Is Nato secretly preparing a ‘final solution’ for Syria ? ? ?

Are Nato stalwarts such as the US and France now in the final planning stages of working with close fascist allies and their al-Qaeda operati es to finish Syria using !ad and ugly "eans Nato countries together with "inions like Australia and #ordan are now atte"pting to ra" through another resolution ery si"ilar to $esolution %&'( that was passed in )arch *+%% in the UN which would again open the way for outsiders to use "ilitary force against Syria, -ow ery e il, In the "eanti"e. Nato co""anders are heard whispering a!out ‘options’ i"plying that western ar"ies could still launch strikes on Syria in order to assist al-Qaeda forces to take control of the !attlefield, /he al-Qaeda forces !attling the Syrian ar"y for three years ha e gained little headway despite the terri!le sufferings of the Syrian people and the de astating econo"ic losses endured !y the whole Syrian nation, Now. these al-Qaeda forces are focusing their attention on the 0hristian areas supporting the go ern"ent such as Saidnaya. in the hope that !y destroying these places. Syrian go ern"ent forces will finally wilt thus handing the" ictory on a platter,