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The Capture

The Capture

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Published by: jimmyfung40 on Feb 15, 2014
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Today, 15th February 2014, is the seventy-second anniversary of the capture of Singapore by the Japanese shinto Ar y !

ed by the "Tiger of #a!aya$ genera! To oyu%i &a ashita' The capture of the is!and brought three years and eight onths of i ense and indescribab!e suffering to Singapore especia!!y to its (hinese popu!ation' Japan surrendered in Aug 1)45 but *ritish forces on!y arrived the ne+t onth a!!o,ing chaos and uncertainty to reign' A nu ber of pro inent -ap co!!aborators ost!y top e bers of the po!ice force et their unti e!y end during this period' .uring the Japanese ,ar of aggression against (hina that first began in 1)/1 and ,hich f!ared again in 1)/0, any Singapore (hinese organised boycotts of Japanese goods and a!so raised funds for the ,ar effort against Japan' 1ne of the ,as the very high!y respected Tan 2ah 2ee' 3hen the Jap ar y too% over Singapore, the 4ippon so!diers %i!!ed thousands and thousands of the , !ooted their properties, confiscated their oney, and even forced the to raise fresh ne, funds for Japan' The crue! Japs a!so tried to convert the !oca!s to their !anguage and cu!ture, and a!! non-Japanese boo%s ,ere banned' Those ,ho disobeyed ,ere severe!y punished and even s!aughtered'

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