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DB-MAIN 9.1.6 - registration confirmation

De: DB-MAIN <> Fecha: 2014-02-15 15:45

Dear new DB-MAIN user, We thank you for your interest in DB-MAIN. In order to use it you need the following licence number: BCBHMAAABTSA The first time that you use DB-MAIN, a box will pop-up to ask you for a serial number. Please type in (or copy from this e-mail and paste) the serial number above and confirm. This number is valid for one year. At that time, feel free to download a new version of DB-MAIN or renew your licence number. If you have problems with DB-MAIN, see FAQ or use forums (menu Support on to find a solution. If you feel satisfied with DB-MAIN but need more advanced functions, professional plugins and services may suit your needs. Please fill the request information form (menu Professional on Please visit the DB-MAIN web site at to be kept informed about the latest releases of the tool. The DB-MAIN team wish you a productive work. REVER S.A. Bd Tirou 24 B-6000 Charleroi BELGIUM