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Principal, K.V. o.! "e#pur
K"ndri#a Vid#a a#a EAC Upp"r S$i on%


K"ndri#a Vid#a a#a AFS T")p*r No.+

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Co1"r d"&i%n 2 La#o*t: An*to&$ ."3, Art T"ac$"r K.V.NFR Ma i%aon -ULY +445


l o $

CONTENT Co6pr"$"n&ion Un&""n Pa&&a%"& Hon"# Co63 T$r"" 7*"&tion& The Squirrel A 'i8t o8 C$appa & The Revel 'opa and Hi &a Fi&$ The Shed T$" A&$"& T$at Mad" Tr""& ! oo6 Chivvy 7*a it# Trees E9p"rt ."t"cti1"& Mystery of the Talking Fan T$" In1"ntion o8 Vita Won: Dad and the Cat and the Tree Fir": Fri"nd and Fo" Meadow Surprises A !ic#c " in 'ood R"pair Garden Snake T$" &tor# o8 Cric:"t An A i"n Hand T$" Tin# T"ac$"r !rin% *p Kari T$" ."&"rt T$" Cop and t$" Ant$"6 'o * 'ro;& a No&" I Want So6"t$in% in a Ca%" C$andni T$" !"ar Stor# A Ti%"r in t$" Ho*&" An A i"n Hand

$ ! % & ' ( ) * + $,

$ ! % & ' ( ) * + $,


CLASS <VII R"adin% Pa&&a%" =. R"ad t$" 8o o;in% pa&&a%" car"8* #: /5 6ar:&0

-uddha found that all men are unhapp., rich or poor. /ealth 0rings comfort 0ut no real happiness. /hile he was in this mood, he came across one of the saints who still performed penance awa. from the madding crowd. A passionate desire to do li1ewise too1 hold of -uddha. 2ust then the news was 0rought to him of his first3 0orn son. 4"his is 5ust another tie to 0rea16, said -uddha. At night he awo1e in great agon. of spirit, went into the 0right moonshine, mounted his horse and rode off into the world. 7e met hol. hermits of the Vindh.a 8ountains and tal1ed to them 0ut he was not satisfied. "hen he went to the 5ungle with fi9e disciples and there he ga9e himself up to fasting and penance. -ut it 0rought no sense of truth achie9ed. "hen he ga9e up fasting and 0egan to feed himself full.. 7e reali#ed that whate9er truth men ma. reach is 0est 0. a nourished 0rain in a health. 0od.. On t$" 3a&i& o8 #o*r r"adin% o8 t$" pa&&a%", an&;"r t$" 8o o;in% >*"&tion&: a: /hat did -uddha find; 0: /hat news was 0rought to him and what was his reaction; c: /hat desire too1 hold of him; d: /h. did he gi9e up fasting; e: /hat did he reali#e; i. ii. Ver. 0ad pain. A strong wish. /5 6ar:&0 <$: <!: <$: <$: <$:

f: =ind words from the passage, which are similar in meaning to the following> <!:

+. R"ad t$" 8o o;in% pa&&a%" car"8* #:

Once a famous tennis was scheduled to pla. in a championship game with her most formida0le ri9al. At the last minute, she ga9e the e?cuse of not feeling well and refused to pla.. 7er reputation was ruined. @ntil the da. of her death, she was regarded as a ‘poor sport’ afraid of defeat. /h. is such a high 9alue put on good sportsmanship in the games; "he games themsel9es are not so important. 3|Page o, 0ut the traits a person shows in a game, re9eal his

character and 0reeding. "he Aualities needed in games are the same needed for decent li9ing, fairness, honour, self control, willingness to a0ide 0. the rules, 5ust tempered 0. restraint and a0ilit. to win or lose with good spirit. Bf .ou cannot muster up an. interest in a game, .ou had 0etter sta. out of it. A half3hearted who does not 1eep his mind on the game ,is for e9er as1ing, 4Oh, is it m. turn;6 and plainl. does not care how things turn out, and is an anno.ance. "he ideal pla.s for the fun of 7e tries to winC .et he is not so eager that he 5umps in ahead of his turn or claims 9ictor. 0efore the game is o9er. On t$" 3a&i& o8 #o*r r"adin% o8 t$" pa&&a%", an&;"r t$" >*"&tion& 3ri"8 #: a: 7ow was the reputation of the famous tennis ruined; 0: 7ow do games re9eal a personDs character; c: /hich Aualities of decent lea9ing are also needed in games; d: /h. should a disinterested sta. out of the game; e: /hat is on the mind of the ideal; f: =ind words from the passage that are similar in meaning to the following>

<!: <$: <!: <$: <$:
?+ (+@=

i: ii:

A person who tries to do 0etter than others. An e?perience or e9ent in which an opponent 0eats .ou up. /5 6ar:&0

A. R"ad t$" 8o o;in% pa&&a%" car"8* #:

Voice is one of the greatest gifts of God to man. Eou should ma1e the 0est possi0le use of this rare talent. Bn .our contacts with others or in de9elopment of .our personalit., .our 9oice and tone are of great importance. E9en if .ou are a man of profound 1nowledge or 0rilliant ideas, .ou will 0e ineffecti9e if .our 9oice is not sweet. Eou should ha9e good health so that 9i0rations of .our 9oice are strong and effecti9e. /hile spea1ing face to face with others or on the phone, regulate .our 9oice, according to ideas. Eour personal charm, friendliness and 1indness are pro9ed 0e.ond dou0t 0. .our 9oice.


/hile spea1ing to people .our warmth and earnestness would 0e infectious and fill the listeners with a sense of friendliness and tenderness. e9er spea1 in a rude 9oice. A little eagerness and 5o. in .our 9oice can 0ring 5o. to listeners. Bn a con9ersation a flat 9oice will ma1e .ou feel depressed. A pleasant 9oice is good and effecti9e as a tonic. Bt can instill friendliness and warmth in .our approach. Eou can impro9e the Aualit. of .our li9ing 0. impro9ing the Aualit. of .our 9oice. A.=. Co6p "t" t$" &"nt"nc"&: a: Voice is one of the greatest.. FFFFFFFFFof God. 0: Eou can de9elop .our personalit. with .our FFFFFF and FFFF.. . c: A pleasant 9oice is good and a FFFFFFFF A.+. An&;"r 3ri"8 #: i: ii) 7ow is good health connected with .our good 9oice; 7o does .our infectious 9oice affect the people; /+0 /A0

A.A. C$oo&" t$" ri%$t option 8ro6 t$" 3*33 "& and ;rit" t$r"" &"nt"nc"& on t$" BMA'IC OF VOCEC. Regulation of Voice Good Tone Rude Voice /A0

Loud Voice

Eagerness and Joy

Speak Flatly

D. R"ad t$" 8o o;in% pa&&a%" car"8* #: 5|Page

/5 6ar:&0

T$" Land o8 T* ip& "he tulip is undou0tedl. one of the 0est31nown and most popular flowers in the world. Bts colour and the simple lines ma1e it a small masterpiece, much pri#ed in gardens and in homes. "he ancient origin of the tulip is un1nown, 0ut we ha9e much information on its introduction into Europe. Bt was the Gur1s who 0rought this flower to the west some &,, .ears ago. "he name H"ulipD means Htur0anD which the flower is thought to resem0le. "here is pro0a0l. no other flower, which has 0een gi9en such an enthusiastic welcome or spread so Auic1l. throughout Europe. "he cra#e for tulips grew into ‘tulipomania’ reaching its height in 7olland, renowned as the homeland of tulips. "he Iutch 0ecame its prime culti9ators and toda. after four centuries of acclimatisations in Europe, undergoing certain transformations, has gi9en the structure and colours of the tulip we 1now toda.. An&;"r t$" 8o o;in% on t$" 3a&i& o8 r"adin% o8 t$" pa&&a%". i: /hat ma1es the tulips a masterpiece; ii: /ho introduced the tulips into the west and when; iii: /hat does H"ulipD actuall. mean; i9: H"ulipomaniaD means FFFFFFFF 9: =ind words in the passage, which mean> a: ChiefJ most important. 0: Getting used to new climate, en9ironmental, conditions. '. R"ad t$" 8o o;in% po"6 car"8* #: RAIN!OW 8. heart leaps up when B 0ehold A rain0ow in the s1.. So was it when m. life 0egan, So was it when B was a 0o., So it is now when B am a man, Or let me die. /5 6ar:&0 <$: <!: <$: <!: <!:


"he child is Hthe father of manD And B wish m. heart to 0e -ound each to each -. natural piet.. On t$" 3a&i& #o*r r"adin% o8 t$" po"6 an&;"r t$" 8o o;in% >*"&tion&: i: ii: /hat happens when the poet sees a rain0ow in the s1.; rain0ow. Io .ou thin1 his emotions ha9e changed; <%: iii: i9: 9: /hat does the poet wish his heart to 0e; E?plain 4"he child is the father of manD. Gi9e the opposite of H natural K 0oundD. <$: <$: <!: /5 6ar:&0 <$:

E?plain the poetDs feelings as a 0o. and now as a man after seeing the

(. R"ad t$" 8o o;in% po"6 car"8* #: Eac$ On" ,T"ac$ On" Each one, "each one. Get this 0e our slogan Get us spread the light Of learning, across the nation. "he gift of 1nowledge, the. sa. Bt is lo9eliest gift of all. Get us offer this gift "o those whose needs are small. "o those who ne9er learnt 7ow to write or read Bnstead of ma1ing noises GetDs get on with the deed.

Get our countr. awa1en 7|Page

=rom the slum0er of centuries Get us ma1e a pledge "o 9anish illiterac.. E.=. Co6p "t" t$" &*66ar#:

?+ L *M&

"he poet wants to $:FFFFFFFFF.. from the !:FFFFFFF of centuries and remo9e the curse of illiterac.. 7e sa.s that HEach One, "each OneD should 0e our %:FFFFFFFF. /e ha9e to spread the light of &:FFFFFFFF.. across the nation. "he lo9eliest gift of all is the gift of ':FFFFFFFFF and we ha9e to (: FFFFFFFFFF this gift to those who ne9er learnt to write or read. /e all ha9e to ta1e a ):FFFFFFFFF.. to *:FFFFFFFFFF illiterac.. E.+. Writ" t$" r$#6in% ;ord&: All N Read N E.A. Writ" t$" 6"anin% 8ro6 t$" po"6. a: Remo9e> FFFFFFFFFF. 0: Oath c: Sleep >FFFFFFFFF. F>FFFFFFFFF. /A0 /=0

F. R"ad t$" 8o o;in% po"6 car"8* #: Tr""& Cannot Na6" t$" S"a&on& "rees cannot name the seasons or flowers tell the time -ut when the sun shines "he. ta1e a long3da. 0reath /hat we call HnightD Bs their soft e?halation. And when 5oints crea1 .et again 8|Page

/5 6ar:&0

And the dead s1in of lea9es falls. "rees donDt complain. or mourn the passing of hours. /hat we call HwinterD Bs simpl. hi0ernation. And as continuation Comes to them as no surprise "he. feel no need "o di9ide and itemi#e ature has ne9er needed reasons =or flowers to tell the time On trees to put a name to seasons. F.=. Co6p "t" t$" 8o o;in% &"nt"nc"& 3# 8i in% in t$" %ap&. a: "he poet feels that nature is not worried a0out.3333333333333333333333333333. 0: 7owe9er, men FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF to the passage of time. c: =lowers and trees accept FFFFFFFFFFF as normal. d: /hat we call winter is simpl. FFFFFFFFFFFFFF e: f: ight is FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.. ature does not feel the need to o0tain and list 0ecause FFFFFFFF /E0

