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Lab Manager November 2010

Lab Manager November 2010

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November 2010


Product Resource Guide

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Pamela Ahlberg, Editor-in-Chief

Product Resource Guide 2010

SHOppINg AROUND Like it or not, shopping is a necessity of life (in developed countries anyway). And whether it’s a new car or a pair of shoes, the challenge of knowing what you want or need, finding a source, and getting the most for your money is not a simple undertaking. When it comes to purchasing sophisticated and everevolving laboratory technology, the task intensifies. The nature of your research, the amount of grant money you have or the size of your purchasing budget, and the time allotted to complete your research, are just a few factors that can influence your purchasing decision. And then there is the matter of competing vendors. Whose equipment ranks highest for doing what you need done? Which company do you currently have a relationship with? Are you getting the best information from sales people, literature and online sources? What do your colleagues recommend? And on and on. The good news is that making the best laboratory equipment purchases just got easier. What you hold in your hands represents over two years of gathering and carefully evaluating different laboratory technologies. For each of the 35 types of products included in our new Product Resource Guide, we feature a review of each that describes the state-of-the-art, comments from vendors about the evolution of the technology and what to consider when purchasing that particular piece of equipment. We have organized the product reviews according to the general categories of analytical, basic lab and life science, with products alphabetized within those categories. In addition to product reviews, we include the most up-to-date manufacturer listings along with four of the latest introductions for each product type. Please take your time reviewing our new guide, keeping in mind the products on your current “to get” list. And keep it handy for future purchases down the line. Our hope is that this year’s Product Resource Guide will be dog-eared and tattered when the 2011 edition arrives this time next year. Enjoy, and happy shopping.



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Thermo Scientific products are unmatched in quality and dependability for use in a wide range of demanding laboratory applications. Thermo Scientific Nalgene and Nunc Cryopreservation Products, Nalgene Filtration, and Nalgene Lab Quality Bottles: provide outstanding performance for consistent research results. Go to VWR International for all of your quality Nalgene and Nunc products. For special offers visit www.vwrsp.com/performancelabware



Thermo Scientific Nalgene cryo vials deliver superior sample protection.


Lab Manager

Product Resource Guide 2010



GC SYstEms
Metrohm is a lab-favorite for titration— and now for ion chromatography, too!
The Metrohm brand is synonymous with precision titrators that are as rugged as they are accurate. They’ve been lab favorites for more than 60 years because of our reputation for stretching the boundaries of technology coupled by the pride we take in designing and manufacturing our systems. We’re less known for our Ion Chromatography systems, but we’re here to change that.

products IN ActIoN

GC was once commonly called “GLC,” where the “L” stands for liquid. Inside GC columns are particles of a ceramic or inert material coated with a viscous liquid stationary phase that interacts with the analyte. By contrast, HPLC stationary phases are bonded to the base material. New GCs are sold with software that integrates peaks, stores methods, assists in report writing, and controls instrument functions. GC detectors have been evolving rapidly to provide greater sensitivity. Flame ionization detectors (FIDs) have been the most widely used, as they detect any molecule containing carbon. Numerous other detector types have been introduced over the years, but the most interesting is the mass detector, which is essentially a miniaturized mass spectrometer. Mass detectors provide unequivocal identification of peaks emerging from the chromatograph based on the molecules’ molecular weights and fragmentation patterns. High-throughput analysis was once associated with commercial labs, but today even academic groups value productivity, says Jim Edwards, business development manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific (Austin, TX). Instruments that perform faster separations are available, but this has introduced a detection bottleneck. “Vendors who place a premium on accelerating chromatography should similarly speed up detection to acquire data at a speed appropriate to good precision and performance.” Less easily achieved is the design of instruments that do not suffer from “fatigue effects,” that is, show signs of slowing down or require maintenance after one or two thousand cycles. Maintenance downtime, Edwards observes, is a productivity killer that easily negates the benefits of more rapid analysis or cycling. rapidly by fast-moving, non-recirculated air. Next, the company went after autosampling by implementing lookahead functions. “It takes time to inject, clean the needle, and load and unload the sample,” Baldi says. In an optimal configuration, the autosampler engages not at the precise moment it is needed, but when the oven is almost at the right temperature. A third approach is to integrate the GC with sample prep devices to provide greater flexibility and less of a hardwired configuration. PerkinElmer has recently collaborated with Tekmar (Mason, OH) on purge-and-trap sample concentration and with CTC (Zwingen, Switzerland) on solid-phase microextraction. Baldi says the goal is to minimize sample preparation. Reductions in per-injection cycle times may be achieved through the use of flow-splitting techniques that divert eluent to multiple columns or post column to one of several detectors. Splitting allows analysts to switch columns or detectors on the fly without having to turn off the instrument, allow components to cool down, and swap them out. In essence, splitting creates “multiple” chromatographs from one instrument.

6555 Pelican Creek Circle Riverview, FL 33578 866-METROHM (638-7646) www.metrohmusa.com

We are not newcomers to IC—not by a longshot. We’ve been advancing the technology and capabilities of trace-level analysis for 25 years, we just haven’t been very vocal about it. Until now. And we’ll start by saying the qualities that have made us a trusted brand in titration are what you’ll find in our ion chromatography: innovation, accuracy, precision, built-in intelligence that makes our systems so user-friendly, ruggedness. And so critical in today’s lab, where every budget dollar is stretched to its limit—an eye for saving you as much money as possible. We’re not a publicly traded company that answers to investors first. Metrohm is actually a foundation that gives back to the people and city of where it was founded in Switzerland. Our philanthropic roots run deep and branch out to our customers: if we do right by you, then we will be successful. It has been our time-tested recipe— and one we have no intention of changing.

workflow. Manual sample preparation tasks are now inline and hands-free. Good-bye expensive syringe filters/caps! Hello higher accuracy, lab efficiency and tons of money saved! Our system components are manufactured and assembled by Metrohm employees at Metrohm—we don’t cut corners. Perhaps that is why we can confidently back our systems with industry-best warranties: 3 years for the entire system, and 10 years for the suppressor. Unlike other brands, we also guarantee a decade of spare parts for your system. How’s that for peace of mind? We also support you with application development and troubleshooting as well as the best maintenance services you can ask for. Trust our service professionals (also Metrohm employees, never outsourced!) to care for your system as if it was their own—because it is! These are just a few of the reasons to check out Metrohm Ion Chromatography systems. We’re just sorry we didn’t do a better job of communicating them for all these years. So if you didn’t think there were options when it came to IC systems, there are. And they’re great. Skeptical? That’s OK, you don’t just have to take our word for it—hear from your peers at our special website: www.IC-changeisgood.com

“GC detectors have been evolving rapidly to provide greater sensitivity.”
GC systems have become faster and more selective to the point where analysts now look to dead times during analytical runs to eliminate inefficiencies. Alessandro Baldi, business manager for chromatography software at PerkinElmer (Waltham, MA), says this is best achieved by avoiding changes that will disrupt workflows or force analysts to alter established methods. Oven equilibration is one obvious bottleneck. PerkinElmer tackled equilibration by designing an oven with very low mass that cools down

Our IC systems save in so many ways…
Time- and cost-saving features abound. They range from a Suppressor that is guaranteed to last 10 years without compromising your results. 10 years! Our systems and accessories are inherently smart, too. For example, microchips in our columns track usage and communicate optimal system parameters to improve


Lab Manager

Product Resource Guide 2010


Product Resource Guide 2010

Lab Manager



GC SYstEms

REcENtlY RElEAsEd GC SYstEms GC-2010 Plus Capillary Clarus® 680 GC

• Features third-generation Advanced Flow Controllers (AFC) for high-speed analysis at a maximum pressure of 970 kPa and 1,200 mL • Enables a rapid cooling time of 450°C to 50°C in 3.4 minutes • Flame ionization detector (FID) ensures a minimum detected quantity of 1.5 pgC/s

• Features twin-walled oven design with concentric air exhaust for greater separation • Features oven cool-down from 450°C to 50°C in less than 2 minutes • Includes 108 vial liquid autosampler for flexibility and automation • Includes programmable pneumatic control (PPC) for added automation

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments www.ssi.shimadzu.com

PerkinElmer www.perkinelmer.com

I-Graph X Portable
• • • •

No external carrier gas supply required Integrated vacuum pump allows for measurement of non-pressurized samples Features active column cooling, allowing for a lower starting temperature Analysis time ranges from 30 seconds to 3 minutes

• Features a low-maintenance, consumable-free thermal modulator • Offers a wide dynamic range (4 orders of magnitude) • Includes a secondary oven for enhanced selectivity • Cryo-focusing prior to release on secondary column provides up to a tenfold increase in analyte detectability

Pegasus® 4D

LECO Corporation www.leco.com Inrag www.inrag.ch

Agilent Technologies Buck Scientific Dionex EST Analytical GOW-MAC JEOL USA LECO OI Analytical Parker Balston www.agilent.com www.bucksci.com www.dionex.com www.estanalytical.com www.gow-mac.com www.jeol.com www.leco.com www.oico.com www.labgasgenerators.com PerkinElmer Shimadzu SRI Instruments Teledyne ISCO Thermo Fisher Scientific TORION Technologies Varian Waters Zoex www.perkinelmer.com www.ssi.shimadzu.com www.srigc.com www.isco.com www.thermo.com www.torion.com www.varianinc.com www.waters.com www.zoex.com






Lab Manager

Product Resource Guide 2010


REproducIBIlItY for CrItIcAl LC MEtHods Chromatographers who learned their craft twenty years ago may not have been familiar with autosamplers then. When sample was plentiful.bio-rad. Autosamplers provide a level of automation.2% RSD for 5.gilson. but today nearly every high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) instrument includes an autosampler as standard equipment. Prep work tends to be specialized. precision. then returned the next day to find the instrument stuck on sample number two and all the remaining samples “wrecked.com www.com • Designed for capillary and nanoflow LC. After all. Germany).002% sample contamination for 10 µl injections www. allowing injection of sample volumes from nL to µL from well plates and vials • Rheodyne® valve.labmanager. Autosamplers spare lab analysts bronn. “Now. sample prep.com .com www. manual injection was a convenient way to flush the injection loop between runs. needle seat. academic labs still rely heavily on manual sampling and injection because their primary objective.perkinelmer. suddenly.waters. aside from data quality. an operation most easily accomplished (at the time) by hand.com www.shimadzu. and productivity that is multiplicative. As such. for varied sampling formats www.agilent.. Robinson recalls horror stories where analysts set up a tray of twenty labile samples or so.teledynetekmar.” Robinson adds. simply run times.cecilinstruments.ANAlYtIcAl HPLC AutosAmplErs REcENtlY RElEAsEd HPLC AutosAmplErs Model AS-2059 1260 Infinity Boost PrEcIsIoN.com www. The wider adoption of UHPLC underscores the “need for speed” and the role of autosamplers within that scheme. and the question of automation in sampling. direct fill.” says Schulenberg-Schell.ch www. loop and seat capillaries minimize dispersion • Variable injection volume and flow through design prevents sample waste • Features Peltier temperature control from 4 to 40°C for thermally labile samples ww. repetitive work.com Shimadzu Scientific Instruments www. and detectors—of these trends. MD).varianinc.com www. throughput. and does not require the sensitivity or accuracy of analytical HPLC. and reduced sample volumes are critical for most analytical laboratories. “Autosamplers existed in the early days of HPLC but many scientists preferred manual injection.jascoinc.com www. worldwide LC marketing manager for Agilent Technologies (Waldmobile phases or analyzing data.000 samples 2707 • Features high-resolution syringe control for high-precision injections • Includes interchangeable fixed-volume sample loops • Offers optional sample cooling for consistent results • Able to use plates or vials. alone or in combination. is in preparative HPLC.com JASCO Agilent Technologies SIL-20A/20AC • Features special needle treatment: masks active sites and minimizes ionic interactions • One-piece injection port/needle seal at valve center eliminates sample transfer tubing • Ultra-high-speed sample processing: 10 seconds for a 10 µL injection • 12-plate capacity ensures convenient processing of more than 1.eksigent. injecting many hundreds of samples after spending just a few minutes with the control software. is cost-effectiveness. Even more time is saved when they are coupled with robotic sample preparation.waters. observes Helmut Schulenberg-Schell.” But the main reason most lab workers preferred manual injection was that early autosamplers were not very reliable. non-routine.estanalytical. Ph. Another area where autosamplers are often impractical.” However.com www. one chromatographer can operate multiple HPLC systems simultaneously.D. and sample tracking becomes more urgent.com www. injection. Their major contributions to HPLC are reproducibility. “There’s been so much engineering focused on improving these instruments that it’s safe to say autosamplers are 100 percent reliable. repeatability.” • High-speed. This frees workers to perform other tasks like making 10 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. autosamplers have been a primary target of engineering efforts to shorten cycle times vs. Using an autosampler. pumps.dionex. one-off.1 to 100 µl injection • Less than 0.shimadzu. HPLC product manager at Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (Columbia. “you can run ten times as many samples on an HPLC instrument.ssi.com Waters HPLC AUtOsAmpLER MANUFACTURERS Agilent Beckman Coulter Bio-Rad Cecil Instruments CTC Analytics Dionex Eksigent Technologies EST Analytical Gilson PerkinElmer Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Teledyne Tekmar Varian Waters www. fully automatic sample injection system • Features up to 768 well positions (two 384-well microplates) • Offers reproducibility less than 0. throughput. and accuracy in delivering precise injection volumes.” notes Simon Robinson.com www.ctc. an HPLC or UPLC system does not add much in the way of throughput or speed in reducing analysis time if the slowest link in the cycle still requires several minutes to re-equilibrate.beckman. Autosamplers have become critical enablers—like columns. and autosamplers play prominently among the various “fast” techniques adopted toward achieving those goals. Speed.ssi.com www.com www.com www.agilent. and in doing their part they have required substantial re-engineering for both stand-alone performance and integration. So who would not routinely use an autosampler? According to Robinson. from uninteresting.com “Autosamplers existed in the early days of HPLC but many scientists preferred manual injection.

com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 13 .tciamerica.com ZirChrom Separations www.com ESA Biosciences www.pci-hplc. 5-.astecusa.zirchrom.” Methods developed on UHPLC or conventional HPLC cannot be transferred unless the two labs have the same instrument. sharper/taller peaks.net Sorbent Technologies www.ANAlYtIcAl HPLC ColumNs REcENtlY RElEAsEd HPLC ColumNs For HPLC. but steel supplies the highest mechanical strength.com GL Sciences www. “Everyone will soon have higher backpressure capability. as well as significant improvements in HPLC performance.com Teledyne ISCO www. highperformance.thermo. This has the effect of shortening the path length of solutes into and out of the particles and decreasing backpressure relative to UHPLC while providing performance equivalent in many cases to UHPLC.tosohbioscience. making them ideal for electrospray mass spectroscopy • Ideal for applications within drug discovery.com Wako Laboratory Chemicals www.com SiliCycle www.com ChromTech www. because “the distinction between UHPLC and HPLC has been blurring.com Dionex www.perkinelmer. 3 µm and 5 µm particle sizes • Highly organic mobile phase contains low salt levels.com Dychrom www. Agilent 1290® or Waters Acquity UPLC® systems • Small particles will not lose efficiency even at higher linear velocity • Fully scalable with proprietary C18 analytical 3 µm.com Knauer www.com AST Advanced Separation Technologies (Astec) www.sorbtech. 7-. higher-pressure columns.com Supelco/Sigma-Aldrich www. UHPLC has prompted a move toward ultra-low metal content.7 µm • Operate at high pH.A.com Analtech www.com Princeton Chromatography www. and 3-micron nominal diameters.com Eprogen www. Advocates of new fused-core column technology claim it provides all the performance of sub-2-micron particles but at normal pressures.com TCI America www. WHErE tHE ActIoN Is High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) columns are considered the “heart” of the instrument because that is where the separations occur. different labs need only have the same column. one of the most significant trends in HPLC column technology.9 µm.net Macherey-Nagel www. and provide an Hypersil™ Gold • Aids in the analysis of compounds that are usually difficult to retain using conventional C18 columns • Available in 1.column-engineering.com ACE® C-18-AR 1.ace-hplc.macherey-nagel. Corporation www.hamiltoncompany. bio-separations product manager at Phenomenex (Torrance. Fused core employs a solid silica particle covered with a layer of porous silica.com Waters www. In addition to the higher cost.mac-mod.waters..sial.beckman.com Metrohm USA www.eprogen.com MicroSolv Technology www.com Pall Corporation www.com PerkinElmer www. which is then infused with the bonded phase.axxiomchromatography.com Beckman Coulter www.com HPLC COLUmN MANUFACTURERS AAPPTEC www.restek. food testing and environmental analysis Thermo Fisher Scientific www.com Hamilton www.sge. a column using 3-micron particles is about twice as efficient as a 5-micron column.appliedseparations.” Fused core has caused potential purchasers to rethink their need for a new HPLC.phenomenex.inertsil.gelifesciences. Fused-core particles.dychrom.metrohmusa. “Now they can use the same instrument they’ve had for ten years and not rock the boat. says Wayne Way. CA).com Applied Biosystems www.com Applied Separations www.com GE Healthcare Life Sciences www.com Axxiom Chromatography www. 5 µm and 10 µm particles Fortis Technologies www. Plastic or glass may also be used.com ACT Advanced Chromatography Technologies www.esainc.esind.jp/english SGE Analytical www. Thus.” But users who are planning to purchase a new system anyway are probably better off purchasing one that can handle easy transfer of methods.com Phenomenex www. UHPLC is not without its drawbacks. McGinley says.com Provide extra resolving power for a wide variety of sample mixtures • Exceptional bonded phase stability and ultra-low bleed characteristics make them suitable for LC/MS • Achieves baseline resolution of all compounds in a sample when other C18 columns fail • Bonded to the silica is a proprietary phase consisting of a C18 chain with integral phenyl functionality MAC-MOD www. PA). but attendant pressures are three times as high.com GDDS Grace Davison Discovery Sciences www.knauer.com Agilent Technologies www.com BioChrom Labs www.aapptec. Systems employing particle sizes below 2 microns are referred to as UHPLC (ultra-HPLC).com Chiral Technologies www. marketing manager at SigmaAldrich (Bellefonte. hints Michael McGinley. “They’re great for openaccess instruments. Some vendors have replaced older HPLC systems with those that can handle both conventional columns and ones that generate high backpressures.fortis-technologies.com Bio-Rad Life Science www.bio-rad.microsolvtech.optimizetech.com Column Engineering www.analtech. particularly when compared with sub-2-micron technology.” Since high-pressure instruments work with both conventional and UHPLC columns.chiraltech. 12 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www.wakousa.com ES Industries www. pharmaceutical companies with hundreds of instruments running validated methods have been reluctant to jump onto the sub-2micron bandwagon.fms-inc. and improved detection limits.sascorp. users might prefer the instrument with greater capability even if they don’t yet need its higher-end performance.silicycle.phenomenex.” McGinley says. As a result. the backpressure buildup increases exponentially.appliedbiosystems. produce more rugged columns.com Optimize Technologies www.pall.com Fluid Management Systems www. For these reasons.labmanager.com/columns Lux® • Lux Cellulose-4 is a novel cellulose tris (4-chloro-3-methylephenylcarbamate) phase • Lux Cellulose-3 uses cellulose tris (4-methylbenzoate) as the selector • Deliver high loading capacity and are pressure-stable up to 300 bar • Offered in 3 µm and 5 µm particle sizes Phenomenex www. www. As particles decrease in size from conventional 10-.higanalyt. Conventional columns are filled with porous particles coated with a polymeric material that interacts with the injected sample.dionex.com Higgins Analytical www.S.thermoscientific. spherical particles and a general trend toward lower particle size columns.biochrom. McGinley adds.whatman.com Thermo Fisher Scientific www. users can expect shorter run times.com Nacalai USA www..shodex. Yet.com “Users who are planning to purchase a new system are probably better off purchasing one that can handle higher-pressure columns.com Whatman Inc.com Restek www. as well as low and mid pH • For use with Jasco X-LC™.chromtech.nacalaiusa. cleaner separations.isco.com S.com Shodex www. according to some experts.com Tosoh Bioscience www.com Varian www. methods developed with conventional-sized particle columns do not transfer to sub-2-micron or UHPLC format.discoverysciences.varianinc.agilent. With fused-core particle columns. Columns consist of stainless steel tubes with inlet and outlet openings.

