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REPHRASE THE FOLLOWING SENTENCES: How old do you think this house is? When do you think ? She!

s " #o$e %"$e&ul d$i'e$ th"n I "# She d$i'es Foot("ll (o$es #e I &ind Ch$is is " 'e$y &luent S)"nish s)e"ke$ Ch$is s)e"ks * I +et to s%hool in h"l& "n hou$ It t"kes #e She w"s d$i'in+ &"st (e%"use she didn!t know the $o"d w"s i%y I& He $e+$etted not in'itin+ he$ to his )"$ty He wished The sto$# (lew " lot o& t$ees down yeste$d"y A lot o& t$ees Gettin+ " +ood ,o( does not inte$est hi# He * Pete$ is +oin+ to w$ite us soon Pete$ h"sn!t We %ouldn!t +o out (e%"use the we"the$ w"s so ("d It w"s su%h * She s"id to us ! -on!t &o$+et "(out it ! She told TRANSLATE INTO ENGLISH: Nu te s&"tuies% s" )le%i )e "s" o '$e#e L."# "ste)t"t ie$i ")$o")e o o$" d"$ nu " 'enit I."# s%$is de t$ei o$i )"n" "%u#/ d"$ in%" nu "# )$i#it $"s)uns S." &"%ut un )$o+$es i#)o$t"nt in "%est do#eniu

Ast"0i este din %e in %e #"i i#)o$t"nt s" %"l"to$esti A$ t$e(ui s" )et$e%i #"i #ult ti#) in "e$ li(e$ 1."u int$e("t d"%" )ot )le%" #"i de'$e#e

FILL IN THE 2LAN3S 4SING ONL5 ONE WOR-: 2$unei is one o& the s#"llest (ut $i%hest * in the wo$ld Its we"lth %o#es oil "nd +"s 1ost )eo)le * th"t 2$unei is in the 1iddle E"st it isn!t It is in E"st Asi"/ on the no$th * o& the isl"nd o& 2o$neo It sells l"$+e 6u"ntities oil "nd +"s 7")"n The (e"uty is the$e "$e so &ew )eo)le "ll this #oney The o& 2$unei is only 89:/::: Answe$ the &ollowin+ 6uestions: -o you like you$ town? Why? Wh"t is you &"'ou$ite holid"y )l"%e? Wh"t is you$ d"ily )$o+$"##e? Wh"t do you usu"lly do in you$ &$ee ti#e? Whi%h is you$ &"'ou$ite s)o$t? How do you s)end holid"ys? Whi%h is you$ &"'ou$ite (ook?