Magical Elements

Peter de Abano, philosopher
In the former book, which is the fourth book of Agrippa, it is sufficiently spoken concerning Magical Ceremonies, and Initiations.
But because he seemeth to have written to the learned, and well-experienced in this art;
because he doth not specially treat of the Ceremonies, but rather speaketh of them in general, it was therefore thought good to adde hereunto the Magical Elements of Peter de
Abano: that those who are hitherto ignorant, and have not tasted of Magical Superstitions, may have them in readiness, how they may exercise themselves therein. For we see
in this book, as it were a certain introduion of Magical vanity; and, as if they were in
present exercise, they may behold the distin funions of spirits, how they may be drawn
to discourse and communication; what is to be done every day, and every hour; and how
they shall be read, as if they were described sillable by sillable.
In brief, in this book are kept the principles of Magical conveyances. But because the
greatest power is attributed to the Circles; (For they are certain fortresses to defend the
operators safe from the evil Spirits;) In the first place we will treat concerning the composition of a Circle.

Of the Circle, and the Composition Thereof.
The form of Circles is not alwaies one and the same; but useth to be changed, according to the order of the Spirits that are to be called, their places, times, daies and hours. For
in making a Circle, it ought to be considered in what time of the year, what day, and what
hour, that you make the Circle; what Spirits you would call, to what Star and Region they
do belong, and what funions they have. Therefore let there be made three Circles of the
latitude of nine foot, and let them be distant one from another a hands breadth; and in the
middle Circle, first, write the name of the hour wherein you do the work. In the second
place, Write the name of the Angel of the hour. In the third place, The Sigil of the Angel
of the hour. Fourthly, The name of the Angel that ruleth that day wherein you do the
work, and the names of his ministers. In the fifth place, The name of the present time.
Sixthly, The name of the Spirits ruling in that part of time, and their Presidents. Seventhly, The name of the head of the Signe ruling in that part of time wherein you work.
Eighthly, The name of the earth, according to that part of time wherein you work. Ninthly, and for the compleating of the middle Circle, Write the name of the Sun and of the
Moon, according to the said rule of time; for as the time is changed, so the names are to be
altered. And in the outermost Circle, let there be drawn in the four Angles, the names of
the presidential Angels of the Air, that day wherein you would do this work; to wit, the
name of the King and his three Ministers. Without the Circle, in four Angles, let Pen-


tagones be made. In the inner Circle let there be written four divine names with crosses
interposed in the middle of the Circle; to wit, towards the East let there be written Alpha,
and towards the West let there be written Omega; and let a cross divide the middle of the
Circle. When the Circle is thus finished, according to the rule now before written, you
shall proceed.

Of the Names of the Hours, and the Angels ruling them.
It is also to be known, that the Angels do rule the hours in a successive order, according
to the course of the heavens, and Planets unto which they are subje; so that that Spirit
which governeth the day, ruleth also the first hour of the day; the second from this governeth the second hour; the third; the third hour, and so consequentkly: and when seven
Planets and hours have made their revolution, it returneth again to the first which ruleth
the day. Therefore we shall first speak of the names of the hours.
Hours of the day.

Hours of the night.

1. Yayn.

1. Beron.

2. Janor.

2. Barol.

3. Nasnia.

3. Thanu.

4. Salla.

4. Athir.

5. Sadedali.

5. Mathon.

6. Thamur.

6. Rana.

7. Ourer.

7. Netos.

8. Thamic.

8. Tafrac.

9. Neron.

9. Sassur.

10. Jayon.

10. Aglo.

11. Abai.

11. Calerna.

12. Natalon.

12. Salam.

Of the names of the Angels and their Sigils, it shall be spoken in their proper places.
Now let us take a view of the names of the times. A year therefore is fourfold, and is
divided into the Spring, Summer, Harvest and Winter; the names whereof are these.


The Spring.


The Summer.






the names of the sun and moon in summer. Rabianara. The Sun. Tubiel. Spugliguel. Gargatel. the angels of the summer. The Sun. Agusita. Tarquaret. Guabarel. the angels of autumne. The Moon. Tarquam. Caratasa. 3 . Core. the head of the signe of the summer. Abraym. Commissoros. Tariel. the head of the signe of the spring. the names of the sun and moon in the spring. the head of the signe of autumne. The Moon. Amadai. Gaviel.Heptameron the angels of the spring. Festativi. the name of the earth in summer. Armatus. Athemay. the name of the earth in the spring. Amatiel. the name of the earth in autumne.

