %ring %ot- #it- +ou to e&er+ class meeting.

) +ou donDt -a&e a t-oroug-9 compre-ensi&e dictionar+ )or use o))3line9 recommend Cerriam3 We%sterDs Collegiate Dictionar+. $nd )or greater -istorical dept-9 t-e *unter Li%raries pro&ide online access to t-e )un and inex-austi%le (x)ord 6nglis- Dictionar+ /see lin=s to Li%rar+ Data%ases at t-e %ottom o) t-e le)t3side na&igation %ar0. n addition9 recommend %ut do not require t-e )ollo#ing: "oot-9 Wa+ne C.9 Gregor+ G. Colom%9 and Fosep- C. Williams. T-e Cra)t o) Researc-. 3rd ed. C-icago: 5ni&ersit+ o) C-icago Press9 288>. 4"7313: B2>822,8,',,3. List price: E12.88.
CR contains a surprisingl+ good presentation o) tec-niques9 not onl+ )or conducting li%rar+ researc-9 %ut also )or de&eloping and de)ending claims and t-eses9 and e&en )or re&ising sentences and paragrap-s )or clarit+. 4ome exercises ma+ %e deri&ed )rom t-is %oo=9 so an+one desiring a )uller %ac=ground and explanation #ill )ind it use)ul.

"is-op9 Wend+9 ed. $cts o) Re&ision: $ Guide )or Writers. Portsmout-9 7*: "o+nton.Coo= *einemann9 2884. 4"7313: B2>8>,28B''88. List price: E2,.2'.
"is-op9 a long3time c-ampion o) connecting creati&e #riting #it- academic #riting9 assem%les -ere a collection o) essa+s %ot- practical and t-eoretical /o)ten at t-e same time0 on re&ision G #-ic- is to sa+9 on #riting. #ill dou%tless %e distri%uting at least one o) t-ese essa+s during t-e semester9 %ut all are #ort-#-ile.

!inall+9 #-ile #or=ing on +our researc-ed essa+9 +ou #ill %e responsi%le )or locating9 printing /i) online09 and reading rele&ant texts using t-e li%rar+ data%ase s+stem /again9 see lin=s at lo#er le)t0. and *unterHs re)erence li%rarians #ill all -appil+ assist +ou in t-is process.

P$RT 3. W6LC(C6 L6TT6R "enIamin Ciller $ugust 2,9 2818 6nglis- 128: !irst31ear Composition *unter College !all 2818 re: W-at To 6xpect !rom (ur Course Dear readers9 students9 teac-ers /all names )or t-e same group o) people09 donHt =no# a%out +ou9 %ut H&e al#a+s )ound t-e polic+3tal= o) t-e )irst da+ o) class =ind o) tedious. T-ose endless s+lla%i9 #it- t-eir declarati&e tones: do t-is9 and t-is9 and t-is9 and donHt do t-at9 or else. H&e #ritten m+ )air s-are o) t-em9 and H&e seen )ar moreK and most o) #-at sa# as a student9 )orgot. T-e+ #ere impersonal: t-e+ spo=e /at lengt-L0 %ut not to me9 and onl+ rarel+ did t-e #ords t-emsel&es seem to %e coming )rom an+ particular person.

4o D&e started #riting letters instead9 to tell +ou a%out t-e course and #-at Dm t-in=ing: that Dm t-in=ing9 t-at Dm t-in=ing a%out +ou and +our needs9 #-en -a&enDt e&en met +ou +et. $nd +et9 isnDt t-at #-at #riting al#a+s is9 at least at some le&elM Writing to an audience t-at +ou imagine9 %ut donDt quite =no#M ()ten9 #e #rite %ecause #e anticipate multiple audiences; #-at #e #rite #e #rite not onl+ to reac- our readers9 %ut to create t-em: to cra)t #it-in actual readers some &ersion or aspect o) t-e ideal #eD&e imagined. $nd #-en #e test it on people9 #e learn a little %it more a%out -o# to imagine. (n at least one le&el9 t-atDs t-e -eart o) t-is class: to tr+ t-ings out on eac- ot-er in #riting; to pla+ #it- e))ects9 and so %ecome more e))ecti&e. $nd #-en sa+ play9 do mean it G )or me9 t-ereDs not-ing more essential t-an loo=ing )or )un9 not-ing more li=el+ to end in a %loc= t-an %elie&ing t-at e&er+t-ing rides on t-e outcome. $nd %elie&e me9 =no# )rom #riterHs %loc=. $lt-oug- D&e al#a+s lo&ed to read G e&en no#9 am li=el+ to procrastinate )rom reading %+ reading G and9 alt-oug- m+ reading -elped me %uild an ear )or sentences t-at -elped me #-en Dd #rite9 used to )ind eac- essa+9 paper9 in3class #riting most o) all9 an incredi%l+ pain)ul experience. could -andle poems )ine9 %ut papersM pre)erred exams. )ound t-em easier. 6speciall+ t-e p-+sics or mat- exams #-ere could rederi&e9 )rom %asic principles9 t-e )ormulas needed. T-en a strange t-ing -appened. n a seminar on teac-ing9 disco&ered a #-ole group o) people #-o -ad dedicated t-eir careers to )iguring out t-e #-+Ds and -o#Ds o) #riting: W-+ do some people )ind it so muc- easier t-an ot-ers to produce textM W-at are people actuall+ doing or t-in=ing as t-e+ #riteM W-en #e call someone a #riting expert9 #-at is it t-e+ =no# t-at no&ices donDtM *o# do #e learn or teac- t-ese t-ingsM $nd #-+ is #riting so common in sc-oolsM W-at ma=es it #ort- learning and practicingM 4tud+ing t-e disco&eries and t-eories o) t-ese sc-olars -as tremendousl+ impro&ed m+ o#n attitude to#ard #riting9 not to mention m+ a%ilit+ to #rite #ell9 e&en under pressure. Composition t-eor+ /t-e )ield is also =no#n as composition and rhetoric, rhetoric and composition9 and Iust plain writing studies0 -as %ot- expanded m+ range o) strategies )or #riting and re&ising9 and gi&en me a %etter grip on t-e reasons %e-ind t-ese strategies G and9 relatedl+9 %e-ind t-e #riting assignments so o)ten -a&e to complete or compose. n t-is course9 +ouHll read some -ig-lig-ts )rom t-at )ield o) stud+9 %ecause t-in= it can %ene)it +ou in t-e same #a+s. n particular9 the course aims to help you surprise yourself through writing, and to pro e at what you half!reali"e and almost! ut!don#t!$uite!%now about writing& Our methods for achie'ing these aims will e informed y not only the conclusions, ut also the $uestions and de ates within (riting Studies, testing the claims in these articles against our own e)periences* lin%ing the a stract to the concrete, learning more a out oth in the process& $long t-e #a+9 #eDll also ta=e in t-e goals o) e&er+ section o) 6nglis- 128:
1. 2. 3. 4. '. ,. Write in standard 6nglis- prose9 o%ser&ing t-e con&entions o) grammar and spelling. 6mplo+ diction appropriate to t-e audience and )ree o) Iargon and clic-Ns. Ca=e e))ecti&e use o) instructor and peer critiques. Re&ise and edit earl+ dra)ts in lig-t o) critiques. Proo)read #ritten #or=. De&elop anal+tic reading and researc- s=ills. Write essa+s and de&elop presentations t-at express a clear t-esis9 re)lect clear t-in=ing9 and signal orderl+ progression o) t-oug-t #it- smoot- and logical transitions. Produce papers t-at incorporate and integrate ideas )rom ot-ers and t-at use su%stantiating e&idence e))ecti&el+. denti)+ all sources #it- proper attri%ution. Create a )inal researc- or sc-olarl+ paper emplo+ing an accepta%le )ormat )or citation and documentation and t-at meets standard academic and speci)ic course requirements.