).!. -. tal1ing a0out flowers and trees what comment is the poet ma1ing on man; <!:

*. R"ad t$" 8o o;in% po"6 car"8* #: Stoppin% 3# Wood& on a Sno;# E1"nin% 8. little horse must thin1 it Aueer "o stop without a farmhouse near -etween the woods and fro#en la1e "he dar1est e9ening of the .ear. 7e gi9es his harness well a sha1e 9|Page

/5 6ar:&0

"o as1 if there is some mista1e "he onl. other sounds the sweep Of eas. wind and down. fla1e "he woods are lo9el., dar1 and deep. -ut B ha9e promises to 1eep And miles to go 0efore B sleep And miles to go 0efore B sleep. Ro0ert =rost 5.=. Fi in on" ;ord to co6p "t" t$" &*66ar# o8 t$" po"6. "he poet is passing through <a: FFFFFFFFFF.. and <0:FFFFFFFF.. forests. Bt is a cold and <c:FFFFFFFF.. e9ening. "he la1e has <d:FFFFFFFFFF in the middle of the <e:FFFFFFFFFFFFF An&;"r 3ri"8 #: $. "he woods are lo9el. and in9ite the poet to stop, rest and admire them 0ut the poet <a:FFFFFFFF and <0:FFFFFF. !. "he poet tells us that there are two sounds. One of the sounds is the <c: FFFFFF..................... and the other of the <d: FFFFFFFF. Bt is e9ident that the poet lo9es nature 0ecause <e: FFFFFFFFFFFF G. R"ad t$" 8o o;in% pa&&a%" car"8* #: M# Mot$"rC& Sari "o otherDs, it is merel. an attracti9e and unusual sari> an a0stract pattern of soft gre.s surprised into spra.s of muted lea9es and petals of i9or. here and there, against a 0ac1ground of gold with a hint of peach in the shading. "o me, it is a sari that m. mother 0ought in 8om0asa o9er %, .ears ago. She was fond of it 0ut wore it onl. occasionall., the golden glow she usuall. cast around her 0eing made a shade more luminous. "his same material flows around me now occasionall., unfaded still and changelessl. elegant. 10 | P a g e /5 6ar:&0

8. 8otherDs sari ta1es me 0ac1 to sil9er sands and set of sun. On a lush tropical night, wa9es are lapping the shore and palm lea9es stir in the 0ree#e, susurrant names, faces, happenings and snatches of dialogue 0urst in upon the mind from far distances and depths, and are gone suddenl. as foam. 8. motherDs sari has neither 0order nor pallau, the decorated end portion. One cannot tell where it 0egins and ends. B tie it as she used to, with a 1not> the first 1not firm as a close famil. tieC and the first pleat, as alwa.s, tric1. as first times. G.=.An&;"r t$" 8o o;in% >*"&tion&: a: /here was the sari 0ought and 0. whom; 0: Iid the writer wear her motherDs sari; Ouote the lines from the passage, which tells us that she did. c: /hat features made the sari different from others; d: /hat did the sari remind the writer of; e: /hat made the sari eas. to wear; f: Io .ou thin1 the writerDs mother was ali9e at the time of her writing this article; g: /h. do .ou thin1 so; h: "he writer li1es the sari 0ecause i: Bt 0elongs to her mother and ii: FFFFFFFFF.. i: "he writer and the mother were fond of the sari and 0oth wore it FFFFFF. </rite one word onl.: =(5@5

=4. R"ad t$" 8o o;in% po"6 car"8* #: E "%# on t$" ."at$ o8 a Mad .o% Good people all, of e9er. sort, Gi9e ear unto m. song, And if .ou find it wondrous short Bt cannot hold .ou long.

/5 6ar:&0

11 | P a g e

Bn Bstington there was a man, Of whom the world might sa., "hat still a godl. race he ran, /heneDer he went to pra.. A 1ind and gentle heart he had, "o comfort friends and foesC "he na1ed e9er.da. he clad /hen he put on his clothes. And in that town a dog was found As man. dogs there 0e, -oth mongrel, pupp. whelp and hound And curs of low degree. "his dog and man at first were friendsC -ut when a piAue 0egan "he dog, to gain some pri9ate ends, /ent mad and 0it the man. Around from all the neigh0ouring streets, "he wondDring neigh0ours ran, And swore the dog had lost its wits, "o 0ite so good a man.

"he wound it seemed 0oth sore and sad "o e9er. Christian e.eC And while the. swore the dog was mad "he. swore the man would die. -ut soon a wonder came to light "hat showed the rogues the. lied 12 | P a g e

"he man reco9ered of the 0ite "he dog it was that died. Oli9er Goldsmith $,.$.Complete the summar. of the poem 0elow with one word in the 0lan1 0elow> "here once li9ed a man in <a:FFFFFF./ho was 9er. <0:FFFFF. in word and deed. Bn the same <c:FFFFFFFFFFF. there li9ed a <d:FFF. dog as well. Although the. were 0oth<e: FFFFFF.. .et, for same<f:FFFFF, after an <g: FFFFFF.., the dog <h:FFFFFF.. the man. <i:FFFFFF were surprised 0. the dogDs <5:FFFFFact and <1:FFFF.that the man would <l:FFFFF 7owe9er, a <m: FFFFFF. thing happened. "he <n:FFFF.. did not dieC he 0ecame <o:FFF.. again and the <p:FFF. died. Main !oo:: HONEY COM! L"&&on =: T$r"" 7*"&tion& I. Lon% An&;"r 7*"&tion& o8 A<H 6ar:& to 3" an&;"r"d in a3o*t H4;ord&. $. /h. was the 1ing in disguise when he 9isited the hermit; !. Bf .ou wanted to 1now 0eforehand .our e?aminations results, would .ou go to magicians; Bf not, wh. not; %. According to .ou, gi9e reasons wh. the hermit did answer the 1ingDs three Auestions right there and then; &. 7ow would a time3ta0le help the 1ing as suggested 0. some people; '. A council of wise men would answer all the KingDs Auestions according to some people. Bn what wa. will this help; II. S$ort an&;"r >*"&tion& o8 +<A 6ar:& to 3" an&;"r"d in +<A &"nt"nc"&. $. /hat made the 1ing see1 answers to his three Auestions; !. /hat steps did he adopt to get the answers; %. /hat was the promise he ga9e; &. /hat made the messengers go to all parts of the KingDs 1ingdom; '. /hat did the 1ing do 0efore proceedings to the hermitDs hut;

13 | P a g e

(. =or how long did the King continue his digging in the hermitDs compound; ). /hat help was gi9en 0. the King to the 0earded man; *. /hat made the 0earded man as1 for forgi9eness; +. "o the 1ingDs first Auestion, what answer did the hermit gi9e; $,. 7ow did the 1ing show his pardon to the wounded man; $$. Bn what wa. is the Hpresent timeD the most important time according to the hermit; III: V"r# &$ort an&;"r o8 = 6ar:. "here are four options for the answer of e9er. Auestion. 8ar1 the right option. $. 4Eou do not 1now me, 0ut B 1now .ou6 was spo1en 0.3 a: "he hermit when the 1ing first met him. 0: "he hermit as an answer to the first Auestion. c: "he 0earded man to the 1ing. d: "he 1ing to the 0earded man when he 0ecame conscious. !. "he second Auestion of the King is N a: /hich road he must ta1e; 0: /hich people he must listen to; c: /hich person he must appoint as his ad9iser; d: 7ow man. wise men must he in9ite; %. 4Bf .ou can gi9e me no answer, tell me so and B will return home6 N was spo1en 0. a: messengers to the councilors. 0: the wounded man to the hermit.

14 | P a g e

c: "he 1ing to the hermit d: the hermit to the 1ing &. "he 1ing redressed the wound 0ecause N a: the 0andage 0ecame loose. 0: he forget to put medicines. c: the 0andage was smaller than the wound. d: the 0leeding would not stop. '. "he 0earded man left his hiding place 0ecause N a: the 1ing did not return e9en after a long wait. 0: the 0earded man was disco9ered 0. the guard. c: the hermit saw him. d: he left tired in one place. (. "he 1ing slept through the night 0ecause N a: the 0ed was comforta0le. 0: he had not slept for man. da.s. c: he was tired of the 5ourne. and the wor1 he had done. d: 7e had made peace with his enem.. ). Gea9ing the wounded man in the hut the 1ing went out N a: to 0ring help. 0: to saddle his horse for the return 5ourne.. c: to continue with the digging. d: to loo1 for the hermit. *. After two 0eds were dug, the 1ing stopped N 15 | P a g e

a: to ta1e a 0it of rest. 0: to repeat his Auestions to the hermit c: the spade 0ro1e. d: the hermit told him to stop. +. "he 1ing was 9er. happ. when the wounded man as1ed for forgi9eness 0ecause3 a: his enem. was defeated. 0: peace was made with his enem. in an eas. wa.. c: he had plans to trap his enem.. d: the hermit showed him the wa. through e?amples. $,. "he 1ing was pu##led when the hermit told that his Auestions ha9e 0een answered 0ecause N a: he could not understand the hermitDs handwriting. 0: his actions from the pre9ious da. had answered all his Auestions indirectl.. c: he was not sure of an.thing. d: he found it difficult to understand the words of the 0earded man. Writin% $. Bmagine .ou are the 1ing in the stor. 4"hree Ouestions6. /rite a letter to .our son Iimitri telling him a0out .our decisions to 9isit the hermit and what happened. !. Eou are B9an, the 0earded man. /rite a paragraph a0out .our reason for waiting for the 1ing in the woodsC what made .our change .our feelings and 0ecoming grateful to him afterwards. %. /rite a paragraph on 4Ioing good ma1es us feel good6 in a0out (, words. 'ra66ar =.Fi in t$" 3 an:& ;it$ appropriat" 8or6& o8 t$" ;ord& %i1"n in 3rac:"t&. 16 | P a g e

a: Sarita FFFFFF.. to do the sorting for me. Io .ou thin1 she had forgotten her FFFFFFFF.. ; <promise: 0: Bt is not eas. to 0ecome a FFFFFFF.. /e also cannot ma1e proper FFFFFFF of an.thing in a hurr., unless we e?amine and FFFFFF the facts minutel. and impartiall.. <5udge: c: A dog and a co.ote are FFFFFFF. in loo1s. 7owe9er, the. reall. 0elong to the same famil. 0ut FFFFFFF.. from one another onl. in some details. <differ: d: "he 1ing wanted an FFFFFFFF.. to his Auestion 0ut he was FFFFFF in different wa.s.<answer: e: /e all want to FFFFFFF.. e?aminations. Kh.0er and -olen are FFFFFF.. to the northwest of Pa1istan. Bt was FFFFFFF.. midnight when he finall. turned up. <pass: f: Bt is FFFF for us to follow rules 0ut sometimes FFFFF.. reAuires us to 0rea1 them. <necessar.: g: /here ignorance is 0liss, it is foolish to 0e FFFFFFF. -ut FFFFFF cannot 0e held for the as1ing. <wise: h: "he school authorit. has FFFF.. to ma1e 8ohan the head 0o., 0ut their FFFFFFFFF.. has not made 8ohan himself happ.. <decide: i: As1ing for FFFFFFF is eas. 0ut to FFFFFFF.. someone who had reall. hurt us is difficult. <forgi9e: T$" S>*irr" $. /hat do .ou thin1 the poet reall. wanted to sa. when he said the sAuired 4/ore a Auestion mas1 for a tail; !. /h. would a sAuired sit straight to eat his food; %. /here would we find sAuired; &. Io .ou thin1 the sAuired was reall. and teasing who comes near;

