Last month’s test of a HGV by China was swiftly condemned by the war-loving and extremely fascist US Congress

which chose to ignore the fact that the US ( which has being cond cting wars and foreign s bversion almost non-sto! since "#$% & has already been f rio sly researching hy!ersonic wea!ons for almost a decade' (n the mid-)***s+ the US ,entagon’ research arm re- ested US defence contractors to s bmit !ro!osals for hy!ersonic stri.e wea!ons able to fly at /ach 0+ and 1oeing came ! with its Hy2ly hy!ersonic missile intended for the US 3avy' Several flights were carried o t b t the Hy2ly never achieved /ach 0 and it was finally abandoned in )*"" after the /ach % ca!able 4-%"5 !roved to be m ch more all ring or !romising' 6he US has been s!ending money li.e there’s no tomorrow to im!rove its missile defence and therefore traditional long-range roc.ets sed for attac. are threatening to become totally obsolete' 6he only way to get !ast this ra!idly advancing or ra!idly im!roving US missile defence (US missile shield& is to develo! hy!ersonic wea!ons li.e one-tric. !ony or one-shot hy!ersonic missiles and the re sable hy!ersonic cr ise vehicles 7s!ace!lanes' China has been a bit late getting into the hy!ersonic game b t has a!!arently lea!frogged 8 ssia with its recent HGV test+ and this has o traged the 5mericans' (ndia has the hy!ersonic 1rahmos b t this one-tric. !ony cannot cross oceans nli.e the HCVs or the one-shot 4-%" !ro9ectile which can traverse the ,acific :cean'