4orr+ a%out t-e polic+3spea=; it does -a&e to come in sometimes9 %ut Hll =eep it to a minimum. (&er t-e next )i)teen #ee=s9 +ou #ill #rite t-roug- se&eral lo#3sta=es e)ercises9 doing some #riting or reading )or and in Iust a%out e&er+ class. 4ome o) t-ese exercises #ill accumulate into a series o) larger9 more consciousl+ re&ised and shaped pieces: one stor+ and t-ree essa+s9 in all o) #-ic- a =e+ o%Iecti&e #ill %e to reac- some ne# idea t-at +ou and t-e rest o) us #ill %e excited to read. (t-er exercises #ill -elp +ou de&elop concrete #riting and reading s=ills9 s=ills #-ic- -ope #ill -elp +ou not onl+ #it- +our #or= )or t-is course9 %ut #it- ot-er #riting and reading +ouDll do %e+ond t-is class. 1our )inal proIect )or t-is class #ill %e to assem%le a portfolio )rom among +our #ritten #or=9 demonstrating +our a#areness o) #-at +ouD&e accomplis-ed and -o# +ou mig-t accomplis- more in t-e )uture. WeDll also %e reading and discussing /and9 +es9 #riting %ac= to0 a num%er o) di))erent =inds o) texts: our Oo))icialO text%oo=9 They Say / I Say9 #-ic- pro&ides a )ocused set o) #riterl+ tools9 as #ell as rationales )or #-+ t-e+Dre #ort- using; se&eral pu%lis-ed articles and c-apters )rom t-e #orld o) Composition and R-etoric9 #-ic- #ill ser&e as %ot- models and instigations )or +our o#n )urt-er t-in=ing and reading; and t-e OtextO o) +our o#n li&ed experience as readers and #riters9 #-ic- is #-at t-e stud+ o) Comp.R-et is largel+ a%out. ma+ also %ring in t-e occasional poem9 excerpt9 -andout9 or ot-er arti)act )rom m+ textual tra&els9 as t-e da+3to3da+ suggests t-em9 and encourage +ou to do so9 as #ell. n addition9 +ouDll -a&e t-e Pocket Style Manual9 #-ic- is a slim re)erence )or questions o) punctuation9 grammar9 and documentation. W-ile put a lot o) stoc= in reasoned intuition )or t-ese matters9 a lot o) t-ings are con&entional9 meaning t-ereDs a lot o) -istorical #eig-t %e-ind certain c-oices t-at ma+ or ma+ not agree #it- #-at +ou expect. 4o a manual is good to -a&e9 especiall+ #-en +ouDre Iust not sure. ) notice t-at +our c-oices consistentl+ disagree #itcon&ention9 ma+ point +ou to#ards a section in t-e PSM. !inall+9 Hd li=e +ou to get in t-e -a%it o) rereading your own wor%9 updating it as time and desire dictate9 %ut mostl+ re)lecting on t-e processes +ou use to create +our products. $ssess t-e di))erences %et#een #-at +ou intended and #-at emerged9 %et#een #-at is t-ere and #-at could %e t-ere. Treat e&er+t-ing as a potential source o) re&elation9 and more #ill %e re&ealed. T#o pages in9 +ouHre pro%a%l+ #ondering a%out grades9 am rig-tM $ttac-ed to t-is letter is a )our3page pac=et9 spelling out /in per-aps too3explicit language0 #-at Dll %e %asing +our grades on. 6ssentiall+9 #-at D&e done t-ere is list out a regime o) #riting3related practices and -a%its t-at t-in= are t-e most li=el+ route to impro&ing +our #riting9 and to ac-ie&ing t-e %old3 )aced aims a%o&e. /Cost o) t-em are prett+ straig-t)or#ard; #e can tal= a little later toda+ and on Tuesda+ a%out t-e more surprising or #eird ones.0 To get a " in t-e course9 all +ou -a&e to do is tr+ t-em9 consistentl+. Fust trust in t-e process9 and loo= )or surprise9 and +ouDll %e surprised -o# muc- +ou can )ind. $nd i) +our #ritten products are also excellent G as measured in t-e )inal port)olio9 not %e)ore9 so +ouDre reall+ %eing Iudged on +our %est #or= G t-en +ouDll get an $. $nd t-atDs it. T-ereDs no cur&e; +ouDre not competing #it- an+one else )or a limited num%er o) slots. "e +oursel). T-en %e more t-an +oursel). snDt t-at9 a)ter all9 #-+ +ouDre -ereM 6xcitedl+9 "enIamin Ciller /call me "en0

