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Arts and Culture (A & C) SHSM at FHCI SHSM A & C Course Choices: Grade 11: Choose 2 ADA 3MI

Drama AMI 3MI Instrumental Music AMV 3MI Vocal Music AMH 3OI Stage Band AMG 3OI Guitar ASM 3MI Media Arts AWQ 3OI Photography AVI 3MI Visual Arts AWS 3OI Computer Art IDC 3OI Yearbook ATC 3MI Dance ATC 3OI Dance HNC 3CI Fashion Design HRT 3MI World Religions HSP 3CI Anthropology HSP 3UI Anthropology Grade 12: Choose 2 ADA 4MI Drama AMU 4EI Music in Society AMU 4MI Instrumental Music AMV 4MI Vocal Music AMH 4MI Stage Band ASM 4MI Media Arts ATC 4MI Dance AVI 4MI Visual Arts AWS 4MI Computer Art IDC 4UX Yearbook HSB 4UI Society, Challenge and Change Grade 11 or Grade 12: Choose 1 BAF 3MI Accounting BDI 3CI Entrepreneurship BMI 3CI Marketing BTA 3OI Info. Com. Tech. in Business CGF 3MI Physical Geography CGG 3OI Travel and Tourism CHT 3OI Twentieth Century History CHW 3MI World History CLU 3EI Canadian Law CLU 3MI Canadian Law NDA 3MI Native Studies BAT 4MI Accounting BBB 4MI International Business Fundamentals BOG 4EI Business Leadership BOH 4MI Business Leadership CGU 4MI World Geography CGW 4UI Canadian and World Issues CHY 4UI World History CIA 4UI Analyzing Economic Issues CLN 4UI Canadian and International Law CPW 4UI Canadian and World Politics NDW 4MI Native Studies Cooperative Education: Minimum 2 credits CO-OP2 (Half Day2 credits) CO-OP4 (Full Day4 credits) CO-OP (Summer option) 1 English course choice: ENG 4EI ENG 4CI ENG 4UI

What is a Specialist High Skills Major? An SHSM is a ministry-approved specialized program that allows students to focus their learning on a specific economic sector while meeting the requirements to graduate from secondary school. It also assists in their transition after graduation to apprenticeship training, college, university or the workplace. There are currently over 65000 SHSM students in Ontario. At Forest Heights Collegiate Institute, SHSMs are available in the following sectors: Arts and Culture Information Communications Technology Who are they for? Grade 11 and 12 students who are: heading for an apprenticeship, college, university or the workplace. wanting to identify, explore and refine their career goals and make informed choices about their next steps after secondary school. Pursuing an SHSM enables students to: customize their secondary school education to suit their interests and talents build a strong foundation in the sector of their interest though bundled sector-related courses earn free certification for First Aid, CPR, and WHMIS plus at least 3 elective certificates pertaining to sector (Arts and Culture, or Information and Communication Technology) gain important skills on the job with employers develop specialized knowledge and skills earn credits that postsecondary educational institutions and the sector recognize gain sector-recognized certification and career-relevant training identify, explore and refine career goals and make informed decisions about their future remain flexible, with the option to shift between pathways, should their goals and plans change Students who successfully complete an SHSM receive: an Ontario Secondary School Diploma with an embossed red seal an SHSM Record documenting his/her achievement formal recognition on his/her Ontario Student Transcript