17 | P a g e

'. "he word 4Coat6 has more than one meaning. Bn what sense the word 4coat6 is used in this poem; L"&&on + : A 'i8t o8 C$appa & I. Lon% An&;"r 7*"&tion o8 A<H 6ar:& to 3" an&;"r"d in a3o*t H4;ord&. $. /hat made Ra9i sa. that his cousin 8ridu does not 1now histor. at all; 7ow did he pro9e his point; !. According to Ra9i, his 1itten had a long and no0le lineage. /ho were its ancestors; %. /hat method was used 0. Ra9i to hide his real intention from the elders in feeding the 1itten; &. /hat is Ra9iDs opinion and remar1 a0out the music teacherDs and his pupil, Galli; '. /hat made the 0eggar to shudder and loo1 in fear at the road; (. Iescri0e the pair of Chappals in the Verandah as 8ridu saw them. ). Iescri0e the music master. II. S$ort An&;"r 7*"&tion o8 +<A 6ar:& to 3" an&;"r"d in + &"nt"nc"&. $. /h. did the children want to 1eep the e?istence of the Kitten a secret; !. /hat was the general instruction gi9en 0. the elders towards animals ,according to Ra9i; %. /h. was 8ridu impro9ed 0. the Kitten; &. 7ow did the music master pla. the 9iolin; '. /hat instruction did Ra9i ha9e to deli9er to the 0eggar; (. /hat was the repl. gi9en 0. the 0eggar; 18 | P a g e

). /here was the 0eggar and what was he doing; *. /hat e?cuse did the 0eggar gi9e for not lea9ing immediatel.; +. /hat made 8ridu reach the conclusion that the 0eggar does not ha9e mone.; $,. /hat was 8ennaDs feelings towards the 0eggar; $$. /h. did the music not want to show his happiness; III. V"r# S$ort 7*"&tion o8 = 6ar:. "here are four options for the answer of e9er. Auestion. 8ar1 the right option . $. 4Come letDs search the house6 were spo1en 0. a: 8eena 0: Ra9i c: 8ridu d: All the children !. 4And heDs not to come again N tell him thatP6 called Ru11u 8anni 0ecause a: She was anno.ed with the children. 0: She was fed up with the 0eggar. c: She was afraid of the music teacher. d: She was fed up with Patti.

%. 4B remem0er ha9ing 1ept them here6 N a: "he music teacher telling Galli a0out his slippers. 19 | P a g e

0: Ra9i telling his cousins a0out the half coconut shell. c: 8ridu telling the others a0out the slippers. d: "api discussing to Ru11u 8anni a0out the 0eggar. &. 4/here could the. 0e6 N refers to a: the 9endors coming to the door. 0: the cane tra. full of chilies. c: the statue at 8aha0alipuram. d: the music masterDs slippers. '. Ru11u 8anniDs flashed 0ecause N a: she was 9er. anno.ed with Ra9iDs answer. 0: she found out what the children had done. c: she didnDt li1e the comments of the music master. d: she was Auite fed up. (. After getting the chappals from the children the 0eggar disappeared in a minute 0ecause3 a: 7e was afraid that he might 0e called a thief. 0: 7e might ha9e to return the chappals. c: "he children would pla. tric1s on him. d: 7e would 0e scolded 0. Gopu 8ama. Writin% $. Bmagine .ou lost .our slippers while on a 9isit to a friendDs house. Eour friend ga9e .ouJ her own slippers, which fit .ou, and the. are comparati9el. new. /rite a paragraph a0out .our feelings in getting this gift. !. Eou are 8ridu in the stor.. /rite a letter to a friend a0out this 9isit to Ru11u 8anniDs house. 20 | P a g e

%. Bmagine .ou are Ra9i and .ou could not go to school the ne?t da. 0ut .ou wanted Ra5en .our friend to 1now what happened that da. when 8ridu paid a 9isitC so .ou write a letter. /rite that letter. &. Bnstead of writing a long letter to Shashi, 8ridu decided to write a post card instead a0out her 9isit to her cousins. /rite the postcard. '. Eou found a small pup while in the near0. pla.ground. /rite a paragraph a0out what .ou will do. (. Eou ha9e 0een gi9en a pet parrot on .our 0irthda.. Eour cousin, She1har has not seen it. /rite a letter to .our cousin in9iting him to pa. a 9isit so that he can see .our pet. 'ra66ar $. Complete the following 0. using one of the clauses3 Bf .ou want to Jif .ou donDt want to Jif .ou want him to a: Eou can pic1 and read an. of the stor. 0oo1s FFFFFFFFF. 0: Ra5esh will 0u. the note 0oo1s FFFFFFFFF.. c: Please use me ruler FFFFFFFFF.. d: Eou need not go to the mar1et FFFFFFFFF. e: 8. 0rother 8ahesh will show .ou the house FFFFFFFFF. !. Rewrite each of the following pairs of sentences as a single sentence. @se HifD at the 0eginning of each sentence. a: 7urr. up now. EouDll not miss the school 0us. 0: IonDt eat all the sweets. Eou wonDt get an. afterwards. c: /or1 hard. Success will 0e .ours. d: =etch .our 0rother 5ust now. 7e wonDt 0e left 0ehind.

21 | P a g e

L"&&on A: 'opa and t$" Hi &a Fi&$ II. S$ort An&;"r 7*"&tion o8 !3% mar1s to 0e answered in ! sentences. $. 7ilsa fish is 9er. popular. =ind instances in the stor. to support this. !./h. was the 1ing anno.ed with his courtiers; %./hat was the challenge of the King; &.7ow did Gopal go a0out preparing himself for the challenge; './hat was the reaction of GopalDs wife to his preparation; (./hat was his wifeDs conclusion a0out Gopal; )./h. did the people he met on the wa. , not notice the fish Gopal was; *.7ow did Gopal ma1e his entr. to the palace; +./hat was the collecti9e opinion of the courtiers a0out Gopal; $,./hat made Gopal sa. that the 1ing had forgotten something; $$.7ow did the 1ing react when he remem0ered; Writin% $. /rite a paragraph on a stor. .ou ha9e read a0out a person accepting a challenge. !. Bmagine .ou are Gopal, write a paragraph a0out .our preparation for the KingDs challenge step 0. step. %. /rite a letter to .our 0rother, who is wor1ing in another town a0out a funn. incident that happened recentl. at home. 'ra66ar $. Change the following into reported speech> a: Palace guard >Eou canDt see the KingP Get awa. with .ouP 0: Gopal >B want to see the KingP c: A Small child > 8other loo1 at that manP BsnDt he comical; 22 | P a g e

!. Change into direct speech> a: "he King told the courtier to stop tal1ing. 0: "he 1ing ordered that the man to 0e 0rought 0efore him. c: Gopal was as1ed 0. the King wh. he dressed in such ridicules fashion.

L"&&on <D. T$" A&$"& T$at Mad" Tr""& ! oo6 I .Lon% <An&;"r 7*"&tion& o8 A<H Mar:& to 3" an&;"r"d in a3o*t H4 ;ord&. $. Iescri0e the custom followed 0. people in the da.s of the Iaimios when their lord passed 0.. !.7ow was the dog helpful to the farmer e9en after its death; %. Gi9e at least two e?amples to show that the Iaimio was delighted with the old farmer. &. Bn what wa. was the cruel neigh0our punished 0. the Iaimio; '. /hat is the moral of the stor.; II S$ort an&;"r >*"&tion& o8 +<A Mar:& to 3" an&;"r"d in a3o*t t;o &"nt"nc"&. $. /ho were the Iaimios; !. 7ow did the dog lead his master to the spot of hidden gold; %. /hat had the farmer e?pected to find when he struc1 his toe in the earth; &. 7ow was the gold utili#ed 0. the old couple; '. /hat was the reaction of the cruel couple on hearing the farmerDs good fortune; (. /hat did the cruel old couple find on digging the ground; ). 7ow did the dog suffer their anger; *. 7ow did the old farmer mourn the death of his pet dog; +. /h. did the old farmer chop down the pine tree; $,. 7ow did the good couple 0ecome rich the second time; III .V"r# &$ort >*"&tion& o8 = Mar:. A:"here are three options for the answer of e9er. Auestion. 8ar1 the right option $. "he old farmer too1 his wife into the garden. 23 | P a g e

a: to show the withered cherr. tree. 0: to sprin1le a pinch of ashes on it. c: to chop down the pine tree. !. O "ento Sama is the 2apanese name for a: the sun 0: the hill c: the moon %. "he name of the pet dog was a: -runo 0: 8u1o c: Iingo &. "he Iaimio punished the wic1ed old man 0ecause a: he had 0een 9er. 0ad to his neigh0our. 0: he had 1illed the dog. c: "he ashes thrown 0. him made the Iaimio and his wife snee#e '. "he wic1ed old man died a: in the ri9er. 0: in the mud. c: on the road. -:.8atch the following> $. withered !. sting. %.crone &. flung '. carcass > threw >dead 0od. > miserl. > old woman > 0are and dr..

C: /rite Tr*" or Fa &" against each of the following statements> $. "he farmer fed the pet dog with tid0its of fish and 0oiled rice. . < 24 | P a g e :

!. "he old farmer and his wife were greed.. <

: :

%. "he spirit of the dog came in the dream of the old man. . < : '."he rice pastr. and 0ean sauce turned into a pile of gold. < WRITIN'

&. "he greed. couple 0orrowed the mill and the mortar to ma1e magic ash. < :

$. Eou are AmitJAmaita of Class3VBB. Eou ha9e found a gold ear ring in the School pla.ground during the recess. Iraft a notice to 0e put up in the School -oard in not more than ', words. !. Bmagine .ou are the farmer in the stor. 4"he Ashes "hat 8ade the "rees -loom6. /rite a letter to .our friend in another town descri0ing .our good fortune. %. Eou are the 1ind old man in the stor. 4"he Ashes "hat 8ade the "rees -loom 6. Eou could not forget how the wic1ed neigh0ours had 0rutall. 1illed .our pet dog. /rite a letter to .our friend sharing .our sorrow with him. &. /rite a letter to .our friend li9ing in the Cit. telling him J her what people of .our 9illage do when ew Eears time draws near. '. /rite a short paragraph in a0out l,, words on the topic 4"he 8ost @npleasant Iream B had6 (. Eou are a student of class3VBB. Eou want to write a0out 4Kindness to Animals6 for .our school maga#ine. /rite a paragraph on this topic in a0out $,, words. ). /rite a short composition on an. one of the following> i: 8. eigh0our ii: 8. lo9ing Pet. GRA88AR 25 | P a g e otice

B. Add HimD or HunD to each of the word in the 0o? and use them to complete the sentences 0elow> Possi0le Patient 7app. Bmportant ecessar.

