Take tests with your whole mind

1. Get into the ideal state of relaxed alertness 2. 3. PhotoRead all questions and read the 1st one. Answer all questions that come easily first. Stay focused a present. Let go of the previous question as well as any anticipation of the next one. If an answer doesn’t come to you after reading a question, let it go and move to the next one. When you’ve answered all easier ones. Go back and reread those you passed up as the 2nd reading reinforces the request to help appropriate answers pop up. Discover how your deeper mind signals you that it has a correct or appropriate answer to a test question. DON’T OVERANALYZE and notice your intuitive signals. Release any need that you have to perform well. Force only leads to frustration and so let go.




7. When taking tests, pause many times to relax and breathe deeply. 8. Listen to audio CDs (e.g. paraliminals) the night before, e.g. Memory Supercharger, providing relaxation, learning and memory skills.

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