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Benjamin Miller email: benjamin.miller@hunter.cuny.

edu o##ice hours: M$ 1:%0 & 2:%0 and by appointment o##ice: 12%( )'

Introduction to Composition English 120 !ection 12" M'$ 12:10pm & 1:00pm *all 200+

C,-$!E .E!C$I/0I,1
English 120 an introductory e2pository 3riting course has #our related goals: 0hrough recursi4e processes o# reading 3riting discussion and re#lection it teaches students 15 to generate e2plore and re#ine their o3n ideas6 25 to analy7e and e4aluate intellectual arguments6 %5 to ta8e positions de4elop thesis statements and support them persuasi4ely6 and 95 to proo#read #or standard acceptable grammar 4aried sentence structure logical organi7ation and coherence. ,ur section 3ill be conducted as a hands&on practicum in a large 4ariety o# generati4e and re4ision techni:ues 3ith an emphasis on the relationship bet3een prose style and critical thin8ing.

C,-$!E $E;-I$EME10!
$egular attendance and participation in class acti4ities including 3riting e2ercises reading aloud and constructi4e response to peers Maintenance o# an electronic port#olio containing 4isions and re4isions <including 4ersions and re4ersions5 o# your 3riting as 3ell as re#lections on and re#lections o# your learning throughout the course ,ne semester&long research project building up to a #inal essay < 1=00 3ords5 4ia se4eral re:uired sca##olded steps <proposal 3ith preliminary bibliography source analysis annotated bibliography literature re4ie3 dra#ts5 'ee8ly reading and 3riting e2ercises designed to increase your linguistic #luidity and #le2ibility ,ne re4ised re#lecti4e essay < (00 3ords5 3hich 3ill ser4e as a co4er letter introducing a #inal port#olio o# 3riting composed during the course !uccess#ul completion o# a course&3ide timed #inal e2am and a #e3 timed in&class essays

Attendance and Participation I e2pect that e4eryone 3ill come to e4ery class meeting. In a small group li8e this one the loss o# e4en one participant 3ea8ens the discussion. !lightly di##erently you should be present in e4ery class: perhaps the best <i# not the only5 3ay to learn is to be open to the possibility o# learning. 0his class is a seminar meaning that you 3ill be reading a lot discussing ideas raising doubts etc6 but it is also a 3or8shop meaning that a large part o# 3hat you read discuss and interrogate 3ill be your 3or8 and the 3or8 o# your peers. 'hen gi4ing #eedbac8 to a member o# the class you may suggest speci#ic changes i# you ha4e them or respond more generally > but remember that you are responding to rough dra#ts and e2ercises. ?l3ays o##er 3hat you thin8 3ould be most help#ul to you 3ere it your 3or8 and not someone else@s.

Miller > syllabus > page 2 o# 1% I# you 8no3 in ad4ance that you must miss more than three classes <because o# athletic or religious obligations #or e2ample5 you must spea8 3ith me by the end of the first week. In general i# you 8no3 you must miss class please email me before the class you miss . ?bsences beyond the third 3ill result in grade reductions as discussed belo3 <Arading /olicy page =5. !tudents 3ho miss the #irst three class meetings 3ill not be permitted to join the class. Reading Assignments ,ur primary reading materials 3ill be a4ailable #or you to print through our course 3ebsite. I am responsible #or ma8ing them accessible6 you are responsible #or accessing them and ha4ing them 3ith you in person in annotatable #orm. I# you can only ta8e notes 3ith a pen or pencil ma8e sure you ha4e the readings in hard copy <3hich is to say on paper5. /lease obtain the #ollo3ing t3o re:uired te2tboo8s 3hich are a4ailable at the )unter Boo8store: Hacker, Diana. A Pocket Style Manual, 5th Edition. New York: Bedford, t. !artin"s Press, #$$%.
I!B1&1%: +"(0%129=2"=+. Bist price: C2"."0. Compare prices at ? light&3eight and easy&to&use style guide PSM contains ad4ice and guidelines #or sentence construction and grammar as 3ell as e2tensi4e re#erences #or citation and documentation standards in se4eral academic #ields.

