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Location Scouting Scene 1. Walking through hillside/ roads, coastal paths. Stop on a hillside overlooking the sea.

Scene 2. Cabin. Inside/Outside. Balcony. Table. Garden. Window. Scene 4. Establishing shot of village/house Scene 5. Hiking through woods, walking along coastal path, stop on hill overlooking the sea. Scene 7. Hillside overlooking sea. Scene 8. Open beach, good view. Scene 10. Driving through countryside. Scene 18/19 Walking through hills/woods Scene 27. Roads driving to sea, hillside roads. Scene 28. Field. Abandoned beach, good scenery.

Locations List Sharpham Vineyard

Salcombe/ Snapes

Hope Cove Beach

Thurlestone from Hope Cove

Soar Mill Cove

Lincombe Boatyard

Bantham Beach Hope Cove Beach Lincombe Boatyard Burgh Island

Gray Stone