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Silvia & 180SX / Power Brace System 2

Vehicle Silvia 180SX Application R(P)S13 (from Sept.90) (P)S13 (from Sept. 90)* S14 all models S15 all models Part no. 54480-RSS30 54480-RSS51 Code E E Price with tax 16,800 16,800 Price 16,000 16,000 Qty per car 1 1 Part information Steel bar and reinforced tension rod bracket (unit)

* Due to the position of power steering hose mounting bracket on S13 series vehicles until Aug. 90, installation is not possible.

Box reinforcement of the tension rod bracket has resulted in a system combining the left and right brackets and bar. It provides greater chassis and steering rigidity and improves steering response, creating more stable driving conditions and preventing the change of alignment that can come from lack of rigidity in high-load situations such as circuit racing. There are no protrusions to the lower, so ground clearance is unchanged (genuine under-cover can be used as is as well). The tension rod bracket which forms the base for reinforcement is the same as the genuine part, so installation points are unchanged. It can be used with NISMO tension rods, or the pillow-type tension rods of other manufacturers as well (for maximum effectiveness, use together with the NISMO suspension link set series).

Combined unit of reinforced tension rod bracket and steel bar (27.2) unified type Reinforced bar attachment point Color: silver 1-year guarantee only in Japan