&raff, &era'd and (ath) Birkenstein. They Say / I Say: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing. New York and *ondon: +.+. Norton , (ompan), #$$-.
I!B1&1%: +"(0%+%+290+1. Bist price: C22.90. Compare prices at ? small and light te2tboo8 TSIS pro4ides templates <#ill&in&the&blan8 guidelines5 and rationales #or such #undamental tas8s as summary :uotation agreement disagreement and ac8no3ledgment o# D response to counterarguments. ? good nuts&and&bolts primer 3e 3ill dra3 on it both #or standard templates and as inspiration to deri4e templates o# our o3n #or 3hich this boo8 3ould pro4ide use#ul bac8ground.

Because :uestions about con4entions o# grammar and style 3ill li8ely come up #re:uently and because the boo8s 3eigh so little please bring this 3ith you to e4ery class meeting. I# you don@t ha4e a thorough comprehensi4e dictionary #or use o##&line I recommend Merriam& 'ebster@s Collegiate .ictionary. ?nd #or greater historical depth the )unter Bibraries pro4ide online access to the #un and ine2haustible ,2#ord English .ictionary. <-se the .atabases lin8.5 In addition I recommend but do not re:uire the #ollo3ing: Booth 'ayne C. Aregory A. Colomb and Eoseph M. 'illiams. The Craft of Research. 2nd ed. Chicago: -ni4ersity o# Chicago /ress 200%.
I!B1&1%: +"(022F0F=F(". Bist price: C1=.00. Compare prices at CR contains a surprisingly good presentation o# techni:ues not only #or conducting library research but also #or de4eloping and de#ending claims and theses and e4en #or re4ising sentences and paragraphs #or clarity. !ome e2ercises may be deri4ed #rom this boo8 so anyone desiring a #uller bac8ground and e2planation 3ill #ind it use#ul.

Bishop 'endy ed. Acts of Revision A !uide for "riters. /ortsmouth 1): BoyntonDCoo8 )einemann 2009.

Miller > syllabus > page % o# 1%

I!B1&1%: +"(0(F"0+==00. Bist price: C2F.2=. Compare prices at Bishop a long&time champion o# connecting creati4e 3riting 3ith academic 3riting assembles here a collection o# essays both practical and theoretical <o#ten at the same time5 on re4ision > 3hich is to say on 3riting. I 3ill doubtless be distributing at least one o# these essays during the semester but all are 3orth3hile.

*inally 3hile 3or8ing on your researched essay you 3ill be responsible #or locating printing <i# online5 and reading rele4ant te2ts using the library database system. I and )unterGs re#erence librarians 3ill all happily assist you in this process.

+riting Assignments 0he majority o# the 3riting you 3ill do #or this class 3ill be ungraded lo3&sta8es 3riting e2ercises dra3n #rom creati4e 3riting techni:ues and They Say # I Say. Many 3ill in4ol4e some 8ind o# play#ul constraint: a guiding restriction placed upon you to #ocus your energies in positi4e directions. I 3ant to emphasi7e the playful aspect o# these guidelines: these are not absolute rules that you should agoni7e o4er but rather a series o# challenges such as you might #ace in a 4ideo game or pu77le boo8. ,r to loo8 at it another 3ay I o#ten #ind that 3hen I #ocus too hard on #inding the e2act right thing to say I bloc8 mysel# #rom saying it6 these sorts o# e2ercises allo3 me to #ocus else3here so that I can catch the important stu## out o# the corner o# my eye. 0a8e them in that light and I hope youGll #ind them as use#ul as I doH In addition you 3ill compose three lon$er% revised essays putting together all the s8ills youG4e encountered in readings and e2ercises. *or the #irst youGll ha4e the option o# re4ising an earlier e2ercise into a more academic argument or generating ne3 material #or that purpose. 0he target length #or this essay is (00&1200 3ords. 0he second essay 3ill be a researched argument in response to a :uestion that you yoursel# de4elop related to the teaching learning or practice o# 3riting. 0he target length #or this researched essay is 1=00&2000 3ords. Iour #inal essay #or the term 3ill be a retrospecti4e re#lection summing up and analy7ing the 3or8 youG4e done all semester long. 0he target length is again (00&1200 3ords. ?ll three long essays 3ill be e4aluated against the rubric on the ne2t page6 this rubric is ho3e4er subject to re4ision by the 3hole class as time goes on and as 3e learn more about the 3riterly mo4es described in it. More detailed assignment prompts 3ill be distributed as 3e approach each essay and e2ercise.