QuAlItY Conceived as a separations tool for biomolecules. customers increasingly opt for high-pressure UHPLC systems.200 bar. “How much time does that really save you within the context of sample prep and data analysis?” DeLand asks.” Middleton. and with that. The PLC 2020 offers manual control options for advancing fraction collection or diverting to waste without affecting the rest of the purification run. users can easily monitor pressure. WI Tel: 800-445-7661 Fax: 608-831-4451 www.or 5-micron columns. The graphical icons with drag-and-drop functionality give users the ability to adjust mobile phase conditions on the fly and see on the screen where each fraction and its corresponding tube are located on the bed. Users are now challenging that idea. giving users the ability to have four solvent lines on Pump B. Gilson developed the PLC 2020 Personal Purification System to meet the demand for quick and easy purification without sacrificing accuracy. conventional wisdom dictated that purchasers budget 10 percent of system cost per year for maintenance. This was followed by a period when soup-to-nuts service contracts dominated. Interchangeable pump heads offer the flexibility of handling flow rates from 1–100 mL/ min and pressure up to 4060psi depending on the application needs. “Not much. high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) has expanded its scope significantly into chemistry. This allows users to interrupt the normal method operation and prime the system from the run screen. This completely integrated purification system is compact enough to fit into most fume hoods and takes up minimal bench space compared to other purification systems. These lights will also flash when an error has occurred in the method. 14 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www.gilson. flow rate. Sample loops are available from 20 µL to 5 mL. life science business manager at Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (Columbia. pharmaceuticals.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 15 .” Still. easy-to-use software interface that allows users to start purifying compounds within minutes.labmanager. more efficient HPLC separations.” pipeline molecules because those have likely already been validated on low-pressure instruments. other experts feel that for very high-throughput situations. interest in training for in-house troubleshooting has risen.000 to 1. “During the last five years. the upper tray of the PLC 2020 holds up to four 4 L solvent bottles. with 10 mL loops available with adapter fittings. which brings cost issues to the forefront. But as the time between injection and elution shrinks to less than one minute for high-pressure UHPLC (ultra high-performance LC). mouse. In addition. products IN ActIoN UsErs DEmANd ProductIVItY. Terry Adams. may reduce elution time from two minutes to one minute forty seconds. keyboard. Twenty years ago laboratory personnel took a hands-on approach to instrumentation. and offers the flexibility to perform FLASH. Run light indicators above the fraction tubes and racks automatically turn off. forensics. cycle time becomes the principal bottleneck. The unique touchscreen monitor eliminates the need for a separate PC.com It’s Your Chemistry… Make it Personal! The PLC 2020 offers an intuitive. the manual sample injection process (with electronic software-controlled positions for Load and Inject with graphical indicator) provides an electronic actuation resulting in higher reproducibility than a lever-based manual injection process. Gilson’s PLC 2020 has three USB ports. or USB drive for convenient transfer of data. The bed can accommodate up to three racks with customizable racks available upon request. for example. cites several areas of improvement that have made a difference in throughput and quality: • Easy-to-clean autosamplers reduce the time between samples • Fused-core or “core shell” columns and media perform like sub2-micron systems but at much lower pressures • Multiplexing two or more HPLC systems to a single mass detector utilizes detector downtime • Walk-up access allows any lab worker to queue samples onto a communal instrument and walk away • Networked instruments e-mail chromatograms or instrument service reports to scientists and technical personnel • Multidimensional HPLC provides peak capacity that is the product of the capacities of both columns • Increased use of derivitization for fluorescence and mass detection produces extremely clean fluorescence and mass signals. With this realtime graphical sample tracking software. says DeLand. demand for more reliable HPLC systems. even from “dirty” mixtures that do not resolve well on the column Although traditional HPLC still dominates methods and new system sales. pharmaceutical market manager at Dionex (Sunnyvale.gilson. so users can easily see from across the room if there are any issues. MD). Yet many users are eager to upgrade. CA). as sample loads have increased and staff has been cut.” DeLand adds. The PLC 2020 is designed for all levels of purification. self-contained systems. giving users the option to connect to a printer. says Phil DeLand. We have come full circle. Built with convenience in mind.com/plc2020 “Many are still using 3. In response to the growing need for easy-to-use. saving valuable bench space. a gain of twenty seconds. The need for speed and quality has led to faster. every second counts. but… they may want or need the speed or resolving capabilities of UHPLC down the road. “They probably would not switch to UHPLC until a new compound comes along that has already been validated with newer methods. To learn more visit www.ANAlYtIcAl HPLC SYstEms Gilson® Designed to meet the growing need for personalized solutions. notifying the users when the system is no longer in operation. users have the ability to modify conditions— including tasks and mobile phase— mid-run so that samples can be quickly collected while they are being purified. normal-phase and reverse-phase purification. Increasing pressure from 1. “Many are still using 3.” Pharmaceutical industry analysts. The system also features automatic stopping of the mobile phase at the end of a run with a gradual ramp.or 5-micron columns. To further save on space.down so there are no worries about the mobile phase running dry or waste overfilling. Likewise. which is substantial. but they’re hedging a bet that they may want or need the speed or resolving capabilities of UHPLC down the road. and % B. At one time. will stick with existing HPLC methods for products or DeLand believes that UHPLC has reached a point of diminishing returns in terms of speed since cycle time often takes substantially longer than a chromatography run. Gilson’s PLC 2020 Personal Purification System is a fully-functioning purification system in a compact footprint intended to support an individual researcher or a small group of chemists. and organic chemical analysis.

eksigent.com www.com www.ssi. any column dimensions and any mobile/stationary phases Agilent Technologies www.agilent.com Gilson Hitachi High Technologies America Jasco Jordi Associates PerkinElmer Shimadzu Thermo Fisher Scientific Varian Waters www.com www.ssi.beckman.jascoinc.com ExpressLC-ultra® Nexera • Designed to run 0.varianinc.hitachi-hta.d-star.gilson.com www. Waters and NuGenesis are registered trademarks of Waters Corporation.com www.com ©2010 Waters Corporation.com .ANAlYtIcAl HPLC SYstEms REcENtlY RElEAsEd HPLC SYstEms 1200 Infinity Series ACQUITY UPLC® H-Class • Available in three models: 1220.waters.600-plus sample capacity • Autosampler offers fixed-loop injection for ultra-fast separation and minimized peak width • Intelligent Heat Balancer (IHB) minimizes band broadening during high-temperature analysis Shimadzu Scientific Instruments www. Cu C t data process s in ing g an and d re repo p rt writing tim ime e by u up p to o 99% 9%. a and nd v vie iew w th the e latest cas ase e st stud udie ies s at a wat a er ers.com www.com www.bio-rad.com www.com www.bucksci.shimadzu.thermo. . allowing a user to make the switch to UHPLC when he/she is ready Waters www.com HPLC SystEm MANUFACTURERS AB SCIEX Agilent Technologies Applied Biosystems Beckman Coulter Bio-Rad Buck Scientific Cecil Instruments Dionex D-Star Instruments www.appliedbiosystems.000 psi • Allows for the use of separation columns packed with <2 µm particles • CCD-based detector offers higher UV sensitivity with full spectral capability • Features a binary gradient pump (flow rate range 1-50 µl/min) with solvent selection • Optimized to enable analysis at pressures up to 130 MPa • Features a 10-second injection time and 4.com ESA .perkinelmer.com www.com www.dionex.com www.eksigent. And se eam amle less ssly con nne n ct every y instr t um men ent t in your yo ur l lab ab.com www.cecilinstruments.5 mm ID micro-columns at pressures up to 10. s.com www. Br Brea e k throug gh yo our data da ta b bar arri rier ers.shimadzu.jordiassoc.com • Combines flexibility of ternary or quaternary solvent blending with simplicity of flow-through needle injections • Quaternary solvent manager (QSM) and sample manager (SM-FTN) mimic traditional HPLC system workflows. Only W Only Wat ater ers s br brin ings gs t tog ogethe er th the e po powe w r of we o a Sci cien enti ifi fic c Da Data ta Man anag ag gem emen nt Sy Syst stem em wit ith h th the e conv co nven enie ienc nce e of a an n ee-La L b No Note tebo ook ok.com Eksigent www.com www.esainc.com www.agilent. .A Dionex Company www.labmanager.com 16 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. Redu Re duce ce d dat ata a ap appr prov oval al t tim imes es by up t to o 50 – 75%. Bu Buyi ying ng i it t wi will ll b be e the fi firs st of m man ny qu quic i k decision ons yo y u ma ake ke. The Science of What's Possible is a trademark of Waters Corporation. 1260 and 1290 • 1220 and 1260 LCs are standardized on 600 bar pressure and 80 Hz data acquisition speed • 1260 Quaternary Bioinert LC offers highest performance in bio-analysis and bio-purification • 1290 LC enables users to deploy any particle type.absciex.com/ /sd sdms ms Eksigent Technologies www.waters.

motic.meijitechno.com ClairScope™ “The trend toward complete ‘solutions’ is unmistakable in microscopes.” The heart of a live-cell imaging system is a confocal. a fast.com www.hirox-usa. rather than microscopy.com www. infrared and Raman.coleparmer.com www.” says Anthony Santerelli. becomes the dominant competency among individuals performing livecell analysis. as it is in other instrument markets. secretion. vendors are constantly extending the capabilities of lenses while integrating optics with advanced automation. Many high-end microscopes suitable for cell imaging are.nikoninstruments.labmanager. images can be viewed at up to 500x magnification • Active Pixel Technology produces crisp.com/micro Handheld Digital USB • Plugs into USB port of PC or laptop. it will never experience the miniaturization and integration we have observed in electronics-based instrumentation.com www.com www. Automation enables investigators to move rapidly from one object of the stage. cell cycle. Tying everything together is software that controls movement Axio Imager 2 • Light manager can store and reproduce illumination intensities for each magnification • Motorized stands allow the user to select stored contrasting techniques via contrast manager • Multi-user capabilities can store vital system parameters for up to ten users • Permits homogeneous illumination at low magnifications Carl Zeiss www.com 18 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. inverted microscope. low-noise camera. However. Live cell analysis requires important modifications to a microscope’s sample holder. apoptosis (cell death). One of the fastest-growing applications of microscopy is live-cell microscopy. an imaging system. Confocal instruments provide high-resolution 3-D images by eliminating out-of-focus light. Camera speed is critical for capturing transient or short-lived events deep within cells. and performs calculations. Inverting the microscope therefore shortens the distance between the objective lens and the cell(s) under examination.leica.com MICROsCOpE MANUFACTURERS Carl Zeiss CRAIC Technologies Edmund Optics Hamamatsu Hirox-USA JEOL Keyence Leica Microsystems Meiji Techno America MilesCo Scientific Motic Instruments Nikon Instruments Olympus Prior Scientific Unitron www. and these conditions need to be maintained for the duration of the experiment— up to several days.com www.com www. making it easy to switch between LM and ASEM without moving specimen dish Helios NanoLab™ 50 Series DualBeam™ • Features a new. pH.ANAlYtIcAl MIcroscopEs REcENtlY RElEAsEd MIcroscopEs EXtENdING VIsuAlIZAtIoN INto THrEE DImENsIoNs Because microscopy is limited by the physics of light collection and manipulation through lenses. to another and back. or live-cell imaging. Controlled conditions include culture media and nutrients.edmundoptics. • Combines a light microscope (LM) and atmospheric scanning electron microscope (ASEM) to reduce sample prep time and allow dynamic observation of real-time processes • Wide-field LM is co-axially aligned with inverted electron column. This will continue as biology. “You still have some tinkerers who purchase microscopes and build systems for their unique needs. sharp images and accurate color reproduction • Features six built-in lights with adjustable brightness • A model is available with a polarizer for reducing glare on reflective items Cole-Parmer www.com www.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 19 .fei. “Cells are denser than water and tend to sink in an aqueous sample. osmolarity. principally the ability to regulate within strict limits culture conditions outside the cells’ natural environment. high-resolution. as it is in other instrument markets. Most major microscope manufacturers supply systems suitable for analyzing live cells as they carry out reproduction. ingestion. which provide “spectrum-in-pixel” capabilities that transform 2-D and 3-D micrographs into multidimensional visualization tools.olympusamerica. IL). acquires data.microspectra. With the highspeed camera. to keep track of multiple cells or events. Because live cell microscopy involves trade-offs between image acquisition and cell viability. Other key components include a light source.com JEOL USA www.com www. image acquisition and storage. and dissolved gases.jeol. and automation.zeiss. advanced fluorescence product manager at Leica Microsystems (Bannockburn.keyence. signal transduction.com www. and other essential functions. Still.prior. the trend toward complete “solutions” is unmistakable in microscopes. Most users interested in live-cell microscopy purchase complete systems rather than a collection of components. Inverted microscopes view the sample from below instead of from above.com www.zeiss.com www. in fact.hamamatsu. high-performance focused ion beam (FIB) • Features an advanced 16-bit digital pattern generator for very fine and complex patterns to be written directly with the FIB • Customized detectors let users access precise topographic.com www.professionalmicroscopes.com www. and to maintain focus.” Santerelli notes.sales. Microscopy has moved well beyond conventional visual light into fluorescence. metabolism.unitronusa. chemical or crystallographic information from the sample FEI Company www. temperature. instrument speed and sensitivity are critical. Instruments need to resolve images in both time and space and do so rapidly and accurately over experiments that last several days. automation permits time-lapse imaging of events occurring at multiple locations within the field. interoperable with third-party components and software.jeolusa.

between 0.hach. Microscope-based sizing has been semi-automated through software that counts particles either directly or from photomicrographs. but calculates its hydrodynamic radius as a function of its mobility through the solution.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 21 .or laser-based system.com www. Sieving uses various techniques to get particles through the sizing mesh. Ph.com CILAS Particle Size www.com Formulaction Fritsch Hach Company www. The most common electroresistive particle sizing instrument is the Coulter counter.com Particle Sizing Systems www.brightwelltech. provided the device is mass calibrated to compensate for particle porosity “DLS has a broad range for very small particles but once particles get too large.ankersmid.” DLS uses light at 637 or 660 nm to measure characteristics of species that are much smaller than the wavelength. whose limit is objects roughly half a wavelength in size.com www.com Dispersion Technology www. or electricity and particle analytes.microtrac.” “Life gets more difficult at the extremes.particle-size. Beckman Coulter www.com PARtICLE SIZE ANALyZER MANUFACTURERS Agilent Technologies Ankersmid B.com www. to improve the likelihood that analysis samples will be representative of the batch. Because this effect is a function of the sixth power of the hydrodynamic radius. is still used for many applications. Optical sizing under a microscope.beckmancoulter.de www.500 microns • Switch between dispersion modes without having to switch hardware or realign the system • Optical components are permanently mounted on a cast iron base plate to ensure system is always aligned • Fully compliant with ISO 13320 and 21 CFR Part 11 standard Cilas Particle Size www. If all your particles are larger than a few microns.com • Features a fast CCD camera and an ergonomic sipper design • Features automatic adjustment for fluid darkness.com www. which quantifies suspended cells. That is impossible to do with conventional microscopy.D. known as a riffler.com www.jmcanty. larger than that.com www. including oscillation/shaking and sound.com New Star Environmental www.04 to 2. Bodycome.ssi.labmanager.agilent.com Horiba Instruments JM Canty Malvern Instruments Micromeritics Microtrac www.particle-size. PArtIclE SIZING coNtINuEs to UNdErGo INNoVAtIoN Numerous technologies have emerged for measuring particle size.dispersion. among the oldest methods.com www. sees through black diesellubri cating oils • Able to handle fluid viscosities up to 320 ISO grade without dilution • An optional Automatic Sample Processor is available that automatically runs 24 samples Spectro Inc.” notes Dr. DLS works Beckman Coulter www. “It measures how far the particle moves under Brownian motion. www. but users might want to weigh the consequences of regrinding against instrument acquisition costs.horibalab. it’s hopeless. where particles are visualized and counted against the backdrop of a graticule (grid of evenlyspaced horizontal and vertical lines) and counted manually.fritsch.” notes Jeff Bodycome. with sieving.com www.bic.or laser-based techniques measure dimensions and distributions of suspended or dissolved species or particles suspended in air. • Incorporates three lasers for highest accuracy from 0.coultercounter.com Fluid Imaging Technologies www.sympatec. Electroresistive methods rely on the fact that non-electrically-conductive particles reduce the flow of electricity through a conductive fluid. Light. Sieving is one of the oldest and least expensive particle sizing methods for particles in the size range up to about 4 mm.tsi.com Brookhaven Instruments www. because it does not “detect” the molecule or particle. Users with low.ANAlYtIcAl PArtIclE SIZE ANAlYZErs REcENtlY RElEAsEd PARtICLE SIZE ANALyZERs 1190 SpectroLNF Q200 EssENtIAl for MANY INdustrIEs.formulaction. of Brookhaven Instruments (Holtsville. Sieving and sedimentation. DLS picks up species in very low abundance provided they are much larger than the analyte.malvern. NY). while those with larger particles can usually get by with a much less expensive “sieve shaker.com Malvern www.com • Now allows high-resolution. while laser diffraction operates optimally in the 1-10 micron range.or sub-micron particles will require a light.shimadzu. Particle sizers that rely on dynamic light scattering (DLS) serve a sweet spot for particle analysis.pssnicomp.malvern.017 to 2000 µm • Adds Rosin-Rammler and Folk & Ward Phi methods to its analytical capabilities • Tornado Dry Powder Dispersing System keeps samples intact • Reproducibility is typically better than one percent LS 13 320 Sysmex FPIA-3000 • Provides reference method for measuring porous HPLC column materials • Uses automated image analysis to characterize silica particles • Features an electrical sensing zone (ESZ) to measure porous particles • ESZ is the reliable method. for example.spectroinc. Purchase decisions for particle size analyzers are based on matching the analyte particle with instrument capabilities. provide quantitative sizing from millimeters upward.newstarenvironmental. you’re better off with diffraction and. Price is of course a consideration. “DLS has a broad range for very small particles but once particles get too large.6 nm and up to about 6 microns.V.com Brightwell Technologies www. The most sophisticated particle sizing techniques exploit the interaction between light.” Quality control labs analyzing samples from large vats of material should consider purchasing separate sample prep equipment.fluidimaging.com Shimadzu Sympatec TSI www.micromeritics.com www. sound. it’s hopeless.com 20 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. reproducible measurement of samples from .

