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Flanders Math Olympiad 1992

1 For every positive integer n, determine the biggest positive integer k so that 2k | 3n + 1 2 It has come to a policemans ears that 5 gangsters (all of dierent height) are meeting, one of them is the clan leader, hes the tallest of the 5. He knows the members will leave the building one by one, with a 10-minute break between them, and too bad for him Belgium has not enough policemen to follow all gangsters, so hes on his own to spot the clanleader, and he can only follow one member. So he decides to let go the rst 2 people, and then follow the rst one that is taller than those two. Whats the chance he actually catches the clan leader like this? 3 a conic with apotheme 1 slides (varying height and radius, with r < 1 2 ) so that the conics area is 9 times that of its inscribed sphere. Whats the height of that conic? 4 Let A, B, P positive reals with P A + B . (a) Choose reals 1 , 2 with A cos 1 + B cos 2 = P and prove that A sin 1 + B sin 2 (A + B P )(A + B + P ) (b) Prove equality is attained when 1 = 2 = arccos and P = P 1 1 . (c) Take A = xy, B = wz A+B 2 2

1 2 x + y 2 z 2 w2 with 0 < x y x + z + w, z, w > 0 and z 2 + w2 < x2 + y 2 . 4 Show that we can translate (a) and (b) into the following theorem: from all quadrilaterals with (ordered) sidelenghts (x, y, z, w), the cyclical one has the greatest area.

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