$. "he father was3333333333333 to hear a0out his sonDs failure. !. this 0oo1 now is3333333333333333333333333333333333333. %. Getting inside the auditorium is3333333333333333333333333333. &. IonDt 0e3333333333333333333333333.Eour turn will come soon. '. 8. ad9ice to .ou now appears to 0e333333333333333333333333. BB. =ill in the 0lan1s with suita0le articles> $. /hatDs 33333333matter with .ou; !. After lunch Ruchi helped her mother to wash 3333333333333dishes. %. 33333333Atlas is 333333333333333333333333333333333330oo1 of maps. & 7ow man. letters are there in English alpha0et; '. "here was a hea9. traffic this morning 0ecause of 33333333333accident. BBB. =rame Auestions for the following answers> Answer $. Someone stole m. pen. !. "he train left at & oDcloc1. %. B ha9e 0ought the 0lue shirt. &.She came 0. 0us. %. &. $. !. Ouestions

'. 7e 9isited his uncle .esterda..'. BV. Re3arrange the following words to form meaningful sentences> $. 2ohnn.Jhis parentsJ paid theJafterJheJloo1ed J amount Jfor. !.find JheJthemJcould not J0ut. %. ice cream stall J so J he J to J wentJthe. &. sawJan ice creamJfor himJ withJandJhis motherJwaiting JheJin her hand. CHIVVY 26 | P a g e

S$ort An&;"r 7*"&tion& /=<+ 6ar:&0 $. Read the following e?tract and answer the Auestions that follow> Sit up Sa. please Gess noise Shut the door 0ehind .ou IonDt drag .our feet. 7a9eDnt .ou got a han1ie ; "a1e .our hands out of Eour poc1ets. a: /hom does H.ouD refer to in the a0o9e lines; 0: /rite down two instructions, which are 0eing gi9en to him. c: Pic1 out words from the a0o9e lines which are opposite in the meaning to i: Open............. ii: =ront !. Bs it good to instruct children all time; %. /h. do parents instruct their children to sa. please; &. /h. do parents tell them to ta1e their hands out of their poc1ets; '. /hat does Hchi99.D mean; Lon% An&;"r 7*"&tion o8 A 6ar:& $. /h. do parents gi9e so man. instructions to their children; !. /hat does the poet want to sa. to the parents; %. E?plain the line, HdonDt tal1 with .our mouth fullD &. /hat does the poet sa. in the end of the poem; '. /hat are the things which grown ups are as1ing the child to decide on their own; (. /hat is the theme of the poem; WRITIN' $. /rite a paragraph on an. of the following> a:Good 8anners 0:. Self3confidence. 27 | P a g e

!. /rite a letter to a friend of .ours gi9ing him an ad9ice how to 0eha9e in a pu0lic place

LESON H I7UALITY I. Lon% An&;"r 7*"&tion& A<H 6ar:& to 3" an&;"r"d in a3o*t H4;ord&. $. Iescri0e 8r GesslerDs shop !. HB had left a man of si?t.. B came 0ac1 to one of se9ent.3fi9eD. /ho said these words and wh.; %. /h., according to the new tenant, was 8r Gessler a failure in 0usiness; & /hat was GesslerDs 0itterness with 0ig firms; '. /here was 8r GesslerDs shop situated; /hat was the certain distinction of his shop; (. 2ustif. the title of the stor.,6Oualit. II S$ort an&;"r >*"&tion& o8 +<A Mar:& to 3" an&;"r"d in a3o*t t;o &"nt"nc"&. $. /ho was 8r. Gessler; =rom where did he come; !. /here did he li9e and with whom; %. 7ow did the author come to 1now 8r. Gessler; &. "he author did not need to go his shop 9er. often./h.; '. /hat did the author sa. to 8r. Gessler once a0out a certain pair of 0oots; (. On hearing the authorDs remar1, how did Gessler react; ). /here did the author 0u. the pair of 0oots that crea1ed; *. /hat made the author place order for man. pairs of 0oots at a time; +. 7ow did 8r. Gessler die; $,. /ho too1 o9er the shop after 8r. GesslerDs death;

III .V"r# &$ort >*"&tion& o8 = Mar:. $. Read the e?tract 0elow and answer the Auestions>

28 | P a g e

A wee1 later, passing the little street, B thought B would go in and tell him how splendidl. the new 0oots fitted. -ut when B came to where his shop had 0een, his name was gone. B went in 9er. much distur0ed. i: /ho does HhimD refer to in these lines; ii: /ho went in; iii: Pic1 out a word from the a0o9e e?tract, which means the same as H0eautifull.D !. Read the e?tract and answer the Auestions> As 0est B could, B e?plained the circumstances of those ill omened 0oots. -ut his face and 9oice made so deep an impression that during the ne?t few minutes B ordered man. pairs. i: ill omened 0oots refer toFFFFFFFFFF.. ii: the word DBDrefers toFFFFFFFFFFF.. iii: the word HhisD refers toFFFFFFFFF. %. 8ar1 the correct answer> A. 8r.Gessler was i: an American ii: a German iii: a Russian -. 8r Gessler was called a perfect artist 0ecause i: he made 0eautiful paintings ii: he made 0eautiful dresses iii: he made 0eautiful 0oots. C. 8r Gessler used to li9e with i: his neigh0our ii: his 0rother iii: his son WRITIN' 29 | P a g e

$.Eou are Rita Agarwal, the 7ead Girl of S.I. Pu0lic School. Eour school has decided to send some 9olunteers to 7elp Age Bndia, students to come forward for the no0le cause. !. Eou are Ra9i -a5a5, the school captain of KV.Kharagpur. /rite a notice in not more than ', words in9iting the students to donate generousl. to help the old people in .our localit.. %./rite a letter to a friend telling himJher that .ou ha9e shifted to a new house and descri0ing .our new neigh0orhood. &. Suppose .ou are the .oung man who has ta1en o9er GesslerDs shop. /rite a letter to a friend, descri0ing how Gessler star9ed himself to death. '. /rite a letter to a friend, descri0ing a dress .ou ha9e 5ust 0ought from a dressma1er in .our town and strongl. recommend the shop to himJher. (. /rite a short paragraph on an. of the following> a:H/or1 is /orship 0: Punctualit. ). Eou are an old customer of Gessler. Eou are so impressed 0. his wor1. /rite a paragraph in a0out $', words on 4H/or1 has its own reward6. *. Iescri0e how .ou help .our parents in the house on holida.s. @se the clues gi9en in the 0o? and then write a paragraph. Iusting, sweeping, washing, ma1ing tea, watering the plants, folding clothes gardening 'RAMMAR $. @se the following phases to complete the sentences 0elow> 30 | P a g e ew Ielhi e9er. Sunda. to entertain and help the old. B:raft a notice in not more than ', words in9iting the

Come offC comes of, come down, come across, come to i: 7eQQQQQQQQQ a no0le famil. ii: On m. wa. to school, BQQQQQQQQQQ iii: Io not lea9e it in the sun or the colour willQQQQQQ i9: "he price of gold has recentl.333333333333333 9:7ow much does itQQQQQQQQ; TREE S$ort 7*"&tion o8 =<+ 6ar:& $. Read the following e?tracts and answer the Auestions that follow> "rees are for 0irds "rees are for children "rees are to ma1e tree houses in "rees are to swing swings on "rees are for the wind to 0low through. a: /h. are trees for 0irds; 0: /hat do trees gi9e 0irds; c: ame two games which children pla. with the help of trees; d:/hat ma1es wind 0low; !. "rees are for 1ites to get caught in "rees are to ma1e cool shade in summer "rees are to ma1e no shade in winter "rees are for apples to grow on and pears. "rees are to chop down and call, 4"im0er6 a: ame the poet 0: /hat do trees gi9e us in summer; c: ame the fruits mentioned in the lines a0o9e d: /h. do we chop trees; e: Pic1 out a word from the a0o9e lines which means HcutD 31 | P a g e

Lon% An&;"r 7*"&tion& o8 AMar:& $. On the 0asis of .our reading the poem, mention the usefulness of trees. !. Although trees are of great importance to us, we cut them. /h.; %. Can .ou imagine, what will happen to us if there are no trees; &. 7ow can we sa9e trees; '. /hat inspiration do .ou get from trees; (. ame some useful trees and the things we get from them. /RB"B G $. /rite a paragraph on of the following> i: Value of "rees ii: Preser9ing En9ironment !. Eou are isha, the 7ead Girl of the .our school. Eou ha9e 0een as1ed 0. the

Principal of the school to put up a notice for a H"ree Plantation Ia.D in .our school /rite this notice in not more than ', words gi9ing all necessar. details. %. Suppose .ou are unhapp. to see people chopping down trees in .our neigh0orhood. /rite a letter to a friend e?pressing .our feelings LESSON<E: E(PERT<.ETECTIVES I. Lon% An&;"r 7*"&tion& o8 A<H 6ar:& to 3" an&;"r"d in a3o*t H4 ;ord&. $. /hat did 8a.a and ishad thin1 a0out the patient; !. Bs 8r ath reall. a criminal;Gi9e reasons. %. /here did Se9en go on one 8onda. and wh.; &. /h. was Se9en upset after seeing 8r. ath; '. /ho came to 9isit 8r. ath on Sunda.s; Iescri0e his appearance (. /hat did 8a.a thin1 a0out Ramesh; ). /hat comments did 8a.a ma1e on ma1ing a friend with 8r. ath;

32 | P a g e

*. Suppose

ishad ma1es friend with 8r ath. /hat facts is he li1el. to disco9er

a0out 8r. ath; II S$ort an&;"r >*"&tion& o8 +<A Mar:& to 3" an&;"r"d in a3o*t t;o &"nt"nc"&. $. /h. was ishad called Se9en; !. 7ow old was ishadDs sister; %. 7ow did ishad get a chance to see 8r ath; &. 8a.a thought 8r ath was a croo1./h.; '. /ho used to 0ring the meal for 8r ath; (. /h. was ishad disappointed with 8r ath; ). 7ow did 8r athDs 9isitor loo1; *. /h. did Ramesh sa. that 8r ath was not 9er. particular a0out food; +. /h. did 8a.a and ishad get an une?pected holida.; $,. 7ow was Ramesh paid for food; III .V"r# &$ort >*"&tion& o8 = Mar:. $. Read the e?tract 0elow and answer the Auestions> 4Criminals can loo1 Auite ordinar., smart.6. B retorted 4Iid .ou see the picture of the 7.dera0adi house0rea1er in the papers .esterda.; 7e loo1ed li1e an. man on the street6 ishad loo1ed dou0tful. i: /ho spea1s the a0o9e words; ii: /ho does the word H7eD refer to; lii: /hat was the news in the papers; !. Read the e?tract and answer the Auestions that follow> A 0rilliant thought occurred to me 5ust then. 4"hat man must 0e 8r athDs accomplice in crime 4B said6, 48a. 0e he 1eeps all the loot and 0e comes now ad then to gi9e part of it to his partner, 8r ath for e?penses. "hatDs itP B Hm sure BDm right6 33 | P a g e

i: /ho is 4me6 in the a0o9e line; R: /ho is 8r athDs accomplice in crime; iii: "he word HpartnerD refers toFFFFFFFFFFFF. %. 8ar1 the correct answer. A. ishadDs mother was i: a surgeon. ii: a doctor. iii: a detecti9e. -. Ramesh wor1s in i: the office. ii: a restaurant. iii: a shop. C. 8r ath was a man i: who was 9er. friendl.. ii: who hardl. spea1s. iii: who tal1s a lot. WRITIN' $. /rite a letter to a friend, telling himJher a0out a stranger who is .our ne?t door neigh0our, descri0ing his loo1s and strange 0eha9iour. !. Suppose .ou are ishadJ8a.a ./rite a letter to .our friend in Ielhi, gi9ing himJ her ad9ice not to trust strangers %. Eou are 8a.a the monitor of .our class. Eour class has as1ed .ou to draft a otice a0out a class picnic to 0e held in .our school on Sunda.. /rite this in not more than ', words. &. /rite a paragraph in a0out $!'3$', words on of the following> a: An @ne?pected 7olida. 0:One is 1nown 0. the compan. one 1eeps. 34 | P a g e otice