P$RT 4. GR$D 7G C(7TR$CTP $s composition t-eorist Peter 6l%o# -as #ritten in a num%er o) places /see especiall+ -is QRan=ing9 6&aluating9 and Li=ingRPP09 grades are a surprisingl+ crude #a+ o) measuring or producing learning: t-e+ reduce complex p-enomena to a single letter or num%er9 and t-us o%scure t-e di))erences %et#een9 sa+9 proo)reading s=ills and a%ilit+ to support an argument. 4ome teac-ers mig-t tr+ to get around t-is %+ assigning percentages o) t-eir grades to particular s=ill3sets9 %ut )ind canHt =no#9 in ad&ance9 #-at an+ one o) +ou #ill need to #or= on: #ant to %e )ree to gi&e more targeted )eed%ac=9 and set more targeted goals9 t-an an+ pre3set percentage allo#s me to do. $s see it9 +ou eac- are -ere to %ecome %etter t-an +oursel)9 not %etter t-an an+one else. Grades distract )rom t-at9 and distract )rom t-e particular reactions and suggestions t-at can -elp +ou impro&e. 4o to s-i)t our attention a#a+ )rom grading G and t-ere)ore toward t-oug-t)ul assessment G Hm going to cut +ou a deal. ) +ou )ul)ill all t-e terms o) t-e contract %elo#9 #ill guarantee t-at +our grade is no lo#er t-an ". ) +our #or= is consistentl+ excellent9 it can go up )rom t-ere; i) +ou canHt complete all o) t-e terms o) t-e contract9 +our grade ma+ go do#n. $s +ou read9 +ouHll notice t-at t-ese "3le&el expectations are %ased on concrete, observable behaviors9 not su%Iecti&e Iudgments o) qualit+. 7o matter #-ere +ou start out9 t-e pla+ing )ield is le&el. Coreo&er9 %ecause t-e contract is %ased on good #riting processes9 not on master+ o) s=ills9 +ou can )ocus on a )e# managea%le goals at a time9 rat-er t-an )eeling pressure to master e&er+t-ing at once. -ope +ou ta=e t-is as an opportunit+ to experiment9 to ta=e ris=s in +our #riting9 and to trust t-at +ou #ill learn somet-ing in t-e process: e&en i) +ou tr+ a ne# #riting3mo&e and )ail9 +ou can /in t-e #ords o) 4amuel "ec=ett0 O)ail %etterO next time9 #it-out %eing penali<ed. Please initial eac- item to signal +ouD&e read it9 and sign at t-e &er+ end. 4tudents #-o -a&e not signed t-e contract %+ t-e end o) t-e second #ee= o) classes ma+ not remain in t-e class. To earn a B for this course, you must* 1. 6ngage acti&el+ during e&er+ class period9 and use classroom time producti&el+. We all get distracted )rom time to time9 %ut to t-e %est o) +our a%ilit+ +our %rain s-ould %e #or=ing on 6nglis- 128 )rom start to )inis-. 7ote t-at t-is means +ou must also %e consistentl+ prepared )or class: complete and annotate t-e required reading9 print and %ring an+ required texts9 and %ring +our note%oo= and #-ate&er dra)ts9 re&isions9 or researc- +ouDll need. SSSSSSS 2. Participate acti&el+ during e&er+ #or=s-op9 and pus- +oursel) to pro&ide +our class3 and group3mates #it- consistentl+ t-oroug-9 t-oug-t)ul9 -elp)ul )eed%ac=. 1ou s-ould -elp +our group3mates to %ecome %etter #riters t-roug-out t-e course. Ta=ing t-eir #or= seriousl+ enoug- to t-in= -ard a%out -o# it can %e impro&ed is crucial )or +our success9 and t-eirs9 in

T-is grading contract9 including some o) t-e language9 -as %een adapted )rom Daniele#ic<9 Fane and Peter 6l%o#. O$ 5nilateral Grading Contract to mpro&e Learning and Teac-ing.O College Composition and Communication ,1.2 /Decem%er 288B0: 24432,>9 as #ell as t-e online appendix to t-at article /see t-eir note 10. T-e contracts and rationales pu%lis-ed t-ere #ere made a&aila%le )or t-e purposes o) suc- adaptation.

