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Brittany 5antos 5

Grade Lesson PIan 2/3/14 5pirituaIs. 5ight-reading,
wade in the water, Good

MateriaIs. Copies o spiriLual lyrics
Copies o "Cood News" sheeL music

NJ CCCS SLandards.
NJ CCCS SLandards Addressed.
X 1.1 The Creative Process. All sLudenLs will
demonsLraLe an undersLanding o Lhe elemenLs
and principles LhaL govern Lhe creaLion o works
o arL in dance, music, LheaLre, and visual arL.

X 1.2 History of the Arts and CuIture. All
sLudenLs will undersLand Lhe role, developmenL,
and inluence o Lhe arLs LhroughouL hisLory and
across culLures.

0 1.3 Performance. All sLudenLs will synLhesize
Lhose skills, media, meLhods, and Lechnologies
appropriaLe Lo creaLing, perorming, and/or
presenLing works o arL in dance, music, LheaLre,
and visual arL.

0 1.4 Aesthetic Responses & Critique
MethodoIogies. All sLudenLs will demonsLraLe
and apply an undersLanding o arLs philosophies,
judgmenL, and analysis Lo works o arL in dance,
music, LheaLre, and visual arL.
NaLional SLandard(s) Addressed.
X Singing, alone & wiLh oLhers, a varied
reperLoire o music
0 Perorming on insLrumenLs, alone &
wiLh oLhers, a varied reperLoire o
0 lmprovising melodies, variaLions and
0 Composing & arranging music wiLhin
speciic guidelines
X Reading and noLaLing music
0 LisLening Lo, analyzing, and describing
0 FvaluaLing music & music perormances
0 UndersLanding relaLionships beLween
music, Lhe oLher arLs, & disciplines
ouLside Lhe arLs
X UndersLanding music in relaLion Lo
hisLory and culLure
0WriLLen X lnormal
0 lndividual 0 Perormance
X Croup 0 OLher
MusicaI locus. concepLs/skills Lo emphasize
0Playing insLrumenLs 0Form
XSinging 0Harmony
0Melody 0CreaLing
XRhyLhm XMovemenL
0Fxpressive QualiLies
-Sing and demonsLraLe hand signs or la, Li, and do.
-Sing Lhe melody o Lwo new songs.
-ldenLiy auLhenLic pracLices or singing spiriLuals (call and
response, clapping on 2 and 4, eLc.)
-Recognize a sLraighL rhyLhm vs. swing/groovy eel.

Reading Practice 10 min.
Review solege signs or Do 1i La/a ew call & response
Draw sLa on board/pracLice hard parL rom la Lo do
SighL-read "Cood News" (don'L use lyrics)

Anticipatory 5et 5 min
8reak inLo groups. Pass ouL copies o dierenL spiriLuals
WhaL are some common Lhemes o Lhese lyrics
Who sang Lhem Why (DierenL Lypes. Church songs, working songs,
code songs.)
Draw aLLenLion Lo "Drinkin' Courd"/WhaL mighL Lhe "drinkin' gourd"
be volunLeers read Lhe lyrics/Lalk abouL hidden meanings/Und. Rail.

wade in the water 10 min.
When l Leach you songs, how do l usually do iL (like Amazing Crace)
l sing, and you sing back Lo me.
1his is how slaves usually learned songs Loo. NoLhing was wriLLen
Sing iL wiLh call and response.
Plus, during Lhe songs, one group mighL say one parL, and Lhe oLher
group would respond.
Divide class in hal. One sings "wade in Lhe waLer" "
LeL soloisLs Lry Lo lead Lhe songs i Lhey wanL Lo!/Add clapping

Good News 10 min.
Learn noLes/words Lo Cood News
Does Lhis sound amiliar aL all How is iL dierenL rom whaL we sang
aL Lhe beginning o class
DemonsLraLe sLraighL vs. swung/ree/groovy
1radiLionally, slaves clapped on 2 & 4 Lo achieve Lhis eel
1ry Lhis, Lhen groups up wiLh Lheir own clapping/sLomping paLLern &

Pianos 20 min.
Reminder. How Lo ind D, C, D, F
Co Lhrough and play and name all whiLe keys (esp. CDFFC)
Reminder. How Lo read noLes on Lhe bass and Lreble cles
Play. Pg. 87 10 Second Song/Pg. 40. Corilla/Pg. 41 My lnvenLion
Or move on Lo Pg. 48-45 8uebird/Dance/Frogs

ConsoIidation/Review 5 min.
Fxplain how we achieve LhaL groove/swing we Lalked abouL.
WhaL is iL called when a soloisL or group leads anoLher in song
Who sang spiriLuals
Name some o Lhe reasons Lhey were sung.
Show me Lhe hand signs or la/Li/do.