'RAMMAR $. Gi9en 0elow is an outline plan that a student prepared after collecting information on Bndira Gandhi. Stud. the plan and write a paragraph or two a0out her. Bntroduction> first woman Prime 8inister of Bndia, 0ecame Prime 8inister in $+((. -irth and earl. life> -orn $+$), Allaha0ad, daughter of 2awaharlal ehru, educated in O?ford, England and @ni9ersit. of -engal 8arriage > 8arried to =ero# Gandhi in $+&! ,two sons San5a. and Ra5i9 ,0ecame President of the congress part. in $+'+. Political career > 2oined Congress Part. in $+%*, 8inister of Bndia from $+(( to $+)), and $+*, to $+*&. Ieath > assassinated in Octo0er in $+*&, a great and strong leader. !. Goo1 at the uses of the word HsetD. 8atch the word with its meanings 0elow> i: set aside 3 0egin ii: set up N 1eep aside iii: set in N to start i9: set off 3 started on a 5ourne.. MYSTERY OF THE TALKIN' FAN /S$ort O*"&tion o8 =<+ 6ar:&0 $. Read the e?act and answer the Auestions that follow> Once there was a ta1ing fanFFFFFF. Electrical his chatter. B could nDt Auite hear what he said And B hope it doesnDt matter a: /hat does the word HheD refer to; 0: =ind the rh.ming words in the a0o9e lines. c: Pic1 out a word from the a0o9e lines which is similar in meaning to Htal1D.

35 | P a g e

Lon% An&;"r >*"&tion& +<A 6ar:& $./hat is the m.ster. of the"a1ing =an; !. Electrical his chatter meansFFFFF.. %. /hat happened to the "a1ing =an one da.; &. 7ow was the m.ster. of the fan spoiled; '. "he phrase 4still as water6 meansFFFFF.. (. Pic1 out a simile in the poem. ). /hat happens when the fan is switched on; L"&&on<F: T$" In1"ntion o8 Vita<Won: $. /hat are the ad9antages of 0eing older; !. /hat are the ad9antages of 0eing .ounger in the famil.; %. Bf .ou happen to in9ent something, what will .ou in9ent; &. Can the chapter 4"he Bn9ention of HVita3/on1D 0e called a science3fiction; Bf so, find some instances from the chapter, which suggest it; S$ort an&;"r >*"&tion& o8 A Mar:& $. /h. was the first in9ention of /on13Vita not successful; !. /hat 1ind of new in9ention did /on1a want to create; %. 7ow did /on1a prepare himself for the new in9ention; &. /hat is the specialt. of the -ristlecone pine tree; '. /here do the -ristlecone pines grow; (. /here did 8r. /on1a collect an important little 0it of something ; ). /hat was prepared after lots of <0oiling and 0u00ling: testing in the Bn9enting Room; *. On whom was the new in9ention tested; +. /hat was the result of the test done on the 0o.; $,. /hat was the new in9entionDs name;

36 | P a g e

M* tip " c$oic" >*"&tion& o8 = 6ar: "here are four options for the answer of e9er. Auestion. 8ar1 the right option . $. 8r. /ill. /on1aDs in9ention which ma1es the people .ounger was a: Vita3/on1 0: /on1a3Vite c: -rain3Vite d: Age3Vite !: "he -ristlecone pine trees are3 a: %,,, .ears old 0: ',,, .ears old c: &,,, .ears old d: (,,, .ears old %. A dendrochronologist means a: a doctor speciali#ing in the treatment of mental illness 0: the one who studies the age of trees c: a person who studies roc1s d: a dentist &. /ho can spit poison right into .our from fift. .ards awa.3 a: "he poll. frog 0: the giant curliAue c: the stinging slug d: the 9enomous sAuer1le '. As soon as Oompa3loompa swallowed the oil. 0lac1 liAuid ,he 0ecame3 a: %' .ears old 0: &' .ears old c: (' .ears old d: )' .ears old WRITIN'

37 | P a g e

$. /rite a paragraph in a0out *, words a:. B wish if B were a scientistP 0:. /hat will .ou do when .ou grow older; c:. 8. HIream Bn9entionD. !. /rite a letter to .our friend a0out .our new de9ice that .ou ha9e in9ented to sa9e time and energ.. %. /rite a letter to .our mother gi9ing good news to her that .ou ha9e in9ented a su0stitute of food. &. /rite a letter to the principal of .our school reAuesting him to arrange some more eAuipments in the chemistr. la0orator. in order to perform the e?periments. '. /rite a notice informing the students of .our school that a renowned scientist from "e#pur @ni9ersit. has 0een in9ited to deli9er a speech to the students during CCA periods on 'th 2ul.. Gi9e details a0out date, time, and 9enue. (. /rite a notice in a0out ', words, informing the students of .our Vid.ala.a that an inter3house speech competition on the topic HBf B e9er 0ecome a scientistD is going to 0e held on $,th 2ul. during CCA periods. ). /rite a notice for the school notice 0oard that the 0udding scientists of our Vid.ala.a are in9ited to e?hi0it their in9entions or Hwor1ing modelsD in science e?hi0ition, which is going to 0e held in .our Vid.ala.a. Gi9e details a0out Iate, "ime and Venue. 'ra66ar B. Rewrite the sentences using HIo or IoesD3 $. B wrote a letter to .ou last wee1 !. 7e goes to school e9er.da.. %. "he earth re9ol9es round the sun. &. 7e goes on a morning wal1 e9er.da.. 38 | P a g e

'. 7e 1nows how to swim. (. She teaches English 9er. well ). B Gi1e mangoes 9er. much. *. /e ha9e to attend the meeting tomorrow. +. Children li1e ice3cream 9er. much. $,. "he. dri9e the car 9er. fast. BB. =ill in the 0lan1s with the words gi9en 0elow to complete the process. Seeds, 9inegar, chop heat, pan, wash, mi? Cauliflower is QQQQQQQQQ, cleaned and cut into pieces. Green chillies, ginger and garlic are QQQQQ.7eat mustard oil in a . And add some mustard seedsQQQQQQQQQ all the ingredientsQQQQ and salt are added. .ad and t$" Cat and t$" Tr"" B. Answer the following Auestions3 8ar1sM % L $, $. /h. did IadDs first plan not wor1 out; !. /hat went wrong with IadDs plan -; %. Iid Iad succeed in his attempt to sa9e the poor cat; &. /hat happened to Iad after his first plan; '. 4Iad was too optimistic in his effort to sa9e the poor cat6. Gi9e reasons to support the a0o9e statement. (. /hat was IadDs plan C; ). -ring out the lines in the poem, at least four of which show IadDs self3 confidence. *. /rite down the central theme of the poem HIad and the Cat and the "reeD; +. Bf .ou happen to 0e in IadDs place, what plan would .ou ma1e to sa9e the cat; $,. Could the cat 0e sa9ed; /hat happened to Iad afterwards; L"&&on 5: BFir", Fri"nd and Fo"C B. Answer the following Auestions <Gong answer Auestions37O"S: 8ar1sM ' $. /h. were the earl. men pu##led 0. fire; !. /h. is CO! e?tinguisher the 0est thing to fight an electrical fire; 39 | P a g e

%. /h. must 0uildings in pu0lic places ensure o0ser9ance of fire pre9enti9e norms; &. 7ow has the disco9er. of fire helped earl. man to cope with nature 0etter and graduall. adopt a settled mode of life; BB. Answer the following Auestions3 %8ar1s $. /h. were the earl. men afraid of fire; !. /hat are the things that are needed to ma1e fire; %. /h. does smouldering paper 0urst into flame when 0lown; &. /hat is flash point or 1indling temperature of a fuel; '. /h. does a newspaper or a stic1 in the open wonDt catch fire on its own; (. 8ention three main wa.s in which a fire can 0e put off; ). Suggest a remed. to put off small fire; *. /h. is CO! used to e?tinguish fire; +. /ho are fire fighters; l,. /hat do .ou mean 0. first aid; BBB. Choose the appropriate answer3 $8ar1 l. "he element in whose a0sence we canDt ma1e fire a: itrogen 0: Sodium c: 7elium d: O?.gen !. "he 0est thing to fight an electrical fire is a: CO! e?tinguisher 0: /ater c: Oil d: Sand %. /hich one is not an e?ample of fuel for fire; a: /ood 0: Coal c: Petrol 40 | P a g e

d: /ater WRITIN' $.. /rite a letter to .our friend narrating a0out the help .ou e?tended in putting out the fire, which too1 place in .our neigh0orhood. !. /rite a letter to .our father descri0ing a0out the demonstration programme on fire presented 0. the fire department in .our school. %. /rite a letter to .our friend descri0ing a0out .our school eAuipped with the fire e?tinguishing de9ices. &. /rite a short paragraph on the topic H=ire3 A good ser9ant 0ut a 0ad masterD. '. /rite a short paragraph on HVarious uses of =ireD. (. /rite a notice for the school notice 0oard regarding a programme a0out the Hcauses and pre9ention of =ireD to 0e organi#ed on !'th of 2une H,* 0. the =ire -rigade. ReAuest all the students to assem0le in the assem0l. ground to attend the programme. ). /rite a notice for the school notice 0oard a0out a demonstration programme going to 0e organi#ed 0. the =ire -rigade in the school a0out the wa.s of e?tinguishing fire. *. /rite a notice for the school notice 0oard in9iting the students for an essa.3 writing competition on the topic H=ire SCauses and Pre9entionsD. M"ado; S*rpri&"& 7*"&tion& o8 A Mar:& $. /hat, according to the poet, was the 8eadow Surprises; 41 | P a g e how well it is