The God of Abraham. Geremiah. &c. Affaterim. The Moon. is to be in a new vessel of earth or iron. Then say. bless here the creatures of these kindes. The Consecrations and Benediions: and first of the Benediion of the Circle. O thou creature of fire. Commutaff. The Sun. sprinkle the same with holy or purging water. that forthwith thou cast away every phantasme from thee. 4 . this creature of fire. and say. the names of the sun and moon in winter. The Exorcisme of the fire upon which the perfumes are to be put. Then let them be sprinkled with holy water. the name of the earth in winter. that no hurt may come to the Exorcisers or Speators: through our Lord Jesus Christ. Thou shalt purge me with hysop. that it shall not be able to do any hurt in any thing. O Lord. &c. God of Isaac. Altarib.Heptameron the names of the sun and moon in autumne. Matasignais. that it may be blessed to set forth the praise of thy holy name. that they may fill up the power and vertue of their odours. Ctarari. Bless. Abragini. Amabael. and I shall be whiter then snow. The Benediion of perfumes. God of Jacob. so that neither the enemy. and let it be exorcised after this manner. When the Circle is ritely perfeed. The fire which is to be used for suffumigations. (O Lord. the angels of winter. and sanifie it. nor any false imagination. the head of the signe of winter. may be able to enter into them: through our Lord Jesus Christ. I exorcise thee. The Moon. by him by whom all things are made. The Sun.) and I shall be clean: Thou shalt wash me.

if it may then be done. that this which I desire I may bring to effe: through thee the most holy Adonay. let it be of linen. Theodonias. written in parchment made of a kids skin. by the merits of thy Angel. the Moon increasing. and to be confessed. and the perfumes. The Operator ought to be clean and purified by the space of nine daies before the beginning of the work. 5 . Of the manner of working. and let another bear the book. and let the master carry the Sword. and receive the holy Communion. I will put on the Garments of Salvation. a Vesture and a Pentacle. Ancor. Amacor. and let it be sprinkled with water of baptism. Then take this Pentacle made in the day and hour of Mercury. Let him have ready the perfume appropriated to the day wherein he would perform the work. Let the Moon be increasing and equal. He ought also to have holy water from a Priest. and let all these things be rightly and duly consecrated and prepared. But first let there be said over it the Mass of the holy Ghost. another the Garment and Pentacle. and a new earthen vessel with fire. when the Vesture is put on.Heptameron Of the Garment and Pentacle. if it can be had. and let her not be combust. Amides. Amen. and clean. Let one of the servants carry the earthen vessel full of fire. O Lord. Anitor. whose kingdom endureth for ever and ever. Let it be a Priests Garment. An Oration to be said.

Escerchie. saying. quod Jacob audivit ab Angelo secum luantes. per Hagios. & liberatus est de manu fratris sui Esau: and by the name Anephexeton. & sapiens faus est: & per nomen Zebaoth. forte & admirabile vos exorcizamus (here he shall name the Spirits he would have appear. & fuerunt locusta. chastity. versæ fuerunt in sanguinem: & per nomen Ecerchie Oriston. let there be written this name Agla +. the servants answering. & faum est. let him continually read Letanies. & comederunt quæ residua erant grandint: & per nomen Schemes amathia. let him say. excelsus. An Exorcisme of the Spirits of the Air. atque potenter imperamus. in meis rebus & petitionibus. & per hæc tria nomina secreta. neither to the Conjuration assigned to the day. O Angels supradii. & loquens. And as he goeth to the consecrated place. and call the Angels from the four parts of the world. let him draw the lines of the Circle. Jah. Misach & Abednago. & ascenderunt in domos Ægyptiorum. quot Aaron audivit. O vos omnes. [Wash me O Lord. being clothed with pure garments. & Draconem interferit: & in nomine Emmanuel. & per omnia nomina Dei. Nos fai ad imaginem Dei. which do govern the seven Planets the seven dayes of the week. let him sprinkle the Circle with holy water. Ischyros. These things being performed.] The Master therefore ought to be purified with fasting. per potentissimum & corroboratum nomen Dei El. estote adjutores meæ petitioni. and furnished with Pentacles. quia vobis imperamus. And with bended knees invocating the said Angels particularly. Then let him call the Angels from the four parts of the world. quòd hodie debeatis adimplere quod cupio. let him enter the Circle. Dominus Deus. quod Moses nominavit. ò Theos. & omnes flu vis ebullierunt ranas. quod Daniel nominavit. quod Joshua vocavit. And when he cometh to the place where he will ere the Circle. in camino ignis ardentis. Elohe. Tetragrammaton. as we have before taught: and after he hath made it. & per nomen Adonay. And having implored specially all the Names and Spirits written in the Circle. quod Moses nominavit. Paracletos. Elohim. as we have before spoken. & in adjutorium mihi. quod Moses nominavit. this name + On +. and other things necessary hereunto. cantaverunt. Alpha & Omega. & sine deformitate & tortuositate aliqua. El.Heptameron over which there must be said one mass of the Holy Ghost. Perfumes. omnia destruentes: & per nomen Elion. & faus salvus cum sua familia: & per nomen Joth. per nomen Y & V quod Adam audivit. & destruxit Beel. then use the Conjurations and Exorcismes following. of what order soever they be) & imperamus per eum qui dixit. & ejus fai voluntate. and abstinency from all luxury the space of three whole dayes before the day of the operation. and will not yield themselves obedient. Agla. & remoratus est Sol cursum: & per nomen Alpha & Omega. quod tres pueri. & liberati 6 . Zebaoth. but if they shall be partinacious and refraory. Asperges me Domine. quod Loth audivit. whose name you shall see in their places. & fuit grando talis. let him say. Colours and Metals. Sadai. quod Moses nominavit. Tetragrammaton. nor to the prayers before made. qualis non fuit ab initio mundi: & per nomen Adonay. & apparuerunt super terram Ægyptiorum. Sidrach. that ruke the Air the same day wherein he doth the work or experiment. exorcizamus vos. videlicet humana. & omnia flumina & paludes de terra Ægypti. And on the day that he would do the work. let him read the Conjuration assigned for the day wherein he maketh the experiments. and on the other side thereof. On. &c. &c. Athanatos. Venite vos omnes tales. & locutus est: & per nomen Dei Agla. ut appareatis statim nobis hic juxta Circulum in pulchra forma. and on the middle of the Sword. Elion. adjuro atque contestor per sedem Adonay.