and the ability to switch back and forth from flame to graphite furnace operation.” With more or less the same hardware technology accessible to all manufacturers.bucksci. “AA has got to be dead simple to use. but they provide several benefits. or trace metal in foods. “The computer industry has made huge progress in both hardware and software.varianinc. materials. consisting of a light source.gbcscientific. autosampling. data handling.perkinelmer.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 23 .com Aurora Instruments AAnalyst 600 “… graphite furnace instruments require less sample than flame AA spectrophotometers.analytik-jena. paper.com www.ANAlYtIcAl AA SpEctropHotomEtErs REcENtlY RElEAsEd AA SPECTROPHOTOMETERS SENsItIVE. Schneider says. but it was not until the 1950s.bucksci. AA measures ultraviolet light absorbed by hot. QuANtItAtIVE MEtAl ANAlYsIs Atomic absorption (AA) has been known since the 19th century.com www.hitachi-hta.shimadzu. care products. but the signal intensity varies by concentration. atomizer and detector. agriculture and quality control for contaminant. Conn. believes that some vendors err in focusing on the hardware and automation alone and not enough on the ease of use—a factor noted in the PerkinElmer study. because instruments are used by a lot of different people who may not have specific training in the technique. software. drugs.analytik-jena. Graphite furnace AA spectrometers are significantly slower than flame-atomizer instruments. The number of techniques has remained the same.perkinelmer. graphite furnace. Chuck Schneider. AA could be considered for nearly any application that requires the identification and/or quantification of metals.” 210VGP • Features an Eberl mount monochromator and user-selectable bandwith for flexibility • D2 lamp emits radiation from far-UV region (<190 nm to approximately 350 nm) • Three-lamp turret has individual controls for alignment and stay warm/operating facilities for each lamp Trace 1300 Buck Scientific www.ssi. forensics. that use of AA spectrometers became routine for metals analysis. Sensitivity (ppb vs. atomized metals.com www. Because they concentrate the cloud of atomized metals. Instrumentation is straightforward. PerkinElmer has recently completed a large survey of inorganic analysis customers and found that the top two factors entering into purchase decisions are customer service (including the salesperson’s knowledge and service support) and ease of use and setup for hardware and software. PerkinElmer further delineates these into entry-level systems and higher-end systems with more extensive automation. personal • Features a solid-state detector for increased analytical performance over entire AA wavelength range • THGA tube design eliminates most interferences • Features longitudinal Zeeman-effect correction for improved accuracy and detection levels • Includes automated flame and furnace atomizer PerkinElmer www. Price is “fifth or sixth on the list. The third factor is the vendor’s reputation. Years ago a lab might have had five people operating six or seven instruments. Lab workers need to be generalists. ppm) is also higher in graphite furnace models.com www. graphite furnace instruments require less sample than flame AA spectrophotometers—20 µl vs. and other products. BC).com www. to provide the most convenient environment for operating the instrument and achieving desired objectives. Light sources include hollow cathode lamps (most common) and diode lasers. as have advances in automation. including environmental analysis. ingredient. The absorbance wavelength is unique to every metal. “they are best applied to enhancing the user experience.labmanager.thermo. and unattended operation. archeology.” Atomizers are traditionally hightemperature flames. but graphite furnaces and various plasma sources are also used.aurora-instr. and dedicated analyzers.com www. hydride and graphite furnace in one device • HR-CS AAS technique closes the methodological gap between AAS and ICP OES • Features High-Resolution Continuum Source Technology for trace and ultra-trace analysis using atomic absorption with a graphite furnace Analytik Jena www. thanks to efforts by Alan Walsh at Australia’s CSIRO research center. Yong Xie. but the number of analysts might be down to two. mining.com 22 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www.com ContrAA® 700 • Combines flame.com AA SPECTROPHOTOMETER MANUFACTURERS Analytik Jena Buck Scientific GBC Scientific Hitachi High Technologies PerkinElmer Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Thermo Fisher Scientific Varian www.” he says.com • Features quick auto-switch between Flame and GF atomizers • Fast wavelength scan takes 30 seconds to scan from 190-900 nm • Automatic acetylene flow rate control ensures hands-free operation • Features a built-in camera in the GF system for efficient method development www. business unit manager for PerkinElmer’s (Shelton. AA product manager at Aurora Biomed (Vancouver. Since these advances won’t help with detection limits or other fundamental performance factors.) inorganic analysis products.com www. breaks AA instrumentation down into three categories: flame.” Mr. up to 5 ml. Detectors are most usually photomultiplier tubes.

Another enabling technology has been quantum cascade lasers (QCLs).com Exoscan and FlexScan • Battery-operated.com www. Most vendors offer quality instruments. low-cost handheld devices. “In addition to budget issues. and not just let the salesman show you how it works. fringing and breakage • Entire system fits on a benchtop in a space no greater than 8 square inches • Measures liquid samples so quickly that autosamplers may be eliminated A2 Technologies www. forensics. better signal-to-noise. global marketing communications manager at Bruker Optics (Billerica. One of the most exciting scientific advances in this regard are MEMS (microelectromechanical systems).jascoinc. before they buy an FTIR spectrometer. uses a mathematical algorithm. perhaps more companies helps spread the word about which instrument manufacturers make the cut. and homeland security raises issues of usability and user-friendliness that did not exist a decade ago.shimadzu.abb. “MEMS and QCLs will open up many more niche or field applications for FTIR. Another factor that still matters very much is the perception of how well vendors support their products. and others.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 25 . a subset of infrared (IR) spectroscopy. and much more rapid analysis.com www. manager for FTIR at PerkinElmer (Beaconsfield. You cannot swap out accessories.D.ssi. easier analysis of very small samples and poorly-absorbing species. “Users today are more likely to be non-specialists or occasional users than IR spectroscopists. Ph.com www.a2technologies.perkinelmer. which enable rugged. so due to the economic downturn.com www. both around the sale and afterward.a2technologies. instrument makers must emphasize user-friendliness for both hardware and software. Purchase decisions are influenced more by how well an instrument performs a specific task than by its technical specifications. Take a spectrum yourself before you buy.labmanager. on their applications.” advises Dr.newport. Fourier transform. Smith. “These are built for specific purposes.varianinc. UK).” • Dynamic Alignment system maintains optimal alignment during data acquisition • Features a peak-to-peak signal-to-noise ratio of 20.000:1 • Quick-start function prompts user through every action from setting scan parameters and acquiring spectrum to detecting peaks and printing Shimadzu Scientific Instruments www.ANAlYtIcAl FTIR SpEctropHotomEtErs REcENtlY RElEAsEd FTIR SpEctropHotomEtErs PIcKING Up StEAm IN NoNtrAdItIoNAl MArKEts Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy. Sellors suggests that global communication within and among • Can be operated without any scheduled maintenance for ten years • Features a simple and robust interface for data acquisition and routine analysis • Universal sampling compartment accommodates accessories like liquid vial holders and probes • Includes a user-friendly software interface enabling operations in a 21 CFR Part 11-compliant mode ABB www.com MB3600-PH ML with DialPath™ Technology FTIR-8400S • Three selectable pathlengths from 30 to 250 microns are always available and can be switched in seconds • Eliminates traditional liquids cells which are prone to leaking.. fuels. spinning. “MEMS shrink the interferometer.com “There’s a lot of pressure to bring FTIR out of the lab and into the field. “Users today are less interested in buying an FTIR spectrophotometer than they are in acquiring a biodiesel or contaminant analyzer.shimadzu. or change the detector or the source. materials. the difference for the average user may be the software. environmental testing.” Cost and the performance/price ratio remain factors. Like IR. biology.” said Haydar Kustu. pharmaceuticals.a2technologies.” says Jerry Sellors. Advantages of FTIR over conventional IR are higher resolution. In this environment. and get references [from people] who can vouch for the manufacturer’s service. “There’s a lot of pressure to bring FTIR out of the lab and into the field.” says Kustu.com www.abb.” Kustu adds. to translate raw infrared data into a spectrum. chemicals. In this regard. You cannot configure them on the go.” Unlike laboratory instruments. “It’s too easy to get taken in by the ‘gee whiz’ factor. FTIR methods are common in such industries as foods.com www. FTIR is useful for the analysis of organic and inorganic compounds that exhibit changes in polarity as a result of the vibration. but remain unchanged in nature over the past two decades. purchasers need to be clear.com www.brukeroptics. which are brighter and more sensitive than conventional lasers. It’s imperative to take the software for a test drive. MA).com FTIR SpECtROpHOtOmEtER MANUFACTURERS A2 Technologies ABB Bruker Optics JASCO Newport Corporation PerkinElmer Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Varian www. handheld spectrometers for field applications • Identify minerals and soil components and quantify molecular compounds including oil contamination or degree of hydration in soil • Feature a diffuse reflectance sampling interface A2 Technologies www.” The proliferation of FTIR into materials.ssi. change from transmission to reflectance.com 24 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. field analyzers are typically dedicated for single analytes. or perturbation of molecular bonds.

or synTQLite for process monitoring and control Kaiser Optical Systems www. The latter.com www. “Back then an FTIR cost $100. and notable handheld product introductions as well.jascoinc. in oil exploration. vendors have to think a lot more about making self-optimizing instruments that are easy to operate. detects analytes through packaging. and homeland security. if not problematic. Most users of Raman today view it as a tool like every other lab instrument. The main limitation.000..” he says. The signature trait of these newer systems has been reliability and ease of use. and imaging.D. the use of different excitation lasers. spectroscopy products manager at Jasco (Easton.oceanoptics.com www.” Portable Raman spectrophotometers come in plug-in and batterypowered formats. Richard Larsen. Higher-end Raman spectrometers provide exquisite spatial and spectral resolution. “This can be a challenge to designers with a lot of Raman experience.000 to $200.” says Joe Hodkiewicz. to greater adoption of Raman in labs. manufacturers are improving their Raman spectrometers by paying more attention to the laser.bayspec.deltanu. MD).ssi. “That’s the approach we’re taking with spectroscopy. Raman is going in the same direction.1 for reaction development and understand. Raman product manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific (Madison.com • Capable of integrating as many as 8 excitation lasers from the UV to the NIR • Offers high-speed imaging using the Software Programmable Raman Integration System (SPRIntS) • Verti-Scan ensures consistent confocal sample excitation for undistorted 3D images • Dual Spatial Filtering reduces sample fluorescence while enhancing spatial resolution www. with little or no learning curve.com www.com “Manufacturers are improving their Raman spectrometers by paying more attention to the laser.com RAMANRXN2™ 1000 • Provides the fluorescence rejection of a FT-Raman spectrometer and ease of fibre-optic interfacing of a dispersive Raman analyzer • Provides an effective route for in situ monitoring • Offered with either iC Raman™ 4. and remote fiber probes. pharmaceuticals. and film speed.com www. not quantitation.com www. and imaging Raman involves spectral analysis of materials in 2D and 3D mode. was the laser which was difficult to operate. he says. WI).varianinc. for crime scene analytics. Larsen views Raman as being at approximately the same level of acceptance and use as FTIR was 20 years ago. analysis method. NMR tubes or MP tubes DeltaNu www.malvern.brukeroptics.com www.enwaveopt. says Haydar Kustu. microscope and automation options.” This has led.agilent.com www. I don’t think it will ever be as widely used as FTIR.$20.com www. “To make systems appeal to these customers.” Hodkiewicz compares the hurdles to making Raman accessible with the rise of digital cameras that allow users to take professional-quality photographs pated applications that may require future upgrades.deltanu.jobinyvon. divides Raman instrumentation into three categories: macro. Ph. and for detection of narcotics and explowithout worrying about exposure times. What makes handheld instruments possible are inexpensive 785 nm diode lasers that consume less than 1 amp. are popular for inspecting materials on loading docks.” Raman has traditionally been viewed as an exotic.000 FTIRs. Another trend is the desire for flexibility and expandability. micro.com Advantage 1064 NRS-5000/7000 • InGaAs photocathode and electron bombardment CCD technology provide high sensitivity • Features a spectral range of 200 to 2.com JASCO RAmAN SpECtROpHOtOmEtER MANUFACTURERS Agilent Technologies B&W Tek BaySpec Bruker Optics DeltaNu Enwave Optronics HORIBA Jobin Yvon JASCO Malvern Instruments Ocean Optics PerkinElmer Renishaw Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Thermo Fisher Scientific Varian www.bayspec. to whom instrumentation is second nature. “Today.jascoinc. Macro measures bulk properties in traditional “spectrophotometer” mode. sives. micro instruments incorporate microscopy to analyze particles or very small samples. for example. Now we’re down to sub. RamSpec™ 1064-HR • Features Volume Phase Grating (VPG®) as the special dispersion element and InGaAs array detector as the detection element • Helps reduce the likelihood of human error by eliminating sample preparation and test interpretation • Uses a fiber optic bundle or slit optics arrangement based on customer preferences • Features self-automated wavelength calibration BaySpec www. Telling them they have to simplify things is a challenge.com www.labmanager. The principal drawback is that Raman provides only confirmation.renishaw.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 27 . global marketing communications manager at Bruker Optics (Billerica. specialized sample cells.200 cm-1 and a resolution of 10 cm-1 • Includes a sample cell attachment for 8 mm vials.bwtek.thermo. which are mostly handheld field analyzers.com www.com www. MA). Hodkiewicz says.com www.shimadzu. Users. are purchasing not just for today but for antici- 26 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. apertures. Its advantages are that it is nondestructive. but there’s no doubt there is still plenty of room for growth.com www.ANAlYtIcAl RAmAN SpEctropHotomEtErs REcENtlY RElEAsEd RAmAN SpEctropHotomEtErs StEpcHIld of VIBrAtIoNAl SpEctroscopY ComEs of AGE Raman has become the “go-to” analytical method in materials science.com www. and requires no sample preparation.kosi.perkinelmer.

