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Inspire 2014 A Civil Engineering Perspective

Based on:

Judging Criteria

Content Poster Display Presentation

Introduction Project Description Work assignments Site/Office Activities Your experience/duty and how you managed it Advantages of internship

Objective Briefly describe the objective of your internship Company Profile General information about the company Field Description Field of internship weather it is structures, geotechnical, water resources etc


Project Description
Project name Type of project Project specifications/parameters Client/Contractor/consultant Current situation of the project (mention the phase of the project) Cost of project Starting and completion date

Work assignments
Define your Assigned task/nature of job Task supervised by ? Key personals involved in your task Software used Time spent on the job

Site/Office Activities
Construction Testing Designing Site/Office environment challenges

Your experience/duty at the plant and how you managed it

What were the tasks assigned to you as an internee? How did you manage them? What was your basic learning? Develop the co-ordination chart

Advantages of internship
Advantages of your internship Technical and non technical lessons learned Develop the relation between course work and office work