HitFilm Comparison Chart

HitFilm Standard Editing tools Keying & extraction True 3D compositing 2D track & stabilize Work with real 3D objects Advanced 3D particle simulation 3D camera tracking with mocha HitFilm Lights, shadows, motion blur and depth of field Grunge effects
Flicker, Grain, Jitter, Noise, Stutter Flicker, Grain, Jitter, Noise, Shake, Stutter Film damage, Flicker, Grain, Half tone, Half tone color, Jitter, Lens dirt, Noise, Scan lines, Shake, Stutter, TV damage Atomic particles, Blood spray, Fire, Gunfire, Lightning & Electricity, Particle simulator, Shatter

HitFilm 2 Express Advanced Basic

HitFilm 2 Ultimate Advanced Advanced

Basic Basic

Particle & simulation effects


Blood spray, Gunfire, Lightning & Electricty

Number of effects Number of presets Temporal effects Color correction No plug-ins required Integrated YouTube export GPU accelerated Resolution support 64-bit enabled Number of concurrent installations Helpful support & free training videos 1 year of technical support

91 65

103 70 Basic

158 120 Advanced Advanced



HD 1080p

HD 1080p

HD 1080p & 4K




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