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ABSTRACT: The main of the project is anti-rigging voting system which is implementing using smartcard technology. The main purpose of the project is providing the security for elections time. BLOCK DIAGRAM:



The main objective of this project is anti-rigging voting system which is implemented using smart card technology. A smartcard is used as a voter id card which provides authentication and identification for a person.

In this project microcontroller is used which forms the control unit. Every citizen of India is given with a smart card. Whenever user wants to vote he needs to insert his smart card in smart card reader while voting. Then the voter is asked to vote for his favorite candidate through keypad. So, user needs to press the key corresponding to his favorite candidate.

This system even allows the election commission to see the no. of votes given for each candidate and is displayed in LCD which got interfaced to microcontroller. This project finds its place in places where one wants to provide authentication with great security.

HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS: 1) Micro controller (AT89S52) 2) Smart Card Reader 3) LCD Display 4) Keypad 5) Power supply 6) Buzzer

SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: 1) Keil uVision V.2.1.1 2) ISP Prog- HEX downloader ADVANTAGES: 1. Prevents unauthorized persons from duplicate voting. 2. No chance for fraud by using fake voter ID cards. 3. Only authorized officer can access to voting machine. 4. Double voting by the same person is blocked easily.

DISADVANTAGES: If the Smart Card is Lost or damaged at the time of election voting is not possible for that specific user APPLICATIONS: 1. Government Elections. 2. Private Company Elections 3. College Elections CONLUSION: By using this we can implement anti-rigging voting system which is implementing using smartcard technology. And we can successfully prevent fraud during voting.