6l%o#9 Peter. QRan=ing9 6&aluating9 and Li=ing: 4orting out T-ree !orms o) Fudgment.R College English ''.2 /1BB30: 1>2328,.

t-is course. 7ote t-at t-is is not Iust a%out praise or criticism: as= questions9 ma=e connections9 explore possi%ilities. (pen space )or t-em to do or sa+ more. SSSSSSS 3. Wor= #it- +our group3mates to complete group assignments and exercises9 to t-e satis)action o) e&er+one in t-e group. Di&ide group assignments and time )airl+9 and complete9 on time9 all t-e #or= +ou ta=e on. 7ote t-at t-is also means demanding satis)action rom +our group mates: i) one o) +ou is slac=ing o))9 t-e #-ole group su))ers. Let t-at person =no#. SSSSSSS 4. !or e&er+ assignment9 produce su%stantial9 t-oug-t)ul #riting t-at )ollo#s t-e guidelines in t-e prompt G including deadlines. SSSSSSS '. Re&ise t-oroug-l+ and t-oug-t)ull+ a)ter e&er+ #or=s-op. T-oug-t)ul re&ision means su%stantiall+ clari)+ing +our ideas9 reorgani<ing +our argument9 ret-in=ing +our claims9 adding or expanding +our e&idence9 deepening or #idening +our researc-9 adIusting +our st+le9 or.and re3imagining +our relations-ip to +our audience. /Proo)reading and s#apping out indi&idual #ords9 #-ile t-e+ can %e important9 are not #-at Dm tal=ing a%out -ere.0 6&en i) +ou -a&e not recei&ed t-oroug- )eed%ac= during a #or=s-op9 ma=e at least one su%stantial re&ision %e)ore t-e next #or=s-op and %e)ore turning in t-e )inal dra)t. SSSSSSS ,. 5se t-e )eed%ac= pro&ided %+ +our instructor and group3mates to impro&e +our #riting. 1ou do not -a&e to ma=e e&er+ c-ange suggested %+ +our readers9 o) course9 %ecause +our #riting is +ours9 and a)ter all9 readers #ill sometimes disagree. "ut +ou must ta=e all )eed%ac= seriousl+9 and +our dra)ts s-ould s-o# e&idence o) +our care)ul consideration o) +our readersH suggestions: i) a reader is con)used or -as an o%Iection9 donDt ignore it9 %ut instead tr+ to clear up t-e con)usion or incorporate and respond to t-e o%Iection. /WeDll tal= a%out #a+s o) doing t-is9 especiall+ in connection #it- c-apter , o) They Say / I Say.0 SSSSSSS 2. W-en turning in )inal dra)ts and su%sequent re&isions /as #ell as )or an+ earlier dra)t on #-ic- it )eels appropriate to +ou09 attac- a %rie) co&er letter explaining #-at in particular +ou #ere tr+ing to ac-ie&e in t-at dra)t: Were t-ere particular reader comments +ou #ere tr+ing to addressM $ sentence or paragrap- st+le +ou #ere tr+ing to emulateM 1ou can also use t-is letter to ac=no#ledge suggestions +ou consciousl+ decided not to ta=e9 explaining +our reasons. /T-is ma+9 in )act9 -elp +ou to disco&er +our reasons.0 Dll distri%ute a -andout #itsome more suggestions9 and a )uller explanation9 )or t-is recurring exercise. SSSSSSS >. Proo)read )inal dra)ts to eliminate distracting sur)ace errors and t+pos. !inal dra)ts do not necessaril+ -a&e to %e per)ect9 %ut +ou s-ould learn an+ grammar rules t-at consistentl+ cause +ou trou%le9 %+ tal=ing #it- a classmate9 using +our Pocket Style Manual9 and.or t-roug- meetings #it- me or t-e Reading.Writing Center sta)). SSSSSSS B. $ttend all sc-eduled con)erences #it- me and +our Reading.Writing Center Consultant /i) applica%le09 and come prepared to use t-e con)erence time producti&el+9 %+ %ringing #it+ou an+ current dra)ts or reading materials as #ell as questions a%out t-em. ) indicate on a dra)t t-at #ould li=e +ou to sc-edule an appointment to tal= #it- me9 do so #it-in t-e #ee=. $ missed con)erence counts t-e same as missing t#o classes /see %elo#0. SSSSSSS 18. $&oid plagiarism %+ /a0 ta=ing care)ul notes to -elp +ou distinguis- %et#een +our o#n ideas and language and t-ose +ou -a&e %orro#ed )rom sources; /%0 %eing generous a%out attri%uting ideas and ac=no#ledging t-ose #-ose #or= -as in)luenced +our o#n9 i.e. %+ attempting to cite all sources correctl+9 e&en in )irst dra)ts; /c0 mastering citation con&entions

