Recommendations:Firm A

Submitted by:Group – 2 Abhishek Chauhan Chinmay Nahar Harshit Jais a! Jayant Ankur "u#ur $ayank Jain Nadia $ohammad Ari%

Recommendations- Store Operations
• Adopting E-retailing as a subset of retailing- so that the store could operate in a virtual environment also.  Information regarding product availability, delivery status could be easily accessed.  in!ing it to the e"isting retail function, so that #e could manage both bric! and mortar and e-stores as one.  $ead offices, %&s, vendors, consumers and financial institutions can have easy access to data enabling efficient settlement of transactions.  &ustomer base can be e"panded.

Recommendations- 'et#or! &omputing and Application Redesign
• Redesigning the systems necessary for integrationinterconnecting the A's at different stores through &(Is. • )o reali*e the benefits of %ata access and data sharing across various countries and business units- so that they could operate as a single unit. • Other benefits- Scalability, application maintenance +eliminating high maintenance overheads, and soft#are component reuse. • After redesigning the applications, their integration #ill enable easier information e"change across business functions li!e finance merchandising, #arehousing, $R etc.

Recommendations- Remote access, %ata -arehouse and %ata .art
• )elecommuters, travelling employees and tas! oriented mobile users should be provided #ith secure, location independent access to information resources- so that they are not tied do#n by location. • )o develop %ata -arehouse and %ata marts )o provide relevant information for ma!ing decisions  )o provide data for forecasting demand  )o !eep a trac! of inventory / #hich #ould decrease the average stoc! holding time.

Recommendations- Inventory .anagement
• Efficient inventory management leading to reduction in stoc! holding time- enabled through data #arehouses and application integration. • 0rovide access points on the corporate intranet for vendors so direct buying by stores could be 1uic!ly organi*ed and records #ere easily maintained. • Store orders to be generated in E%I formats enabling centrali*ed buying, reducing procurement lead time and reducing buying cost. • Systematic assessment of the re1uired technical s!ills be made and necessary training plans and recruitment schemes be charted out so as to have core competence #ithin the organi*ation.

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