Taneha. ac principes præpotentes. Saday. may be bound and constrained to come. exorcizamus. Va. Rex regum. El. quod Moses nominavit. Titeip. Va. Paumachiæ & Apologiæ sedes. Adonay. Aty. Rex regum potentissimus & tremendissimus. & per alia nomina Domini nostri Dei Omnipotentis. Venite ergo in nomine Adonay Zebaoth. & cui obediunt omnes creaturæ: & per hoc nomen ineffabile. & viriliter imperamus. privamus vos omni officio. vivi & veri. tota Coeli militia compellente. ad faciendum voluntatem nostram. à. Alpha & Omega. and give true and perfe answers to those things which I shall ask them. per eum qui dixit. & relegamus in ignem æternum. Tetragrammaton xnxv Jehovah. Haa. Venite. Adonay: O my most merciful heavenly Father. Escha. have mercy upon me. and may be illustrated with all wisdom. contestor. in omnibus prout placuerit nobis: per sedem Baldachiæ. Aladia. & ignis perpetuum inextinguibilis vos manet. Leyste. Baldachiensis. make appear the arm of thy power in me this day (although thy unworthy child) against these obstinate and pernicious Spirits. Tetragrammaton. Hau. Exe. Datan. tandem ruina flebilis miserabilisque. venite. ministri tartareæ sedes: Primac. Hyn. Taneha. mare retrograditur. Corah & Abiron: & in virtute istius nominis Primeumaton. that these Spirits which I call by thy judgement. A Morule. & invocando vos conjure. affabiles subito. per eum qui dixit. & appareatis ante hunc Circulum. Oriston. & per hæc nomina. A Prayer to God. not hurting any creature. Beralanensis. quo audito elementa corruunt. Latisten. quid tardatis? festinate imperat vobis Adonay. to be said in the four parts of the world. On. & potestiale: & per quatuor divina animalia T. Jen. & per ò Theos. & faum est. & usque ad ultimum diem judicii vos ponimus. Then let him stand in the middle of the Circle. vos qui vestra culpa de Coelis ejei fuistis usque ad infernum locum. Rabur. Hy. inte Circulum. Adonay Amioram: venite. and say. aër concutitur. Hau. quod est amte conspeum divinæ majestatis gradiens. 7 . vitreum. Va. Amioram. imperat vobis Adonay. Azia. Adonay Zebaoth. Latisten. hic princeps sedis Apologiæ nona cohorte: Ego vos invoco. Athanatos. in all these things which I command them. per Reges potestaiesiá magnanimas. loco & gaudio vestro. nor hurting any other creature. cujus vires nulla subterfugere potest creatura vobis pertinacissimis futuris nisi obedieritis. Eye. Saday. & per hæc tria secreta nomina. Vaa. Minosel. but let them be obedient to my requests. ut faciendam nostram voluntatem.Heptameron fuerunt: & per nomen Hagios. Paracletus. aniè sedem divinæ majesta is gradientia. Per Pentaculum Salomonis advocavi. I humbly implore and beseech thee. El. & per eam quæ Ecclesia Dei nominatur: & per summam sapientiam Omnipotentis Dei viriliter exorcizamus. Achadan: Vay. in the Circle. cui omnes obediunt creaturæ. T. although a sinner. esque in profundum abyssi. and alwaies worship and glorifie thy name. à. Va. in quo est plasmatum omne seculum. maledicimus vos. neither injuring nor terrifying me or my fellows. that I by thy will may be made a contemplator of thy divine works. & in cavernis abyssi fuerunt profundati vel absorpti. Then let him say. venite. Hau. adjuro. & faum est. & in stagnum ignis & sulphuris. and affrighting no man. & per hoc nomen Primeumaton. In omnibus venite per hæc nomina. genio Liachidæ. Ey. potenter impero. ut nobis hic ante Circulum appareatis. atque supernæ Majestatis munitus virtute. dent mihi responsum verum. El. & oculos antè & retrò habentia: & per ignem ante ejus thronum circumstantem: & per sanos Angelos Cælorum. El. & sedem Adonay. and that they may declare and shew unto us those things which by me or us shall be commanded them. & per illud tremendum Dei judicium: & per mare omnibus incertum. Iscytos. nisi statim appareatis hic coram nobis. Agla. and hold his hand towards the Pentacle.

