Simplified Chords by Eddy Satriya

Intro: G F G D/A (2x) F#m
She's a real looker, she's my heart, my inspiration [Bm Em A7 DM7] Lucky is the man who finds a child of love [G F# Bm] Em A Like a haunting melody you long to sing forever [Bm G F# Bm] She always seems to wear so well with time [Em E A7] F#m G Everybody knows musicians need somebody special [Bm Em A7 DM7] Always just the same to keep the crazy down [G F# Bm] Em A Been around enough to know for me there's no one finer [Bm G F# Bm] And she's mine, she's my Lady Valentine Am [G Em A7 D] G D You’re the music, you’re my song [G F] Here with me is where you belong [G] I need my February near [D/A] You’re the rhythm, your my rhyme[G F] Keep me right in tune and time[G] And I'm so happy when you're here [D/A] F#m Music : Bm Em A D G F# Bm Em F#m

Bm G F# D E A Em
Everybody needs somebody that you can be sure of Life alone is nowhere that you want to be I’m sendin’ this along and hopin' brother you've got yours Cause I’ve got mine…got my Lady Valentine And D C G D G A D C D G D A...fade

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