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Mantra to Energise Gomati Chakra

Most of you would have heard of the Gomati Chakra; the famous religious charm, said to usher in good fortune, luck, money, wealth and abundance; Laxmi Kripa. And also Vishnu Kripa; to make the home and office free from any malefic defects and to protect the residents and bestow good health and a full life upon them. If you come across a genuine Gomati Chakra; the one found in Gujarats Gomati River, then there is a proper way of energizing this charm with a unique Laxmi Mantra to make it more potent and helpful. I will explain about the Gomati Mantra Sadhana here in this post. Do the Sthapana on a Monday at the time of Sunrise. Wash the Gomati Chakra with raw cow milk and wipe it clean and then take any Thali and spread some rice grains in the Thali and keep the Gomati Chakra over it. The light a Diya and Agarbatti in front of it. Then chant 5 Malas of the Laxmi Mantra given here. The Mantra has to be chanted for 14 days in this period you have chant a total of 70 Malas. Any kind of Mala can be used and for the Sadhana you have to face the East. After the Prayog is completed keep the Gomati Chakra in the Pooja Place or a clean Place in your office, before an image of idol of Laxmi. The rice grains which have been used for the Sadhana have to be immersed in a river, lake or the sea.

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Kuber Ashta-Laxmi Mantra

This is the Kuber Ashta-Laxmi Mantra Sadhana. This Satvik Sadhana is very important in removing poverty, lack of money or no success in business and bringing Laxmi into your life. I will explain in a systematic manner how this Money Mantra Experiment is performed. The Sadhana invokes the Guardian of Wealth Kuber and the eight form of Laxmi, to bless you. Samagri Kalash filled with water, Diya of Pure Ghee, Dhoop- Agarbatti, Kesar [Saffron], White Flowers, Raisins [Khismis], Sphatik Mala, White Cotton Seating Mat and Kuber Yantra. This Mantra Prayog is conducted at night during the period when the Moon is in a Fixed Constellation [Sthir Lagna]. The practitioner should have a bath and wear clean white clothes before performing the Prayog. At first, a Sankalp [Pledge] to complete the Mantra Prayog is taken by taking water in the palm. The Kuber Yantra is installed in the Southern Direction and a Puja of the Yantra is performed by offerings of Flowers, Khismis, Kesar, Agarbatti and the Diya of Pure Ghee. Then the Mantra is chanted 2100 times. After this, the mantra has to be chanted 125,000 times in a period of 5 or 11 days. This completes the Mantra Prayog. After this, the Money Mantra has to be chanted 108 times daily in the morning and evening.

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Shabari Laxmi Mantra

This is a Shabari Laxmi Mantra. The Mantra is the form of an invocation to Shabari Devi; the Goddess behind the popular Indian science of Shabari Vidya. The meaning of this Mantra is Oh! Shabari Devi, please bless me so that Laxmi always resides in my home. This Shabari Laxmi Mantra can be chanted with concentration once in the morning and once at dusk

Shabari Laxmi Mantra.

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Kuldevta Bandhan Mukti Mantra

The Kuldevta of the family deity is an integral part and parcel of the Indian way of life. Every family is said to have a Kuldevta; a God or a Goddess. In the modern times as many families migrated from villages into cities and all over the world, they lost contact with their roots. Such persons have heard of the practice of worshipping the Kuldevta, but dont know who their Kuldevta is. For such people here is a mantra which will free them from the worship of the Kuldevta.Take some Udi [sacred ash] and recite this mantra given below 9 times, then blow the Udi away by blowing your breath on it. While reciting the mantra one is supposed to meditate on Guru Dattatreya .

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Short prayer for malefic planetary combinations

A lot of people write to me saying that they are affected by malefic planetary combinations; and are at their wits end for the transit of malefic planets to come to an end. One does not have to wait patiently for bad periods to come to an end. Sheer dedication and will power will make good times come back again. This is a short Prarthana or prayer for relief from malefic planets dedicated to Shiva. This prayer has been composed by me especially for Shiv Bhakts.One can recite this prayer only once in the morning daily. Graha Badha Prarthana Ardhachandradhari parvati ke pati Graha badha se raksha karo kailaspati

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Mantra for child education

This is a mantra especially for those mothers who are worried about theirs childs progress. Most of these worries are related to education and progress in school, bad company, health and other common problems relating to children. The literal meaning of this mantra is I surrender to Vasudeva.Vasudeva is another name of Shri Krishna; the Supreme Being. Mothers who recite this mantra keeping the welfare of their child in mind are surrendering their child to Vasudeva.