E Category



Miller > syllabus > page 9 o# 1% Is it 3or8ingJ

I #rame my essay early on as a response to an ongoing con4ersation as grounded in some particular te2t. I #airly represent other authorsG points o# 4ie3 by pro4iding their claims and reasons #or belie4ing them6 my summaries are #ocused so as to set up 3hat I 3ant to say in response to <or about5 the authorGs ideas. I introduce authors I :uote #rom using 4i4id 4erbs to characteri7e their thin8ing in the :uoted line and 3hy they are 3orth listening to6 I blend :uotations into my o3n sentences and reuse 3ords #rom each :uote to connect it to my claims. I clearly present my o3n claims supported by logical reasons and concrete e4idence 3hich ad4ance the public con4ersation by clearly e2tending re#uting or re#ining the claims o# others. ?#ter establishing my main hypothesis I e2plicitly consider alternati4e possibilities and either reject them <3ith reasons5 or incorporate them into a re4ised main claim. I establish early on some moti4ating problem or :uestion and clearly indicate to my readers the 4alue o# <or cost o# not5 sol4ing the problem D ans3ering the :uestion. I pro4ide speci#ic concrete and concise sensory descriptions that in4ite readers to e2perience an e4ent or object themsel4es and I return to these details later in the essay as e4idence #or analyses and claims.

Ies but
I #rame my essay early on as a response to an ongoing con4ersation > but only as a general Ksome ha4e said.L I may summari7e too narro3ly introducing other authorsG claims 3ithout pro4iding their reasons #or belie4ing them6 or perhaps I summari7e too 3idely introducing ideas that I ne4er use. My :uoting s8ills are 4isible but inconsistent: I use se4eral o# the s8ills in the KIesL column but not all or not all the time.

1o but
I engage 3ith another te2t but not in a 3ay that #rames the essay as a response 3ithin an ongoing con4ersation. I attempt to describe othersG 4ie3s but itGs unclear #rom my summary 3hy any reasonable person 3ould hold those positions. <0hey are Kstra3 men.L5 +AP Y0B AND N0B .N 1H. R2+3 I do not indicate ho3 each :uotation is rele4ant to my essay or distinguish bet3een rele4ant and irrele4ant parts o# the :uotation. ;uotes may #loat unattached to my o3n sentences. ?lthough I support some claims the claims seem to merely repeat those o# one or more o# my sources. 0his may stem #rom a lac8 o# 0!I! = mo4es seeming to ascribe my original ideas to my authorsG te2ts <or 4ice 4ersa5. I consider alternati4e possibilities #or my claims but either reject them or accept them 3ithout clear reasons. My essay seems 3ritten almost solely #or personal not public bene#it > but I do establish that there is a personal 4alue in <or cost in not5 considering the e4ents and ideas described. I pro4ide speci#ic and concrete sensory descriptions that in4ite readers to e2perience an e4ent or object themsel4es but the importance o# these details is le#t implicit6 I do not return to them.

My essay is presented as the #irst thing that has e4er been 3ritten on any o# its subjects: I do not engage 3ith othersG te2ts. I assume my readers are already #amiliar 3ith any people I mention and their 4ie3s: I do not pro4ide summaries. PHP !24E .N1R2 12 A/1H2R 5R2! R2+ 6 12 1H. R2+3 I either do not :uote or I may Khit and runL by changing subjects immediately a#ter :uoting. 'hen I do interpret I tend to misinterpret 3hat the :uoted author says. I either ad4ance no claims or else the claims I o##er do not hold up on their o3n <perhaps because they contradict each other 3ithout seeming to notice5.

0!I! 1: !tarting 3ith 'hat ,thers ?re !aying 0!I! 2: 0he ?rt o# !ummari7ing D 0he Belie4ing Aame

0!I! %: 0he ?rt o# ;uoting

0!I! 9D=: /utting in Iour ,ar

I o##er my o3n claims but they are either under& supported by reasonsDe4idence6 alternately my claims seem unrelated to those o# others I cite. I consider alternati4e possibilities to minor points and either reject or incorporate them <3ith reasons5 > but my main hypothesis remains in4iolate. I establish by the end o# the essay some moti4ating problem or :uestion and at least allude to the public 4alue o# <or cost o# not5 sol4ing the problem D ans3ering the :uestion. My descriptions o# e4ents and objects are limited but 3hat I do mention I return to later in the essay as e4idence #or claims.

0!I! F: /lanting a 1aysayer in Iour 0e2t

I ne4er loo8 bac8: my ideas are presented as the only possibilities.