ac si vellent devorare socios: & tamen nil timeant. it must be in the same manner as is the figure following. ut terrore compulsi socii abeant à Circulo. & socii nil amilius videbunt. Abeor super Aberer. turbantur & corruunt: quatenus citò & sine mora & omni occasione remota. Quatenus constringo vos. quia vos vocavi per illum cui omne genufleitur. parati sitis venire vocati. Amen. But that you may the better know the manner of composing a Circle. and it shall be done. & + Spiritus sani. nec est qui suæ contrarius esse possit Majestati. per potentiæ illius virtutem. I will set down one Scheme. & lege illius potentiæ. Et videbis immediate magnos motus: & cum videris. & Infernorum tremunt. 8 . & rationabiliter de omnibus quæcunque interrogavero. Then command what you will. tunc dicas. Post hæc videbis infinitos sagittarios cum infinita multitudine bestiarum horribilem: quæ ita se componunt. per nomina æterna Dei vivi & veri Eloy. nec sint licentia mea recedatis. Aye Saraye. omnesque exercitus Coelestium. These are the things which Peter de Abano hath spoken concerning Magical Elements. Pete quid vis. terrestrium & infernorum: cujus in manu omnia regna regum sunt. vel reges nobilissimi. apparebunt infinitæ visiones. affabiles permanetis. Aye.Heptameron ignis extinguitur. quem præterire non potest. quia dominus ad hæc nos subjugavit. Et subito videbis eos in pacifica forma: & dicent tibi. domini. Tunc Sacerdos sive Magister. clara voce nobis. so that if any one would make a Circle in Spring-time for the first hour of Lords day. regis. vel Vachat super Abrac ruens. Quibus ritè perais. Visions and Apparitions. Aye. non periransit fines suos. dicas: Quid tardatis? quid moramini? quid fais? præparate vos & obedite præceptori vesto. qui est optimà à Deo munitus. qui vocatur Oinomos. & discooperiatur. ite in pace ad loca vestra: & pax sit inter nos & vos. & intentionem meam. stretching out his hand to the Pentacle. providus. Bene veneritis Spiritus. & sine omni ambiguitate. in nomine Domini Bathat. respondeatis vos. Venite ergo cum festinotione in virtute nominum istorum. ut hic ante circulum visibes. Tunc immediatè venient in sua forma propria. & affabiles: nunc & sine mora manifestantes quod cupimus: conjurati per nomen æterni vivi & veri Dei Helioren. Hisperais. qui mare posuit terminum suum. qui viribus potens vos exorcizando invocavit & vocat. ne differatis venire. visibiles. super veniens. quod super vos potenter imperat: & per virutem coelestium Spirituum dominorum vestrorum: & per personam exorcizatoris. tera tremit. coelestium. Then let the Exorcist say. quia nos sumus parati complere omnia mandata tua. Saraye. Dei scilicet altissimi. virtute vexilli Dei. ab universis mundi partibus veniatis. visibiles nobis. & affabiles. & phantasmata pulsantia organa & omnis generis instrumenta musica. Et quando videbis eos juxta Circulum. festinati venire & obedire præceptori vestro. Afterwards license them thus: + In nomine Patris. donec meam sine fallacia aliqua & veredicè perficiatis voluntatem. Archima. + Filii. intelligibile. adhibent manum Pentaculo. sibiles in quatuor angulis mundi. qui cuna creavit. dicat: Fugiat hinc iniquitas vestra. nolite fieri inobedientes. persistentes semper usque ad finem. intrepidus. Terrestrium. quod ante vestram adduxi præsentiam: ecce personam exorcizatoris on medio Exorcismi. Cum autem apparuerint Spiritus. Saraye. Rabur: & per hoc præsens Pentaculum. idque sit à spiritibus. & dicat: Ecce conclusionem vestram. & veniatis pacifice. Et tunc Spiritus obedire migistro coguntur. conjurati. quia nihil adversus migistrum possunt. Ecce Pentaculum Salomonis. & mandata nostra per ficientes. ostende illis Pentaculum coopertum syndone sacro. tamdiu tamque constantes.

Heptameron The figure of a Circle for the first hour of the Lords day. It remaineth now. 9 . in Spring-time. That we explain the week. the several dayes thereof: and first of the Lords day.

which ought to be called from the four parts of the world. the angels of the air ruling on the lords day. Abraye: & in nomine Saday. the Signe of the Planet. Huratapal. the angels of the lords day. Anael. the winde which the angels of the air abovesaid are under. Cynabal. Vionairaba. the angel of the fourth heaven. Cados. and the name of the fourth heaven. Burchat. & sani. Charsiel. Samael. Red Wheat. Eye. exaltatique super 10 . alie sendentis super Cherubin. Suceratos. Planet. in nomine Adonay. the perfume of the lords day. Tus. qui est ille. Aniel. King. Michael. Gabriel. ruling on the lords day. qui fuit. vel Aquiel. Baciel. his ministers. at the west. Matuyel. Eye. Masgabriel. est & erit. Andas. Uriel. & per nomen magnum ipsius Dei fortis & potentis. Aiel. The North-winde. at the south. Machasiel. Eye. Ustael. Eye. The Conjuration of the Lords day. Capabili. Atel. Cados. Pabel. Naromiel. Haludiel. Cados. Dardiel. Sapiel. Varcan. at the north. Conjuro & confirmo super vos Angeli fortes Dei.Heptameron Considerations of the Lords day The Angel of the Lords day. at the east. his Sigil.