and citing all sources correctl+ in all )inal dra)ts; and /d0 ne&er attempting to disguise anot-erHs #or= as +our o#n9 ne&er purc-asing essa+s online9 and ne&er engaging in an+ ot-er act o) academic dis-onest+. T-is is a colla%orati&e class9 in #-ic- #e o))er eac- ot-er suggestions and constructi&e criticism. "ut #e do so to clari)+ t-e expression o) original ideas G ne&er to su%stitute someone elseDs ideas )or our o#n9 or to impose our ideas on someone else. SSSSSSS 11. 4-o# respect )or +our classmates and +our instructor. T-is includes using respect)ul language9 ta=ing eac- ot-ersH ideas seriousl+9 and re)raining )rom distracting %e-a&iors9 sucas )alling asleep9 reading t-e Metro9 or c-ec=ing text messages during class. 6nsure t-at +our cell p-one doesnDt ring during class. SSSSSSS 12. "e consistentl+ on time )or class9 and %e a%sent &er+ rarel+. T-ree latenesses count as one missed class9 as does missing more t-an 1' minutes o) an+ one class /t-oug- +ouDre still al#a+s #elcome to come in9 quietl+0. Cissing more t-an )i&e classes t-roug-out t-e semester9 more t-an t#o classes during an+ one unit9 or more t-an one class #-en +our #or= is sc-eduled to %e #or=s-opped #ill %rea= t-e contract /as explained in t-e next section0. Cissing more t-an ten classes /T o) t-e classes )or t-e term0 #ill result in a grade o) W5 /5no))icial Wit-dra#al0. SSSSSSS 13. 4u%mit a complete9 )ull+ re&ised port)olio t-at meets all outlined requirements %+ t-e due date. T-e port)olio )or t-is class #ill consist o) all )our maIor #riting proIects /s-aped pieces09 including mar=ed3up dra)ts and re&isions9 plus +our selection o) an+ in=s-eds or exercises t-at +ou )eel represent +our %est t-in=ing or #riting in t-e course. SSSSSSS ) +ou )ul)ill all o) t-ese expectations9 +ou are guaranteed a grade o) at least a " o&erall. #ill do m+ %est to =eep +ou in)ormed and a)loat #it- regard to +our success)ul participation. ) +ouDre e&er in dou%t a%out +our contractual status9 )eel )ree to email me and.or drop %+ m+ o))ice -ours. +rades Below a B* ) +ou %rea= t-e contract9 +our contracted grade )or t-e course #ill %e lo#ered as )ollo#s: !or minor %reac-es /e.g. missing or not %ringing -ome#or=9 )ailing to participate in )ull3class discussion9 or lea&ing assigned reading at -ome9 etc0: in eac- 5nit9 #ill permit +ou one QCulliganR G one minor misstep t-at #ill not %rea= t-e contract. "ut t#o minor %reac-es during an+ 5nit #ill lo#er +our contracted grade %+ U o) a letter9 i.e. to a "G; anot-er %reacin t-e same unit or t#o minor %reac-es during t-e next 5nit9 and +our contract grade #ill %e lo#ered )urt-er to a CV; and so on. T-ese lo#ered grades can still %e impro&ed %+ an exceptionall+ strong port)olio. SSSSSSS !or maIor %reac-es /e.g. )ailing to turn in a s-aped piece or dra)t9 )ailing to participate in peer re&ie#9 or )ailing to ac=no#ledge direct re&ision3suggestions in %ot- a re&ised piece and its accompan+ing co&er letter0: no Culligans; +our contracted grade #ill immediatel+ %e lo#ered to a "G a)ter t-e )irst maIor %reac-9 CV a)ter t-e second9 and so on. T-ese lo#ered grades can still %e impro&ed %+ an exceptionall+ strong port)olio. SSSSSSS

!or t-e )inal port)olio: eac- da+ it is late9 t-e grade drops W o) a letter. T-e attendance polic+ is outlined a%o&e9 in item 12.


$gain9 #ill do m+ %est to =eep +ou in)ormed and a)loat #it- regard to %e-a&iors t-at t-reaten to %rea= t-e contract: m+ goal is to =eep e&er+one engaged9 acti&e9 and learning. ) +ouDre e&er in dou%t a%out +our contractual status9 please )eel )ree to email me or drop %+ m+ o))ice -ours. +rades A o'e a B* $s mentioned a%o&e9 grades up to and including " are %ased purel+ on %e-a&iors9 #-ic- is to sa+ on process! )or grades a%o&e a "9 +ou must demonstrate 6xcellence and ?ualit+ in +our )inal #ritten products. W-ile t-ese terms are9 una&oida%l+9 rat-er )u<<+9 in m+ de)ense can sa+ onl+ t-is: !irst9 most grades in #riting are ar%itrar+ in an+ case9 and at least %+ using t-e contract a%o&e Dm doing m+ %est to limit and control t-e ar%itrariness. 4econd9 promise to do m+ &er+ %est to articulate9 in particular instances9 #-at t-in= #ould most -elp t-e piece in question ac-ie&e 6xcellence and ?ualit+. (ne o) t-e c-aracteristics o) suc- #riting is t-at it tends to stand out as its o#n sel)9 original and o)ten surprising9 and it is t-ere)ore )ar -arder to gi&e guidance in general terms. 4till9 certain approac-es are more li=el+ to mo&e +ou in t-at direction /t-oug-9 again9 t-ese processes canDt al#a+s guarantee a -ig-3qualit+ product0: "egin )rom perplexit+. Coti&ate eac- essa+ #it- a genuine question9 or )elt itc-9 t-at +ou legitimatel+ #ant to pu<<le t-roug-. n ot-er #ords9 donDt tell me somet-ing +ou alread+ =no#9 li=e O-onest+ is o)ten t-e %est polic+O or Oreading %oo=s -elps +ou learn a languageO; start #it- somet-ing +ou =no# about9 %ut donDt +et understand. SSSSSSS Proceed %+ t-in=ing. T-is ma+ seem o%&ious9 %ut itDs actuall+ -ard: -a&ing )ound a moti&ating question or pu<<le9 #rite so as to t-in= +our #a+ to#ard greater understanding. Ca=e some intellectual gears turn; +ou s-ould =no# more %+ t-e end o) t-e process t-an +ou did at t-e %eginning. tDs )ine )or a " to sa+ t-at 1 V 2 V 3 X 2 V 3 V 1. "ut to get a%o&e t-e "9 aim )or 1 V 2 V 3 X ,. SSSSSSS Resound #it- grace. T-e %est essa+s #ill not onl+ -old toget-er9 %ut ta=e pleasure in t-eir o#n un)olding language9 %alancing econom+ and precision o) diction #it- r-etorical pro#ess and poise. T-e )u<<iest criterion o) t-em all9 admit9 %ut t-roug-out t-e term9 letDs all resol&e to point out examples o) grace)ul #riting #-en #e see it. SSSSSSS

) +our #or= is trending to#ards a %etter3t-an3" port)olio9 #ill do m+ %est to let +ou =no# #-ere +ouD&e le&eled up o&er t-at line9 so +ou can tr+ to recapture and consolidate #-ate&er #as #or=ing so #ell. /DonDt #orr+9 Dll =eep gi&ing suggestions )or #-ere +ou can impro&e9 as #ell9 %ecause %elie&e t-at e&en t-e %est o) us can.0 (nce more9 s-ould +ou e&er )ind +oursel) in dou%t a%out +our contractual status G #-et-er +our #or= is satis)actor+ )or a "9 unsatis)actor+ )or a "9 or excelling %e+ond t-e "3le&el9 please )eel )ree to send me an email9 drop %+ m+ o))ice -ours9 or e&en to set up a con)erence at a %etter time. ,LEASE S-+N BELO(&

