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Guide to IV Fluids

Guide to IV Fluids

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Published by Marcia Brenner

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Published by: Marcia Brenner on Feb 16, 2014
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IV Fluids

Guide to IV Fluids Why are you giving IV fluids? 1. Hypovolemic - which use !" first #ut if $ %-&'( switch to ') due to ris* of e+pansion acidosis - why closest to isotonic ,') slightly hypotonic at -.%/-012 !" slightly hypertonic at %13$-014 for rapid e+pansion - IF wor*ing liver and lungs( ') provides lactate that can accept a proton and #uffer against acidosis -. Hypervolemic 56!78 give fluids unless hypotensive( septic( etc. %. 9re-procedure:!96 - which 5; 1:-!" at 111cc:hr - why provide calories to prevent protein #rea*down( 1:-!" to prevent #eing hypertonic - can estimate IVF rate #y weight in *g < &1 &. =lective admission no fluids unless necessary

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