Moti4ation and 'hy it Matters <c#. 0!I! "5

E2hibits: In4iting ,thers to ,bser4e and ?s8

My essay gi4es no indication o# moti4e other than the assignment 3hich may remain 4isible as an e2plicit #rame3or8. 0his may also mani#est in an e2hibit that seems disconnected #rom my claims. I do not describe speci#ic objects or e4ents pre#erring to remain 3ithin the realm o# abstract ideas and hypothetical phenomena.

Miller > syllabus > page = o# 1% (o7rse +e8site ,ur classroom 3ill blend elements o# online and in&class con4ersation. ,ur online home #or the semester > a 3ebsite you should probably boo8mar8 on your home computer > is mi''er$9fa'' 0his is 3here IGll post lesson plans and home3or8 assignments and 3here youGll post your 3riting and your :uestions. 0he site is pri4ate to our class membership but 3ithin that membership e4ery page is editable li8e 'i8ipedia. IG4e chosen 'i8idot as our host because their so#t3are is a5 reliable b5 intuiti4e and easy to use and c5 4isually attracti4e. I hope youGll agree on all three countsH I# you ha4enGt already recei4ed a membership in4itation by email you should recei4e one 4ery soon. I# you donGt ha4e it by the end o# the day I might ha4e an incorrect email address #or you6 contact me right a3ay at using your pre#erred email address #or urgent pro#essional messages. <I 3ill assume that you chec8 your email at least once per day as 3ill many o# your pro#essors and potential #uture employers. I# this is not the case please discuss it 3ith me.5 Assignments and 5ormatting Many journals con#erences and grant&pro4iding organi7ations 3ill reject out&o#&hand any submissions or applications that are not #ormatted and submitted according to their guidelines. )ere are mine: -nless other3ise speci#ied the deadline #or any gi4en assignment is :$pm the night 8efore the class a#ter it 3as assigned. 0his early deadline is not my 3ay o# being mean but my 3ay o# encouraging you to a5 sleep and b5 lea4e yoursel# some lee3ay in case the 3or8 ta8es longer than you thin8 it 3ill. <It o#ten does > #or me any3ay.5 ?ll in#ormal e2ercises m7st 8e posted to the wiki at the address abo4e usually in a thread on the discussion board. Iou can access the discussion board by either the le#t na4igation bar or the top na4igation bar6 each assignment 3ill ha4e its o3n discussion category. !croll do3n then clic8 on the lin8s until you see $eply or !tart 1e3 0hread. In general IGll pro4ide a lin8 directly #rom the assignment prompt <part o# the class&by&class syllabus5 to the rele4ant discussion. In addition because 3e 3ill o#ten 3ant to discuss or respond to 3hat youG4e 3ritten you should print o7t )o7r homework and 8ring it to c'ass unless told other3ise. /rinted 3or8 should & use a standard seri# #ont <eg. 0imes 1e3 $oman or Aaramond5 in 12pt
<0o print #rom 'i8idot use the /rint button at the bottom o# the screen. It has #ormatting options.5

& & & & &

be double&spaced 3ith one&inch margins on all sides include a title #or the piece e4en i# it@s tentati4e include a co4er page or #irst&page header 3ith your #ull name my #ull name the date and the course titleDsection number <English 120&12"5 include a header on each subse:uent page 3ith your name the section number <English 120&12"5 and the page number <M o# I5 include a Bist o# 'or8s Cited i# 3or8s are cited6 #ormat this using a standard style <MB? Chicago or ?/?6 see the /!M5.

Miller > syllabus > page F o# 1% & be stapled i# need be

Miller > syllabus > page " o# 1%

A$?.I1A /,BICI
5ina' Portfo'io Iour #inal grade #or the course 3ill be determined by t3o readers@ assessment o# your #inal port#olio. 0he port#olio must contain the #ollo3ing materials: & your documented research essay < 1=00 3ords5 plus dra#ts and an annotated bibliography6 & one other re4ised essay < (00 3ords5 also 3ith dra#ts6 & your unre4ised diagnostic essay #rom the #irst 3ee8 o# class6 & one other unre4ised in&class essay6 & your #inal re#lecti4e essay < (00 3ords5 analy7ing the a#orementioned materials. 0hese materials 3ill re4ie3ed and chec8ed against the #ollo3ing rubric: Is the port#olio completeJ Ies: mo4e on. Ies Ies but <95 <%5 1o: port#olio #ails. 1o but 1o <25 <15