-, the undersigned, ha'e read and understood the a o'e contract to e the grading policy for Ben.amin /iller0s section of English 123& SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
name /printed as legi%l+ as possi%le0

signature date

P$RT '. (!! C $L *57T6R P(L C1 (7 PL$G $R 4C T-is is a colla%orati&e class9 in #-ic- #e o))er eac- ot-er suggestions and constructi&e criticism. *o#e&er9 t-e goal o) all t-is colla%oration is to clari)+ t-e expression o) original ideas G ne&er to su%stitute someone elseDs ideas )or our o#n9 or to impose our ideas on someone else. To misrepresent t-e origins o) an idea is plagiarism9 and it #ill not %e tolerated. ) +ou #ant to cite an outside source9 t-ere are #a+s o) gi&ing credit to t-e original aut-or; section 32 o) t-e Poc=et 4t+le Canual presents one standard met-od o) documenting sources. ) +ou -a&e an+ questions9 donDt -esitate to as=9 %ecause *unter ta=es a &er+ -ard stance on plagiarism. t could get +ou expelled. *ereDs an excerpt )rom t-e C571 Polic+ on $cademic ntegrit+9 to gi&e +ou t-e )la&or:
$cademic Dis-onest+ is pro-i%ited in T-e Cit+ 5ni&ersit+ o) 7e# 1or= and is punis-a%le %+ penalties9 including )ailing grades9 suspension and expulsion9 as pro&ided -erein. YKZ Plagiarism is t-e act o) presenting anot-er personDs ideas9 researc-9 or #ritings as +our o#n. T-e )ollo#ing are some examples o) plagiarism9 %ut %+ no means is it an ex-austi&e list: Cop+ing anot-er personDs actual #ords #it-out t-e use o) quotation mar=s and )ootnotes attri%uting t-e #ords to t-eir source. Presenting anot-er personDs ideas or t-eories in +our o#n #ords #it-out ac=no#ledging t-e source. 5sing in)ormation t-at is not common =no#ledge #it-out ac=no#ledging t-e source. !ailing to ac=no#ledge colla%orators on -ome#or= and la%orator+ assignments.

nternet plagiarism includes su%mitting do#nloaded term papers or parts o) term papers9 parap-rasing or cop+ing in)ormation )rom t-e internet #it-out citing t-e source and Ocutting A pastingO )rom &arious sources #it-out proper attri%ution.

*unter College regards acts o) academic dis-onest+ /e.g.9 plagiarism9 c-eating on examinations9 o%taining un)air ad&antage9 and )alsi)ication o) records and o))icial documents0 as serious o))enses against t-e &alues o) intellectual -onest+. T-e College is committed to en)orcing t-e C571 Polic+ on $cademic ntegrit+ and #ill pursue cases o) academic dis-onest+ according to t-e *unter College $cademic ntegrit+ Procedures. $ll cases o) deli%erate plagiarism #ill %e re)erred to t-e appropriate Dean )or disciplinar+ action.

P$RT ,. $[$ L$"L6 R64(5RC64 $T *57T6R

The 4eading5(riting Center 64(C7 T-e *unter College Reading.Writing Center is a compre-ensi&e ser&ice )or t-e entire college communit+ o))ering tutoring and computer3assisted instruction to students and tec-nical support and de&elopment to )acult+ and sta)). T-e Reading.Writing Center o))ers tutorial assistance9 )ree o) c-arge9 to all registered students o) t-e college. Tutors are undergraduate and graduate students )rom a &ariet+ o) maIors9 trained to -elp +ou de&elop +our reading and #riting s=ills. T-e Center #ill not interpret texts )or +ou9 nor #ill tutors #rite9 t+pe9 or correct papers. Tutors #ill -elp +ou de&elop a reading3#riting process +ou can use to impro&e +our s=ills and negotiate t-e requirements o) academic reading and #riting. $s a student9 +ou ma+ use t-e Center in se&eral #a+s:

Register )or a regular appointment to meet #it- a tutor )or an -our9 once a #ee= t-roug-out t-e #-ole semester. 5suall+9 +ou #ill %e paired #it- anot-er student #-o is enrolled in t-e same course.1 Drop in to #or= #it- a tutor during sc-eduled drop3in -ours #-en tutors are a&aila%le to meet #it- +ou on a )irst3come9 )irst3ser&ed %asis. 4ee sc-edule %elo# )or drop3in times. $ttend #or=s-ops on &arious aspects o) critical reading and #riting. Wor=s-op topics and sc-edules are posted periodicall+ t-roug-out eac- semester. 5se computer terminals in t-e Center #it- access to C571 Plus and to t-e Reading.Writing Center #e% page at #-ere +ou can directl+ access Reading.Writing Center -andouts9 &ie# current #or=s-op sc-edules9 o%tain in)ormation on t-e CP6 and $CT exams9 and lin= to a &ariet+ o) #riting resources on t-e We%. 5se t-e CenterDs li%rar+ o) %oo=s during t-e -ours t-e Center is open. T-e Center does not lend %oo=s; -o#e&er9 t-e+ -a&e an extensi&e )ile o) -andouts #-ic- are a&aila%le )or +ou to ta=e a#a+.