!. /h. does the poet sa. that onl. those who loo1 and listen well can en5o. the surprises of the meadows; %. /h. would a 0utterfl. resting upon a 0uttercup unfold its drin1ing straws, according to the poet; &. /rite down the lines in the poem, which show that the poet has 0een a 1een o0ser9er of the nature; '. /h. does the poet sa., 4Eou ma. scare a ra00it that is sitting 9er. still6 in his meadow of surprises; (. /hat are the 48eadow 7ouses6; ). Can .ou suggest another title of the poem; E?plain .our answer. *. /hat is the theme of the poem 48eadow Surprises6; +. /hat of flower grew in the poetDs 8eadow of Surprises; /hat was the fate of the flowers; $,. E?plain the surprises and the things that the 8eadow had in store, according to the poet; $$./hat, according to .ou, is the message that the poet is to con9e. through the poem H8eadow SurprisesD; A !ic#c " in 'ood R"pair I. Lon% An&;"r 7*"&tion& A<H 6ar:& to 3" an&;"r"d in a3o*t H4;ord&. $.Io .ou feel it is m.ster. the wa. the secrets disappear; Gi9e reasons. !./hat is .our reaction when some0od. mishandles .our 0ic.cle; %.Iescri0e the fight 0etween man and machine in .our own words. &."he author did not li1e his friendDs 0eha9iour . 7ow could he ha9e sa9ed his 0ic.cle; '.7ow did the author feel when he returned from the tool shed;

42 | P a g e

II. S$ort &"nt"nc"&.

An&;"r 7*"&tion& o8 +<A 6ar:& to 3" an&;"r"d in

a3o*t t;o

$. /hat was the manDs proposal; !. /hat did the author do to go on a 0ic.cle ride; %. Iid the front wheel reall. wo00le; &. /h. did the author go to tool shed; '. /hat was authorDs friend doing when he returned from the tool shed; (. /hat reason did the man gi9e for ta1ing out the front wheel; ). /h. were putting 0alls in hat not a sensi0le thing; *. /hat did the author sa. to stop him ta1ing off the gear case; +. /hat was the manDs opinion a0out ta1ing off the gear case; $,./hat was the authorDs remar1 when the. had put the things 0ac1; MULTIPLE CHOICE 7UESTIONS "ic1 mar1 the right answer3 $."o get up earl. author FF a: set an alarm 0:as1ed his wife to help him get up earl. . c:made an effort !."he man as1ed author for a: a torch 0: a hammer c: a pen d: a hat %./hen author came 0ac1 his friend was sitting a: holding a hammer in his hand 0:with front when in his hand c: with the front wheel 0etween his legs d: on the 0ic.cle. 43 | P a g e

& HCatch themD, Hcatch themD. 7ere HthemD refers to a: Gear case 0: /heels of 0ic.cle c: Gittle 0alls d: Chain of 0ic.cle. '. 7e tightened it tell it would not mo9e. /ord it refers to which part of 0ic.cle. a: Chain 0: =ront wheel c: -all 0earings d: Screws (. /hen the fight with the machine was o9er authorDs friend was> a: Smiling 0: -leeding c: Satisfied d: O9er 5o.ed /RB"B G $.Eou are An1ita.Eour friend has stood first in the Bnter School Irawing competition for students of class VBKVBB. /rite a letter to her congratulating her on her success. !.Eou are a hosteller. Eou need a 0ic.cle for attending tutorial classes in Ra5 Academ. Bnstitute, which is at a distance of $! 1ilometres from .our hostel. /rite a letter reAuesting .our father to 0u. a 0ic.cle for .ou. GRA88AR A.=ill in the 0lan1s with should JmustJought to. $./e 3333333333help thr poor. 44 | P a g e

!.Sita 333333333333see a good dentist regularl. if she is to 1eep her teeth health.. %.Rani 333333333333worship God to mental peace. &.Rohit3333333333333lea9e this place right now if he is to catch the train. '.One 33333333alwa.s 0e honest to oneDs dut.. (.People who li9e in glass houses 33333333not throw stones. -.Com0ine two sentences into one connecting 0. Hand, 0ut, so, if and orD. $.Roma is intelligent. 7er 0rother is dull. !. 8. father purchased a stor. 0oo1 for me. 7e purchased a no9el for her 0rother. %.2oin us in tea part.. Eou can go home. &.Eou want to secure good mar1s in English . /or1 hard from right now. '.Bt was raining hea9il. . eema could not come to school. 'AR.EN SNAKE A. Gong answer Auestions> $. /hat is the moral of the poem H Garden Sna1eD; !. 7ow are some sna1es dangerous to us; ame some 9er. dangerous sna1es. %. A lot of 0elie9es <old: e?ists in all the religions a0out sna1e. 7a9e .ou heard an.; Iescri0e. &.7ow are sna1es good for us; '.Should we reall. 1ill sna1es when we come across them; Gi9e reasons for .our answer. -. Short answer Auestions> $. 7a9e .ou e9er witnessed or read an. fight 0etween a sna1e and a mongoose in real life or in film; Iescri0e in .our own words. !. /hat ,do .ou thin1 ,is food for sna1e; %. /h. does the poet sa. HSome sna1es are dangerous the. sa.D; &. 7ow does a sna1e wiggle in the grass; '. /h. does the poet prefer standing aside and watching a sna1e pass; (. /hat ,do .ou thin1 ,is responsi0le for .ourJour fear; ). /hat ,according to the poet, was the mista1e; 45 | P a g e

*. 7ow did the poet o9ercome his mista1e; +. /rite the action words .ou can use to descri0e the mo9ement of the sna1e. $,. @nless distur0edC sna1es ha9e a ha0it not to harm others. So do .ou thin1 sna1es are reall. dangerous; E?plain. $$. 7ow does the attitude of the child get changed completel.; MULTIPLE CHOICE 7UESTIONS $: /ho is the poet of the poem HGarden Sna1eD a: 8.-.Armstrong 0: I.2. Enright c: Kit /right d: 8uriel G. Sonne !: /ho saw a sna1e; a: the poet 0: his sister c: his 0rother d: his mother %: /h. did the poet run awa.; a: he saw a tiger 0: he saw his teacher c: he saw a sna1e d: 0ecause it started raining &: H-ut mother sa.s that 1ind is goodD. 7ere that 1ind refers to a: the 9egeta0le grown in the garden 0: the species of sna1e c: the dress of the poet d: the flower of the garden 46 | P a g e

'. Hsome sna1es are dangerous the. sa.D . H /ho are the.D here; a: children 0: gardener c: poetDs famil. mem0ers d: other people (. Sna1es eat3333333333 for their food. a: mil1 0: fish c: fruits d: insects ). H/iggleD means a: to mo9e from side to side with rapid short mo9ement 0: 5umping up and down 9er. fast c: swinging side 0. side d: di9ing deep into the water *. /hat does the poet prefer to o0ser9e; a: Sna1e passing through the grass 0: Sna1e fighting with mongoose c: Sna1e swimming in the water d: Sna1e eating insects +. H"here is no mista1eD. /hat was the mista1e; a: thin1ing that all sna1es are dangerous 0: it was not good to stand in the garden c: 0eing diso0edient to parents d: wasting time $,. Some sna1es are dangerous 0ecause the. ha9e a: long teeth 0: poison c: sting d: the. loo1 ugl.

47 | P a g e

L"&&on =4: THE STORY OF CRICKET I.Lon% An&;"r O*"&tion& o8 A<H 6ar:& to 3" an&;"r"d in a3o*t H4 ;ord&. $./hat are different roles of sports in our life; 7ow is it an integral part of health. life; !. 7ow a new game is in9ented; /hat would .ou li1e to in9ent; Iescri0e. %./hat are different situations under which a game gets modified; 7ow does it, from an indi9idual, pass to groups and ultimatel. 0ecomes glo0al; &.7ow does the political condition of a countr. affect the progress of a game in it; './hat is the role of media in ma1ing a game popular; II.S$ort An&;"r O*"&tion& o8 A 6ar:& to 3" an&;"r"d in a3o*t t;o &"nt"nc"&. $. /hat, according to .ou, is the ma5or difference 0etween cric1et and other games; !. 7ow does commerce and 0usiness affect an. game; %. /h. is the si#e and shape of cric1et ground not fi?ed and wh. does it 9ar. a lot; &. /hat effect does ri9alr. ha9e on the performance of pla.ers of different teams or countries; '. Io .ou find the stretch of time, in cric1et, is entertaining; Gi9e reasons. (. IonDt .ou thin1 that !,3!, Cric1et is a game of luc1 and has no scope to utili#e the potential of all pla.ers; ). Some pla.ers 0ecome popular and are remem0ered alwa.s whereas some are forgotten. /h. ha9e we forgotten Palwan1er Vithal and Palwan1er -allo; *. 7ow has the technical ad9ancement affected the game i.e. cric1et; +. /hat is the main reason 0ehind widespread fame of cric1et in South East Asian nations; $,.IonDt .ou thin1 that !,3!, Cric1et is 5ust to accumulate mone. from mar1et, as it does not pro9ide eAual chance to all the pla.ers of a team to pro9e themsel9es 0ecause luc1 pla.s a ma5or role in it; $$.Gi9en a chance, what would .ou li1e to 0ecome3 a 0atsman or a 0owler; Gi9e reasons. a wastage of time or reall.

48 | P a g e

MULTIPLE CHOICE 7UESTIONS $. A Cric1et "est 8atch can go on for a ma?imum a. % Ia.s 0. ! Ia.s c. & Ia.s d. ' Ia.s !. Shape of cric1et ground is a. o9al 0. circular c. rectangular d. not fi?ed %. "he earliest modern team sport to 0e codified was a. =oot0all 0. Volle.0all c. Cric1et d. 0as1et 0all &. "he worldDs first cric1et clu0 was formed in a. 8ar.le0one 0. 7am0ledon c. Gondon d. S.dne. '. "he 0lade of cric1et 0at is made out of the wood of a. "he "ea1 tree 0. "he /illow tree c. "he tree d. "he Pine tree (. "he first Bndian communit. to start the game cric1et was a. "he 7indus 0. "he 8uslims c. "he Parsis d. "he Si1hs 49 | P a g e

). "he first Bndian cric1et clu0 was a. Bndian Cric1et Clu0 0. Oriental Cric1et Clu0 c. ational Cric1et Clu0 d. Bndian ational Cric1et Clu0 *. BndiaDs first "est Cric1et Captain was a. Palwan1er Vithal 0. Palwan1er -aloo c. C. K. a.udu d. Sunil Gawas1er +. Bndia entered the world cric1et in a. $+%$ 0. $+%! c. $+%% d. $+%& $,."he first cric1et test match was pla.ed 0etween a. Bndia and Australia 0. England and Bndia c. England and Australia d. England and /est Bndies $$.B.C.C 7eadAuarter is situated in a. Gondon 0. ew Ielhi c. S.dne. d. Iu0ai WRITIN' $.Eou en5o.ed a thrilling one da. cric1et match 0etween Bndia and Pa1istan in which Bndia defeated Pa1istan 0. three runs. thrilling 8atch. 1. Eou are sports secretar. of .our school. Eour school is selecting pla.ers for the school cric1et team to participate in inter school one da. cric1et tournament to 0e held on $' th 50 | P a g e /rite a paragraph descri0ing the incidentJ3