Mantra for child education

This simple yet powerful mantra has to be recited 108 times daily to ensure the success of your child in education and removal of other worries you might be facing regarding your child. Read more: Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

Laxmi mantra for abundance

This is the Laxmi Mantra for abundance. This Mantra is recited with a Satvik [pure] heart to seek the blessings of Laxmi; the Goddess of abundance to look after your basic wants in life and to never experience the shortage of the necessities needed for survival.

Laxmi mantra for abundance Meaning Oh Laxmitamata! Please accept my prayer; never let me experience the lack of food and wealth. This Mantra can be recited 108 times daily at dusk. Read more: Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

Images of Surya Mantra

These are a couple of really beautiful Images of the Mantra which is chanted by the devote Hindus to meditate on the Sun. One image is in Sanskrit and the other in English. One meditates on the Sun to gain brilliance and throw out the negative energies. Meditating on the Sun herald in a positive atmosphere and is useful for eradicating health related problems. Read more: Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

Remedy to attract sudden wealth

This is said to be a Remedy to come across opportunities to attract sudden or unexpected Wealth.This is an ancient Hindu Remedy. You have to take the following ingredients and put them together in a small Silver Case or Locket. Then you have to wear that Locket on your body.Doing so is said to attract sudden wealth coming your way.

Ingredients A small portion of the root of the Harshringar [Nyctanthes arbor-tristis] also known as the Nightflowering Jasmine in English and Prajakta in Sanskrit. And 11 white variety seeds of the Swhet Gunja [Abrus precatorius] also known as Rosary Pea or Indian Licorice. Read more: Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

Most powerful mantra for a bright future

This mantra is a Vedic Mantra which is considered to be a most powerful mantra for a bright future. A bright future signifies success not only material but also Spiritual.A successful and bright future is when one is at peace with himself. This Mantra is recommended to be recited 108 times daily. Mantra Om namo bhagwate sarveshwaraya shriyah pataye namah ll

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Shivling Mantra
The Shivling is one of the most important of the Hindu religious symbols. This symbol of Shiva representing his creative energy, at its peak, is often described as the divine light of Shiva. Shivlings are present in every nook and corner of India. One question asked more often than not is how to worship the Shivling; what is the specific mantra to be recited while worshipping the Shivling. The Shivling;especially if it is at home should always kept clean by wiping it with a clean wet cloth. Other than this one can offer white flowers to the Shivling as it is said that white flowers please Shiva the most.

Amarnath Shivling No specific Mantras are prescribed for the worship of the Shivling.One may recite the Mantra Om Namah Shivaya - : Or Om Jum Sah This mantra is considered to be the Beej or the Root of the most famous Shiva Mantra the Mahamrityunjaya mantra. These three words are often added to the Maha-mtirunjay mantra. Read more: Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

Early Morning Shloka of Laxmi

This verse from the Sri Suktham; is a popular Sanskrit Shloka chanted every morning invoking Laxmi to shower her grace and blessing upon the chanter; it is a simple one line prayer. The Shloka is most suitable to those who have little time on their hands for time consuming Mantra Sadhanas and Prayogas. No specific rules other than hygiene and cleanliness are essential as these are the qualities most cherished by Laxmi and there can be no compromise what so ever on this issue. The Tantras have time and again stressed on the point that Laxmi never enters a dirty place and never comes near a dirty and unhygienic person. Early in the morning upon getting up and completing the morning clothes and wearing clean clothes, chant the Shloka only once. Ladies must take a break during their monthly periods.

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Mantra for being Blessed with Laxmi

This is a Laxmi Sampada Mantra. The meaning of the word Sampada in blessed or being blessed with something. Thus you can see that this is a mantra to be blessed with or by Laxmi. Being blessed by Laxmi is normally a phrase reserved for the rich and wealth people of this world. So you can understand what it is all about. The Mantra is mastered by chanting it 21,000 times and while chanting it offering a Chameli Flower [Jasmine Flower] to the feet of an idol or photo of Laxmi; every time the Laxmi Mantra is chanted. This can be done in 21 days; by chanting 1000 chants of the mantra each day. Then 1 Mala or 108 chants are to be done every day. A chanting rosary made from dried lotus seeds is to be used to count the mantra. This is a Satvik Sadhana; hence women should avoid the chanting during the monthly cycle.

Mantra for being Blessed with Laxmi