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Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences Nilore, Islamabad, 45650 Pakistan Registration and Examination Division RESULT upto Semester 3
Serial No: Student's Nam e: Jibran Latif Reg No: 02-6-1-012-2012 Date of Issue: Friday, January 31, 2014 Father's Nam e:Muhammad Latif Malik

Departm ent/Institute: Department of Electrical Engineering, PIEAS Degree Program : MS Systems Engineering Adm itted on: CourseCode EE-501 EE-502 EE-507 NE-534 14 CourseCode CMS-501 EE-526 EE-511 EE-601 NE-510 35 Degree requirem ents com pleted on: Sem ester No: 1 Course Title Control Systems Design-I Applied Electronics Stochastic Processes Introduction to Nuclear Engineering GPA 4.00 CGPA 4.00 CrHr LG GP 3 4 3 4 A+ 4.00 A+ 4.00 A+ 4.00 A+ 4.00 CourseCode EE-510 EE-529 Cum CrHr 21 Sem ester No: 2 Course Title Process Instrumentation Pow er Converter Design GPA 4.00 CGPA 4.00 CrHr 4 3 LG A GP 4.00

A+ 4.00

STATUS Promoted

Cum CrHr

STATUS Promoted CrHr LG GP 1 3 4 3 3 A 4.00 A+ 4.00 A+ 4.00 A+ 4.00 A 4.00

Sem ester No: 3 Course Title Communication Skills Digital Design w ith Verilog HDL Digital Control Systems Analysis & Design Control System Design-II Nuclear Pow er Plant Systems GPA 4.00 CGPA 4.00

Cum CrHr

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