August at 2.G. . Stadium Shillong. /rite a notice for .our school notice 0oard as1ing interested students to assem0le in the pla.ground during last two periods where the screening of pla.ers would 0e done. %.Eour .ounger 0rother is reading in a 0oarding school. 7e lo9es cric1et and sometimes wastes his time and neglects his studies. /rite a letter to .our .ounger 0rother suggesting him to pa. attention towards his studies and 1eep a 0alance 0etween his studies and game. 'RAMMAR $. =orm ad9er0s from following words> a. Stiff 0. Violent c. Proper d. =irm e. Eas. f. Serious g. Cheerful !. 8a1e a list of at least $, ad5ecti9es, which can 0e used to descri0e the game cric1et. %. /hat do .ou understand 0. degree of comparison of ad5ecti9es; E?plain with e?amples. &. 7ow ad9er0s are formed from ad5ecti9es; E?plain with e?amples. '. Io ad9er0s also ha9e three degrees of comparison; E?plain with e?amples. !oo::An A i"n Hand =.THE TINY TEACHER I.S$ort An&;"r 7*"&tion&. $. 7ow is the 0eha9ior of ant worth imita0le 0. humans; Io .ou thin1 it, if practiced, can help to a0olish 0ad practices; <e9ils and enmit.:. !. /h. does the Aueen ant get rid of its wings after the Hweeding flightD; %.HAn anthill is a home not onl. for ants 0ut also for some other creaturesD N "his depicts co3operation for 0alanced li9ing. 7ow can the human 0eings ma1e their life 0alanced for peaceful li9ing; 51 | P a g e

&.Iespite 0eing the supreme creature of nature, 8an still reAuires to learn from lower species. /h.; '. ame another insect, which li9es in an organi#ed wa. li1e ants .7ow are the. different from ants; BB.V"r# S$ort An&;"r 7*"&tion&. $.7ow does hard wor1 affect our performance; !./hat ma1es a creature wise; Bs it worth calling ants as wisest insect; %.Can ants 0e 1ept as pets; /hat pro0lems do .ou e?pect while 1eeping them as pets; &.7a9e .ou seen 0lac1 and red ants; /hat differences do .ou find 0etween them; '.Can .ou name other insects, which li9e in an organi#ed wa. as ants li9e; /hat do we learn from them; (.4Each ant does its share of wor1 intelligentl. and 0ra9el. and ne9er fights with other mem0ers of the group.6 Io .ou find an. lesson for .ou and .our friends in the a0o9e statement; E?plain )./h. does the stor. of an antDs life stand almost untrue; *.Onl. Oueen Ant la.s eggs, which 0ecome 0a0ies of antDs colon.. /h. are there no other mothers in the colon.; +./h. does the wor1ers ta1e the gru0s for airing, e?ercise and sunshine; $,. /hat do .ou understand 0. H-ig /orld of /or1D; /h. do the new ants reAuire teaching and training 0efore going out into H0ig world of wor1D;

52 | P a g e

$$./h. are 9alues necessar. in our life; $!.7ow does an antDs life help us inculcate 9alues in oursel9es; Can .ou share another fact <not discussed in the lesson: a0out an antDs life; M* tip " C$oic" 7*"&tion&. $. "he commonest, smallest and wisest insect is a. house fl. 0. mosAuito c. ants d. worm !. "al1ing organ of ants is a. mouth 0. s1in c. feelers or antennae d. nose %. Each ant greets all the others ants coming from the opposite direction 0. touching their a. s1in 0. legs c. ears d. feelers &. A house of an ant is 1nown as a. sta0le 0. hole c. anthills or nests d. 1ennel '. Eoung ones of ants are called a. 0a0ies 0. ponies c. gru0s d. small ants 53 | P a g e

(. /ho spend most of their time searching for food a. Aueens 0. gru0s c. soldiers d. wor1ers ). Gife span of a Aueen ant is of a0out a. ' .rs 0. $' .rs c. !' .rs d. % .rs *. H/eddingD flight of Aueen ant ta1es place on a. a cold winter da. 0. a pleasant spring da. c. a rain. da. d. a hot summer da. +. A male ant is 1nown as a. gru0s 0. wor1ers c. drown d. soldiers $,."ime reAuired to 0ecome a perfect ant from an egg is nearl. a. '3( wee1s 0. !3% wee1s c. (3) wee1s d. %3& wee1s $$./hich is 1nown as antDs cow a. 0eetles 0. lesser 0reeds of ants c. green fl. d. house fl. 54 | P a g e

!. !RIN'IN' UP KARI B. S$ort An&;"r 7*"&tion&. $. Kari with the help of its 1eeper sa9ed the drowning 0o.. /hat aspects of his character come out here; !. 3 animal, 0ird, human 0eing reAuires training to 0e good. /e find some indi9iduals 0ad in societ.. Io .ou thin1 it is the result of lac1 of proper training or something else; E?plain. %.Bn5ur. to our pride sometimes 0rings good thing. E?plain this statement in the light of the stor. 4-ringing up Kari.6 &. /h. is it 9er. difficult to teach an elephant the Hmaster callD; '. /hat lesson do .ou learn from the stor. 4-ringing up Kari;6 BB.V"r# S$ort An&;"r 7*"&tion&. $. /h. did the growth of Kari and its 1eeper, the 0o. differ a lot; !. 7ow do .ou thin1 animals pro9e to 0e 0etter companion than human 0eings; %. Punishing an elephant without an. reason is remem0ered 0. him <"he elephant: and paid 0ac1 to the punisher in the same coin. 7ow; &. /hat is the 0est remed. to rectif. the wrong ha0its of an animal; '. 7ow does an elephant differ from other strong animals of forest; (. Animals are used to perform man. tas1s. Io .ou find an. e?ploitation of animals on some occasions; Iescri0e the form of e?ploitation .ou ha9e witnessed or e?perienced. 55 | P a g e

). /h. is it necessar. to teach master call to an elephant; 7ow does it affect the 0eha9ior of an elephant; *. Io animals teach us something; E?plain. +. A child and a 0a0. elephant are almost similar. 7ow; $,. /h. has the 0a0. elephant 0een named HKariD; $$. /h. would .ou li1e a ride on elephantDs 0ac1; M* tip " C$oic" 7*"&tion& $. "he easiest wa. to lead an elephant is a. to ta1e him 0. the trun1. 0. to ta1e him 0. the tail. c. to ta1e him 0. the ear. d. none of the a0o9e. !. /hen the elephant pushed the writer in to the water, the writer saw a. a girl flat on the 0ottom. 0. a 0o. flat on the 0ottom. c. a 0ig fish flat on the 0ottom. d. 0ed of sand. %. /ho had eaten the 0ananas from the dining room; a. the writer 0. the ser9ant c. the elephant d. the parents &. Bf .ou punish an elephant without an. reason ,he will a. sAueal a lot 0. tr. to 1now the reason of punishment 56 | P a g e

c. loo1 helpless d. pa. .ou 0ac1 in .our own coin '. Bf .ou sa. HIhatD and pull an elephant 0. ear a. he will learn to swim 0. he will learn to sAueal c he will stand on two legs d 7e will graduall. learn to sit down. (. H8aliD and pulling his trun1 forward is a signal for elephants to a Sit 0 wal1 c 0ath d Iance ). "he most difficult thing to teach an elephant is a. how to wal1 0 how to sit c. how to eat d. the master call * "he master call is a. Strange hissing, howling sound 0 a sorrowful cr. c sAueal d. laugh of elephant

+. 7ow old was the Kari when the writer got him to ta1e care of a % months 0 ' months c & months d ( months

57 | P a g e

$,. "he first thing Kari did was a to steal 0ananas 0 to sa9e the life of a 0o. c to learn to sit d to learn master callD A. BT$" ."&"rtC B. S$ort An&;"r 7*"&tion&. $. /hat is a desert; !. /h. desert is a potentiall. deadl. en9ironment for unprepared humans; %. /hat is an oasis; &. /hat are sand dunes; '. /h. is camel popularl. 1nown as ship of desert; (. /h. camel can go without water for da.s; ). /h. do .ou sweat; *. 7ow do smaller desert animals adapt to the en9ironment; +. =rom where does the smaller desert animal get water; $,. 7ow do the desert plants adapt to the en9ironment; $l. /hat are the ma5or features of desert; $!. /hat acts as a 0lan1et in humid climates protecting the earthDs surface from the hot ra.s of the sun; $%. 2ustif. 4Ieserts are an important part of natureDs great plan6. $&. /hat is the name of the desert in Bndia and where is it located; M* tip " C$oic" 7*"&tion& $.A desert is generall. without a. water and 9egetation 0. human 0eing c. animals d. winds !.A green patch with fresh water and green trees in the middle of desert is a. la1e 0.pond oasis d.a garden 58 | P a g e

%."he animal 1nown as the 4ship of desert6 is a. elephant 0. camel c. cow d. deer &. Gada1h is an e?ample of a.a hot desert 0. a cold desert '. Phrase 4an endless stretch of sand6 means a. no water and no sand 0. nothing 0ut sand as for as one can see (.7eaps of sand deposited as mounds are called a. sand dunes 0.mountains D.T$" Cop and t$" Ant$"6

I.S$ort An&;"r 7*"&tion&.

$. /h. was Soap. mo9ing restlessl. on his seat in 8adison SAuare; !. /h. did Soap. ma1e plans for going to the -lac1wellDs Bsland in winter; %. /h. Soap. li1ed -lac1wellDs Bsland 0etter than an. other place; &. /hat was Soap.Ds first tric1 to get himself his winter home for .ears; '. /hat was Soap.Ds second tric1 to get himself to the island; (. Iescri0e the restaurant where Soap. went to tr. on his third tric1 to get himself to his winter home; ). /hat happened to Soap. when he saw his childhood home; *. /hat had Soap. 0een using to 1eep himself warm during the night in the par1; +. /hat were the signs of approaching winter; $O. /h.,do .ou thin1, the um0rella man did not press for his um0rella; $l. Iescri0e the character of Soap. in ', words. $!. Gi9e .our comment on 4-ut in prisons a gentlemanDs own life was still his own life6. $%. /h. did Soap.Ds first tric1 not wor1 out; $&. /hat was the change in Soap. that his heart answered; $'. /h. was there a sudden and wonderful change in his soul when he saw his childhood home; 59 | P a g e

$(. /h. has the author referred the change in Soap. as a wonderful one; M* tip " C$oic" 7*"&tion& $./hich one of the following is not a sign of approaching winter a: 0irds 0egin to fl. south 0: people want new warm coats c: Soap. 0ecomes 9er. happ. !.Soap.Ds hope for winter was a.sailing awa. on a ship 0.three months prison on -lac1wellDs Bsland. %.Soap. tries3333tric1s to go in prison a.three 0.two &.Soap.Ds winter home was a.8adison SAuare 0. prison on -lac1wellDs Bsland. '."he cop did not arrest Soap. for 0rea1ing window panes as he3 a.ran awa. 0.stood still and smiled. (.A sudden fear caught Soap.3 cop was going to arrest him 0.a cop has come to arrest him. 5. 'o * 'ro;& A No&". B.V"r# S$ort An&;"r 7*"&tion&. $. =ill in the 0lan1s> "here was a time when...................had no trun1. Golu was a .......elephant with aFFFF.. nose which loo1ed li1e a.......... Golu wasFFF. of Auestions. !. /ho was GoluDs aunt; /hat was the Auestion Golu as1ed her; %. /ho was GoBuDs huge uncle ; /hat was the Auestion Golu as1ed him; &. Iid GoluDs relati9es answer his Auestions; '. /hat remar1s were made a0out Golu 0. his relati9es; (. /h. did Golu go to Gimpopo ri9er; ). /hat did he ta1e with him when went to Gimpopo ri9er; *. 7ow did GoluDs nose grow long; 60 | P a g e

