Proclamation of 1763 (perspectives) Patriots Perspective

We have shed our own blood to fight the French and Indians for the land in the West. It is only fair that we be allowed to settle in that part of the land. And we are not even allowed to purchase land from the Natives or trade with them. How can the King take this land and give it to the Natives after we fought for it? Why is the King favoring the Natives over his own subjects? Does he wish to keep us under his royal thumb crammed into these 13 colonies? -Virginia colonist, 1764 “...The other matter, just now hinted at and which I proposed in my last to join you in attempting to secure some of the most valuable Lands in the King's part which I think may be accomplished after a while notwithstanding the Proclamation that restrains it at present and prohibits the Settling of them at all for I can never look upon that Proclamation in any other light (but this I say between ourselves) than as a temporary expedient to quiet the Minds of the Indians and must fall of course in a few years especially when those Indians are consenting to our Occupying the Lands. Any person therefore who neglects the present oppertunity of hunting out good Lands and in some measure marking and distinguishing them for their own (in order to keep others from settling them) will never regain it…” -George Washington to William Crawford, September 21, 1767

Native American Perspective:
“It is important for us, my bothers, that we exterminate from our lands this nation which seeks only to destroy us. You see as well as I that we can no longer supply our needs, as we have done from our brothers, the French,… From all this you can see well that they are seeking our ruin. Therefore, my brothers, we must all swear their destruction and wait no longer…” -Chief Pontiac, 1763 My fellow Indians want the British people to stay out of our lands. We have already lost many men, women, and children fighting for our lands. We have been pushed west. Although Pontiac’s rebellion has failed, the King has asked that they colonists stay out of the west. I am pleased, but doubt that the men will stay out of our lands. I expect many battles ahead. -Native American

British Perspective: We wish to prevent any more bloodshed after a long battle. We are happy to have taken the land from the French. We got want we wanted. After the French and Indian war, we are out of money. We cannot afford another battle with the natives, so we wish to avoid costly wars. Since we have gained land to the North, in Canada, colonist can migrate north. -British Parliament delegate “…And whereas it is just and reasonable, and essential to our Interest, and the Security of our Colonies, that the several Nations or Tribes of Indians with whom We are connected, and who live under our Protection, should not be molested or disturbed in the Possession of such Parts of Our Dominions and Territories as, not having been ceded to or purchased by Us, are reserved to them, or any of them, as their Hunting Grounds —We do therefore, with the Advice of our Privy Council, declare it to be our Royal Will and Pleasure, that no Governor or Commander in Chief in any of our Colonies of Quebec, East Florida, or West Florida, do presume, upon any Pretence whatever, to grant Warrants of Survey, or pass any Patents for Lands beyond the Bounds of their respective Governments, as described in their Commissions: as also that no Governor or Commander in Chief in any of our other Colonies or Plantations in America do presume for the present, and until our further Pleasure be known, to grant Warrants of Survey, or pass Patents for any Lands beyond the Heads or Sources of any of the Rivers which fall into the Atlantic Ocean from the West and North West, or upon any Lands whatever, which, not having been ceded to or purchased by Us as aforesaid, are reserved to the said Indians, or any of them… Given at our Court at St. James's the 7th Day of October 1763, in the Third Year of our Reign. God Save the King” -Royal Proclamation of 1763

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Native Americans