particularly whether the bonds are conjugated (alternate with single bonds). VT 05404 TEL: 888-451-517 www. Sample size is an ongoing issue in analytical science. polymers. Box 998. are brightly colored and absorb in the visible region. DE). scientific marketing manager at NanoDrop (Wilmington. while the visible spectrum—colors visible to the human eye—lie from approximately 400 to 800 nanometers. UV-Vis product manager at Agilent (Loveland.” Single.” notes Philippe Desjardins. 28 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. UV wavelengths range from 10 to 400 nanometers. Together. but the path length may be optimized by adjusting the distance between 0. users love capturing the entire spectrum in seconds. Depending on the extent and type of unsaturation. pharmaceuticals. Single-beam techniques must apply a correction for the loss of light intensity as the beam passes through the solvent.ANAlYtIcAl UV-VIs SpEctropHotomEtErs BioTek’s new Epoch Multi-Volume Spectrophotometer System Drenkow.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 29 . The sample stays in place due to surface tension. Up to sixteen 2 ul DNA. When used with the Epoch microplate reader. BioCells or standard cuvettes.” says Grant into the increasingly important low volume area. It’s a popular technique in chemistry. with a wide 200 to 999 nm wavelength range. Array instruments.com Take3 Plate extends the system’s applications to very low volume nucleic acid and protein quantification. The Epoch Microplate Spectrophotometer offers a 200 nm to 999 nm wavelength range without interference filters for measurements in 6 to 384 well microplates. a microdrop of sample is deposited atop a small pedestal and a second pedestal immediately approaches to complete the optical path by contacting the sample’s meniscus. while the products IN ActIoN It’s All IN tHE CHromopHorEs Ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy (UV-Vis) measures and identifies chemicals that absorb in the ultraviolet and visible regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Highland Park Winooski. Controlled by the powerful Gen5 Data Analysis software. depending on the sample concentration. Dualbeam spectrometers use a second solvent reference cell and perform the correction automatically. “People want more from less. array-based. UV-Vis spectrometers come in four basic models: low-cost singlebeam. which is an especially useful tool for direct quantification assays. When the top of the Take3 is closed. dual-beam.labmanager. pigments. This eliminates the need. This system is well suited to the budget sensitive laboratory that needs maximum functionality and application flexibility. P. RNA or protein samples can be quickly quantified saving valuable time and samples. Measurements made in microplates can be corrected for pathlength by Gen5’s automated pathlength correction option.” or color-absorbing carbon-carbon.05 mm and 1 mm. carbon-oxygen. via pre-programmed applications within the custom Gen5 Take3 module. near-infrared (NIR). Other factors entering into purchase decisions are cost. Epoch and Take3 comprise a system that allows the laboratory an assay multi-tasking capability in one compact footprint at a fraction of the cost of typical instrumentation and in a fraction of the time that would be required to accomplish the same results. a nominal 0. The main benefit is the ability to run a multitude of biomolecular assays without needing to purchase application specific filters. foods.and dual-beam benchtop instruments use a broad-spectrum lamp as the light source. provide a level of detail and throughput that was previously unavailable. a spectral scan can be quickly run to determine the absorbance peak. which have extensive conjugation. RNA or protein samples can be measured quickly and without diluting. The Take3 plate uses a custom designed fused silica slides. as in conventional UV-Vis.5 to 50 µl range.5 mm pathlength is created so that sample concentrations can be quickly and accurately made with results produced automatically. UV-Vis instruments have become much faster. Epoch can measure 6 to 384 well microplates with either a single data point taken in the center of the well. From this need has emerged microvolume UV-Vis. to remove the cuvette and dilute or concentrate the sample. Conjugation causes a shift in absorbance to higher wavelengths. throughput. and handheld. from nucleic acid and protein quantification on a micro scale to cell-based assays in microplates. vendors routinely offered separate instruments for UV and Vis. CO). Several vendors offer microvolume-only instruments or microvolume cells for conventional UV-Vis spectrophotometers. Take3 allows measurement of up to sixteen 2 µL samples at a time so that DNA. and feature-laden. and most use a photomultiplier tube as the detector. which is immediately above the visible region. Compounds analyzed by UVVis possess “chromophores. or carbonnitrogen double bonds. users need only to select the desired wavelength and read the microplate. which analyzes liquid samples in the 0. in particular. Embedded in each pedestal is an optical fiber—one serving as a conduit for the light source. compounds may absorb in the UV or visible region of the spectrum. but today the two tend to be combined. and the reliability of data. or by well area scanning in larger well diameters to provide multiple measurements that can be analyzed more closely. At one time. more compact.O. as well as carbon-halogen single bonds. In its most elegant configuration. BioTek’s new Epoch Multi-Volume Spectrophotometer System combines two innovative products into system designed for a wide range of applications. Some manufacturers add a third capability. one of which is precision printed with sixteen 2 mm microspots – the ideal size for samples as low as 2 µL. selectable in 1 nm increments. The Epoch Microplate Spectrophotometer features a monochromator based optical system. the Take3 Multi-Volume Plate extends applications “…users love capturing the entire spectrum in seconds. the other for the detector. UV-Vis can be used to identify the presence of chemicals and their concentrations. “Although they may have originally been interested in just one or two wavelengths. When the assay wavelength is unknown. Handhelds employ single-wavelength light-emitting diode light sources and photodiode detectors. Some instruments employ photodiode array detectors. Chemicals such as carotene and certain dyes. and the life sciences.biotek.

and with great accuracy. “Operating manually.com www.com www. incubation. are desired.com BioSpec-nano Libra Series • Ideal for quantitation of nucleic acids or fluorescent-labeled nucleic acids and protein analysis • Sample mounting. The energy. today. according to Nance Hall. and incubators.com www. incubations. vice president for automation and detection systems at PerkinElmer (Waltham. and what sample-tip options are available?” Hall says.586. they are ‘application solutions.com www.analytik-jena. but not necessarily high throughput.I.thermoscientific.cecilinstruments.labmanager. automated liquid handlers are the principal enablers of rapid experiments and assays conducted in tubes.com www. and feature a unique optical design that reduces stray light • No warm-up time is required with the BioMate 3S.200 nm per minute.uk UV-VIs SpECtROpHOtOmEtER MANUFACTURERS Agilent Technologies Analytik Jena Beckman Coulter Buck Scientific Cecil Instruments GBC Scientific Hach Company Hitachi Ocean Optics Shimadzu Scientific Instruments S. and heavy industries also use liquid handlers when accuracy and reproducAutomated liquid handlers have evolved from automated pipetting systems to workstations that employ liquid handling as one component.” Hall says.” Liquid handling is just one component of what may be a complex workflow.shimadzu. Hall suggests that potential buyers analyze their liquid-handling needs the way a cook examines a recipe.well systems that employ sub-microliter volumes are gaining in popularity.biochrom. automating liquid handling with a workstation will provide good return on investment. protein and cell growth measurements Thermo Fisher Scientific www.” says Scott Eaton. “While 96-well plates remain the most common. at user-specified volumes.com www.com www.ANAlYtIcAl UV-VIs SpEctropHotomEtErs LIfE ScIENcE AutomAtEd LIquId HANdlING REcENtlY RElEAsEd UV-VIs SpEctropHotomEtErs 8453 GENESYS™ 10S and BioMate™ 3S • GENESYS instruments are capable of producing scan data at speeds up to 4.com www. stackers. Biology. washers. and reproducibility. measurement and cleaning are all performed by the device • Analysis can be performed with 1 µl or 2 µl samples • Analysis results can be converted to PDF or CSV files Shimadzu www. At these volumes. environmental.co. shakers.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 31 .com www. Automation became necessary as assays were miniaturized from vials to tubes.bucksci.shimadzu. MA). director of robotics marketing at Hamilton (Reno. and as researchers ibility. VT).ssi.com www. “What are the ‘ingredients’? What labware are we dispensing from and into? What volumes are involved. usually in very small quantities. and samples are not constantly exposed to UV light • BioMate 3S includes pre-configured test methods for nucleic acid. precision.hitachi-hta. 384.com www. and screening of development-stage drugs are the primary markets for automated liquid handling.gbcscientific. they are ‘application solutions’ in which liquid handling is part of a larger picture. or microtiter plates. and finally to microplates.100 nm in less than one second • Fewer moving components reduce the need for recalibration • Uses a deuterium discharge lamp for the full UV and visible range ENABlErs of HIGH-THrouGHput AssAYs Automated liquid handlers encompass a range of instruments and systems whose function is to dispense liquids rapidly.oceanoptics. liquid handlers performed just one function. Photonics Thermo Fisher Scientific Varian www.thermoscientific.com • Feature a color touch screen. NV). Eaton says. is the effect of physical forces on very small liquid-dispensing volumes used in higher density plates. Today’s systems perform washing. Another factor to consider. “In the past.” dispensing.biotek. It’s pretty easy to get users to buy into the idea of automation on that function alone. “Users who fail to optimize the liquid handler’s fluidics design to desired volumes will be forced to compromise either on performance or throughput. evaporation and absorption onto the plastic plate surface become issues.varianinc.com GET A BETTER REACTION “In the past.hach. liquid handlers performed just one function. readers. Liquid handlers are often just one component of systems consisting of microplate handlers. “Nobody likes to wash microplates.com www.com • Photodiode array (PDA) light path scans a complete spectrum from 190 to 1. optional Bluetooth for data transfer and an optional built-in printer • Includes application-based software for all stand-alone and PC-controlled instruments • Equation Editor allows users to program specific methods that include calculations based on measured data Biochrom www. today. USB connection.beckman.si-photonics. and plate manipulation in addition to 30 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www.” Agilent Technologies www.’” switched from radionuclide-based assays to tests that used nonradioactive detection. medical testing. according to Jason Greene.” he says. and reading steps. liquid handling product manager at BioTek (Winooski. users must work through the various reagent additions. washing. As the successors to manual pipettes. “Any time you work with many samples and small quantities of fluids.agilent.and even 1.agilent. vials.com www.

vacuum station and magnetic separation devices.com www.thermo.staubli. and high performance air-displacement pipetting at an affordable price.moleculardevices. which facilitates tip and tool pick-up via a robust lock-and-key style attachment.648.drummondsci. flexibility.biotxautomation. Space-saving NTRs may be stacked up to six high (576 tips/stack) in one deck position.gilson. flexibility. recording and documenting all pipetting steps executed.com www.labmanager.com www.tomtec. including heater/shaker.com www.com Freedom EVO Series • Liquid volumes range from 100 nl to 5ml and can be extended with DynamicFill™ Technology to 50 ml and higher • Pressure Monitored Pipetting (PMP™) detects errors by comparing recorded and realtime-simulated pipetting pressure signals • Liquid handling arm can be equipped with disposable tips and/or washable tips Tecan www.cetac.tricontinent.com • Easily manages and processes 96 blood tubes with an innovative rack system • Uses on-deck sensors and integrated bar code reader to identify and track samples • Features non-contact liquid level and clog detection • Pipetting approach eliminates the need for electrostatic tips 4970 Energy Way.com www.caliperLS.biomicrolab. essential for nonconductive reagents and volatiles.858. This mechanism also allows tip pick-up from Hamilton’s proprietary nested 96 disposable tip racks (NTRs).com www.com Zinsser North America www.com Eppendorf North America www.com www. racks and carriers • Pipetting channels and labware grippers move independently of each other.com www.com www. offering a high-density deck in a small footprint.labnetlink. NV 89502 USA tel 775.com www.com www.com www.hamiltonrobotics.3024 email sales@hamiltoncompany.biotek. providing real-time feedback of volumes in plates and tubes as methods are conducted. NIMBUS also offers an array of on-deck integration options.com www. 270° rotation and extended reach allows integration with off-deck peripheral devices. a range of integrated options.tecan-us.858. A cumulative blend of enabling technology.com www.com Innovadyne Technologies www.hamiltonrobotics. AUtOmAtED LIQUID HANDLINg MANUFACTURERS Agilent Technologies Apricot Designs Aurora Biomed Beckman Coulter BioMicroLab Biosero Biotage BioTek Instruments BioTX Automation Caliper Life Sciences CETAC Drummond Scientific Essen Instruments Gilson www. precise tip positioning.zinsserna. labware.com www. CO-RE technology requires no vertical force for tip attachment or ejection. intuitive software and the backing of Hamilton’s renowned service and applications support makes the NIMBUS an essential tool for budget and space-constrained labs. thus freeing up deck space for sample plates and other labware.com www. ensuring that potentially dangerous or contaminating aerosols are not produced upon tip ejection. Reno. all in a space-efficient footprint.536-well plates • Employs CO-RE (Compressed O-Ring Expansion) technology and air-displacement pipetting • When used with Rocket Tips.eppendorfna. 2% CV at 10ul volumes).innovadyne.1mm in all axes.com www.com/matrix www.essen-instruments. offering speed. so there is no sacrifice in pipetting performance (i. one row or one tip without changing heads • Ideal for performing serial dilutions in 384.com www.bioseroinc. supporting a wide range of labware • Based on air displacement pipetting technology Hamilton Robotics www.com Rainin Instrument Company www.caliperls. air-displacement pipetting affords the use of Hamilton’s proprietary Monitored Air Displacement (MAD) technology on NIMBUS 4. The fastest selling platform 5 years running.and 1. Our flagship platform features up to 16 independent pipetting channels as well as 96 or 384 multi-channel heads.com CO-RE 384 Shifted Tip Pickup (STP) The MICROLAB NIMBUS is Hamilton’s compact automated pipetting workstation.3000 • 1.5950 or visit www. Both NIMBUS platforms feature an optional gripper. An optional gripper with extended reach allows for easy labware transport and seamless integration to peripheral devices. Hamilton’s STAR line of automated liquid handlers offers world-class performance and reliability for all your assay and sample preparation needs. superior pipetting performance and affordability. This enables a positional precision of 0.com Hamilton Robotics Hudson Robotics Jencons Scientific Labcyte Labnet International Molecular Devices PerkinElmer Staubli TECAN Thermo Scientific Tomtec TriContinent Scientific www.800.labcyte. products IN ActIoN REcENtlY RElEAsEd AUtOmAtED LIQUID HANDLERS STAR Series Sciclone® G3 • Feature up to 16 independent pipetting channels as well as 96 or 384 multi-channel heads • Autoload option provides barcode tracking of samples.HamiltonRobotics. which uses pressure within the channel to verify liquids have been successfully aspirated and no clots or foam have been detected. NIMBUS utilizes the same proven air-displacement pipetting technology as found on Hamilton’s flagship STARline of automated liquid handlers.com www.com NIMBUS 4 also allows for “pressure-based Liquid Level Detection” (pLLD).com Caliper Life Sciences www.com www. even for small budget-challenged labs.com www.hamiltonrobotics.648.com • Picks up one column.rainin.perkinelmer.com 32 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www.hudsoncontrol. critical for 384-well plates and applications such as MALDI target spotting which require accurate and reproducible sample placement. providing the flexibility and throughput needed in today’s busy lab. both NIMBUS platforms incorporate Hamilton’s novel CO-RE (Compressed O-ring Expansion) technology.LIfE ScIENcE AutomAtEd LIquId HANdlING HAmiLtoN NIMBUS is Hamilton’s compact automated pipetting workstation. Optional Total Aspiration and Dispense Monitoring (TADM) software provides an even higher level of process control. For more information call 800. Available as a 4-independent (1ml or 5ml channels) system for flexibility or a 96-multi-channel (1ml) head system for speed. The NIMBUS 4 and NIMBUS 96 platforms incorporate “capacitive Liquid Level Detection” (cLLD).jenconsusa.beckmancoulter. Furthermore.com www. These technologies as well as Hamilton’s novel “Anti-Drip Control” (ADC) feature provide for a highly robust pipetting environment.com www.biotage.com www. Available in 4-independent channel or 96-multi-channel platforms.5950 fax 775. the need for a second head and arm is eliminated Hamilton Robotics www.tecan.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 33 .e. NIMBUS provides speed.apricotdesigns.aurorabiomed.agilent. capable of moving plates and NTRs on or off the Nimbus deck.hamiltonrobotics.

walk-away benchtop automation for increased throughput.html 1311 Orleans Drive. “It’s important to serve both expert and novice customers. and capable of rapidly “learning” precise endpoint positions in three-dimensional space. avoiding problems with communication hand-offs. all programming and operation is handled by the AquaMax Microplate Washer programming touch screen. First-time users approach robotics with a combination of awe and suspicion. powerful. Sunnyvale. for example. CA 94089-1136 USA Phone: 1 408 747 1700 | Fax: 1 408 747 3601 Toll Free: 1 800 635 5577 www.moldev.com/Products/Instruments/Microplate-Handlers. but most customers prefer purchasing the robotics already integrated with plate readers. http://www. including alignment. Most plate handlers must be “taught” key positions in space by manually moving the arm to the desired location and noting that in the control software. Molecular Devices leveraged its 20 years of experience with the automation industry to develop the StakMax Microplate Handling System to provide dedicated benchtop automation for batches of up to 50 microplates. VP of global sales for molecular medicine at PerkinElmer in Waltham. When integrated to an AquaMax Microplate Washer.” observes Todd Christian. labelers. who heads global marketing at Agilent in Palo Alto. Maneuvering around objects requires creating and storing an intermediate location.moleculardevices. Calif. readers. purchase microplate handlers to carry out one or several specific tasks 24 hours a day. To address these issues. with no alignment necessary. Integration with an AquaMax Microplate Washer can be completed in 5 minutes.” Duseau said.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 35 . and programmability.com “[First-time users] are especially nervous that the handler will drop the plate or improperly position it. and other instruments. particularly with respect to collision avoidance. particularly for acquiring new plate readers or workflow changes. Integration of a StakMax System with Molecular Devices microplate reader is a straightforward process and can be completed in less than 15 minutes. stackers. Once integrated to a Molecular Devices microplate reader. such as academic institutions. purchasers of the systems require more “handholding” than do those who buy other instruments. mixers. “The ability to understand the experiment and to help customers select the right solution based on the right components is highly valued. which feature a computer-controlled robotic arm. plate washers. microplate handlers move microplates and deliver them to locations on various instruments precisely when they are needed. Ease of use is a top priority with most purchasers of microplate handling systems. Large laboratory equipment vendors may sell stand-alone robotic plate handlers. rapid swapping in of components. and error-prone integrations. Historically. Microplate handlers evolved from bulky industrial robots that were programmed and adapted to hold microplates—a task for which they were clearly not designed.labmanager. sealers. “They were overkill for the weight of a plate. Microplate Handling The StakMax Microplate Handling System is an integrated microplate stacker for use with Molecular Devices SpectraMax Microplate Readers and AquaMax Microplate Washers. The path to the medical testing laboratories. She adds that due to the complexity of microplate handling systems and the general lack of experience with robotics. such as 34 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. Many organizations. Once programmed with a specific workflow. incubators and storage. Moreover. optimize the use of vertical space. These users are better off investing in plate-handling capabilities based on anticipated needs. No external computer is necessary. Tying these components together are microplate handlers. thereby taking up less room on a benchtop. “They are especially nervous that the handler will drop the plate or improperly position it. versatility. joining off-the-shelf components together has made for expensive. Today’s handlers are designed specifically for laboratories and. particularly readers.” Christian notes. Some advanced control software packages allow users to input set points in the software without actually moving the arm. Others.” location does not matter—the robot automatically takes the shortest route. user requirements and expectations of automation differ widely. Robots must be “smart” about the space around them. expect flexibility. providing simple. with lab space at a premium.” says Mary Duseau. in a small footprint. difficult-to-use. Understanding the customer’s workflow— the science behind the robotics— and being willing to source third-party instruments for specific microplate operations are traits that customers seek among vendors of microplate handlers. shakers.LIfE ScIENcE MIcroplAtE HANdlErs products IN ActIoN THE “GluE” THAt BINds MIcrotItEr PlAtE-BAsEd ANAlYsIs SYstEms Automated systems employing microplates in biological and chemical assays may consist of liquid dispensers. Mass. Achieving higher throughput in laboratory experiments depends on the ability to easily process batches of microplates. the StakMax System is operated through Molecular Devices’ industry-leading SoftMax® Pro Data Acquisition & Analysis Software providing a common interface for operating both the reader and stacker.