*. /ho sa9ed Golu from the crocodile; 7ow; +. /hat was ad9antage num0er one according to the p.thon; BB. S$ort An&;"r 7*"&tion&. $. Iescri0e in what wa. GoluDs nose was helpful to him;

M* tip " C$oic" 7*"&tion& $. Golu was 1een to meet33333333 a: Crocodile 0: P.thon !. Golu grew a nose as a result of pull 0. a: Ostrich 0: P.thon c: Crocodile !. Crocodile wanted to whisper to Golu 0ecause3 a: he wanted to eat Golu 0: Golu was deaf %. /h. are .our alwa.s so red; As1ed golu to a: hippopotamus 0: giraffe c: p.thon &. HGo to the 0an1s of the great Gimpopo and find out. /ho said; a: m.nah 0: giraffe '. Golu went to ri9er to find.. a: /hat the crocodile has for dinner; 0: 7ow far the ri9er was; E. I WANT SOMETHIN' IN A CA'E B. V"r# S$ort An&;"r 7*"&tion&. $. /hat of a man was 8r.Purcell; !. /hat noise can 0e heard in his shop constantl.; %. /hat did 8r Purcell do e9er. da. after opening his shop; &. /hat does Hdigest the da.Ds newsD mean; '. /hat 1ind of a 0ell was o9er the door of PurcellDs shop; (. /hat did 8r. Purcell thin1 of himself; ). /hat happened one cold morning; 61 | P a g e

*. /hat did the customer 0u. from 8r. PurcellDs shop; +. 7ow much did he pa. 8r. Purcell; /h.; BB. S$ort An&;"r 7*"&tion&. $. Iescri0e 8r PurcellDs appearance. !. 8a1e a list of the things 8r Purcell sells. %./hat according to 8r Purcell was the strangest act he had e9er seen; M* tip " C$oic" 7*"&tion& $. /hat did the stranger at the pet shop want. a: 7e wanted some cheap pets. 0: 7e wanted the canaries to sing for him. c: 7e was confused and onl. said6 B want something in a cage6 !. /h. is 8r. Parcell compared to an owl; a: 7e sold owls for se9eral .ears 0: Parcell lo9ed owls and 1ept c: Carge glasses magnified his so as to gi9e him the appearance of a wise owl %. /hat did 8r. Parcell sell; a: 7e sold 0ird seeds and fish food onl. 0: 7e sold cats, dogs, mon1e.s and 0irds c: 7e sold onl. ornate and silded cages. &. /hich words associated with cries of 0ird; a:Chirpings and twittering and trumpeting c:howling and roaring '. /hat did the stranger 0u.; a: 7e 0ought a cage 0: 7e could not 0u. an.thing, as he didnDt ha9e the mone.. c: "he stranger 0ought two do9es. F. C$andni

B. S$ort An&;"r 7*"&tion&. $. /ho was A00u Khan; !. /hat were his pets;

%. /hat names A00u Khan ga9e to his pets; 62 | P a g e

&. 7ow does he treat his pets; '. /hat happened to his pets; (. /hat was A00u KhanDs reaction each time he lost his pets; ). /hat was thing that A00u Khan could not understand a0out his pets; *. /hat resolution did A00u Khan ma1e to himself; Could he 1eep it; +. =or how long Chandni li9ed with A00u Khan; $,./h. did Chandni grow thin and onl. loo1ed at the hilltops; $$.7ow did Chandni plan to protect herself; $!.7ow did Kalua die; $%./h. did A00u Khan ma1e Chandni li9e in a small hut; $&./hat had A00u Khan forgotten; $'./h. did Chandni politel. refuse the offer to 5oin the herd she met; $(./ith whom did Chandni fight; 7ow long did the fight last; M* tip " C$oic" 7*"&tion& $.Chandni fought the wolf 0ecause she a: was stronger than the wolf 0: c: disli1ed the wolf had to retain her freedom at all cost

!./h. did A0u Khan 0u. a .oung goat; a: A .oung goat is cheaper than the older one 0: c: 7e felt terri0l. lonel. and could not do without his pets. "he .oung goat 0elongs to a foreign 9ariet..

%. /h. did A0u KhanDs goats run awa.; a: "he goats didnDt get sufficient food in A0u KhanDs house. 0: c: "he. lo9ed their freedom "he. wanted to fight with the wolf in the 5ungle.

&./h. did Chandni refuse to 5oin the group of wild goats; a: She wanted to en5o. her new freedom all 0. herself 0: Chandni wanted to come 0ac1 to her masterDs house c: She did not want to mi? up with the wild goats '.A0u Khan pushed Chandni into a small hut. "his shows that he.. a: wanted to sell her ne?t da. 0: c: 63 | P a g e was cruel he did not want to lose her

B. S$ort An&;"r 7*"&tion&. $. 7ow was the 0ear fed;

5. T$" !"ar Stor#

!. 7ow did the Children treat the 0ear; %. /hat 1ind of food did the 0ear eat when it grew up; &. /h. did the 0ear ha9e some difficulties with the 0eehi9es; '. E?cept on Sunda.s the 0ear was ne9er put on a chain. /h.; (. /h. did the 0ear upset the 0oat; ). /hat made the lad. 9er. angr. on that particular Sunda.; *. /h. did the lad.Ds parasol 0rea1 in two; +. /hat made the lad. more angr. when she loo1ed at the 0ear; $,./hat was the report gi9en 0. the coo1 after the lad. returned; MULTIPLE CHOICE 7UESTIONS $./hen was the 0ear tied up with a chain; a: "he 0ear clim0ed up the apple tree and destro.ed the 0eehi9e 0: c: "he 0ear 1illed the other pets "he 0ear followed the 8istress, while she was going to her sisterDs house !./here did the lad. find the 0ear cu0; a: She found it in the forest 0: c: She 0ought it from a circus part. 7er coo1 presented it to her.

$. /here did the lad. go on e9er. Sunda.; a: She 9isited a par1 on e9er. Sunda.. 0: c: She used to go to a near0. temple. She went to her sisterDs house.

!. /h. was the 0ear loo1ing sorr. for himself in the e9ening; a: Bt missed the compan. of its mistress. 0: c: "he coo1ed punished him. "he lad. scolded him.

%. /hat did the 0ear eat; a: "he 0ear ate meat. 0: c: 64 | P a g e "he 0ear ate 0read, porridge, potato and ca00age. "he 0ear li9ed on grass and plants.

G. A Ti%"r in t$" Ho*&" I.S$ort An&;"r 7*"&tion&. $. /here was the tiger cu0 found 0. Grandfather; !. /hich diet suited "imoth.; %. /ho were the three pets of Grandfather; 7ow did the. 0eha9e; &. /hat made Grandfather decide to transfer "imoth. to the #oo; '. /hat was GrandfatherDs e?perience when he 9isited the #oo 3a second time to see how "imoth. was getting on; (. 4B 0ecame one of the tigerDs fa9ourites6. /ho is HBD in the statement; /h. did he thin1 so; ). 4"he tiger was still lic1ing his arm, with increasing relish.6 "his phrase in italics suggests "imoth.Ds a. good nature 0. recognition of an old friend. c. smelling fresh food. *. E?plain HShoot animals with a camera not with a gun.D M* tip " C$oic" 7*"&tion& 8ar1 the right answer. $. "he little tiger3cu0 hiding when Grandfather found him i. hiding in the "erai 5ungle. ii. hiding among the intricate roots of a tree. iii. hiding in Iehradun. !. "imoth. had two companions or pla.mates in the house. i. 8on1e. and a small Pupp.. ii. Ra00its and cat. iii. Pupp. and 8ahmood. %. "oto clim0ed up the curtains when i. he pulled the cu0 0. the tail. 65 | P a g e

ii. the cu0 lost his temper. iii. he tease the cu0. &. Grand fatherDs prophec. was that the tiger i. would prefer 8ahmoudDs 0ed to sleep in ii. the coo1 would disappear together from the house. iii. would one da. ma1e a meal of 8ahmood. '. /hen "imoth. was a0out si? months old, a change came o9er him. "he phrase means that i. "imoth. had grown to his full si#e. ii. "imoth. grew friendlier. iii. "imoth. grew less friendl., in fact more dangerous. (. 4B 0ecome one of the tigerDs fa9ourites6, who is HBD in the statement; i. Grandfather. ii. "he narrator of the stor.. iii. Grandmother. ). Grandmother suggested that "imoth. should 0e put in another cage. "he reason was that i. "he tiger had 0ecome 9er. 0ad tempered. ii. a leopard in the ne?t cage would constantl. rush at "imoth.. iii. the cage was too small. *. "he news that shoc1ed the grandfather was that i. the 1eeper said, 4Sir, it is not .our tiger,6 ii. the 1eeper said,6"imoth. died two months ago6 iii. the 1eeper said,6 "he tiger was trapped in the hills onl. last month and he is 9er. dangerous.6 +. "he tiger was still lic1ing his arm, with increasing relish. "he phrase suggests that "imoth. i. was good natured ii. recogni#ed an old friend iii. smelt fresh food.

66 | P a g e

L"&&ion =4 : An A i"n Hand B. S$ort An&;"r 7*"&tion&. $. /here do "illo and his parents li9e; !. 7ow does "illo manage to find his wa. to the Hfor0idden passageD; %. /h. did "illoDs father ad9ise him not to tr. to reach the surface of the planet; &. Can .ou name an. stor. .ou ha9e read or an. mo9ie .ou ma. ha9e seen the li9ing creatures on other planets; '. /h. was in the control room greatl. e?cited; (. /hat happened when "illo passed the red 0utton; ). /hat did um0er One and um0er "wo suggest should 0e done a0out the alien spacecraft; *. Io .ou thin1 there is life on other planets; Bn what wa.s are the. li1el. to 0e different from us;

M* tip " C$oic" 7*"&tion& 8ar1 the right answer. $. ame the first man who set foot on the moon. i. Euri Gagarin ii. eil Armstrong iii. Ro0ert Pear. !. Vi1ing BB spacecraft was launched on i. !, August $+)' ii. + Septem0er $+)' iii. ) August $+)( %. "he countr. to send Vi1ing pro5ect to 8ars. i. ASA of @SA ii. @SSR iii. Bndia &. "illo managed to get hold of his fatherDs securit. card. i. to find his wa. to the control room. 67 | P a g e

ii. to find his to the for0idden passage iii. to find his wa. to the surface of the planet. '. in the Control Room was greatl. e?cited 0ecause the 0ig "V screen in the control Room shows i. an alien spacecraft ii. an alien iii. a Scientific Satellite. O.(."illoo pressed the red 0utton and the damage was done. "he damage was i. the spacecraft 0ent ii. the spacecraft touched the soil iii. the mechanical hand from the spacecraft ceased the wor1. O.). "he Scientists 0ehind the Vi1ing 8ission were hopeful of finding life on 8ars. Bs there life on 8ars; i. perhaps there ma. 0e ii. no sign of life on 8ars. iii. different t.pes of life. *. "illooDs father ad9ised him not to tr. to reach the surface of the planet 0ecause i. the air is too thin to 0reathe ii. the temperature is 9er. low that would free#e to death. iii. one of these

68 | P a g e

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