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Definition of ecology Ecology comes from the Greek, which consists of two words: oikos which means home

or place of living, and logos meaning science. Ecology is defined as the study of both the interaction between living things and the interactions between living things and their environment. Ernest Haeckel (zoologiwan Jerman, 1834-1914) Application of ecology Ecology is the branch of biology which is making use of information from various other sciences, such as: chemistry, physics, geology, and climatology to the discussion. Application of ecology in agriculture and plantations of them is the use of biological control agents to control pest populations in order to increase productivity Function of studying ecology Ecology interested in investigating the interaction of organisms with their environment. This observation aims to discover the principles contained in these interrelationships. Method of studying ecology Methods used in ecological studies on the overall approach related components in a system. The scope of ecological range in the level of populations, communities, and ecosystems.