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Joseph Sabol

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Oral Session

Incorporating Intellectual Property into Your Business Decisions: From StartUp To Exit - PM Session

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Sheraton Dallas Lone Star Blrm C4 PROF Keisha Hylton-Rodic Keisha Hylton-Rodic 1:30 pm - 4:50 pm Pres Pub Presentation Title Time # 1:30 Introductory Remarks pm 1:35 4 Finding the intellectual property information that you need for pm business decisions Edlyn S Simmons 2:05 5 Non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement and licenses: An pm overview Brian P. O'Shaughnessy 2:35 6 Intellectual property (IP) audits: The purpose, the importance, and pm the cost Clifton E. McCann 3:05 7 Avoiding legal landmines: Incorporating intellectual property (IP) pm considerations in your daily business decisions Keisha N. Hylton-Rodic 3:35 Intermission pm 3:45 Panel Discussion pm 4:45 Concluding Remarks pm