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LESSON PLAN: GEOLOGICAL TIME SCALE Year Level: 11 Period/Lesson: Date: 10th March 2014 UNIT: Development of the

Geosphere Time: 60 minutes Teacher: Mrs Clarissa Whiting

STUDENTS PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE: Discover if students have any concept of the geological time scale and if they have heard of any of the Eras. END OF LESSON GOALS: To understand that the Earth can be dated on a time scale back 550 million years. Know what Era we are currently in. RESOURCES REQUIRED FOR LESSON: Individual iPads or tablets CURRICULUM OUTCOMES : This lesson is focused on the follow outcome of the Australian Curriculum; ACSES016: A relative geological time scale can be constructed using stratigraphic principles including superposition, cross cutting relationships, inclusions and correlation. Outcomes taken from: Assessment of the outcomes: Student observations during lesson and summative assessment will be used to assess if students have grasped lesson outcomes. Also summative assessment will be set next lesson assessing the whole unit. Safety and Risk assessment: In class for this lesson using students own iPads/tablets INTRODUCTORY PHASE: Time Teacher direction/ activity / instruction: Student activity / what students are doing: Check understanding / ICT and other key questions / manage resources the learning: iPads

5 min Settle students and instruct them to have their iPads/tablets ready as today they are completing their own investigation about the Earths geological timescale. BODY OF LESSON: Time: Teacher direction/ activity / instruction: Student activity / what students are doing:

Check understanding/ key questions/manage learning:


50 min Students are to explore the two websites that have been provided to learn about the geological time scale.

Students explore the two websites for the lessons entirety. During the lesson they are to copy a time scale of their own in their Research terms: Cross cutting exercise books. relationships, inclusions, correlation and superposition

Websites: http://www.ucm elp/timeform.php and http://www.ench m/subjects/Geol ogictime.html

CONSOLIDATION: Time: 5 mins Teacher direction/ activity/ Student activity/ what instruction: students are doing: Make sure students have links saved into their iPads so that they can continue research at home. Check understanding/ Resources: key questions/ manage learning:

Finish / summing up / link to the next lesson: HOMEWORK: finish off task set in class and test revision Assessment: FORMATIVE: Gauge individual students level of understanding and interest in the task. Make notes in marking diary at end of lesson. SUMMATIVE: A summative test will be set in the next lesson that assesses this unit as a whole.