Gabriel. Riches. conjuro te Michael angele magne. Madiel. Sachiel. which ought to be called from the four parts of the world. from the east. Michael. qui creavit mundum & quicquid in eo est. Missabu. But in what manner they appear. ruling on munday. qui es præpositus Diei Dominicæ: & per nomen Adona. it's spoken already in the former book of Magical Ceremonies. The Angel of Munday. & sigillavit ea sano nomine suo Phaa: & per nomina sanorum Angelorum. Habaiel. Angelo magno & honorato: & per nomen stellæ. & ad moleas omnem meam petitionem. Janael. and for what thing thou makest this Conjuration. and name of the first heaven. The Spirits of the Air of the Lords day. Carbuncles. The West-winde. the angels of munday. Corabael. Eye. their nature is to procure Gold. And here thou shalt declare thy cause and business. qui creavit mundum. Arcan. in negotio & causa mea. the angels of the air ruling on munday. to dissolve the enmities of men. Planet. terram. Gabrael. 11 . Abuzaha. & per signum. to raise men to honors. the Signe of the Planet. from the west. Samael. Gabriel. & per immensum nomen Dei vivi. qui dominantur in quarto exercitu. Bilet. & per nomina omnia prædia. Deamiel. his Sigil. plasmatoris seculorum. & omnia quæ in eis sunt in primo die. to carry or take away infirmities. Considerations of Monday. Bachanael. his ministers. & serviunt coram potentissimo Salamia. Gemmes. juxta meum velle & votum meum. quod pro melabores. mare. Dei Israel. to cause one to obtain favour and benevolence. the winde which the said angels of the air are subject to. coelum. Saraye. Zaniel. quæ est Sol.Heptameron omnes coelos. King. the angels of the first heaven. are under the North-winde.

qui maria creavit stagna & omnes aquas in secundo die. non præter b t: & per nomina Angelorum. Marinata. to make horses swift. qui es præpositus diei. Paffran. qui apparuis monte Sinai. Conjuro & confirmo super vos Angeli fortes & boni. Mael. Adonay. super te conjuro. Cados. Ja. Balay. qui serviunt Orphaniel Angelo magno. Fortis. &c. Ismoli. Ja. from the south. Carmax. in nomine Adonay. King. Dabriel. Achim. Satael. and the name of the fifth heaven. Eie.Heptameron from the north. Eie. Considerations of Tuesday. to convey things from place to place. & quosdam in terra. Adonay. Achim. Samax. his sigil. & terminum. and to disclose the secrets of persons both present and future: but in what manner they appear. quæ est Luna: & per nomina prædia. the angels of tuesday. Anathay. The East-winde. quasdam super coelos. the Signe governing that Planet. Humastrau. qui dominantur in primo exercitu. Aloes. Abim. Curaniel. The Angel of Tuesday. precioso & honorato: & per nomen Stellæ. Jeia. Lunæ secundo quòd pro me labores & adimpleas. quam sibi posuit. the perfume of munday. Ya. the winde to which the said angels are subject. The Spirits of the Air of Munday. Valnum. Ja. his ministers. Samael. Cados. Hanun. you may see in the former book. scilicet Gabriel. Saday. Baliel. 12 . The Conjuration of Munday. Cados. Eie. are subje to the West-winde. Sigillavit mare in alio nomine suo. cum glorificatione regis Adonay. which is the winde of the Moon: their nature is to give silver. his Planet. Amabiel. Ya. Vetuel. Ya. the angels of the air ruling on tuesday. Zebaoth. Anayl. As in the Conjuration of Sunday. Darquiel. Vuael.

Jazel. The Angel of Wednesday. the Signe governing that Planet. which ought to be called from the four parts of the world. Aie. Isiael. Va. forti. at the west. infirmities or health. & vocavit terram. Hy. Seraphiel. Angeli fortes & sani. Va. He. quæ est Mars: & per nomina prædia conjuro super te Samael. Ha. An. mortality. qui serviunt Acimoy Angelo magno. Rayel. 13 . Eloim. Damael. Guael. & produxit arbores. Arragon. Rahumel. He. The manner of their appearing you may see in the former book. to bring death. quod pro me labores.Heptameron the angels of the fifth heaven ruling on tuesday. Eloim: & per nomina ipsius alti Dei. & adimpleas. Va. Ya. Astagna. Fraciel. Considerations of Wednesday. the angels of wednesday. at the north. Planet. Lama. Ay. his Sigil. Ha. Friagne. Galdel. Hy. The Conjuration of Tuesday. &c. Vianuel. per nomen Ya. & herbas de ea. and to give two thousand Souldiers at a time. Irel. Miel. Conjuro & confirmo super vos. Elibra. Raphael. qui secit aquam aridam apparere. An. and the name of the second heaven. & sigillavit super eam cum precioso. He. Janiel. metuendo & sano nomine suo: & per nomen angelorum dominantium in quinto exercitu. death and combustions. Hyniel. the perfume of tuesday. El. qui præpositus es diei Martis: & per nomina Adonay. Ya. Calzas. Soncas. Zaliel. The Spirits of the Air of Tuesday are under the East-winde: their nature is to cause wars. & honorato: & per nomen Stellæ. Pepper. honorato. at the east. Seraphiel. Ha. As in the Conjuration of Sunday. Dei vivi & veri. Va. Aie. Sacriel. Angele magne. An. Osael. potenti. Mathiel. Aie. at the south. Lobquin.

