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Oral Session

Joseph Sabol

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

True Stories from Chemical Entrepreneurs - AM Session

Location: Sheraton Dallas Room: Lone Star Blrm C4 Cosponsored by: PROF George Ruger George Ruger 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Organizers: Presiders: Duration:

8:00 am


and Networking

8:20 am

Introductory Remarks

8:25 am 12 Art and science of a start-up company in light of the JOBS Act Anis Rahman 8:50 am 13 Lessons learned in customer development for the introduction of a novel

drug delivery agent Daniel Daly 9:15 am 14 Unique hiring model and training program results in high quality and costeffective services Carlyn Burton 9:40 am 15 V-LABS, INC., as a family-owned, joint effort in small chemical business to provide a synergistic outreach for assisting scientists Sharon Vercellotti, John Vercellotti. 10:05 am Intermission

10:15 am 16 Short-term consulting for career development Natalie A LaFranzo 10:40 am 17 Decision making and innovation in commercial chemical research and development John C Warner 11:05 am 18 Ash Stevens: A small pharmaceutical chemical company going strong at fifty years Stephen A Munk 11:30 am 19 China joint venture for coal refining, part two E. Gerald Meyer 11:55 am Concluding Remarks