Vented stacking rims aid thermal equalization.agilent.com www. flasks. Large dishes have grip tabs for secure handling and less strain on smaller hands. flat bases that resist bowing and warping for even growth and distortion-free microscopy.com Multiple Well Plates CytoOne® plates offer consistent.staubli.labmanager. and 96-well plates have molded alphanumerics for well identification.usascientific.moleculardevices.com www.com BioStack™ Twister® II BenchCel CytoOne® plates. All are certified DNase.thermo. 48-. Ridged bases secure your grip and vented skirts allow air circulation between stacked plates. Flasks also feature molded volume graduations and frosted writing surfaces. All have sturdy. Small dishes have beveled outer edges to avoid accidental lid displacement. Premium grade. ISO 9001 manufacturing. with ability to sort and store plates in stackers for first-in. The stacking rings are also vented for better thermal equalization. optically clear polystyrene. Consistent growth surfaces with certified testing.LIfE ScIENcE MIcroplAtE HANdlErs CytoOne® Cell Culture Performance Ware Your cells deserve the best.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 37 .biotage. Premium quality CytoOne® provides excellent results and offers many user-friendly features.com PlateStak™ See the complete line of CytoOne® cell culture performance ware at www. Vented lids improve gas exchange and are non-treated to minimize condensation. The fixed blade scraper lifts cells from 6-.com www. including 96-. Wide. Flasks CytoOne® flasks are supplied in easy open.com.phenixresearch. True 360º chimney wells minimize edge effects and prevent cross contamination. Anti-tip skirts and base bars improve stability during handling. and complete 360º chimney wells to minimize edge effects and prevent cross contamination. • Features a compact footprint and removable stacks • Automates single or multiple instruments • Features expandable capacity for up to 320 microplates • Includes a rotational gripper for portrait and landscape carrier formats BioTek www. frosted writing surfaces.com Scrapers CytoOne® scrapers and lifters have flexible silicone rubber blades for excellent contact and cell removal. products IN ActIoN REcENtlY RElEAsEd MICROpLAtE HANDLERs StakMax • Integrate with Molecular Devices’ microplate readers and AquaMax microplate washer • Process batches of up to 50 microplates • Walk-away automation • Increased throughput Molecular Devices www.biotek. and rigorous quality control. Call us toll free at 1-800-522-8477 or email info@usascientific.caliperls. MICROpLAtE HANDLER MANUFACTURERS Agilent Technologies Biotage BioTek Instruments Caliper Life Sciences Molecular Devices PerkinElmer Phenix Research Products Staubli Thermo Scientific Tomtec www. 384-. deepwell and automation-friendly PCR plates • Features automatic reshuffle. Dishes Large CytoOne® dishes have ergonomically placed grip tabs for a secure grasp with less strain. 24-. or plates. 12-.com www. drying.perkinelmer.tomtec.com www. Pivoting blade scrapers reach into corners and have a flexible ABS handle for better contact inside flasks. CytoOne® is available with filter caps or two-position plug seal caps that let you choose secure manual venting or an airtight seal.agilent. 36 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. Cell Counting Chambers Eliminate the concerns of cleaning. All flasks are 100% pressure tested for leak-free assurance.or 6-rack options for a maximum of 360 standard microplates • Delidding function removes and replaces microplate lids as necessary • Able to integrate multiple instruments into a single benchtop system Agilent Technologies www. Samples available. anti-drip necks provide easy access for pipets and scrapers.com www. Your cells will perform with CytoOne® and so will you. and handling fragile glass counting slides. • Features an 8-second transfer time from stack to instrument • Offers 2-. The CytoOne® cell counting chamber is designed for one-time use to guarantee cleanliness and save time. Crystal-clear consistent surfaces provide distortion-free microscopy.perkinelmer. dishes. and pyrogen free and are gamma sterilized. 12-. They are available in three sizes for cell harvesting in a variety of dishes. first-out (FIFO) processing • Equipped for standalone operation or integration with other liquid handling devices PerkinElmer www.com • Accommodates SBS-approved plate types. 384-well plates have molded alphanumerics and raised well rims. resealable zip top bags that protect unused flasks. and flasks are available in the most commonly requested sizes and formats for both adherent and suspension cells.biotek. crystal-clear surfaces for optimum growth and distortionfree microscopy. Non-reversible lids with condensation rings minimize contamination and are vented for improved gas exchange.com/CytoOne. Unique support tabs reduce surface contact when lids are set aside or propped open. Easy open zip top sleeves let you reseal and protect unused flasks.moldev. 6-.com www.536-. 4. or 24-well plates or dishes. 1. RNase. Class 100 production. DNA. Gripping aids on plates and dishes promote secure handling.com www.com www. Counting chambers have integrated cover slips for error-free filling.

and fluorescence polarization).” each market. To provide multi-parameter assays. Marina Pekelis. Thirty percent of readers use monochromators. offers only absorbance-based readers to serve the large and Read What you Want When You Want with the SpectraMax® Paradigm® Multi-Mode Microplate Reader The patent-pending SpectraMax Paradigm Platform is the only multi-mode detection platform on the market today that allows users to upgrade the functionality of their instrument directly—no service call. Many researchers are investigating multiplexed assays. which is suitable for both singlepoint and kinetic assays. Filters are selective for excitation and emission light. throughput). hybrid systems constitute the best of both worlds. “Users don’t want to spend a lot of time figuring out an instrument when all they want to do is protein detection. lead identification. provides better data quality. Multiplexing saves time. which is slow but more reliable. they can detect only one wavelength per well. http://www. users value flexibility. Absorbance and fluorescence intensity are the most widely used detection techniques. absorbance readers can analyze one well at a time. additional photomultiplier tubes for reading two wavelengths simultaneously (useful in FRET. Bio-Plex. as well as 1536 and 3456-well microplate compatibility to support high-through screening. AlphaScreen. CA). absorbance. products IN ActIoN ENABlING TEcHNoloGY for HIGH-THrouGHput AssAYs Flexibility (available detection modes). This unmatched flexibility provides a platform that can easily be adapted to meet constantly evolving application needs and ever advancing detection technologies while accommodating most budgets. and sensitivity. although the order of preference may differ for afford flexibility. performance. product manager at BioTek (Wingrowing market for ELISA assays. Upgrading is as easy as selecting from over 20 mix-and-match detection cartridges and inserting them into one or more of 12 instrument slots. or use a detector array that reads an entire row on the plate at once. putting high-performance multi-detection capabilities into the hands of any life science researcher. Bio-Rad Laboratories (Hercules. Like MPRs with multiple detection modes. time-resolved fluorescence (TRF). where more than one assay is performed in the same well. while the optics determine spectral selectivity. With multiple detection modes. and ensures that all assays are conducted under identical conditions. chargecoupled device cameras for imaging portions of plates or whole plates. add-on functionality. wavelength scanning. In this mode reader. According to Xavier Amouretti.LIfE ScIENcE MIcroplAtE REAdErs From basic research to high-throughput screening. fluorescence. “Absorbance readers are popular due to their ease of use and intuitiveness. senior product manager. A single cartridge can be changed in less than 2 minutes—the instrument can be fully reconfigured in 10 to 20 minutes. however.000. and luminescence. performance (sensitivity. and lower operating costs.” says Pekelis. as the “workhorse” detection mode for Microplate Readers. sample throughput. including AlphaScreen® and HTRF®. Other desirable features include a full complement of detection modes.html 38 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. which tune in excitation and emission wavelengths through diffraction gratings controlled by the instrument software. Sunnyvale. and cost are prime considerations in microplate reader selection. and application-specific light sources such as pulsed lasers.” Price is another positive: simple desktop absorbance MPRs cost less than $10. and currently offers two models: the F3 with absorbance.com “Absorbance readers are… the most economical way to perform ELISA assays. fluorescence polarization. But this requires the reader to have good performance across a number of detection modes. the SpectraMax Paradigm Reader is also ideal for assay development. TR-FRET.labmanager. Bio-Rad licensed the Luminex xMAP bead-based assay technology and turned it into a proprietary product. Experiments are run in 96-well plates. Detection modes include top. Detection modes define the instrument’s experimental capabilities. while monochromators ooski.and bottom-read fluorescence. Approximately 10 percent of readers are hybrid systems incorporating both monochromators and filters.moldev. and are by far the most economical way to perform ELISA assays.com/Products/Instruments/Microplate-Readers/Multi-Mode-Readers. so two are required. and detection occurs through flow cytometry. VT). constituting more than half of all applications.moleculardevices. 1311 Orleans Drive. and luminescence detection modes and the F5 with those same modes plus fluorescence polarization and time resolved fluorescence modes. time-resolved fluorescence energy transfer (TRFRET). This unique filter-based platform delivers unmatched assay performance across a broad range of life science applications. no factory shipment. Amouretti notes. system software will automatically calculate an average well reading and generate statistics. CA 94089-1136 USA Phone: 1 408 747 1700 | Fax: 1 408 747 3601 Toll Free: 1 800 635 5577 www. Filters provide the highest sensitivity and read speed. describes absorbance. and upgrade capability.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 39 . and lead optimization. advanced optics. Molecular Devices’ expanding multi-mode microplate readers has you covered. Unmatched Assay Performance is Now Within the Reach of any Life Science Laboratory with the FilterMax™ F3 & F5 Multi-Mode Readers The patented FilterMax F series Readers deliver a unique combination of value.

TRF. One instrument-related issue that still concerns analysts is temperature.com www.beckman.perkinelmer.biotek. Each of the steps involves specific reagents that are general for all PCR experiments: TRIS or Anthos 2010 • Includes four filters that cover wavelengths for most common absorbance assays • A choice of software packages enables the user to connect to a PC and run both endpoint and kinetic assays with ease • Single or dual wavelength measurements plus kinetic measurements maximize analysis options Chameleon V • Both radiometric and non-radiometric assays can be carried out with ease • Seven measurement technologies are available.douglasscientific. environmental scientists detected the presence of Asian carp in the Great Lakes— not by capturing a fish.and 3.com www. PCR amplifies specific segments of genes so accurately that an early National Institutes of Health These steps repeat 30 or 40 times in a thermocyling instrument.” 40 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www.turnerbiosystems.co. magnesium chloride (necessary for enzyme activity) and the dNTPs. Primers and templates are unique for every amplification.com www. • Elongation: Addition of an enzyme. • Annealing: Cooling the sample in the presence of an “antisense” (or complementary) DNA sequence.com www.thermoscientific. Since the patents on Taq polymerase expired. the concentration of the template in the sample. Mason of Agilent. Understanding PCR reagents requires a bit of knowledge about the reaction itself. Purchase decisions for PCR reagents are based on performance (speed of analysis. such as fluorescence intensity • Capable of reading Microtiter plates from 6 to 384 wells • Includes MikroWin Lite 2000 instrument control software LabLogic Systems www. president of Lucigen (Middleton. one for each strand separated in the first step).bio-rad. which are building blocks for the new DNA copies. some other buffer.com www.456-well plate format • High-speed detection Synergy™ H1 Hybrid XEroXING GENEs www. who believes that instrumentation is “lagging behind” reagents in terms of speed and quantity of DNA produced. The steps involved in PCR are: • Denaturation: Heating the sample to separate the target DNA’s double helix into individual strands. beer brewers use PCR to uncover bacterial contamination in their process. but “these days temperature cycling instruments have fairly similar performance characteristics and should not be a factor in reagent selection.” Recently. known as a primer (there are two primers. The debut of “real-time” or “quantitative” PCR (qPCR) allows investigators to quantify the number of copies made and.com Within a decade of its discovery in 1983.com • Monochromator-based reader for UV-Vis absorbance.LIfE ScIENcE MIcroplAtE REAdErs PCR REAGENts LIfE ScIENcE REcENtlY RElEAsEd MICROpLAtE READERs SpectraMax® Paradigm® • Easily upgrade instrument functionality in < 2 minutes • Excellent sensitivity and performance • Up to 1. polymerase chain reaction (PCR) evolved into one of biology’s most useful tools. “The wrong temperature can cause amplification of the wrong DNA segment.. but by amplifying their genes with PCR. PCR is used routinely in dozens of approved medical tests in diagnostic labs and physician offices.moleculardevices.com www.com “PCR reagents are sold individually or as ‘master mixes. PCR may also be used at relatively large scale to manufacture genes for gene therapy or vaccine work. “Screening experiments don’t have to be as precise as quantitation.com www.com www. Each step doubles the quantity of DNA produced. WI). Instruments used to play a role in choice of reagents.biotek. polymerase. particularly with multiplexing (several samples in one run) becoming more common.uk MICROpLAtE READER MANUFACTURERS Applied Biosystems Beckman Coulter Berthold Technologies Biochrom Bio-Rad BioTek Instrutments BMG Labtech Douglas Scientific Molecular Devices PerkinElmer Tecan Thermo Fisher Scientific Turner Biosystems www.tecan-us. Denaturation takes place in specialized buffers.appliedbiosystems.’” publication dubbed the technique “Xeroxing DNA. Specialized experiments may require reaching precise temperatures for exact times.berthold.” The separate purchase route allows end users to fine-tune PCR reactions with favored (or less expensive) reagents. enzyme.bmglabtech.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 41 .moldev.536. TR-FRET and BRET assays BioTek Molecular Devices www.com www. top/ bottom fluorescence and luminescence assays can be upgraded to a “hybrid” reader with the addition of a highperformance filter module • Independent filter module with dichroic mirrors supports FP. PCR reagents are sold individually or as “master mixes. Ph. and by millions of scientists worldwide.com www. says Jeff Biochrom www. It depends on what you’re trying to achieve with a particular amplification. resulting in downward price pressures. Similarly. that builds the new DNA strands.D.” notes Ms.biochrom.” Today.com www. vendors have been free to develop and sell their own versions. by backtracking. and deoxynucleotide triphosphates (dNTPs).com www. but this requires a fair degree of expertise.com GET A BETTER REACTION Williams.biochrom-us.labmanager.lablogic. fidelity of DNA-copying) and price.

SPEX CeriPrep’s new line of Pure and UltraPure Fusion Fluxes are available in a wide variety of compositions for the most popular fusion methods. sulfides.labnetlink.com Agilent Technologies Stratagene Products www. Fluxes containing additives are pre-fused for better accuracy.finnzymes.sabiosciences.finnzymes.com www.com qPCR Reagents Brilliant III • Novel fast Taq mutant for qPCR results in under 35 minutes • Deliver qPCR results in about 40 minutes • Optimized fast cycling formulation ensures reliable and reproducible data with shorter run times • Convenient pre-blended formulations compatible with any sequence-specific probe detection chemistry Agilent Technologies www.com Invitrogen Labnet International Lucigen Promega Sigma-Aldrich SPEX CertiPrep www. 203 Norcross Ave.appliedbiosystems.com New England Biolabs www.com www.com Ambion AnaSpec Applied Biosystems Bio-Rad Bulldog Bio EMD Chemicals Finnzymes GFS Chemicals www.labmanager.spexcsp.998% pure. These fluxes are made from a “Micro Bead” formula that ensures the same ratio of components is in each bead. AA.gfschemicals. this mixture is heated until the flux melts and the sample dissolves in it.com www. No purchase necessary.com www. also receive a free SPEXFusionFlux Scoop! qPCR Master Mixes USB® VeriQuest™ • Includes dUTP and uracil DNA glycosylase (UDG) • Features ROX compatibility with all ABI and Stratagene instruments • Includes chemically modified VeriQuest Taq DNA Polymerase in a proprietary reaction buffer qPCR Reagents SsoFast Probes Supermix • Enables researchers using fluorogenic probes to enhance the speed.LIfE ScIENcE PCR REAGENts SPEX CertiPrep® products IN ActIoN REcENtlY RElEAsEd PCR REAgENts qPCR Kits for SYBR® Green and Probe Chemistries DyNAmo™ ColorFlash • 2x Master Mix contains a blue dye. SPEX CertiPrep has been in business for over half a century.anaspec. Our Micro Bead formula ensures consistent component ratios while eliminating harmful dust and decreasing weighing time. The samples are (if necessary) pulverized and mixed with a flux.bio-rad.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 43 .com PCR REAgENt MANUFACTURERS Affymetrix/USB www.ambion.neb. take advantage of quantity discounts for orders of 10 or more kilograms. yielding a clear.sial. Metuchen.com www. For a limited time only. and a separate sample buffer contains a yellow dye • qPCR reaction mix containing both components is green • The dyes do not affect the specificity or sensitivity of qPCR assays Finnzymes www.com www.com www.com www.com www. thus maintaining a high level of consistency and quality.com SPEX CertiPrep has introduced a new line of Pure and Ultra-Pure Fusion Fluxes and Additives. ferroalloys. Both lines are of a high purity.agilent. Contact us today to request a free sample of the SPEX CertiPrep Fusion Flux of your choice.us www.affymetrix.com Roche Applied Science www. Every SPEX CertiPrep Fusion Flux product comes with a Certificate of Analysis stating impurity values.lucigen. fluorides. NJ 08840 Phone: 1-800-LAB-SPEX Fax: 732-603-9647 E-mail: crmsales@spexcsp. Our highly standardized manufacturing process produces identical batches with no appreciable lot to lot variations.promega. Custom Fusion Flux mixes are available upon request. ICP.stratagene.com Fusion is an extremely effective method to prepare oxides.emdchemicals.com SABiosciences A QIAGEN Company www. etc.invitrogen.bio-rad. The melt can be cast as a glass disc for XRF or dissolved in dilute acids for analysis in solution form.com www. This new formula has no harmful dust to clog your instruments which also reduces weighing times. homogeneous melt. In many cases fusion fluxing is simpler and the analytical results more accurate than if the sample was prepared by conventional acid dissolution or pressed powder methods.com www. SPEX CertiPrep Fusion Flux is made by the leading manufacturer of Certified Reference Materials. reliability and sensitivity of their qPCR experiments • Yields fast duplex qPCR results in 30 minutes or less • Fully compatible with universal cycling conditions and a wide range of primer/probe concentrations without requiring additional optimization Bio-Rad www. Also. DCP.com 42 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www.com Affymetrix/USB www.roche-applied-science. and other metals for analysis by XRF. with the Ultra-Pure line being the purest on the market at 99.affymetrix.bulldog-bio.spexcsp.com www.

