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SAP SEM Overview

SEM comes as a set of software applications imparting value in managing the overall performance eof the organization by adopting the special strategies according to the situation & the demand of the organization. SEM covers Organizations Planning, budgeting, forecasting, preparations of consolidated financial reports, managing the overall corporate performance based on the scorecards also taking the risk factors taking into consideration. SAP SEM Strategic Enterprise Management is a new SAP product that does not require a SAP R/3 installation. However, R/3 users do have an advantage insofar as the data that is required for SAP SEM from the operational applications is already available in R/3 in a well structured form. It should be noted that in the area of management support, the processing of external data and information (especially unstructured) is becoming more and more important. SAP SEM includes a component specifically for handling this type of information. SAP SEM will use SAP Business Information Warehouse technology. This means that it can be operated stand-alone or within the framework of an existing SAP BW Data Warehouse.

SAP SEM consists of 5 integrated application components. SEM-BPS Business Planning & Simulation SEM-BIC Business Information Collection SEM-BCS Business Consolidation SEM-CPM Corporate Performance Monitor SEM-SRM Stakeholder Relationship Management 1 16-Feb-14

Strategic Enterprise Management


SEM Business Benefits

Provide value based management to the organization on the possibilities of better profitability or creating better market for its products Improves the work culture of the organization by identifying the productive & non productive units Improves Financial management & organizational culture Supports all the requirements of changing market scenarios Helps in running the business according to the strategies and plans adopted Improves efficiency in leading operations & that leads to better productivity Manages the business risks effectively and preventing the serious damages Optimizes the cost of IT infrastructure Helps to retain the best performers by laying out well developed plans