Eie. 14 . Saday. conjuro. Tarmiel. which ought to be called from the four parts of the world. Babel. Caluel. to binde or lose Spirits. metuendissimi & benedii Ja. it is before spoken. Milliel. Baraborat. sani & potentes. Mediat. Rael. atque forti & potenti: & per nomen Stellæ. Thiel. Saday. Velel. at the west. Asamie. but not in their perfe power. The Conjuration of Wednesday. to open locks or bolts: such-kinde of Spirits have the operation of others. Jeresous. habentium senas alas. quæ est Mercurius: & per nomen Sigilli. to pacifie judges. to raise the poor. qui es præpositus die: quartæ: & per nomen sanum quod erat scriptum in fronte Aaron sacerdotis altissimi creatoris: & per nomina Angelorum qui in gratiam Salvatoris confirmati sunt: & per nomen sedis Animalium.Heptameron the angels of the air ruling on wednesday. Suquinos. et. to give infirmities or health. Mastick. qui creavit luminaria magna. The Southwest-winde. King. and to change bodies mixt of Elements conditionally out of one into another. or Modiat. the winde to which the said angels of the air are subject. Saday. Sallales. to give viories in war. in nomine fortis. Adonay. to reveal all earthly things past. The what manner they appear. &c. Asaraie: & in nomine Adonay Dei Israel. As in the Conjuration of Sunday. Eloim. Abuiori. quæ sigillatur a Deo fortissimo & honoratio: per omnia prædia super te Raphael Angele magne. Eie. and cast down the high ones. Venahel. to re-edifie. and teach experiments and all decayed Sciences. Nelapa. but in virtue or knowledge. Vel. Conjuro & confirmo vos angeli fortes. Laquel. Eie. ad distinguendum diem à noe: & per nomen omnium Angelorum deservientium in exercitu secundo coram Tetra Angelo majori. Jariahel. Mitraton. Ucirnuel. the fumigation of wednesday. at the east. at the south. quòd pro me labo. the angels of the second heaven govern wednesday. Mathlai. The Spirits of the Air of Wednesday are subje to the South-west-winde: their nature is to give all Metals. present and to come. ministers. at the north.

& perfeè intelligere. Maguth. fortis. the winde which the said angels of the air are under. O Deus potens. the angels of the air governing thursday. at the west. 15 . Sachiel. therefore on thursday say the prayers following in the four parts of the world. Gutrix. Tu qui vivis & regnas per infinita secula seculorum. Castiel. & juste. but because there are no angels of the air to be found above the fifth heaven. at the south. the angels of thursday. O Deus potens & Misericors. & clare. & meum laborem hodie debeam complere. and the name of the sixth heaven.Heptameron Considerations of Thursday. Amen. per infinita secula. at the north. Asasiel. & sine principio. The South-winde. quòd meum opus. his Sigil. O Deus sapiens. ac divina clementia: ego rogo te piissime Pater. & honorate. the Signe of the Planet. Saffron. O Deus magne & excelse. Planet. Rex. at the east. The Angel of Thursday. the perfume of thursday. Suth. quòd meam petitionem. ministers.

are subje to the South-winde.Heptameron The Conjuration of Thursday. The Angel of Friday. 16 . Anic. Eschereie. Sachiel. per nomen. ut pro me labores. quæ est Jupiter: & per nomen Sigilli sui: & per nomen Adonay. Flaef. The West-winde. Sarabotes. Considerations of Friday. to heal the diseased. Huphaltiel. ministers. Jaym. Kadie. volantes versus coelos die quinto: & per nomina Angelorum serventium in sexto exercitu coram pastore Angelo sano & magno & potenti principe: & per nomen stellæ. Rachiel. conjuro te Sachiel Angele magne. to cause men to be merry and joyful. & aves super faciem terræ. Tenaciel. to appease enemies. King. Amabiel. ruling on friday. Anael. which are to be called from the four parts of the world. Setchiel. Tamael. Janic. their nature is to procure the love of woman. Corat. Aba. As in the Conjuration of the Lords day. the angels of the air reigning on friday. Coniel. Cados. the angels of friday. and name of the third heaven. Turiel. at the west. qui es præpositus dici Jovis. at the east. the Signe governing that Planet. and procureth losses. Eschereie. and to disease the whole. the winde which the said angels of the air are under. angels of the third heaven. or taketh them away. Babiel. &c. Cados. & per vim & virtutem earum: & per nomina prædia. Calbat. his Planet. fortis firmator seculorum. Chedusitaniel. Sabbac. Cantine. summi Dei. Hatim ya. Eschereie. Angeli sani. Maltiel. The Spirits of the Air of Thursday. Berifay. his Sigil. Conjuro & confirmo super vos. qui creavit pisces reptilia in aquis. Cados. to pacifie strife and contentions. Abalidoth. Alnaym: & per nomen Adonay. Their manner of appearing is spoken of already. omnium creatoris: & per nomen omnium stellarum.

