4.1 JURY DEADLOCK I know that all of you have worked hard to try to f nd a verd !t n th " !a"e.

It a##arently ha" $een %#o"" $le for you "o far. &o%et %e" an early vote $efore d "!u"" on !an %ake t hard to rea!h an a'ree%ent a$out the !a"e later. (he vote) not the d "!u"" on) % 'ht %ake t hard to "ee all " de" of the !a"e. *e are all aware that t " le'ally #er% "" $le for a +ury to d "a'ree. (here are two th n'" a +ury !an lawfully do, a'ree on a verd !t or d "a'ree on what the fa!t" of the !a"e %ay truly $e. (here " noth n' to d "a'ree a$out on the law. (he law " a" I told you. If you have any d "a'ree%ent" a$out the law) I "hould !lear the% u# for you now. (hat "hould $e %y #ro$le%) not your". If you d "a'ree over what you $el eve the ev den!e "howed) then only you !an re"olve that !onfl !t) f t " to $e re"olved. I have only one re-ue"t of you. .y law) I !annot de%and th " of you) $ut I want you to 'o $a!k nto the +ury roo%. (hen) tak n' turn") tell ea!h of the other +uror" a$out any weakne"" of your own #o" t on. You "hould not nterru#t ea!h other or !o%%ent on ea!h other/" v ew" unt l ea!h of you ha" had a !han!e to talk. After you have done that) f you " %#ly !annot rea!h a verd !t) then return to the !ourtroo% and I w ll de!lare th " !a"e % "tr ed) and w ll d "!har'e you w th %y " n!ere a##re! at on for your "erv !e". You %ay now ret re to !ont nue w th your del $erat on". Co%%ent This instruction was adopted in 1981.

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