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Jamie Lampkins Classroom Management Plan

Grade: Middle School Grades Subject: Math Expected Attitudes and Rules
Math Class is Fun! (A) Attendance is required (R) This class must follow all general school rules (Fighting, explicit language etc.) (R) Have a Can Do Attitude (A) Come to class on time (R) Listen and be prepared to learn (A) Always raise your hand before you speak (R) Stay Seated (R) Stay Awake (R) Interacting in class is needed (A) Seek Answers and Ask Questions (A) Function at your best ability, my classroom is fair not necessary equal (R) Understand and respect everyones differences (R) Never underestimate yourself! (A) *(A) = Attitude (R) = Rules

Rewards for Correct Behavior and Attitude

Classroom Rewards Marble Jar (about 500 needed to fill container) Total classroom participation = 5 Marbles Entire class on task = 5 Marbles Successful day with no distractions = 10 Marbles *Once the jar is filled the class has earned an ice cream party Individual Rewards Class Store Students will receive a class coin each time they are caught on task They can then collect coins and turn them in on each Friday, or save for next Fridays store. *Rewards are homework passes (10 Coins each), sit with friend in class for 15 minutes (5 Coins), educational computer game time for minutes (7 coins), and 5 extra credit points on quiz or test (10 coins)

Consequences for Breaking Rules.

First Offense: Verbal Warning Second Offense: Written Behavior Journal Third Offense: Parent Contact Fourth Offense: Detention Fifth Offense: Write Up Sixth Offense: Behavior Contract signed by student, parent, and teacher *These consequence are for breaking RULES. Any attitude changes that may be needed will be addressed one-on-one with the student.

Explanation of Implementing CMP

I will have class rules and attitudes displayed through out the classroom and on the first day of each class they will be reviewed out loud for understanding. I will also review the general school rules that should also be previously known and will be followed in my classroom. One rule that stands out and the students may need explained in more detail is the Function at your best ability, my classroom is fair not necessary equal rule. Students will respect the needs of all of their classmates. Some students may be called out to take a quiz or test, given more time, or more one-on-one attention. All students will respect that rule and their needs, I have zero-tolerance for breaking that rule. There will be a seating chart for the class. The desk design of the room will be somewhat ushaped to allow me to walk freely through out the room during discussions. My 2 ADHD students separated and away from doors and windows. The remaining students with an IEP will also be separated to keep on task and focused. My extremely bright students will be scattered, so when group assignments and lessons come up they will be scattered to help others. The rest will fit into the empty slots. The desk will all be facing the front, but I have no problem with moving desk when group activities are being completed. A behavior journal is a composition notebook that each student will have, and I will keep. It has the date and time of incident. Each entry will have 4 sections; the rule which was broken, explanation of what happened, why the student decided to break the rule, and what the student could have done. There is a section for me to write my feelings about the situation and to approve what the student has written (spelling and grammar is NOT important in this). It will be similar to a conference with the student, however it will be recorded in the journal and the student has time to think about and write out the rule that was broken. Once the student has wrote their entry we will talk about it in private. A behavior contract is one of the final steps to get the student to understand and respect the rules of the classroom. By this time the parent and student will be well aware of the situation and will be there to help write, implement, and sign. This contract will include any needed additional consequences such has in-school and out-of-school suspension. It will also list rewards specifically for this child for improving. The contract will be tailored for the student and his or her needs. So if the child has an IEP that will be reviewed in even greater detail to ensure that the steps and suggestions are being followed.