Rule Reminders

Be Respectful. Treat others as they would want to be treated. All students deserve an equal chance to share their understandings. Give others this chance as they will give you it. Be Prepared. Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. (John Dewey) You cannot full engage and get the most out of the lesson if you have not prepared. We can do our work if you do your job at home. DO YOUR WORK. Trying is better than nothing- always. EFFORT COUNTS! Be Engaged. Ask not what your classroom can do for you but what you can do for your classroom. (adapted from JFK) Everyone’s ideas are important. The class cannot achieve its full success unless everyone has done their part. EFFORT COUNTS! Be Positive: “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” (Winston Churchill) Even though there are about a million things you would rather be doing than sit in history class, you are here, you might as well take advantage of it! Be on Time: Tardiness often robs us opportunity, and the dispatch of our forces.(Machiavelli) Every minute is an opportunity to learn. We miss some minutes, we miss some chances. Late Work: 1 Day late- 75 2 Days Late- 50 3 Day late- 25 4 day- 0 Tests No Test corrections on multiple choice portion- you are given the answer Corrects can be made on Constructed Response for half credit back. (I.E. If the total points was 24, you received a 12, you can get 6 back- making it 18)- This is optional but highly recommended, especially for those who scored low on the corrected response portion. This is MANDITORY for Unit 1 Test. Group work: ALL work must be turned in ON TIME- this includes group work

Homework I have planned a full day, each day. I never plan for daily homework, however if something is not finished in class, it is to be done at home. Other homework may include studying for quizzes and exams as well as completing the projects. Make up Work You MUST make up work within the week you have missed. You will have 3 days for classwork/homework and 5 days for quizzes/tests. It is in your best interest to make up your work as soon as possible in order to keep up with the class. If you miss a quiz, you will still be expected to take the next one on time regardless if you have made up the first quiz or not. Bathroom Breaks Bathroom/water breaks can be taken in between activities and if one has finished their work Projects You will have at least one project per unit to complete. You will have ample time to finish the project and therefore expectations are high. Each project will have a rubric or grade breakdown explaining exactly what I expect from you- there should never be any surprises. Not following these guidelines will result in a lower grade. These projects also require CREATIVITY. Use your brain and come up with something interesting! These projects should take more than one evening and require effort on the students’ part. Grades ALL grades count! Starting in Unit 2 I will check notebooks at the end of each unit. These checks will examine random assignments including classwork and homework as well as notes and bellringers. I will not tell you what assignments they are, every person will have different assignments checked based on a random system. This will count as a QUIZ grade. Grades are supposed to define understanding of content but also show effort in the class. If EFFORT is taken EFFORT is rewarded! Once Coach Pitts takes over in April, your grade will start from where I left off.
Classwork/Homework 20% Quizzes 20% Projects 20% Unit Tests 20 % Final Exam 20% A 93%-100% B 88% – 92% C 78% – 87% D 70% – 77% F 0% – 69%