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Design and production of a shoe

Arslan Ali (13848) Syed Waris Ali(13871) Ahsan Sana (15817)

Costumer demand versus quality characteristics.

Quality Characteristics versus Product characteristics. Manufacturing process versus Product characteristics. Quality control versus Manufacturing process

Costumer demand versus Quality Characteristics

Characterization for the customer demands and quality characteristic. Elimination of unnecessary demands or characteristics. Sorting out the relative and common characters.

Quality characteristics versus Product Characteristics

Selection of a material. Quality characteristics and product characteristics presented such strong relation it was hard to understand which to prefer over the other. Product characterization was based on the general observation of a customer.

Manufacturing process vs Product characteristics

Brief description of the manufacturing process. Prototype relationship with the product relationship.

Quality control versus manufacturing process

Problem to imply the quality control features on the manufacturing process.

Stitching is the most important factor. Material. Comfort level. Selling cost.