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The balance score card (Tadka) :

Financial Quadrant Return of Capital Employed Economic Value Added Sales Growth Cash Flow Percentage of revenue from new customers #nit cost per transaction

International Business Quadrant Percentage of sales from new products Percentage of sales from proprietary products New product introductions versus competitors Process capa ility For new products! time to rea"even Product $uality Service $uality %a or efficiency &achine efficiency Purchase price variance Process cycle time Process cost Organizational innovation and learning quadrant People' Employee Retention ! (raining s"ills! &orale of the employee Systems' &easure of critical real time information needed y Restaurant &anagement Recognition of Restaurant Employees Support from staff functions )verall satisfaction with company (raining udget per employee Competency alignment of restaurant staff

Customer Quadrant &ar"et share y dollars &ar"et share y units Percentage of "ey customers within target mar"et Customer Retention Profita ility &ar"et Share Customer satisfaction percentage Num er of unresolved issues Num er of customer returns )ut*of*stoc" percentage