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5th Grade Big Idea: Express Yourself 5th Grade Social Studies Essential Understanding: Economic, political, and

religious reasons formed the foundation for the transformation of a new nation. Standard 2 Topical Understanding: What influenced the development of the different colonial


Form: What makes a region?

Function: How did natural resources and geography affect the economy of each region? Causation: Why did colonists settle in certain regions? Change: How did the regions grow over time? Connection: What are the similarities and differences between the colonial regions? Perspective: How did the points of view of the social classes in the colonies differ?

Responsibility: What were the responsibilities of the various social classes and jobs? Reflection: How did the three regions help form the foundation of a new nation?

Daily Targets by Standard 2.1 I can identify the colonies and major cities within the NE region (M, S). I can identify the natural resources and agricultural exports of the NE region (M, S). I can explain how natural resources and agriculture affected economic growth in the NE region (M, S). I can explain how labor systems, such as indentured servants and slaves, affect economic growth in the NE region (M, S). I can compare and contrast the three colonial regions in regard to natural resources, agricultural exports, and economic growth. 2.2 I can explain how religion influenced the NE region (M, S). I can analyze the role of self-government in the NE region (M, S.)

I can compare and contrast the role of self-government in the three regions. 2.3 I can identify the international path of the Triangular Trade Route, including the Middle Passage. I can analyze the cultural interactions occurring because of the Triangular Trade Route. I can identify the economic contributions of each stop along the Triangular Trade Route. Compare the impact of the Triangular Trade Route on the colonists and the Africans. 2.4 I can analyze the encounters and conflicts between the Native Americans and British colonists. I can identify the causes and effects of King Phillips (Metacomets) War. 2.5 I can identify the contributions of Roger Williams to the foundation of the American system. (Puritans, William Penn, Quakers, Lord Baltimore/Calverts, James Oglethorpe) 2.6 I can analyze and compare the daily life of colonial social classes such as large landowners/plantations, craftsmen and artisans, farmers, women, enslaved and freed African Americans, indentured servants, merchants, and Native Americans. I can compare the point of views/perspectives of members of different social classes.