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L -23 External Mass Transfer Effects

Prof. K.K.Pant Department of Chemical Engineering IIT Delhi.

Diffusion through a film to a catalyst particle

CAb= concn of gas A at the e t. bo!ndar" of gas film # $dil!te gas% CAs = at the e ternal cat s!rface

Correlation for mass transfer for flo& aro!nd a spherical pellet

'rossling correlation

Isomerisation )eaction $Diff!sion &ith chemical reaction%

*++, s!rface reaction 'or &eak adsorption or at high T=. /oles of Atransported0area. time 1ol2e for CAs

For rapid reaction (mass tr. ontrolled! " sp. reaction rate constant is much greater than mass transfer coefficient

'or slo& reaction0Kinetic controlled


Transdermal Drug Delivery

'A = Ap ,A = Ap $CAP 5 6%0 ) )= )p 7 890DA#9 7 820DA#2

)= T:TA* )E1I1TA;CE )p= patch resistance $D)<= DE*I>E)? 1:<)CE CA= + CAb%
+ = +E;E)? C:;1TA;T

)ate of dr!g deli2er" to blood = ,A= $CA@ CAs%DA#9089 = $CAs@6% DA#2082


/ass transfer and reaction in a packed bed

1tead" state mole balance on reactian A

F /ole balance in fl! form- &here Ac is constant and 'A = Ac,AD

d,AD C @ 7 rE =6 A b dD &here dC Ab ,AD = @D A# 7 C Ab< and dD < = s!perficial 2elocit" hence D A# d2C Ab dC Ab C @ < 7 rE A b= 6 2 dD dD

'or mass transfer controlled reaction CA..CA1


Therefore #ariation of reaction rate along the length

To in2estigate the effect of flo& rate and T on con2ersion correlation for mass transfer coefficient. 'or flo& thro!gh packed bedG Thoenes and Kramers relation ( modified num$ers!



/onolith )eactors0 ,ire =a!ge


EH.G A mass transfer limited reaction is being carried o!t in t&o reactors of eI!al 2ol!me and packing- connected in series. The con2ersion is BA.4 at this condition. If the reactors are placed in parallel and flo& rate is di2ided eI!all" in to t&o to decrease the press!re drop. ,hat &ill be con2ersion in this caseJ

'or a mass transfer controlled reaction K=6- CA= CA6


1ol2e for H2