Some vendors offer lentivirus transfection reagents that provide long-term. Vendors also offer peptide-based reagents. RNAi may eventually have greater impact on biology than polymerase chain reaction (PCR).com www.bio-rad.sigmaaldrich.com www.LIfE ScIENcE RNAi REAGENts REcENtlY RElEAsEd RNAi REAgENts BLOCK-iT™ RNA interference (RNAi) uses short strands of synthetic ribonucleic acid (RNA) to silence or “knock down” genes implicated in certain phenotypes—most commonly (but not limited to) diseases. Users can monitor the progress of their knockdown by performing a before-and-after Western blot to determine if the protein coded by the putative knockdown gene is still being produced. Success with one sequence. into the location of the target gene.spexcsp.luminexcorp.com www. shRNA may also be introduced into cells via a virus transfection agent.com www.idtdna. Ph. • Uses the cell’s own mechanism for uptake to avoid toxicity and immune response often observed with other reagents • Works through a mechanism distinct from cationic lipids • Can be used to deliver dsRNAs to most cell lines.bio-rad.com 44 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. naturally occurring RNA according to standard base-pairing rules. are usually between 20 and 25 nucleotides in length. but 20 to 25 nucleotide lengths are ideal for entry into RISC complexes. Delivering interfering RNA into whole organisms (vs. Vendors usually guarantee that a certain percentage of multiple knockdown constructs they sell for a particular target RNA will succeed. and then getting it to bind to and inactivate the target. Reagents consist principally of the interfering RNA construct and a transfection agent for introducing the RNA into cells. The main obstacle is introducing the interfering RNA sequence into the cell. eventually. which means the target cells can incorporate the silencing agent into their genome and pass it on to offspring. Longer constructs could theoretically work better since they cover a greater fraction of the target gene.com www. Dharmacon www. but the potential rewards are also high. which induces an undesirable interferon response.com www. and cell does not guarantee success when one variable changes.com www. Louis. larger genes tend to be recognized by cells as viruses. including primary cells and ES cells Integrated DNA Technologies www.com RNAi REAgENt MANUFACTURERS Ambion AMSBIO Bio-Rad Bio-Synthesis Integrated DNA Technologies Invitrogen Luminex Corporation Promega Sigma-Aldrich SPEX CertiPrep Taconic Thermo Fisher Scientific. Furthermore. “shRNA is absolutely needed when the phenotype takes longer than about two weeks to develop.com • Enables easy generation of a large number of siRNAs from full-length target genes • Allows the user to quickly produce multiple siRNA species against target mRNA • Contains everything required for preparing double stranded RNA from target gene(s). The “interference” occurs when interfering strands bind to complementary.com www.com Transductin™ Peptide Delivery System for dsRNA “Approximately 75 percent of the RNAi reagent market uses siRNA. RNAi works by silencing RNA. senior manager of market development at Invitrogen (Carlsbad. Both reagent types bind to complimentary sequences on genes. according to Chris Cunning. dsRNA cleavage.com siLentFect™ Lipid Reagent for RNAi • Consists of a proprietary cationic compound and a co-lipid • Low volumes of lipid required per transfection help to minimize cell stress • Offers excellent performance at culture densities between 50 and 90% and in the presence or absence of serum-containing medium Turbo Dicer siRNA Generation Kit Bio-Rad www.promega. Approximately 75 percent of the RNAi reagent market uses siRNA. Whole-organism or whole-tissue knockdowns would provide new opportunities in drug testing and.amsbio. interfering RNA species Complete Dicer RNAi Kit • Provides an easy alternative to using synthetic short RNA oligonucleotides for RNAi experiments • Includes an siRNA purification module specifically developed to isolate pure siRNA from the Dicer reaction • Provides an effective way to screen as many as five genes in a mammalian model Invitrogen www.dharmacon.” says Steven Suchyta of Sigma-Aldrich (St. which is the immediate precursor of proteins implicated in the phenotype of interest.idtdna.. Unlike antisense technology. CA).com www. Length is a critical attribute of siRNA and shRNA reagents. transfection agent.amsbio.” RNA (shRNA). which operates on DNA. siRNA cleanup and transfection AMSBIO www. MO). cells) presents even greater challenges.ambion.invitrogen. for human therapy.com www. In nature.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 45 . although RNAi can be considered more complex than PCR. The most commonly used interfering RNAs are the short (19 to about 25 nucleotides) interfering RNAs (siRNAs) and short hairpin ENABlErs of tHE BrAVE NEw World of RNA INtErfErENcE shRNA reagents are introduced in plasmid format.com www.invitrogen. stable knockdown in almost any mammalian cell.labmanager.biosyn. Reagent companies sell RNAi reagents as “virtual kits” consisting of the shRNA or siRNA sequences and an appropriate transfection reagent.D.taconic.

” has.” analytical balance with accuracy. including statistical analysis and checkweighing [for determining that a piece falls within a specified mass range]. Ciesniewski says. ComplEX PurcHAsING DEcIsIoNs Analytical balances use enclosed weigh pans and come in two basic varieties: microbalances (accurate to 1 μg) and semi-microbalances (10 μg). OH). Inc “Customers with unique weighing needs often find that preloaded pro- Application limits Purchase factors Some experts believe the choice of analytical balance is relatively straightforward. and a few other features.BAsIc lAB ANAlYtIcAl BAlANcEs StrAIGHtforwArd. batch or users. built-in applications. pricing. plus number of features. Compensating physical weights were replaced long ago by strain gauges and frequencymodulated force measurement in low-end balances. he says. This berger. statistical analyses and other straightforward calculations. “Microsoft Excel has tremendous capability for handling weighing operations.com/weights © 2010 Rice Lake Weighing Systems 46 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. touch-screen operation.” Mary Anderson. are “ergonomic and productivity” features such as the ability to enter data on sample identity. These packages. density calculations. add an additional level of complexity for users. grams fall short. communication and software capabilities. directing data into familiar computing environments and applications.. Users can expect to pay anywhere from $2. “Users always want an application to do one thing more than it can. According to Ryan Titmas. for pharmaceuticals). multiple interface options for open-architecture connectivity. VP at Sartorius Mechatronics America (Bohemia. followed by calibration capabilities (internal or external) and interface/data features. plus number of features. Additional features include color and/ or touch screens. in turn. This will minimize out-of-tolerances and avoid the dreaded ‘do not use’ notice. Like many other instrument types. “ Thank you Rice Lake! “Maybe you could rate your customer service levels at a 10 rather than a 5.” Other factors to consider.ricelake. color screens. results from balances’ limited memory and data processing capabilities. A four-day turn-over rate is phenomenal and your team of customer service and calibration techs are great to work with. “Most users take the middle road and choose a solid “… the price of a balance is a function of its capacity (maximum weight handled) to readability (resolution) ratio. Wildberger says. for example Microsoft Windows spreadsheets. which can cause both acute and long-term problems. I am pleased to say that I have never worked with an organization that is so helpful and knowledgeable about product. the price of a balance is a function of its capacity (maximum weight handled) to readability (resolution) ratio. product coordinator at Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (Columbia.000 for an analytical balance. better repeatability. DiaSorin.labmanager.g. And in the experience of Ryan Titmas of Sartorius. “Repeatability is adversely affected by changes in the laboratory environment. and from this figure define the required precision (repeatability). and overall service.” The problem. belongs to [instruments] that act as sensors or input devices. the decision tree reduces to instrument capacity and resolution (“the first criteria”). Wildberger argues. speed. balances have come to rely heavily on electronics. led to the emergence of “wedge” software packages that interface the instrument to the lab’s information backbone to provide automated data entry and other functions. “We recommend selecting a balance that is better than required by a safety factor of two or three. The future. Modern balances come equipped with built-in applications for piece counting. technical director at Mettler Toledo (Columbus. NY).000 to $8. and maintenance/ calibration requirements. recommends that users first generate a “design qualification” that accounts for the acceptable weighing uncertainty. and a higher validation burden for labs operating in regulated industries.” he says.com . hands-free operation. and by electromagnetic force compensation in higher-end analytical instruments. MD). and regulatory compliance (e. For Steve Wild- USA 800-472-6703 · www.” says Steve Wildberger. faster microprocessors and stability times.” But Ian Ciesniewski.

scientech-inc. surplus.radwagusa. preowned lab equipment.intelligentwt.mt.sartorius-mechatronics.ssi.BAsIc lAB ANAlYtIcAl BAlANcEs REcENtlY RElEAsEd ANALytICAL BALANCEs PW TA Series • Measures to 0.com www.com www.com www.com • Complete product bundles consist of an Excellence XP/XS balance.com www.com • Features mono-metal Tuning-fork Sensor Technology • Includes internal calibration and RS-232C interface • Includes an anti-electrostatic 360° transparent windshield • Large back-lit 16. shortening the time to prepare a standard solution from 15 minutes to less than four • The complete solution can be customized to meet individual process requirements One Click™ Weighing Solution fi nd amazing buys! Register today to run ads.labx. percentage and comparison weighing Adam Equipment www.1 mg • Bi-directional RS-232 interface enables data transfer from the balance to computers or printers • Features solid.adamequipment.com 48 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 BUY & SELL EQUIPMENT • ONLINE AUCTIONS NEW PRODUCT INTRODUCTIONS • GREAT DEALS . or contact buyers and sellers.com XA/Y Series • Includes a spacious weighing chamber with an automatic opening function • Indicator can detach from weighing chamber.com www.shimadzu. Visit LabX today and get the product you’ve always wanted NOW! Mettler Toledo www.5 mm LCD screen displays 8 digits Rice Lake Weighing Systems www. bid in LabAuctions.7-inch touch panel color display RADWAG www.ricelake.denverinstrumentusa.com www.com www.labmanager.adamequipment. corresponding accessories and LabX 2010 software • One Click performs all calculations and documentation automatically.com ANALytICAL BALANCE MANUFACTURERS A and D Weighing Adam Equipment Denver Instrument Fulcrum Gram Precision Intelligent Weighing Technology Mettler Toledo Ohaus Corporation RADWAG Rice Lake Weighing Sartorius Scientech Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Thermo Fisher Scientific UDY Corporation www.com www.andweighing. LabX showcases over 190.radwag.ohaus.fulcruminc.fishersci.com www.com www.gramprecision.000 listings of new.mt. triggered by time flow or temperature conditions • Includes a 5.com www.com www.net www.ricelake. durable metal construction and internal motorized calibration • Built-in applications include density.com www.com www. to reduce the risk of shocks and vibrations • Features internal calibration. and supplies.udyone.com www.

Fume hoods pull air over the work item and into the environment through a vent. A distinguishing component of BSCs is their use of high-efficiency particle air (HEPA) filters. as no third-party organizations provide energy-efficiency ratings for cabinets.5 percent and 99. which provide the highest level of protection to workers and samples. Otherwise. but half of them should never have been installed. NC). Additionally. unlike other laboratory products. please visit: www. which Phillips describes as “complex… and 10 times trickier to run” than Class II A2 cabinets. For more information. architects assume a B cabinet is always better because it’s more expensive or because the letter ‘B’ comes after ‘A’ in the alphabet.O. The Baker FlexAIR technology combines the security of a traditional canopy (or thimble) exhaust connection with the lower exhaust flows of a traditional hard exhaust connection. B1 and B2.bakerco. most laboratories automatically specify the use of Class II B2 cabinets. With a FlexAIR canopy exhaust connection (CEC).bakerco. Users would be much better served by canopied A2 cabinets.99 percent of airborne particles. Baker’s FlexAIR works by utilizing dynamic front and side panels that open or close depending upon the variances in exhaust flow rate.” admits Phillips. Oldermodel BSCs were energy hogs. “B cabinets cost a lot of money and use a lot of energy. Class II A2 cabinets are by far the most common BSCs in use today. defined the term ‘minute’ quantitatively.” Jim Hunter. without sacrificing safety and performance. vertical. The main differentiator between Class I and Class II BSCs is that Class II cabinets employ a HEPA-filtered. unidirectional airflow within the work area.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 51 . Not Your DAddY’s FumE Hood are reserved for highly contagious or virulent biological samples.com P.labmanager. “But nobody has “…no third-party organizations provide energy-efficiency ratings for cabinets. comprising about 95 percent of installations. An ongoing controversy for specifying certain Class II cabinet types involves NSF Standard 49. Class II cabinets represent a broad category. To satisfy whatever that requirement might be. ME 04073 (207) 324-8773 • (800) 992-2537 Fax: (207) 324-3869 www. All too often they simply override a customer’s decision on which type of cabinet to purchase. which states that Class II A2 and B2 cabinets are designed to handle “minute” amounts of toxic chemicals and radionuclides.97 percent of particles larger than 3 microns.com 50 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. “Unfortunately. purchasers of BSCs must perform their own due diligence. who works on the NSF joint committee that determines BSC specifications. and to err on the side of caution. Class III BSCs. or at least 99. only the minimum amount of air necessary to achieve cabinet exhaust containment is used. The Baker Company’s FlexAIR® Canopy Exhaust Connection Saves Energy and Provides Safer BSC Performance The Baker Company’s FlexAIR canopy exhaust connection offers significant energy and cost savings to the laboratory. Sanford.BAsIc lAB BIoloGIcAl SAfEtY CABINEts products IN ActIoN BSCs are distinct from other safety enclosures.” An improvement in operating costs and eco-friendliness is energy consumption. the associated costs are simply not worth it. according to David Phillips. Drawer E. technical applications specialist at Thermo Scientific (Asheville. with varying capabilities that are further subdivided into categories A1. but today’s units are downright miserly. which scrub effluent between 99.” Class I BSCs protect personnel and the environment only. safety for both the product and personnel exceed NSF standards even when the building’s exhaust system fails. isotopes or anticancer drugs that they don’t want coming back into the lab. protecting both users and samples through an airtight barrier. senior project engineer at Labconco (Kansas City.” says Hunter. “A lot of people get stuck with B2s.). suggests using B-type cabinets in situations where workers are consistently working with volatile toxic agents. Samples are vulnerable because workspace air is swept over them before filtration and venting. MO. Adding a FlexAIR CEC reduces the amount of exhaust required to operate a biological safety cabinet by up to 18%. whereas controlled atmosphere glove boxes are completely enclosed. A2. However.

com • Uses dual ULPA filters with 99.com .escocorp.microzone.aircleansystems.bakerco.labmanager.captair.com Thermo Fisher Scientific www.terrauniversal.com 52 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www.com Labconco Microzone Misonix NuAire Sentry Air Systems Terra Universal The Baker Company www.com www.hemcocorp.com LabGard ES (Energy Saver) Thermo Fisher Scientific www.com www.nuaire.flowsciences.com www.sentryair. minimize vibration and lower noise output • Includes HEPEX Zero Leak Airflow System to ensure uniform airflow and proper filter loading • Made of 16 gauge type 304 stainless steel as a single piece shell.1 to 0.com www. eliminating leaks • Choice of three control panel options.com www.germfree.erlab.com 1300 Series A2 BSC • Uses a smaller aperture to extend the life of the HEPA filters by 20 percent • SmartFlow™ airflow compensation system maintains a safe environment for the user • Low airflow requirements can reduce noise levels to as low as 62 dB(A) • Requires only 180 watts to operate • Features DC/ECM motor to consume less energy.999% efficiency for particle sizes between 0.air-science.nuaire.com www.com BIOlOGICAl SAFETY CAbINET MANUFACTURERS Air Science USA AirClean Systems Captair Erlab ESCO Flow Sciences Germfree HEMCO www.labconco. all with TouchLink LCD touch screen controls NuAire www.com www.misonix.bASIC LAb BIOLOGICAL SAFETY CAbINETS RECENTLY RELEASED BIOlOGICAl SAFETY CAbINETs Purifier® Cell Logic® Labculture • Scope-Ready™ feature allows a customer-supplied microscope to be integrated into the cabinet • Pure-Vu™ Seal allows a clear view into the cabinet • Features a Stand-Still Isolation Platform which reduces vibration up to 300% • Temp-Zone™ option keeps heated or chilled samples at their ideal temperatures Labconco www.escoglobal.com www.com www.labconco.thermoscientific.3 microns • Features a raised airflow grille to maintain safety by preventing blockage • Features a frameless sash for easy cleaning • ISOCIDE™ antimicrobial coating on all surfaces minimizes contamination ESCO www.com www.com www.thermoscientific.com www.com www.