.o dra#ts sho3 e4idence o# de4elopmentJ .o the #inal 4ersions o# re4ised pieces ha4e substantial content <as determined by the essaying rubric5J ?re all re4ised pieces 3ell&#ocused and e##ecti4ely organi7edJ

*irst essay $esearched essay $e#lecti4e essay *irst essay $esearched essay $e#lecti4e essay .oes the researched essay sho3 appropriate use o# sources <as determined by the essaying rubric5J Is the re4ised 3or8 3ell&edited #or *irst essay language and mechanicsJ $esearched essay $e#lecti4e essay .oes the in&class essay meet e2pectationsJ 0hus the ma2imum ra3 score #or the port#olio 3ill be 9( points. *urther adjustments to this ra3 score may then be made #or participation up to an additional F points and #or absences as #ollo3s: 9 absences N >2 points6 = absences N >9 points6 F absences N >F points6 " absences N >( points6 etc. I# you miss more than 10 classes in the term you 3ill recei4e a grade o# '-. 1ote that no distinction 3ill be made bet3een e2cused and une2cused absences. !igni#icant lateness to class <missing a major class acti4ity e.g.5 counts as hal# an absence as e2plained mid&term. /oints #rom rubric: OOOOOO $a3 points are roughly con4ertible to letter grades as #ollo3s: 9%&=9 points N ? ?bsences: OOOOO OOOOOO %0&92 points N B 1(&2+ points N C /articipation: OOOOOO 12&1" points N . *e3er points or an incomplete port#olio 3ill recei4e an *. $a3 score: OOOOOO I# you@re 3orried as8 me ahead o# time about CD1C. *inal Arade: OOOOOO

Miller > syllabus > page ( o# 1% 5ina' E;am In addition to the port#olio all English 120 students must pass a 2&hour #inal e2am modeled on the Comprehensi4e /ro#iciency E2am <C/E5. Iou 3ill be gi4en a choice o# t3o :uestions as8ing you to connect compare andDor analy7e t3o essays assigned to you ahead o# time6 only one o# these essays 3ill ha4e been part o# the shared readings that 3e discuss in class. 'e 3ill discuss the speci#ic e2pectations #or your response later in the semester. *ate and !issed Assignments ?ll assignments must be turned in on time. *or one thing 3riting in response to a te2t is o#ten most e##ecti4e immediately a#ter reading. In addition your e2ercises 3ill #orm the basis #or in& class discussion so that late completions cannot be o##icially Kmade up.L <'or8ing through the prompts on your o3n may help you to complete later assignments ho3e4er > as may reapplying any o# the generati4e or re4ision techni:ues #rom e2ercises 3hen 3or8ing on later assignments. In #act IG4e designed them 3ith reapplicability in mind.5 !ubmitting dra#ts late robs your classmates o# the ability to practice critical #eedbac8 s8ills and late dra#ts 3ill not recei4e timely or e2tensi4e comments #rom me either. 1ote that e2ercises and dra#ts are designed to build on one another6 not completing any o# these assignments 3ill ha4e a cumulati4e negati4e e##ect on your #inal product. Do not 'et 'atenesses 87i'd 7p: 3hile you may continue to re4ise up until the #inal port#olio )o7 ma) not s78mit entire') new work in the 'ast three weeks of c'ass. I# you anticipate a problem let me 8no3 as soon as possible so that 3e can 3or8 together to best resol4e it. .n genera', no e;tensions wi'' 8e granted within #< ho7rs of a gi=en dead'ine. E2tensions do not e2cuse you #rom completing any subse:uent assignments on time. E;ercises, .n>c'ass +riting, and Drafts !ince these assignments are designed to help you de4elop and e2periment 3ith ideas and language they 3ill not be indi4idually graded. /articipation 3ill be noted ho3e4er and a pattern o# late or missed assignments could lo3er your o4erall grade #or the course. Con4ersely a pattern o# e2cellent and respect#ul contributions to the class community in person or online could raise your o4erall grade. 0hat said mere participation does not in itsel# guarantee any particular grade. ?t the same time lac8 o# grading does not mean a lac8 o# e4aluation: you 3ill recei4e some #orm o# #eedbac8 on all o# your 3riting. In addition to 3ritten comments #rom me you may ha4e peer responses or sel#&re#lection6 you@ll also meet 3ith me #or se4eral one&on&one con#erences during the semester to discuss the 3or8 you@re doing. In addition you are encouraged to 4isit the 'riting Center at any point in your 3riting process <see belo35. P'agiarism > Don"t Do .t 0his is a collaborati4e class in 3hich 3e o##er each other suggestions and constructi4e criticism. )o3e4er the goal o# all this collaboration is to clari#y the e2pression o# ori$inal ideas > ne4er to substitute someone else@s ideas #or our o3n or to impose our ideas on someone else. 0o misrepresent the origins o# an idea is pla$iarism and it 3ill not be tolerated.

