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Convertible Table Design
A folding dining table crafted for a small dinner party disappears afterwards.
By Michaelle Bradford pace is a premium in many big cities, especially for a couple living in a small condo with a love of dinner parties and a baby on the way. Furniture designer Anand Gowda, Los Angeles, CA, designed a space-saving Claro walnut folding dining table for a San Franciso couple that would allow them to entertain guests in a small flat. According to Gowda, this couple works in the restaurant industry and they love having friends over for dinner. “So they wanted a table that could seat six to eight people, but they also wanted it to convert into a three-seater for the two of them and their child,” he says. The original plan was to design a Mur-


phy table that folds down from the wall, but Gowda was concerned about the weight, so he decided to try a different concept — a convertible dining table. After several mock ups he came up with the idea of a folding table mainly because there would be no heavy parts to swing down, and it would be easier to convert from three seats to eight. “Once I showed the clients the idea they were excited about it,” Gowda says. Using skills learned as an apprentice for a high-end cabinetmaker in Boston, as well as a metal worker, and his industrial product design degree from the Wentworth Institute of Technology, he came up with a way to fabricate this challenging, yet de-


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