1ou #ill learn t-e most i) +ou use t-e Center at eac- stage o) +our #riting process. Wor= #it- a tutor to clari)+ an assignment9 to generate material9 to re&ie# a dra)t )or organi<ation and de&elopment9 and to learn -o# to proo)read. T-e Reading.Writing Center is located in Room 41,9 T-omas *unter "uilding. (ur tutoring sc-edule is as )ollo#s: T5T(R 7G *(5R4 Conda+ t-roug- T-ursda+ 18 $.C. to > P.C. !rida+ and 4aturda+ 18 $.C. to 4 P.C.

7": T-ese slots are )irst3come9 )irst3ser&ed9 and tend to )ill up quic=l+. ) +ou #ould li=e to sc-edule a recurring meeting9 recommend signing up during t-e )irst #ee= or t#o o) t-e semester.

The Office of AccessAB-L-T8 n compliance #it- t-e $merican Disa%ilit+ $ct o) 1BB8 /$D$0 and #it- 4ection '84 o) t-e Re-a%ilitation $ct o) 1B239 *unter College is committed to ensuring educational parit+ and accommodations )or all students #it- documented disa%ilities and.or medical conditions. t is recommended t-at all students #it- documented disa%ilities /6motional9 Cedical9 P-+sical and.or Learning0 consult t-e ())ice o) $ccess$" L T1 located in Room 61124 to secure necessar+ academic accommodations. !or )urt-er in)ormation and assistance please call 2123 22234>'2 . TT1 2123,'833238. P$RT 2. CL$443"13CL$44 4C*6D5L6 $ssignments are listed /as *W0 on t-e da+ t-e+ are assigned9 and are due at 18pm t-e nig-t %e)ore2 t-e )ollo#ing class meeting9 unless ot-er#ise speci)ied. 1ou s-ould in general also %ring a cop+ to class9 so t-at #e -a&e access to it )or in3class discussion and.or re&isions. 7": T-is sc-edule is su%Iect to re&ision %ased on our needs. 9nit -* 4eading Li%e a (riter
O$ #riter is a reader mo&ed to emulate.O \ 4aul "ello#

P Lesson 19 T-urs >.2, 3 ntroductions o *W: read and sign grading contract; create a #riter3%+3#riter3arc-i&e -omepage. o Please also sign up )or one3on3one con)erences9 #-ic- %egin next #ee=. o !inall+9 please do %u+ t-e text%oo=s9 #-ic- are a&aila%le at 4-a=espeare A Co. P Lesson 29 Con >.38 3 n3class essa+ /OdiagnosticO0 o *W: read T4 4 ntroduction and c-apter 1 /pp. 13220; do ex. intro.2 on page 1'. P Lesson 39 Wed B.1 3 Templates and Testing #it- 6&idence o *W: read +our peersD #or= on t-e #riter3%+3#riter arc-i&e; lea&e a comment. P Lesson 49 T-urs B.2 3 !rom Templates to Templati<ing: Pla+ing t-e 4edulous $pe P *W: read Donald Curra+Ds OWriting and Teac-ing )or 4urpriseO; templati<ing exercise /see lesson plan0 P 7o class9 Con B., 3 La%or Da+ P Lesson '9 Wed B.> 3 6xercises )or 4urprises /7e# 1or= Cinute ]10 o *W: "egin reading Peter 6l%o#Ds ORe)lections on $cademic DiscourseO; *e 4a+s . 4a+ exercise /see lesson plan0 P 7o class9 T-urs B.B 3 Ros- *as-ana- /Fe#is- 7e# 1ear0 7ext Wed9 B.1'9 is t-e last da+ to drop classes #it-out a W on +our transcript P Lesson ,9 Con B.13 3 Writing to Render; 4-aped Piece ]1 $ssigned o *W: Re&ise t-e stor+ +ou #rote toda+. 6ngage t-e senses.

T-is earl+ deadline is not m+ #a+ o) %eing mean9 %ut m+ #a+ o) encouraging +ou to a0 sleep and %0 lea&e +oursel) some lee#a+ in case t-e #or= ta=es longer t-an +ou t-in= it #ill. / t o)ten does9 )or me9 an+#a+.0

Tuesda+ )ollo#s a !rida+ sc-edule t-is #ee= P Lesson 29 Wed B.1' 3 6nter t-e 4entencePedia; #or=s-op introduced o *W: prep )or #or=s-op P Lesson >9 T-urs B.1, 3 Wor=s-op o *W: read t-e rest o) 6l%o#Ds ORe)lections on $cademic DiscourseO; continue t-e *e 4a+s . 4a+ exercise /see lesson plan0 9nit --* 4e'ising 8our Life
O1ou must c-ange +our li)e.O \ Rainer Caria Ril=e

P Lesson B9 Con B.28 3 Rotational Writing o *W: read T4 4 c-apter ' and t-e )irst section o) 7anc+ 4ommersD ORe&ision 4trategies o) 4tudent Writers and 6xperienced $dult WritersO /t-roug- t-e top o) p. 3>80. Car= places #-ere 4ommers uses T4 43' mo&es. P Lesson 189 Wed B.22 3 Catc-3up Da+ o *W: prep )or #or=s-op P Lesson 119 T-urs B.23 3 Wor=s-op o *W: read t-e rest o) 7anc+ 4ommersD ORe&ision 4trategiesO; di&ide3and3conquer exercise /see lesson plan0 P Lesson 129 Con B.22 3 4ommers and Re3en&isioning Re&ision /$ Figsa#0 o read T4 4 c-apter 4; do a modi)ied &ersion o) ex 4.2 on page ,2 /see lesson plan0 P Lesson 139 Wed B.2B 3 !inding t-e *idden T-e+ 4a+; 4-aped Piece 2 assigned o read 4P2 prompt and essa+ing ru%ric; prep )or #or=s-op P Lesson 149 T-urs B.38 3 Wor=s-op . !inding t-e *idden T-e+ 4a+ o #rite at least >88 #ords to#ards an essa+9 using sca))olding questions i) t-e+ -elp /see lesson plan0 P Lesson 1'9 Con 18.4 3 n3class Writing: Dress35p9 Dress3Do#n9 Re)lect o *W: read T4 4 c-apters 2 and 3; do a modi)ied &ersion o) ex. 3.2 on page '1 /see lesson plan0 P Lesson 1,9 Wed 18., 3 ?uotation and !raming o *W: prep )or #or=s-op; =eep re&ising essa+ P Lesson 129 T-urs 18.2 3 Wor=s-op o *W: =eep re&ising 4-aped Pieces 1 and 2; read ..T-e Cra)t o) Researc-..9 c-apter 3 and post 3 questions related to t-e course material . composition researc9nit ---* Essaying as :uesting
O ) t-e #riter as=s no question #ort- pondering -e can o))er no )ocused ans#er #ort- reading.O \ "oot-9 Colom%9 and Williams