Hey. or the Sabbath day. Famiel. coram Dagiel Angelo magno. sani atque potentes. the fumigation of friday. the angels of saturday. Peniel. to allure men to love women. Penat. The Spirits of the Air of Friday are subje to the West-winde. to cause. Samael. principe forti atque potenti: & per nomen Stellæ quæ est Venus: & per Sigillum ejus. 17 . qui creavit quadrupedia & anamalia reptilia. the winde which the said angels of the air aforesaid are under. at the south. Balidet. Chermiel. The Angel of Saturday. Doremiel. Je. quod quidem est sanum: & per nomina prædia conjuro super te Anael. Considerations of Saturday. Pepperwort. Assaibi. Raphael. Conjuro & confirmo super vos Angeli fortes. their nature is to give silver: to excite men. qui es præpositus diei sextæ. Heya. Ja. Raniel. Uriel. the angels of the air ruling on saturday. The Conjuration of Friday. in nomine On. & Adæ dedit potestatem super omnia animalia: unde benedium sit nomen creatoris in loco suo: & per nomina Angelorum servientium in tertio exercitu. and incline them to luxury. to reconcile enemies through luxury. ut pro me labores. Maymon. and to do all things which have motion. ministers. or take away infirmities. Abumalith. & homines in sexto die. and to make marriages. & in nomine Saday. &c.Heptameron at the north. Adonay. The Southwest-winde. Porna. Saday. Sachiel. Machatan. his Planet. King. the perfume of friday. Sulphur. Cassiel. his Seal. and the Signe governing the Planet. Pemael. As before in the Conjuration of Sunday. Santanael.

18 . Conjuro & confirmo super vos Caphriel vel Cassiel. The Conjuration of Saturday. & Seraquiel Angeli fortes & potentes: & per nomen Adonay. Adonay. ut eum firmiter custodirent. Machatori. Ina vel Ima. evil thoughts and cogitations. Their manner of appearing is declared in the former book. qui præpositus es diei septimæ. Acin. quæ est dies Sabbati. Cados. Domini formatoris seculorum. qui in septimo die quie vt: & per illum qui in beneplacito suo filiis Israel in hereditatem observandum dedit. use those Orations which you see applied to that purpose on Thursday. to give leave freely. Eie. and to lame or maim every member. &c. to slay and kill every one. Acim. As is set down in the Conjuration of the Lords day. Adonay. The Spirits of the Air of Saturday are subje to the Southwest-winde: the nature of them is to sow discordes. Ima. That there are no Angels ruling the Air. above the fifth heaven: therefore in the four Angles of the world. ad habendem inde bonam in alio seculo remunerationem: & per nomina Angelorum servientium in exercitu septimo Pooel Angelo magno & potenti principi: & per nomen stellæ quæ est Saturnus: & per sanum Sigillum ejus: & per nomina prædia conjuro super te Caphriel. quòd pro me labores. Saclay. Sar.Heptameron It is already declared in the Consideration of Thursday. & sanificarent. Eie. hatred. Eie. Acim. Ja. Cados.

Raphael. Michael. Sadedali. 9. Netos. Jayon. 5. Thanu. Samael. Angels hours. Salla. Tanic. 7. Cassiel. SUNDAY. of the Hours of the day. Samael. 11. 8. Saffur. Hours of the night. Aglo. Michael. 4. 7. Neron. 12. Raphael. Gabriel. Abay. Raphael. 6. Raphael. Mathun. Gabriel. Michael. Cassiel. 6. 12. Barol. according to the course of the dayes. Nasnia. Beron. 2. 8. Gabriel. Yayn. Rana. Janor. Tafrac. Salam. 3. Ourer. Cassiel. Calerna. Sachiel. Sachiel. Anael. 1. 10. 5. Michael. of the SUNDAY NIGHT Hours of the night. 4. Anael. Sachiel. Angels hours. Hours of the day. Athir. 1. Natalon. Angels of the hours. 9. 19 . Thamur. 10. Samael. Angels of the hours. Anael. 2. 3.Heptameron   Tables of the Angels of the Hours. Anael. 11.