The first mode is used to control the temperature and mixing control for a set or unlimited period of time.labmanager. The H-C Mixer offers three programmable operation modes with up to ten programmable settings per mode. All points on the surface move in the same fashion. The principal application of shakers is for growing yeast. From denaturing DNA. with labware of any shape and size. and accommodates sample volumes of up to 250 microliters. pizza oven style. out of the box. With the shaking feature off. “Customers frequently choose models based on how much space they require. should be automation-friendly. The user-friendly control interface and 10 programmable settings per operation mode and will contribute to an increase in productivity of daily sample preparation and laboratory procedures. rotates at up to 1. microplate shakers operate at variable. ease of use.bASIC LAb BIOLOGICAL SHAKERS & STIRRERS PrODUCTS IN ACTION ESSENTIAL TOOLS AT MACrO SCALE. Boekel Scientific Heat/ Cool Thermal Mixer The H-C Mixer offers both mixing and temperature control that can be applied to a wide range of laboratory applications. Ph. It’s highly desirable to be able to stack shakers. Labware flexibility is particularly critical for shared instruments. cells. and hightemperature instruments operate at up to 100ºC. A typical microplate shaker handles all common plate densities. programmability and footprint. Shaker flasks are similar in design to Erlenmeyer flasks but may have a baffled bottom to promote mixing. 855 Pennsylvania Blvd. The H-C Mixer is well suited for many controlled temperature mixing applications in the life science laboratory. they also help emulsify liquid-liquid and solid-liquid mixtures. Engineering issues come into play for mixing very small samples. but some models offer refrigeration.. Feasterville. or mammalian cells in specialized containers known as shaker bottles.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 55 . PA 19053 Phone 800-336-6929 www. the H-C Mixer allows multiple user functionality while minimizing the time requirement to reprogram end user protocols. This functional programmability offers researchers the ability to program the mixer for controlled and reproducible enzyme reactions or denaturation protocols. Calif. the precision temperature control and mixing function will provide an efficient and reproducible solution for many sample preparation protocols. Shaking promotes the growth of cells and microorganisms by improving aeration and oxygen transfer and by promoting more efficient mixing of cells with food and nutrients. product manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific (Vernon Hills. Shakers consist of a motor attached to a flat surface.” Like their large-scale counterparts. which generally includes a microplate handler. The second mode allows the researcher to control the temperature of a sample with a mix/pause function that can be programmed to control the length of time that the samples are mixed and paused for a controlled period of time.) Choosing a shaker comes down to such features as heating/cooling capability. The third mode allows the researcher to program a set temperature and mixing speed for a controlled period of time and then change to a second set temperature and mixing speed for a second controlled period of time. With research budgets tight and lab space even tighter. like other components in a microplate-handling system. product manager at ForteBio (Menlo Park. orbital vs. Microplate shakers 54 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. An efficient shaker can also reduce the time by half for assays that depend on rapid agitation. to Plasmid purification and Enzyme reactions. In addition to the controlled temperature mixing function. as the fluid’s low mass causes it to adhere to surfaces. Essential integration features include a spring lock to retain the plate against the shaking surface and a robotfriendly lock/unlock mechanism.500 rpm. shaking speed. “Plate shakers. “Orbital shakers can accept vessels of almost any size or shape. Microplate shakers facilitate chemical and mechanical cell lysis and the homogenization of inert samples.” notes Janet O’Bryan. as well as trays for staining and destaining electrophoresis gels. Ill. With the ability to program up to ten user settings per mode. The H-C mixer is the ideal instrument when preparing samples for various life science applications. user-specified speeds and employ mechanical agitation—rocking or circular (orbital) movement—to mix components within microplate wells. capacity.D. Biological shakers generally operate at temperatures between ambient and 37ºC.” notes Dr. reciprocating motion. As sample volume decreases. with fasteners for securing labware whose contents require mixing.com “Customers frequently choose models based on how much space they require. Kumaraswamy. groups or departments are increasingly sharing shakers. AUTOmATION FrIENDLY FOr MINIATUrIZED ASSAYS Biological shakers are used to agitate a collection of biological samples simultaneously. or cell components. from Erlenmeyer flasks to test tubes and vials. The H-C Mixer has advanced temperature control from 18°C below ambient temperature to 99°C and accommodates a variety of Micro tube and Plate configurations. users can control the temperature from 18°C below ambient temperature to 99°C while preparing samples. Customers also value ease of use—the ability to utilize shakers fully.boekelsci.” O’Bryan said.). mixing efficiently becomes an engineering problem. and keep them in a shared equipment room. Plate shakers become the “slow step” in high-throughput workflows unless they are interoperable within a larger microtiter plate-handling environment. says Sriram Kumaraswamy. With the addition of the programmable mixing control users can control the mixing function from 250-1400 rpm’s allowing for a very gentle or vigorous mixing function. bacteria. either back and forth (reciprocal shakers) or in a circular motion (orbital shakers). the H-C Mixer also offers the additional functionality of programmable mix-pause operation and programmable timed temperature modes. RNA or Proteins.

25” plate with a 4-liter load capacity.1°C from 30°C to 40°C in incubated models • Features acceleration-deceleration circuit to prevent sudden starts and stops • Temperature-controlled models include thermostat fail-safe.biocold. or zero out any additional overhead torque created by the mixing paddle and chuck before mixing starts Caframo www.caframo. 8.eberbachlabtools.com www.com www.slscience.labnics.com 56 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www.troemner.eppendorfna.com www.proscientific.com Yamato Scientific America www.com www.torreypinesscientific.com/labmanager BIOLOGICAL SHAKER & STIRRER MANUFACTURERS Bel-Art Products BioCold Boekel Scientific Caframo Eberbach Grant Instruments Heidolph IKA Works Jeio Tech Kinematica Labnet International www.com/eng Zero Torque Overhead Stirrer BDC Series • Redesign of the BDC1850.com www. shutting off heaters if high limit is exceeded New Brunswick Scientific www.grantsci. bright VFD readout allows easy monitoring of stirring speed Jeio Tech www.yamato-usa. BDC3030 and BDC6015 hightorque stirrers includes the addition of a zero torque button • Allows the user to zero the torque at any stage of mixing.com www.udyone. beakers.com www.labnetlink.com www.ika. Petri dishes and other vessels Grant Instruments www.heidolph.com www.com www.sartorius-stedim.com www.com Eppendorf North America www.com www.com www.nbsc.com www.com www.nbsc.net www.com www.com Digital Magnetic Stirrers 170/220 mm • Two sizes: 6.com www.com Labnics Equipment Pro Scientific Sartorius Stedim Scientific Industries Silverson Machines Stovall Life Science Thermo Scientific Torrey Pines Scientific Troemner UDY Corporation www.grantsci.jeiotech.silverson.boekelsci.com www.25” plate with a 5-liter load capacity • Supplied with two non-slip silicon plate pads • Wide speed range of 30 to 2.000 rpms • Large.com twitter.scientificindustries.thermo.bASIC LAb BIOLOGICAL SHAKERS & STIRRERS RECENTLY RELEASED BIOLOGICAL SHAKERS & STIRRERS Biological Shakers Innova Series • Feature programmable changes to multiple parameters on a timed basis • Temperature is regulated ±0.labmanager.com www.twitter.com New Brunswick Scientific www.kinematica-inc. reciprocation and vibration mixing functions • Three functions can be set for continuous or timed operation in a single function mode or any combination of all three • A variety of interchangeable platforms accommodate different sized flasks.caframo.belart.jeiotech.com/labmanager .com Platform Shaker PSU-20 • Can be programmed to provide orbital.

rotation angle. PrODUCTS IN ACTION CONTINUUm OF OPTIONS AND FEATUrES FOr HIGhUSE DEVICES Centrifuges are among a select group of laboratory instruments that are as scalable as they are configurable. whisper quiet operation. and provides sample collection options (spin-out is slower but provides a clean pellet). More innovation. This feature comes standard with all refrigerated Eppendorf centrifuges. In the US Tel: 800-645-3050 In CANADA Tel: 800-263-8715 www. Entry-level mini-centrifuges easily fit on a benchtop. Researchers use them to separate DNA. The price “sweet spot” of about $300 for unrefrigerated. “Minis” are used for samples whose components are easily separated by density. computerization. proteins.com Silence | Speed | Simplicity™ “Lab centrifuges tend to be inexpensive compared with other high-use lab instruments. Price was conspicuously absent from the list because lab centrifuges tend to be inexpensive compared with other high-use lab instruments. and 5430 R with the latest innovations in cooling technology.. capacity and versatility you need for all your applications. Most medical and veterinary office centrifuges are of this type. consisting of an enclosed compartment inside which a rotor spins rapidly. speed up to 21. 10 to 50 ml OakRidge tubes.5/2. Michael Rosenblum. your applications and the environment.only 15 inches wide.labmanager.873 x g) for medium throughput needs • The new lab standard Centrifuges 5424 / 5424 R (24-place capacity. Beckman Coulter (Fullerton. The next level up. • 60% less energy consumption with Model 5424 R during precooling to 4°C due to a unique. and cellular components. speed up to 16. intuitive control) . spin tubes of up to about 2 mL and create tens of thousands of g’s. single-speed mini-centrifuges up to about $6. one could argue that all centrifuges exist along a continuum of features that may be mixed and matched. 5424 R. The new Eppendorf line of microcentrifuges consists of • Models 5418 / 5418 R (18-place capacity for 1. for example.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 59 . This already started many years ago when we switched all our refrigerated models to CFC-free refrigerants with zero ozone depletion potential. In fact. Until now. These centrifuges spin rotors for Eppendorf tubes and PCR strips as you would expect from any microcentrifuge.2 to 50ml as well as MTP and PCR plates. In addition to the speed. Fits on your lab bench . It all comes down to your expected application range and the likelihood that the instrument you buy will be flexible enough to meet your needs. Turn off the compressor and let FastTemppro take care of pre-cooling in the morning. speed up to 30.MICROCENTRIFUGATION REDEFINED The Eppendorf approach to product development is—and has always been—about giving you more. 58 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. 8 min precooling of centrifuge and rotor. As a result. which include g-force generated.g. marketing VP at LabNet International (Edison. this has only been possible with large multipurpose centrifuges. we’re able to significantly reduce the overall energy consumption: • Up to 20% improved energy-efficiency compared to predecessor models with optimized motor design and electronic parts (5415 C vs. offers the following considerations when purchasing a lab centrifuge: • What size tubes do you expect to run?  Centrifuge 5430 R (refrigerated): Microcentrifuge with multipurpose capabilities – spins tubes from 0. FastTemppro allows for automated pre-cooling based on pre-programmable time and date. “washing machine” centrifuges that provide up to about 100. Refrigeration is desirable because samples heat up during a long run. • Up to 47% energy savings (overnight) are achieved due to unique ECO shut-off feature that deactivates the compressor after 8 hours of non-use. • Up to 79% lower energy consumption with unique FastTemppro function (Model 5430 R). Vacutainer. we have now reached a level of performance and energy efficiency that defines an entirely new laboratory standard.000 for high-speed. cryo and HPLC vials as well as a swing-bucket rotor for MTP and PCR plates. We couldn’t agree more. contain equally spaced openings into which sample tubes are inserted. patent-pending compressor technology that allows for fast. which can usually be interchanged. speed. Forces generated as the rotor spins cause components in the sample to migrate toward the bottom of the sample tube. compact benchtop centrifuges.130 x g) • Unique cross-over Centrifuges 5430 / 5430 R (30-place capacity. our new Eppendorf microcentrifuges offer unparalleled ergonomic operation (e. NJ). Calif. Basic centrifuge designs are simple. As a commitment to the environment and future generations we constantly look for ways to improve the eco-friendliness of our products. More quality.eppendorf. 20 min run at 16. divides its product line into three basic platforms: benchtop devices operating at up to about 10. sample tube size.” rpm. and others. refrigeration capabilities. refrigerated benchtop instruments covers most applications in the life sciences and other industries. according to weight or density.000 g. These 2 models combine the best features of a microcentrifuge (small footprint) and multipurpose centrifuge (versatility) in one instrument. There are a lot of centrifuges that offer speed and capacity. There are many ways to differentiate centrifuges by type. Individuals who have used benchtop centrifuges that handle sub-milliliter volumes may be surprised to learn that centrifuges— some as large as rooms—are used in industrial processing. 5418.0ml tubes. the new line of Eppendorf microcentrifuges delivers product performance that goes far beyond speed and capacity to benefit you and your work environment. Eppendorf decided to take centrifugation to the next level and offer you features that benefit you. swing-out tube design affects speed and g-force. relatively low speed.000 x g) • Optimized insulation material of rotor chamber improves temperature efficiency. soft-touch lid closures. Reward yourself with an Eppendorf centrifuge.130 x g).).000 • How fast does your sample need to spin to achieve the desired separation? • Is an angled rotor or a swing-out rotor best for your application? • Does your sample require refrigeration? • What is the range of applications you are likely to encounter? Angled vs. superior temperature management for maximum sample protection and the Eppendorf quality you’ve come to expect. With our new line of microcentrifuges. But that’s not all. operate at a single. and ultracentrifuges that deliver in excess of one million g. and cost only a few hundred dollars. Rotors. In a compact size—just over a foot of bench space—Models 5430 and 5430 R also accommodate a fixed-angle rotor for 15/50 ml conical tubes. By equipping our new refrigerated microcentrifuges 5418 R. and features. generate low gravitational (g) forces. Samples will either spin at a fixed angle relative to the rotating axis or “swing out” to perpendicular under centripetal force as the rotor speed increases. Some say that it’s the little things in life that make a difference.bASIC LAb CENTrIFUGES EPPENDORF .

hettichlab.com .helmerinc.midsci.com www.amplescientific. • Thermo Scientific Fiberlite carbon fiber rotors: speed.com • Provides fast separations for samples as small as 175 µl up to 13.jp Eppendorf North America www.com Thermo Scientific centrifuges make your life easier because they’re designed for the way you work.2 ml to 50 ml as well as microplates • Features a maximum speed of 17.tomytech.eppendorfna.com www. versatility and corrosion-resistant design to maximize performance. CENTrIFUGES Do it with one glove tied behind your labcoat. All trademarks are the property of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.com www.thermo.com www.000 rpm • Features infinitely variable refrigeration from -20°C to 40°C • Maximum capacity in swing-out rotor: 4 x 290 ml • Maximum capacity in an angle rotor: 6 x 94 ml iHettich www. visit www. Moving science forward 60 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. With superior performance.com ROTINA 380 R © 2010 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.5 ml • Features speeds up to 150.com Optima MAX-XP • Features a maximum speed of 15.500 rpm • Small footprint – requires only 15 inches of bench space • A refrigerated model is also available • Includes a multi-memory function that allows recall of up to 6 sets of operating conditions • Features a power-saving mode.com www.nbsc.beckman.000 x g • Includes a customizable touch-screen user interface for up to 12 individuals • Includes software that enables users to specfy up to five steps. All rights reserved.com www. which activates after a period of standby • Set temperature of 4°C from ambient temperature of 25°C is reached in about 5 minutes • When temperature inside chamber increases in power saving mode. reliability and rotor support built-in — it’s the little things that are no small matter when it comes to keeping you happy and productive: • Innovative and certified ClickSeal® bucket sealing system: glove-friendly.hettweb. Seal buckets with a simple one-handed snap. • Easy and secure AutoLock® rotor management: exchange rotors in less than 3 seconds with the push of a button.000.thermoscientific. Getting the max out of your centrifuge shouldn’t take extra work.com www. set multiple programs or delay start time Beckman Coulter www.labmanager.bASIC LAb RECENTLY RELEASED CENTrIFuGEs 5430 R KITMAN-T24 • Spins tubes from 0. It’s just one way CENTrIFuGE MANUFACTURERS Ample Scientific Beckman Coulter Eppendorf North America Helmer Hettich Labnet International MidSci New Brunswick Scientific Sartorius Stedim Thermo Fisher Scientific Tomy Tech USA www. To learn more about Thermo Scientific general purpose centrifuges.com/centrifuge Thermo Scientific Sorvall Legend XT centrifuges: Accelerate your research with increased capacity in the same bench space.000 rpm and RCF of more than 1.com www. and its subsidiaries. switching from high capacity to high performance.sartorius-stedim.digital-biology. the system will automatically cool the chamber TOMY www.eppendorfna.com www.co. one-handed snap-on covers replace screw caps and clips.beckmancoulter.com www.labnetlink.

m@buchi. A circulator’s reservoir can be used as a circulating bath. The main disadvantages are difficulty achieving precise temperature control and compressor wear. inventor and innovator of lab instruments based on Evaporation and Vacuum technologies. Thermo Fisher Scientific defines chillers as “refrigerated recirculating liquid cooling system[s] consisting of a compressor. condenser. While less stressful to the chiller mechanism. all in one package. Hot-gas bypass is a sort of compromise.” 19 Lukens Drive.” Chillers cool and maintain temperatures through one of three main methods. Headquartered in New Castle. and automated Kjeldahl products. Luckily.labmanager. Circulators tend to be small. maintains a desired temperature by turning the cooling engine on and off. In addition. providing relative energy-efficiency and long compressor life.” Chillers are technically not the same as circulators. BUCHI Corporation is a proven North American provider of spray dryers for pharmaceutical and food agglomeration and microencapsulation. evaporator. Chiller capacity is specified in tons. process fluid type. 62 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. includes: • F-100 – an entry level model which offers an attractive alternative to chilling with tap water • F-105 – smart control through vacuum controller with a cooling capacity of 500W at 15oC for use with a single rotary evaporator • F-108 – smart control through vacuum controller over a range of -10oC to +25oC with a cooling capacity of 800W at 15oC • F-114 – smart control through vacuum controller over a range of -10oC to +25oC with a cooling capacity of 1400W at 15oC • F-125 – a powerful industrial chiller with a cooling capacity of 2500W at 15oC and an integrated trolley for use with the Rotavapor® R-220 SE industrial rotary evaporator “Recirculating chillers that are not fully integrated with the entire evaporation system waste a lot of energy and generate heat between the distillation runs because they do not shut off automatically. Most lab managers will be put off by the calculations required for sizing a chiller. NIR spectroscopy instruments for pharmaceutical and food Quality Control. and other related laboratory equipment.mybuchi. heater cycling is energy-intensive. heat capacity in BTUs. although they have limited heat removal capability. factors to consider include ambient operating temperature.com www. For over 50 years. Compressor cycling.Buchi. By adding a heater to the return loop. he added. a leading provider of integrated lab-scale evaporation solutions and robust industrial evaporation equipment is proud to announce the launch of an all-new range of recirculating chillers designed to work seamlessly with a rotary evaporator and vacuum controller. operate in a wide temperature range. which connect to the rotary evaporator and can be controlled from the evaporation system’s vacuum controller. This new line of chillers. are simpler in construction. Because it releases heat to the atmosphere. which depends on the heat characteristics of the application.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 63 . DE 19720 USA T 302 652-3000 • F 302 652-8777 stern. while a chiller’s cannot.000 BTUs. Air-cooled chillers require less maintenance than water-cooled units. these new chillers are well suited for cooling applications with Buchi’s parallel evaporation. Suite 400 New Castle. the amount of heat to be dissipated from the process. although the terms are sometimes used interchangeably (and together). chillers must release the heat they absorb through either an air. modular flash chromatography systems. usually by means of a liquid. respectively). In addition to their use with rotary evaporators.bASIC LAb ChILLErS PrODUCTS IN ACTION POrTAbLE COOLING AT ThE POINT OF USE Lab chillers remove heat from one object and transfer it to another. “Buchi’s new F-series chillers actively save energy and reduce heat emissions when integrated with Buchi rotary evaporators and Buchi vacuum controllers“. and provide high temperature stability.5ºC) stability. October 2010 . In this case. a misleading term that implies mass or weight. and temperature controller.000 and 4. and as the supplier of the Rotavapor® products worldwide. Chillers are suitable for larger industrial applications and operate in a relatively narrow temperature range with modest (±0. the compressor remains constantly on. air-cooled condensing works best with large rooms and small chillers. and most important. Chillers are rated by the quantity of heat they can remove per unit of time. A vendor can often help specify a chiller based solely on its intended application. vendors will perform the calculations provided the user knows the general parameters of heat removal required. desired process temperature range. Director of Marketing at BUCHI Corporation. solvent extraction. water-cooled chiller condensers must be maintained periodically because of mineral buildup. Buchi has been known as the market leader. similar to thermostatic temperature control. and consume slightly less power. The F-series chillers provide the final step to a fully integrated evaporation or distillation process.” Tabletop systems used mostly for laboratory processes are referred to as fractional chillers and are available in capacities of onequarter to one-third ton (3. temperature control tolerance. Delaware. Large units in small rooms typically use the water-cooled method. Regardless of the cooling method employed.” remarked Michael Stern. BUCHI Corporation is an affiliate of BUCHI Labortechnik AG (Flawil.or water-cooled condenser. a ton is simply a measure of BUCHI Corporation launches a new line of recirculating chillers “Reduced energy consumption and heat emission through full evaporation system integration. Kjeldahl and solvent extraction equipment for environmental and food analysis. Twelve thousand BTUs equal one “ton. When purchasing a chiller. Switzerland).com “Most lab managers will be put off by the calculations required for sizing a chiller. pump. process fluid pumping volume. but provide much higher heat removal. process fluid supply pressure.

