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Hints for Midterm Exam Problems: Problem 1 Fill in the boxes with three parts: Part 1 Period, Product,

t, Mfg. OH, ariable !ost, Fixed !ost Part " #nit le$el, %atch &e$el, Product &e$el, Facilit' &e$el Part ( Process !osting $. )ob Order !osting Problem " 1* definitions Problem ( +chedule of !ost of ,oods Manufactured, !ost of ,oods +old, -ncome +tatement Problem . P/OH 0ate $. 1%!s Problem 2 !ost3 olume3Profit Problem Multiple Guess: Manufacturing OH o$er4under applied 5 what does it consist of !ost of ,oods +old 5 ,ross Profit !on$ersion !osts !ompute P/OH 0ate 1%! ariable $ Fixed !osts Mixed !ost calculation 1bsorption $. ariable costing High3&ow Method Process !ost ( 6uestions " 6uestions

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