Michael. 20 . Sachiel. 4. Tafrac. Samael. TUESDAY. Thamur. Samael. 5. Sachiel. Ourer. Hours of the day. 12. 12. 8. Raphael. 1. Michael. Angels of the hours. Samael. Rana. Anael. 12. Aglo. Gabriel. Sassur. 12. Salla. Hours of the day. Samael. Janor. Angels of the hours. 4. Beron. Sachiel. Anael. 5. Gabriel. Sassur. 10. Netos. Cassiel. Nasnia. Abay. Janor. 5. 1. Beron. 3. 9. 8. 7. 5. Mathon. Thanu. 8. Thanu. Raphael. Raphael. Hours of the night. 9. 9. 9. Anael. Hours of the night. Jayon. 3. 6. Anael. Thamur. 2. 4. 1. Yayn. Cassiel. Sadedali. Anael. Raphael. Sadedali. 7. Michael. Gabriel. 11. Sachiel. Cassiel. 10. Tanic. 11. 2. Athir. Abay. Cassiel. Ourer. Gabriel. Tafrac. Natalon. 10. Michael. Sachiel. Michael. 6. Salam. 11. Athir. 2. Neron. Natalon. Salam. Jayon. Samael. 11.Heptameron MUNDAY. Netos. Anael. Michael. Anael. Calerna. Samael. Salla. Sachiel. Calerna. 7. 10. 4. Gabriel. Barol. Michael. Aglo. 6. Cassiel. Mathon. 6. Tanic. Angels of the hours. Raphael. Raphael. 8. Angels of the hours. Rana. 3. Nasnia. Samael. 2. Yayn. Sachiel. Gabriel. Cassiel. Barol. Cassiel. Gabriel. 1. 3. Neron. 7.

Sachiel. Hours of the night. Raphael. Mathon. Michael. Aglo. 8. Netos. Rana. Ourer. Michael. Neron. Michael. 5. Salam. Thamur. Michael. 1. Jayon. Sachiel. Gabriel. Samael. 6. Barol. 4. 3. 9. Cassiel. Cassiel. Sachiel. Yayn. 2. 12. Barol. Raphael. Nasnia. Samael. Gabriel. 10. Samael. Salam. Raphael. 9. Aglo. Janor. Samael. Cassiel. Anael. Calerna. 9. 1. Tafrac. 12. Gabriel. 2. 1. 7. Salla. 11. Anael. Michael. Natalon. 11. 11. Anael. Abay. 6. Raphael. Thanu. Angels of the hours. Hours of the night. Calerna. Cassiel. Cassiel. Anael. 5. Salla. 11. Sachiel. Jayon. 4. Mathon. Abay. 5. 7. Samael. Raphael. 10. Hours of the day. Hours of the day. Athir. Angels of the hours. 12. Samael. 8. 4. 8. Nasnia. Rana. 21 . Sadedali. Natalon. 10. Janor. Neron. 6. Ourer. 2. Gabriel. 12. Sassur. Gabriel.Heptameron WEDNESDAY. Sachael. 8. Netos. Raphael. Thamur. Sachiel. Cassiel. Gabriel. 2. Yayn. Tanic. Angels of the hours. Anael. 9. 4. Sadedali. 10. Thanu. 7. 6. 5. Beron. Tafrac. 7. 1. THURSDAY. 3. Michael. Beron. Anael. Sachiel. Sassur. Tanic. Angels of the hours. Raphael. 3. Samael. Gabriel. Athir. 3. Michael. Cassiel.

Gabriel. 1. Raphael. 7. 2. Tanic. 8. Raphael. Tafrac. Michael. Anael. Thamur. 1. Michael. Cassiel. Michael. Gabriel.Heptameron FRIDAY. 12. Anael. Cassiel. Jayon. Yayn. 5. Rana. 9. Hours of the night. 2. Ourer. Hours of the day. Michael. Anael. Aglo. 10. Tafrac. 6. Abay. Mathon. 12. Thanu. Hours of the day. 3. Netos. Sachiel. 4. 1. Salla. Janor. 4. 7. Nasnia. Sassur. 2. Raphael. Anael. Yayn. Calerna. Raphael. Angels of the hours. 9. 3. 8. Nasnia. 11. Angels of the hours. 11. 11. Samael. Sachiel. Aglo. 3. 12. Sachiel. 12. Sadedali. Sadedali. Mathon. Athir. 22 . Samael. Cassiel. Samael. Sachiel. Hours of the night. 6. Jayon. Samael. Samael. Beron. 3. 6. 11. Calerna. SATURDAY. Ourer. Raphael. Sachiel. 5. Samael. 2. 7. Rana. Netos. 1. 4. Athir. Natalon. Neron. Natalon. 10. Thamur. Sachiel. Cassiel. Anael. 5. 8. Sachiel. Neron. Angels of the hours. Abay. 7. Salam. Raphael. 4. Cassiel. Barol. Samael. Cassiel. 9. Angels of the hours. Gabriel. Raphael. 8. Anael. 9. Gabriel. Tanic. Thanu. Gabriel. Cassiel. 10. Salla. 10. Beron. Sassur. Gabriel. 6. 5. Gabriel. Michael. Michael. Anael. Salam. Barol. Janor.

But of these things it is sufficiently spoken. translated and edited by Robert Turner. Transcribed from the 1657 edition of The Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy. 2000. They will print at the full resolution of your printer. when he first appeareth arising in the horizon: and the first hour of the night is to be the thirteenth hour. from the first hour of the day. of every Country. that the first hour of the day. and in every season whatsoever. 23 . The illustrations may appear “jagged” when viewed onscreen with certain displays. Adobe Acrobat edition created by Benjamin Rowe. July 1. NOTE: This document is optimized for printing on a laser or inkjet printer.Heptameron But this is to be observed by the way.  The Heptameron of Peter de Abano. is to be assigned to the Sun-rising. FINIS.

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