Miller > syllabus > page + o# 1% I# you 3ant to cite an outside source there are 3ays o# gi4ing credit to the original author6 section %2 o# the Pocket Style Manual presents one standard method o# documenting sources. I# you ha4e any :uestions don@t hesitate to as8 because )unter ta8es a 4ery hard stance on plagiarism. It could get you e2pelled. )ere@s an e2cerpt #rom the C-1I /olicy on ?cademic Integrity to gi4e you the #la4or:
?cademic .ishonesty is prohibited in 0he City -ni4ersity o# 1e3 Ior8 and is punishable by penalties including #ailing grades suspension and e2pulsion as pro4ided herein. PQR P'agiarism is the act o# presenting another person@s ideas research or 3ritings as your o3n. 0he #ollo3ing are some e2amples o# plagiarism but by no means is it an e2hausti4e list: Copying another person@s actual 3ords 3ithout the use o# :uotation mar8s and #ootnotes attributing the 3ords to their source. /resenting another person@s ideas or theories in your o3n 3ords 3ithout ac8no3ledging the source. -sing in#ormation that is not common 8no3ledge 3ithout ac8no3ledging the source. *ailing to ac8no3ledge collaborators on home3or8 and laboratory assignments. .nternet p'agiarism inc'7des s78mitting down'oaded term papers or parts of term papers, paraphrasing or cop)ing information from the internet witho7t citing the so7rce and ?c7tting , pasting? from =ario7s so7rces witho7t proper attri87tion.

&unter Colle$e re$ards acts of academic dishonesty 'e.$.% pla$iarism% cheatin$ on e(aminations% obtainin$ unfair advanta$e% and falsification of records and official documents) as serious offenses a$ainst the values of intellectual honesty. The Colle$e is committed to enforcin$ the C*+, Policy on Academic Inte$rity and will pursue cases of academic dishonesty accordin$ to the &unter Colle$e Academic Inte$rity Procedures. ?ll cases o# deliberate plagiarism 3ill be re#erred to the appropriate .ean #or disciplinary action.

CB?!!$,,M BE)?SI,$
I e2pect that e4eryone in this class > students and teachers ali8e > 3ill treat each other 3ith respect and 3ill 3or8 together to create a ma2imally producti4e en4ironment. /lease do not use your cell phones to tal8 or te2t during class and please silence your ringers 3hen you come in so that 3e are not interrupted. 'ith these as goals and ground rules I hope not to ha4e to elaborate more speci#ic rules #or classroom beha4ior6 ho3e4er I do reser4e the right to update this policy in consultation 3ith you as needed.

0)E ,**ICE ,* ?CCE!!?BIBI0I

In compliance 3ith the ?merican .isability ?ct o# 1++0 <?.?5 and 3ith !ection =09 o# the $ehabilitation ?ct o# 1+"% )unter College is committed to ensuring educational parity and accommodations #or all students 3ith documented disabilities andDor medical conditions. It is recommended that all students 3ith documented disabilities <Emotional Medical /hysical andDor Bearning5 consult the ,##ice o# ?ccess?BIBI0I located in $oom E1129 to secure necessary academic accommodations. *or #urther in#ormation and assistance please call 212& ""2&9(=" D 00I 212&F=0&%2%0.

Miller > syllabus > page 10 o# 1%


)-10E$ C,BBEAE $E?.I1AD'$I0I1A CE10E$

0he )unter College $eadingD'riting Center is a comprehensi4e ser4ice #or the entire college community o##ering tutoring and computer&assisted instruction to students and technical support and de4elopment to #aculty and sta##. 0he $eadingD'riting Center o##ers tutorial assistance #ree o# charge to all registered students o# the college. 0utors are undergraduate and graduate students #rom a 4ariety o# majors trained to help you de4elop your reading and 3riting s8ills. 0he Center 3ill not interpret te2ts #or you nor 3ill tutors 3rite type or correct papers. 0utors 3ill help you de4elop a reading&3riting process you can use to impro4e your s8ills and negotiate the re:uirements o# academic reading and 3riting. ?s a student you may use the Center in se4eral 3ays:

