Exercise # 5 Steam Turbine Governing

Instructor :Prof. Osama El Masry

!.T"e follo#ing $ata #ere obtaine$ on a test of a steam turbine o%erating at a fractional loa$& Steam %ressure before governor valve. '( bar Steam tem%erature before governor valve )(*+ ,. Steam %ressure after governor valve - bar Steam %ressure in ex"aust branc". *.*( bar Steam tem%erature in turbine ex"aust .-+ ,. /"at is t"e internal efficiency of t"e turbine0 If t"e steam flo# t"roug" t"e turbine is *.5 1g2s an$ t"e %o#er absorbe$ in bearing friction an$ governor $rive is - 1/.3 #"at is t"e a%%roximate %o#er at t"e turbine cou%ling 0 '. T"e full loa$ out%ut of a steam turbine measure$ at t"e cou%ling. is '3*** 1/ an$ t"e losses $ue to bearing friction3 to t"e governor an$ oil %um% $rive3 etc. amount to 4* 1/. Steam is su%%lie$ at a %ressure of !. bar. an$ )**+ ,. T"e ex"aust %ressure is *.*( bar. T"e internal efficiency at full loa$ is (. %er cent. /"at #oul$ be t"e cou%ling %o#er of t"e turbine #"en t"e steam flo# t"roug" t"e turbine is '* %er cent of t"at at full loa$3 assuming 5!6 t"at t"e turbine is governe$ by t"rottling0 5'6 t"at t"e external losses are t"e same as at full loa$. 5)6 t"at t"e ex"aust %ressure remains unaffecte$. an$ 5.6 t"at t"e internal efficiency ratio is re$uce$ to 4- %er cent at t"is loa$ 0 ). 7 steam turbine is governe$ by t"rottling an$ t"e no&loa$ steam consum%tion is foun$ to be !' %er cent of t"e full&loa$ consum%tion. T"e no88le&.box %ressure at full loa$ is !( bar.3 t"e initial su%er"eat (*+ ,.an$ t"e ex"aust %ressure *.*5 bar. If t"e s%ecific steam consum%tion at full loa$ is *.51g 2 1/"3 #"at is t"e efficiency ratio of t"e turbine at 9uarter3 "alf3 an$ t"ree&9uarter loa$ ..On a full&loa$ test of a steam turbine2generator set turbine #it" t"e turbine is governe$ by t"rottling3 t"e out%ut %o#er at terminals :!* M/3 steam consum%tion :!'.5 1g2s3 steam con$itions before sto% valve :)* bar ; )-*+ ,3 steam %ressure in no88le box:'( bar3 steam %ressure at exit: *.*( bar. It is estimate$ t"at t"e %o#er loss $ue to bearing friction3 governor3 an$ oil&%um% $rive3 etc.3 amounts to !!* 1/. 7ssuming t"at t"e generator efficiency is <5.5 =3 calculate: i& t"e true internal efficiency ratio of t"e turbine at full loa$ 0 ii& t"e out%ut of t"e generator #"en t"e steam consum%tion is > an$ ? of t"at at full loa$0 57ssume t"at t"e turbine efficiency ratio3 t"e mec"anical losses in 1/3 t"e %ressure at exit3 an$ t"e generator efficiency are t"e same as at full loa$6

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