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Government of India-Ministry of Railways Research Designs & Standard organization Lucknow - 226011

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Date :28.03.2006 29

Central Railway, M umbai CST-400 001 Eastern Railway, Fairlie Place, Kolk ata-700 001 East Central Railway , Hazip ur East-Coast Railway , Bhubaneshwar Northern Railway , Baroda House, New Delhi 110 001 North Central Railway, Allahabad North Eastern Railway, Gorakhp ur-273 001 North Western Railway, Jaip ur Northeast Frontier Railway , Maligaon, Guwahati 781 061 Southern Railway , Park Town, Chennai 600 003 South Central Railway , Rail Nilay am, Secunderabad 500 371 South East Central Railway , Bilasp ur South Eastern Railway, Garden Reach, Kolk ata 700 043 South West Railway , Hubli Western Railway , M umbai 400 020 West Central Railway , Jabalp ur. Sub : A&C Slip No. 9 for IRS Concrete Brid ge Code regardin g Concrete Strength. Ref : 1. Rly . Boards letter No. 2006/CE-I/Br/PPC dt. 08.03.06

******* Vide above referred letter, Railway Board h ave ap p roved certain modifications in the p rovision of for IRS Concrete Bridge Code regardin g Portland Pozzolana Cement and Portland Slag Cement. Addendum & Corrigendum Slip No.9, dt. 27.3.06 incorporating above modifications is enclosed herewith for information and necessary action. Encl : A&C Slip No.9 SD/(Lalloo Sin gh) Executive Director / B&S

Government of India Ministry of Railways INDIAN RAILWAY S TANDARD CODE OF PRACTIC E FOR PLAIN, REINFORCED AND PRES TRES S ED CONCRETE FOR GENERAL BRIDGE CONS TRUCTION (CONCRET E BRIDGE CODE) First Ado pted 1936 First Revision 1962 Second Revision 1997 ADDENDUM & CORRIGENDUM S LIP NO.9 Dated 27.3.06 1. Amend the fo llowing clauses as follows: 4.1.1 f) Rep lace (See Note 1 & 4) with (See Note 1,4,5 & 6) g) Rep lace (See Note 2 & 4) with (See Note 2,4, 5 & 6) 4.1.1 NOTE 1 : Replace existing contents of Note 1 with the fo llowing:

M ixin g of 50% blast furnace slag with OPC cement at site shall not normally be permitted. However, in exceptional cases for brid ges requirin g higher levels of durability using blended cement which is not availab le from manufacturers blendin g at site may be p ermitted subject to ensuring dedicated facilities and comp lete mech anized process control to achiev e sp ecified quality with the sp ecial permission of Chief Engineer/Chief Brid ge Engineer. 4.1.1 NOTE 2: Replace existing contents of Note 2 with the fo llowing:

Portland Pozzolana cement shall not be used for PSC works. When Portland Pozzolana cement is used in plain and reinforced concrete, it is to be ensured that prop er damp curing of concrete at least for 14 days and supp orting form work shall not be removed till concrete attains at least 75% of the design strength.

-2Add Notes 5 & 6 below Note 4 Note 5: Comp atibility of chemical ad mixtures and sup er p lasticizers with Portland Pozzolana cement and Portland blast furnace slag cement shall be ensured by trials before use. Note 6: Some other p rop erties of concrete such as modu lus of elasticity , tensile strength, creep and shrink age are not likely to be significantly different. For design purp oses, it will be sufficiently accurate to take the same valu e as those used for concrete mad e with OPC. BY ORDER SD/(Lalloo Singh) Executive Director/B&S

LUCKNOW Dated: 27.3.2006