Register for a reg7'ar appointment to meet 3ith a tutor #or an hour once a 3ee8 throughout the 3hole semester. -sually you 3ill be paired 3ith another student 3ho is enrolled in the same course.T Drop in to 3or8 3ith a tutor during scheduled drop&in hours 3hen tutors are a4ailable to meet 3ith you on a #irst&come #irst&ser4ed basis. !ee schedule belo3 #or drop&in times. Attend workshops on 4arious aspects o# critical reading and 3riting. 'or8shop topics and schedules are posted periodically throughout each semester. /se comp7ter termina's in the Center 3ith access to (/NY P'7s and to the $eadingD'riting Center 3eb page at 3here you can directly access $eadingD'riting Center handouts 4ie3 current 3or8shop schedules obtain in#ormation on the C/E and ?C0 e2ams and lin8 to a 4ariety o# 3riting resources on the 'eb. /se the (enter"s 'i8rar) o# boo8s during the hours the Center is open. 0he Center does not lend boo8s6 ho3e4er they ha4e an e2tensi4e #ile o# handouts 3hich are a4ailable #or you to ta8e a3ay.

Iou 3ill learn the most i# you use the Center at each stage o# your 3riting process. 'or8 3ith a tutor to clari#y an assignment to generate material to re4ie3 a dra#t #or organi7ation and de4elopment and to learn ho3 to proo#read. 0he $eadingD'riting Center is located in Room <:-, 1homas H7nter B7i'ding . ,ur tutoring schedule is as #ollo3s: 1/12R.N& H2/R Monday through 0hursday 10 ?.M. to ( /.M. *riday and !aturday 10 ?.M. to 9 /.M.

1B: 0hese slots are #irst&come #irst&ser4ed and tend to #ill up :uic8ly. I# you 3ould li8e to schedule a recurring meeting I recommend signing up during the #irst 3ee8 or t3o o# the semester.

Miller > syllabus > page 11 o# 1% 2/R


, (*A

BY (*A

?ssignments are listed <as )'5 on the day they are assigned and are due at 10pm the night be#ore1 the #ollo3ing class meeting unless other3ise speci#ied. Iou should in general also bring a copy to class so that 3e ha4e access to it #or in&class discussion andDor re4isions. </lease bear in mind that this may change to re#lect our interests and needs as a 3riting community.5 ? more up&to&date 4ersion o# this schedule 3ith acti4e lin8s is maintained on our 3i8i6 go to http:00mi''er$9fa'' and clic8 on Class&by&Class !yllabus. /nit .: Reading *ike a +riter
-A writer is a reader moved to emulate.- . Saul /ellow

Besson 1 Mon (D%1 & Course introduction o )': read and sign syllabus6 create a 3riter&by&3riter&archi4e homepage. Besson 2 'ed +D2 & In&class essay <UdiagnosticU5 o )': sign up #or con#erences Besson % 0hurs +D% & Moti4ating /roblems o )': read 0!I! Introduction and chapter 1 <pp. 1&2"56 do e2. intro.2 on page 19. No c'ass, !on 90@ > *a8or Da) Besson 9 'ed +D+ & 0emplates and 0esting 3ith E4idence Besson = 0hurs +D10 & )idden 0hey!ay@s and the !edulous ?pe o )': read !ondra /erl@s U-nderstanding ComposingU6 as8 % :uestions6 3riting 3ith constraints Besson F Mon +D19 & /erl and Sarious !tructurings o )': read 0!I! chapter 96 do a modi#ied 4ersion <see lesson plan5 o# e2. 9.2 on page F% Besson " 'ed +D1F & Cold 'or8shop o )': read .ana Vantro3it7@s U0he Ma8ing o# a /oemU6 as8 % :uestions6 analy7e Vantro3it7@s chapter as !ondra /erl No c'ass, 1h7rs 90:@ > Rosh Hashanah ABewish New YearC

