Fort McPherson

Fort McPherson (Teet'lit Zheh “At the head of the waters”) was originally the site of a Hudson’s Bay o!"any that was na!ed for “Murdoch McPherson#$ %t is a town located in the %nu&i' (egion of the )orthwest Territories on the east *an' of the Peel (i&er and is +,+ '! (-. !i) south of %nu&i' on the /e!"ster Highway$ The Hudson Bay o!"any esta*lished a "ost at the current location in +012 and eight years later the area was na!ed after Murdoch McPherson3 the chief trader for the co!"any$ Four years later a 4oucheu5 %ndian &illage !o&ed to the area and Father 6rollier set u" an Anglican Mission in +072$ %n +829 the ( MP *uilt a detach!ent "ost and regularly handled the "atrols through the Mac:en;ie Mountains &ia the Peel (i&er fro! /awson ity to Fort McPherson$

o!"iled and <dited *y 4awrence Bar'well oordinator of Metis Heritage and History (esearch 4ouis (iel %nstitute

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