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The following is a sample of a shot-by-shot analysis, illustrating the style it should be written in.

We are looking for a brief description, detailing what happens in each shot. You will be expected to understand, recognize and apply the film terminology discussed throughout the semester. You do not need to write a paragraph for each shot, but briefly reference the action so we know exactly which shot you are referring to. Make sure to number them and always end with the transition. A good way to prepare for the test would be to practice this with a film at home. Simply select a scene and try this type of analysis on your own. SOME LIKE IT HOT (Chapter 8): Shot Analysis Practice 1: XLS of bus, pan right and slight tilt up, following the bus, non-diegetic music CUT 2: MLS of a row of older gentlemen, all wearing hats and reading newspapers, non-diegetic music, asynchronous sound of women chattering CUT 3: Eyeline Match (POV) to LS of ladies getting off of the bus, High Angle, nondiagetic music, asynchronous sound of women chattering CUT 4: MCU of older gentlemen watching the girls, non-diagetic music CUT 5: MLS of three women as they get off the bus, tilt down, pan right, Sugar and Josephine walk into MS and off screen, tilt down on Josephine, non-diagetic music CUT 6: LS as Josephine and Sugar enter from screen left, camera follows, dolly right and forward in to MS of the two, non-diagetic music CUT 7: CU of Osgood, non-diagetic music CUT 8: LS of Daphne walking up stairs, pan right, slight pan left as Osgood picks up her shoes, non-diagetic music CUT 9: MS of Daphne, non-diagetic music CUT 10: MS of Osgood, non-diagetic music CUT 11: LS, camera follows Daphne, pan right, stop, pan right again as Daphne and Osgood enter hotel, non-diagetic music CUT 12: Match on Action in LS of Daphne and Osgood entering hotel, walking towards camera into a MLS, camera dolly backward, stops then pan right to MS, non-diagetic music ends CUT