/nit ..: Re=ising Yo7r *ife

-,ou must chan$e your life.- . Rainer Maria Rilke

Besson ( Mon +D21 & Vantro3it7 and /rocess 'riting o )': read 0!I! chapters 2 and %6 do e2ercise %.2 on page 9" <see lesson plan5 Besson + 'ed +D2% & In&class essay o )': prep #or 3or8shop Besson 10 0hurs +D29 & 'or8shop o )': read 1ancy !ommers@ U$e4ision !trategiesU6 #our paragraphs three 3ays <see lesson plan5 No c'ass, !on 90#% > Yom Dipp7r ABewish Da) of AtonementC 0uesday #ollo3s a Monday schedule this 3ee8 Besson 11 17es 90#9 & !ommers and $e&en4isioning $e4ision o )': read .onald Murray@s U? 'riter@s )abitsU <see lesson plan5 Besson 12 'ed +D%0 & Murray and the $ound 0able

Miller > syllabus > page 12 o# 1%

o )': read essaying rubric6 prep #or 3or8shop Besson 1% 0hurs 10D1 & ? ;uic8 'or8shop and an Essaying $ubric o )': 3rite at least (00 3ords to3ards an essay <see lesson plan5

Besson 19 Mon 10D= & !ca4enger )unt 'or8shop o )': read 0!I! chapter +6 do a modi#ied 4ersion o# e2. +.1 on page 122 <see lesson plan5 Besson 1= 'ed 10D" & Soices and $egisters o )': prep #or 3or8shop6 8eep re4ising essay Besson 1F 0hurs 10D( & 'or8shop o )': essay due online Monday 10D12 at noon6 begin re4ie3ing #or mini&port#olio6 come in 3ith potentially researchable :uestions

/nit ...: Essa)ing as E7esting

0If the writer asks no 1uestion worth ponderin$ he can offer no focused answer worth readin$.2 . /ooth% Colomb% and "illiams

1o class Mon 10D12 & Columbus .ay Besson 1" 'ed 10D19 & $esearch 0ools and a /reliminary Bibliography class meets in computer lab W e2act room t.b.d. o )': prep #or 3or8shop6 mini&port#olio due *riday 10D1F Besson 1( 0hurs 10D1= & 'or8shop and 0ypes o# ;uestions o )': read DD0he Cra#t o# $esearchDD chapter % Besson 1+ Mon 10D1+ & e2ploratory dra#t started in&class o )': schedule con#erence6 go to it6 3or8 to3ards annotated bibliography Besson 20 'ed 10D21 & M/DM; sca4enger hunt o )': prep #or 3or8shop6 3or8 to3ards annotated bibliography Besson 21 0hurs 10D22 o )': annotated bibliography

1B: Besson topics and some home3or8 assignments in the second hal# o# the term 3ill depend a lot on your needs and interests6 3e@ll #ill in the blan8s a little later. In the meantime major deadlines are posted #or your perusal and planning. Besson 22 Mon 10D2F 'ast da) to officia'') withdraw from c'asses o )': reprise #our&paragraphs e2ercise #rom +D2% 3ith a t3ist <see lesson plan5 Besson 2% 'ed 10D2( Besson 29 0hurs 10D2+ Besson 2= Mon 11D2 Besson 2F 'ed 11D9 & #ull&breath dra#ts due Besson 2" 0hurs 11D= o )': $ead 0!I! F6 3rite #ree response Besson 2( Mon 11D+ o )': 3rite a letter to a partner as hisDher 1aysayer

Miller > syllabus > page 1% o# 1% Besson 2+ 'ed 11D11 Besson %0 0hurs 11D12 Besson %1 Mon 11D1F Besson %2 'ed 11D1( Besson %% 0hurs 11D1+

/nit .4: *ooking Back, *ooking 5orward "hat a lon$% stran$e trip it3s been4 . The !rateful 5ead Besson %9 Mon 11D2% & re4ised U#inalU research paper due Besson %= 'ed 11D2= o )': re4ie3 all your 3riting #or the semester6 3rite dra#t o# port#olio co4er letter No c'ass, 1h7rs, ::0#- > 1hanksgi=ing Besson %F Mon 11D%0 & Aroup 3or8: re4ie3ing co4er letters o )': re4ise co4er letters6 #inal port#olio due *riday Besson %" 'ed 12D2 & Aroup 3or8: planning #inal port#lios o )': bring in 3riting to proo#read Besson %( 0hurs 12D% & /roo#reading o )': #inal port#olio due !unday night Besson %+ Mon 12D" & In&class essay: prep #or #inal e2am Besson 90 'ed 12D+ & /rep #or #inal e2am <or read&aloud5 Besson 91 0hurs 12D10 & $ead&aloud <or prep #or #inal e2am5. Bast class. *inal E2am Mon 12D19

$emember: our class 3ebsite is