Grade 1 A Newsletter #20

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Things to look out for this coming week: -Writing our names in Hieroglyphics - Bringing in our shoe boxes to start planning our Grade 1 Pyramid for the International Day Exhibition. - Library: Remember your Library bags and to return your books. -Come and see our timeline display in the classroom.
Firstly, a big thank you to all the parents for helping your children research their personal timelines, we really enjoyed seeing and tracking important events of their lives. Children were able to associate that a timeline is like a number line where numbers indicate time periods such as years and months. In Language this week we will identify various transport systems in a matching activity and writing simple sentences from an information text. Children will then create a historical fiction piece using a picture prompt. We will also find adjectives in a differentiated passage about Egypt. Children will conclude with a role play of the life of a child in Ancient Egypt. In writing we will recount our weekend news by using time connectives to order and sequence the events i.e. first, next, after that, then, last and finally. We will also focus on connecting sentences with and, so and because. Children will use and apply the capital letter E to the names of people and places in a sentence. They will also find adjectives in a text and record them into a color, shape and size organization chart.

We will be learning the ‘ue’ ‘ew’ Vowel digraphs which are made up of two vowels or a vowel and a consonant that makes one sound. Like ‘ue’ as in cue and ‘ew’ as in stew. There will be guided reading this week, in which children will read in their groups while the others complete literacy skills activities. In Mathematics we will review telling time on the hour and half-hour and an introduction to telling time to the quarter- hour. Children will relate the quarter hour to a pizza by dividing it into four equal pieces. Children will then continue to investigate timelines they will look at events in a 24 hour period and plot them on a timeline. We will review A.M. and P.M. and then we will make a school- year timeline. The children will learn about number scrolls where they will fill in numbers on a 100- grid finding number patterns and shortcuts. They will continue writing numbers to 200 or 300 on the scroll page, which can be joined together to make a scroll. We will relate this to the Ancient Egyptians papyrus scrolls. We have begun the new UOI ‘Where we are in Place and Time’ and completed our personal timelines last week. We would like to encourage parents to visit the class at arrival or home time to see our timeline displays. This week we will be identifying various transport systems where children compare current and ancient transport systems. They will use this knowledge to write a creative writing piece. Children will read differentiated Egypt passages where they will identify and organize adjectives. Finally the children will participate in role-play activities depicting the schooling system in ancient Egypt. Other Reminders: Please bring a shoe box into school so we can create our Grade 1 model of a pyramid for the International Day exhibition. Kind regards from the Grade 1 Team