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Day 1 Literacy Dear Students, During these pollution days, continue practicing your spelling words.

Read your home readers. If you do not have these at home, use any book at home. You could also go to this website for reading: Or this website for listening to stories:

Writing: Choose 1 activity to do each day. Dear Diary: Pretend you are one of the characters in the story. Write a letter to someone about how you are feeling. Interview: Imagine you are interviewing the author of the book. Write down 5 questions you would ask him or her. Make sure to write down the title of your book. Be sure your questions begin with who, what, when, where, why and how. And then? Write the next page in your story. Illustrate your page. Example: After that, Floppy went outside and he saw a beautiful dog in his yard. They got along great and became best friends.

Bring your work back to school and share it with your teachers!

: : : : 5 Floppy

: , : :

Mathematics HW Pack 1 Day 1

Mathletics: Complete your Mathletics tasks Do Live Maths

1. Make Jelly

3. Make a tally of snack foods in your kitchen. Keep a diary of the times Make some jelly with your

2. Diary

family. What is the weight of the powder? How much water do you need? How many litres/millilitres? How many tea cups would that be? What shape does the jelly take?

you do different things for today and tomorrow. E.g. when you get up, visit a friend, eat breakfast, play, watch T.V. do homework, read, go to bed, etc.

4. If you can see the road from your window. Make a graph to show the colours or kinds of cars.

5. Graph Quiz: Use this website to answer a quiz: http://www.mcwd GraphQuiz.html

6. Flip It Over!
For this activity, you will need a deck of cards that only contains the number cards. Divide a piece of paper into three sections labeled ones, tens and hundreds. Player one will flip over three cards to form the first number of the problem. Player two will repeat the process to create the second number of the addition problem. Have your child write the created addition problem on the chart to help with the regrouping process Each player will add the two numbers, regrouping when necessary. To adjust this activity, you could have your child flip over two cards instead of three.

7. Get arty Make a little booklet. Use some vegetable or fruit cuttings and paint, to create prints to show skip counting in 2s, 5s or 10s.

Record what you can on a sheet and bring it to school. Example for number 6.
Hundreds 4 -3 Tens 5 2 Ones 1 0

Live Maths
2. 24 4. : 210 3 10 4 10 5 10 6 6 2. 5. subtraction.php 3.


Topic Day 1 We have learnt about animals and also about ourselves. For today we would like you to do this activity Animal Facts! Pick an animal you like and find out about it. Some things you can find about it: what it looks like, where it lives, what it eats, how it moves. You can also find out other things too! Then make a poster using your information! Draw a picture of your animal and add your information to it. Make it look interesting you can add more pictures or other interesting facts!

Once youve finished, bring it in to share with your class!

Once youve finished, bring it in to share with you class!

Mrs Huang School Closure EAL plans EAL DAY 1

PHONICS: (20 minutes) Practise reading and spelling. 1. : (20 ) 1. Go to My City and choose which activity you wish to practice. Listen to the directions and complete the activity. My City

READING: (20 minutes) : (20 ) Children can read their home readers provided from class and their library books. After reading children can retell the story using their own words. If extra time they may want to write a few sentences talking about the characters they met in the story and some descriptions about the setting.

WRITING: (30 minutes) : (30 ) Children can use their home readers provided from class or a library book to write sentences and draw pictures about what happens in the beginning, middle and end of the story. They can complete this on the attached sequencing frames and return to school when finished. Dont forget to write the title of the book!

Mrs Anderson School Closure LITERACY plans DAY 1 Year 2

PHONICS: (20 minutes) Children work on their Lexia. The link to Lexia is You will need to use this customer code number to install the program at home. 2191-19359178-8557 (first time only) Username : your childs name Password : ycis

READING: (30 minutes) Children can read their home readers provided from class and their library books. After reading children can retell the story using their own words. Children can log into Raz-kids, www.raz password: euniceyeo Read for 20 minutes. Please make sure your child starts at Level a or b. Children can choose to listen to the story or read it independently. Compete the quiz for each book when they have finished. WRITING: (30 minutes) Talk about something you do at home. Can you write some instructions like when we made jelly and when we made sandwiches? It could be how to brush your teeth, how to make your bed, how cook noodles or something else you like to do. Think carefully about the order you do things in. Take a photograph (or draw a picture) of each step of your instruction and then print them out. These can then be numbered and glue them into your homework book in the correct order. Can you write some keys words for what the picture shows? .

20 Lexia 2191-1935-9178-8557 ycis

30 Raz-kids www.raz euniceyeo 20 a b

30 .

Mrs Bremner eLearning Pack EAL Year 2 Level 3 (Day1) Access Study Ladder ( The students are asked to complete 3 activities from the list of activities. 1 lesson Reading 1 lesson Vocabulary 1lesson writing All the students have been given their user name and password which has been glued into their diary. EAL 2 3 1 ( 1 1 1

EAL SCHOOL CLOSURE ACTIVITIES FOR YEAR ONE AND TWO: LEVEL ONE: MRS PAXTON'S STUDENTS DAY ONE: 1. Please log in on Tasks have been set to reinforce what we have been learning in class. Please refer to the Password Folder if you cannot remember your password. Click on "Start Here" once you have logged in. All tasks are marked with a grey face are tasks that need to be completed. 2. Please read two stories from Each student's reading level is indicated in the Reading Level Folder. Please ensure that your child reads at the appropriate level and that he/she completes the comprehension activity at the end of each story. Kindly write down the titles of the stories read, and indicate the score your child achieved for the comprehension. Return it to me when school reopens. Write down the names of the stories you read, and the score you achieved. 3. Revise sight-words by logging in at This is the link for Education City. Students can go to My City, then select Mrs. Paxton's EAL folder to gain access to the tasks that have been set for them. Once again, the selection of tasks is specifically aimed at reinforcing what we have done in class. 4. Alternative sight-word practice can be done on Your child can do the : Listen and spell, and "Find the Word" activities for List One and List Two.

1-2 Mrs. Paxton

1. Start Here

2. 3. My City Mrs. Paxton 4.

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