P 7o class9 Con 18.11 3 Colum%us Da+ P Lesson 1>9 Wed 18.13 3 T+pes o) ?uestions class meets in computer la% \ location t.%.d. o Re&ie# +our notes and exercises; c-oose a question to %egin #it- )or tomorro#

P Lesson 1B9 T-urs 18.14 3 Researc- Tools and a Preliminar+ "i%liograp-+ class meets in computer la% \ location t.%.d. o *W: on t-e %i%liograp-+ page9 post at least )i&e sources +ou mig-t #ant to read; o )inal &ersions o) 4P1 and 4P2 due 18pm %e)ore Conda+9 18.1>; %ring -ard cop+ to class P Lesson 289 Con 18.1> 3 ^no#ing and Wanting to ^no# o *W: read 4argent and Paras=e&as on $nnotated "i%liograp-ies; annotate at least one text o 4ign up )or and attend midterm con)erences P Lesson 219 Wed 18.28 3 in3class explorator+ dra)t: modi)ied Perl Guidelines o *W: #or= to#ards annotated %i%liograp-+ o $ttend midterm con)erences P Lesson 229 T-urs 18.21 3 Li%rar+ Da+ o *W: continue #or=ing to#ards annotated %i%liograp-+; annotate a total o) at least t#o possi%le T-e+ 4a+s and one possi%le 6x-i%it o $ttend midterm con)erences P Lesson 239 Con 18.2' 3 #or=ing #it- relations-ips among sources o *W: annotated %i%liograp-+ o) at least ' sources due %+ T-ursda+. 7ote: T-is must %e included in t-e )inal port)olio. P Lesson 249 Wed9 18.22 3 7e# 1or= Cinute ]2 P Lesson 2'9 T-urs9 18.2> 3 Re&ising (ut and Re&ising n o *W: )our paragrap-s9 t-ree #a+s /see lesson plan0 P Lesson 2,9 Con9 11.1 G Paragrap-s in 4t+le o *W: practicing T-e Turn /see lesson plan0 P 7o classes Wed9 11.3 /i) t-e+ end at or %e)ore 4:88pm0 P Lesson 229 T-urs9 11.4 3 Wor=s-op o *W: !ull3%reat- dra)ts o) 4-aped Piece 3 due 18pm %e)ore Conda+9 11.> P Lesson 2>9 Con9 11.> 3 n3class 6ssa+: process re)lection o *W: Read T4 4 , P Lesson 2B9 Wed9 11.18 3 Titles o *W: Write a letter to a partner as -is.-er 7a+sa+er o 7ext Wed9 11.12 is last da+ to #it-dra# o))iciall+ /#it- a W on +our transcript0 P Lesson 389 T-urs9 11.11 3 Wor=s-op: Rotational Writing P Lesson 319 Con9 11.1' 3 4entence (utline o *W: Practice re3ordering /see lesson plan0; ne# dra)t due Wednesda+ P Lesson 329 Wed9 11.12 3 Wor=s-op P Lesson 339 T-urs9 11.1> 3 Comma9 Comma9 Comma9 Comma9 Comma C-ameleon o *W: (ptional: read De&an Coo=9 OPunctuation as 6ditingO; practice t-ese mo&es /see plan0 o *W: !inal dra)ts o) researc-ed essa+ due 18pm %e)ore Conda+9 11.22 P Lesson 349 Con9 11.22 3 n3class Oessa+O: process letter

9nit -;* Loo%ing Bac%, Loo%ing Forward

OW-at a long9 strange trip itDs %eenKO \ T-e Grate)ul Dead

P Lesson 3'9 Wed9 11.24 3 !ull3class Wor=s-op: sample port)olio co&er letters o *W: re&ie# all +our #riting )or t-e semester; #rite dra)t o) port)olio co&er letter P 7o class9 T-urs9 11.2' 3 T-an=sgi&ing P Lesson 3,9 Con9 11.2B 3 Group #or=: re&ie#ing co&er letters o *W: re&ise co&er letters; )inal port)olio due !rida+ P Lesson 329 Wed9 12.1 3 Group #or=: planning )inal port)olios o *W: %ring in #riting to #or=s-op.proo)read P Lesson 3>9 T-urs9 12.2 3 Wor=s-op . Proo)reading o *W: !inal port)olio due online 18pm %e)ore Conda+9 12.2; %ring -ard cop+ to class P Lesson 3B9 Con9 12., 3 6&aluations o) t-e class . teac-er o *W: Read and mar= up T4 4 ntro c-apter and Coo=Ds OPunctuation as 6ditingO P Lesson 489 Wed9 12.> 3 n3class essa+: prep )or )inal exam o *W: "ring in t#o minutesD #ort- o) #riting t-at +ou lo&e or are proud o). P Lesson 419 T-urs9 12.B 3 7e# 1or= Cinute ]3 P Lesson 429 Con9 12.13 3 Last class.

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