labmanager. drugs. Accurate monitoring of pH during the productions of these types of foods may be mandated by state or federal regulations. centrifuge tubes. Janesville.com www.com/foodsafety/. Call 1-800-356-0783 today to request your 1060+-page catalog.com www. The standard “danger zone” for food is 40º–140º F. Department of Agriculture (USDA) assists agriculture in the production and distribution of high-quality food and fiber commodities. taste and quality of products.com Bead Bath™ CHILLER AND BATH MANUFACTURERS Cincinnati Sub-Zero Boekel Scientific Grant Instruments Julabo Legacy Chiller Systems PolyScience TECA Corporation TEK-TEMP Instruments Thermo Fisher Scientific Torrey Pines Scientific VWR International www. CFR 21.com  Forget the hassle of storage solutions with the IQ 160 Waterproof pH/mV/ Temp/ORP Meter because you can store the stainless steel probe dry! It requires no maintenance and. vials and test tubes • Features a digital display and control of temperature to 1°C • Includes data logger and RS232 interface to control unit by computer or to record data • A variety of over 25 standard sample blocks are available • Four models available: digital and analog controlled Unstirred Baths.0 at 65°C with temperature range of 5°C above ambient to 80°C Lab Armor www.legacychillers.com www.torreypinesscientific. and safety protected Boiling Baths • All models are available in a variety of sizes to meet a wide range of applications • Feature easy-to-clean stainless steel tanks. Find out more about Food Safety topics by visiting www. Created by Lab Safety Supply October 2010 A low pH reading of 4.thermoscientific. but maintaining a proper pH level is also a food safety issue. Safe food production demands incredibly high standards for safety. That is the range when pathogens are most likely to grow.vwrsp. Visit the Lab Safety Supply Food Safety Resource Center (www.com www. Proper pH measurement not only affects the look.com/ foodsafety/) for the products and information essential to meet the challenges of producing first-class food products safely and efficiently.grantsci.labsafety. cosmetics or therapeutic devices.grantsci.com www.labsafety. The government also wants to ensure they have the proper regulations and regulatory agencies in place to protect the American people from any external sources of harm to our food supply.S. there are more than 270 EZFacts® documents available at www.torreypinesscientific. floats and bottleneck weights • Users can safely incubate multi-well plates.labsafety. 503 Food Defense No.com Torrey Pines Scientific www.cszindustrial. Companies are looking at ways to make sure they are protecting their processes and putting out the best products possible. In addition to the resource center.tek-tempinstruments. safely and efficiently. chill or heat samples from -10°C to 110°C in assay plates. The FDA publishes their regulations in the Code of Federal Regulations. maintenance and handling.julabo. many food products are tested to quality-control parameters. There are many facets of food safety and food monitoring to keep every cog in the food machine running smoothly. which naturally hold items in place • No need for racks. 141821. WI 53546-8729 1-800-356-0783 www. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a primary purpose to protect citizens against harmful.com www.labsafety. Monitoring food temperatures assures your product will be the best it can be.bASIC LAb ChILLErS NEW FOOD SAFETY RESOURCE CENTER— NOW AVAILABLE AT LABSAFETY. 506 Who Governs the Food Chain No.com/refinfo. Metal-detectable products provide quality assurance and help you find foreign objects in products before they reach your customers.boekelsci.com www.thermoelectric.5°C at 37°C and ±1. 502 pH Electrodes No. you don’t have to fret over possible breakage. It stands up to harsh use in difficult applications.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 65 .com 401 S.COM Make Lab Safety Supply’s new Food Safety Resource Center your online source for safe food handling information. unsanitary or falsely labeled foods. Temperature measurement is a key parameter. The U. Plastic or metal contaminants getting into a product creates problems both from a health and from a public relations standpoint.labsafety. 500 Metal Detectable in the Food Industry No.6 will prevent the growth of deadly bacteria such as botulism in canned or preserved foods. drain taps and non-drip polycarbonate lids and bases Grant Instruments www.com ThermoFlex 24000 • Newest addition to the NESLAB ThermoFlex series • Features a cooling capacity of 24. including: No.000 watts • Includes water filters that can be changed while the unit is in operation • Features an intuitive user interface for ease of operation Thermo Scientific www. Lab Safety Supply’s Lab Supplies catalog is your best choice for quality lab supplies and equipment to keep your lab running smoothly. Petri dishes and open-top samples • Thermal uniformity is ±0. During production.com www. digital controlled Linear Shaking Baths.com/foodsafety/ today. Ask for No. quality. sanitation.com www.com • Designed for use with proprietary beads. Every lab needs a terrific resource and we’ve got it.polyscience. product information and articles relating to Food Safety. 507 Temperature Measurement Instrumentation PrODUCTS IN ACTION RECENTLY RELEASED ChIllErs AND BATHS EchoTherm™ Model IC20XR Aqua Plus Series • Can freeze. The Food Safety Resource Center features technical information.com www. Wright Rd. 64 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. Lab Safety is devoted to helping you with Food Safety. unlike delicate glass probes.thermoscientific. Food Safety continues to grow as an issue as both internal and external threats to our food supply rise.labarmor. Visit the Food Safety Resource Center today at www.

benchtops. Thompson called the owner to confirm that the application called for it.hemcocorp. clean room casework must fulfill those missions and be environmentally “invisible. so we’re at “… Clean room casework must be environmentally ‘invisible. which is either an architect or a company engineer.com . taller filters. If you can get by with metal casework. and polypropylene.liberty-ind.5 times as expensive as steel or wood casework and just slightly more expensive than stainless steel. remaining a niche product due to its high cost. Cabinets and associated doors. Outside design firms sometimes over specify for casework. wider work surfaces and stainless steel work surfaces NuAire www.com www. and above all resist exposure to liquids and solids processed inside the room. a polypropylene cabinet needs a lot of handling during manufacture—much more than stainless steel… Polypropylene edges are sharp and must be smoothed and de-burred. Polypropylene is about 2. • Certified for Class 10 cleanrooms.com www. “Polypropylene is made from a petroleum product. Polypropylene casework has been around for years. “They didn’t realize how expensive it was and wound up ordering a less costly alternative that suited their needs just as capably.labmanager.” Most clean room casework today is made from coated steel.bevco.cleanroomswest. Since the purpose of a clean room is to protect the environment from hazardous materials or sensitive materials from the environment and humans.’” the mercy of the oil markets.com HOLDING UP TO WOrkLOADS IN CLASSIFIED SPACE Choice of clean room casework. but usually as subareas of Class 1000 rooms.unitedlabequip.com www. Meets ANSI/BIFMA Standards • Features heavy-duty chrome-plated back bar and springloaded hinge assembly • Features easy-to-use pneumatic seat height adjustment and fully adjustable contoured back • Includes sturdy five-legged polished aluminum base with standard glides or optional casters BEVCO www. MN) says polypropylene is the material of choice for clean rooms that use corrosive acids or chemicals or that experience high humidity. They are also available for about onethird the cost of polypropylene and stainless.com www. emit no particulate contaminants. that’s obviously the way to go. a niche that Campbell describes as “clean labs” to distinguish them from higherclass semiconductor processing suites. fluorescent lighting and an adjustable motor speed controller • Can be customized with UV lamps. polypropylene sales manager at NuAire (Plymouth. and vertical/horizontal surfaces must be compatible with the application and the clean room’s classification by Federal Standard 209E for airborne particulate cleanliness.com www.sovella. stainless steel.com ClEAN ROOm FurNIshING MANUFACTURERS American Cleanroom Systems BEVCO CleanAir Solutions Clean Rooms West Gerbig Engineering Company HEMCO Liberty Industries PortaFab Sovella Terra Universal United Lab Equipment www. In one instance where polypropylene casework was designated.bASIC LAb CLEAN ROOm FUrNIShINGS RECENTLY RELEASED ClEAN ROOm FurNIshINGs 7000 Silver Series Seating Series 19 Dessicator Cabinets • Can be purged to create a controlled environment for long-term storage • Constructed with a heavy-gauge stainless steel outside shell and a stainless steel divider between each compartment • Also available in polypropylene Clean Air Products www.terrauniversal.terrauniversal.com www.com www. but Terry Thompson. Hemco has done Class 100 installations.” Clean room casework is normally specified by whoever plans the room. Thompson says. handles.com www.000 clean room furnishings and installations.com 66 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. to cover all contingencies.” Hemco specializes in Class 1000 and Class 10. These structures are fabricated as easily as stainless steel but have much higher resistance to acids and moisture. or furniture. then welded together. is one of the most important decisions made when setting up classified space. As Thompson explains. hinges. Surfaces must be as easily cleaned as walls and floors. panels. But more important.nuaire.cleanroomspecialists.com www.com www. Owners increasingly ask for modular casework. because it provides versatility and changeover capability when a clean room’s mission changes. or both.bevco.gerbig.americancleanrooms.cleanairproducts. H-frame or 3-sided tubular frame Terra Universal InterMetro Clean Room Tables Airegard 301 Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet • Features a HEPEX™ Zero-Leak airflow system for consistent airflow and HEPA filter loading • Features a work surface splash-back to protect the HEPA filter • Includes a Minihellic® pressure gauge. shelving.portafab.us www. Within that marketplace the company sells casework fashioned from welded steel coated with an epoxy powder coat finish. Thompson explains.com • Features an electropolished stainless steel work surface that eliminates dust accumulation • Bottom shelf and frame are adjustable in two-inch increments • Support structure virtually eliminates “drumming” • Available with a bottom shelf.

The most popular is automatic mode. An engaging. ventilating. director of business development at ESCO Technologies (Hatboro. which removes air through the hood’s front panel. Perhaps the most striking development is the ductless fume hood. which recycles conditioned air. and much greater than the hood’s operating costs. polymer inner liners for corrosive acids.000-$6. In the event another chemical is to be added. director of business development at ESCO Technologies (Hatboro. Once in standby mode.” About ten years ago. the administrator can updated the approved application through AirSafe™ TOUCH. Moving beyond the industry-standard metal oxide sensor. gas levels and alarm status. “Fume hood prices are often bundled with furniture prices.aircleansystems. energy consumption is reduced to a minimum while maintaining operator safety. Ductless hoods such as Independence™ recirculate clean. filtered air. making them easier to work in for long periods. which close when a motion sensor detects no movement in front of the hood for a given time period.” Heath provides the following wish list for potential fume hood buyers: • Local installation and support for ducting. NC USA 919-255-3220 • 800-849-0472 info@aircleansystems. Users should be aware of problems that may crop up during specification and installation of fume hoods. gas-phase filtration. For years. “many still construct fume hoods as though they were simple boxes. to allow for best airflow navigation. Yet low flow is by no means universally acknowledged as an improvement. the approved chemical application is programmed into Independence™. the industry introduced the first low-flow fume hoods.com AirSafe™ TOUCH. and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Typical lab air entails costs of about $5/cfm/yr. Fume hoods are connected to a building’s heating. the first touch-screen microprocessor controller with software written exclusively for use with ductless fume hoods. Carbon-based filtration. has been in use for centuries. ensuring the user is notified of any potential exposure. fume hoods have been seen as the laboratory’s biggest consumer of energy. PA).000 chemicals approved for use with Silconazyne™.labmanager. according to Alvin Heath. During factory QA/QC. Silconazyne™ has an improved efficacy for capture of polar organic solvents. Independence™ provides three methods of airflow monitoring and control. PA). where a user preset value is entered into the microprocessor and face velocity is maintained automatically during the course of operation. Independence™ is the foundation for all future ductless fume hood solutions. bUT STrONG ON INNOVATION $5. efficient fume containment solutions. AirSafe™ TOUCH allows the user to quickly access all controls while providing displays of vital data such as fume hood face velocity. userfriendly interface. COmmODITY LAb APPLIANCES. AirClean® Systems continues to innovate with sophisticated. for example. and that makes it difficult for the end user to make informed decisions. which can alert personnel when problems arise. says low-flow hoods “challenge the traditional concept that higher inflow equates with better containment. providing gas saturation readings in parts-permillion. The filtration bed. a PID (photo ionization detector) monitors the system’s gas-phase filtration. and that makes it difficult for the end user to make informed decisions. AirClean® Systems has improved upon carbon filters by increasing the adsorption capability on a wider spectrum of commonly manipulated laboratory chemicals. At the owner’s or administrator’s discretion. modifying alarm settings. low-flow systems vent toxic gases just as well at 60 cfm. Although a few manufacture hoods that are standards-compliant. controller. a 40 percent energy savings. Convincing end users to work with these hoods is an uphill task. lack of operator interaction activates the Independence™ ‘standby mode’. improved hood baffle designs. laboratory furniture suppliers provide the fume hoods as well. PrODUCTS IN ACTION It would be difficult to imagine a chemistry laboratory without at least one fume hood. Heath says. and changing blower modes. Manual mode allows the end user to increase or decrease blower speed at their discretion while high/low mode sets the blower to one of two speeds based on sash position. and digital airflow monitors. fume hood exhaust and laboratory air are all monitored by the PID. The standard used to be about 100 cfm. Independence™ is the culmination of two decades of research and development in airflow design. serves as the technology backbone for many features debuted by Independence™. the Independence™ fume hood incorporates unique features not currently incorporated into other fume hoods. User-defined alarms can be enabled for each sensor and monitoring location. Examples of definable user access include enabling burning gas.bASIC LAb FUmE HOODS AirClean® Systems’ Independence™ Ductless Fume Hood As research and laboratories evolve. For labs with multiple hood users. Despite their ubiquity and the notion that they are not “sexy” lab products. • Appropriate safety certifications • Construction materials for specific application. Alvin Heath. Most new fume hood purchases are for new laboratories. Engineered as a platform capable of evolving as technology and market demands change. an individual user can be given access to certain features. making it imperative that the filtration be capable of capturing chemicals used within the hood. Traditionally. as found in most ductless fume hoods.” Some notable features available on modern fume hoods include: improved ergonomics. ceramic work tops for high temperatures • Local references for the supplier/ installer • Aesthetics and cost 68 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. The system then validates the new application against the installed filters and gas detection package to confirm compatibility. Filtered air is recirculated by ductless hoods. Independence™ includes the ability to have eight unique user profiles with definable operation perimeters for each. which operated at lower face velocities than did traditional hoods. inorganic bases and inorganic acids. fume detection and hood control technologies.com www. and exhaust blower Raleigh. a great deal of innovation has occurred in fume hoods during the last decade. Low-flow systems are designed to operate at 60 cfm at all sash positions. To further reduce energy use. reducing energy consumption. Fume hood prices are often bundled with furniture prices. nonpolar organic solvents.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 69 . limiting the amount of energy spent removing and reconditioning air within the laboratory. Drawing on feedback from thousands of customer applications. With the invention of Silconazyne™.000 per year to operate. Wasting air by forcibly removing it is the most significant ongoing cost of fume hood operation—greater than the cost of acquiring and installing a hood. Built into the Independence™ software is a chemical reference library containing more than 1. so a typical old-style hood costs about “intelligent” sashes.

ventilation system for air supply and extraction as required by ducted systems.com www. ERLAB.air-science.com www.labsynergy.com www.aircleansystems. histology/pathology and more.com Thermo Fisher Scientific www. 6’ and 8’ sizes • Operates at a broad range of face velocities from 60 to 1. 2) Eliminate installation costs associated with fume hoods Implementing a Captair Flex is simple and quick.nuaire.com www. The containment and filtration effectiveness of the Captair Flex. PrODUCTS IN ACTION RECENTLY RELEASED FumE HOOds UniFlow SE Constant Volume Mobile EDU Ductless • Features a unitized flame-retardant composite resin construction for chemical and corrosion resistance • Angled picture-framed sash opening has an aerodynamic air foil for uniform air flow entry into the fume chamber • Surfaces are glass smooth for ease of cleaning with excellent reflectivity HEMCO www.com Protector XStream • Face velocity at 100 fpm ensures containment of fumes • An alarm will alert the operator when the airflow falls to an unacceptable level • The work area features a removable spillage tray which can be easily cleaned • Main filter can be chosen from 14 different types of carbon Purair Advanced Ductless Fume Hood Safety & Flexibility – Like never before Captair solutions are designed with safety in mind.bASIC LAb FUmE HOODS Captair® Flex™– Ductless Mobile Fume Hoods with Modular Filtration Column From the people who brought you the energy saving GreenFumeHood®.com www.9% filtration efficiency • Base is mounted in large heavy-duty wheels for ease of transport • Exceeds OSHA.airscience. the environment and your budget.com www.com FumE HOOd MANUFACTURERS Air Science AirClean Systems CLEATECH Erlab ESCO Flow Sciences Genie Scientific Hanson Lab Furniture HEMCO ISEC Lab Synergy Labconco www.thermo.com The Captair Flex can: 1) Save on energy costs in your lab The air balance necessary to run ducted systems results in high energy consumption. Unique design allows for single or double back-up safety filtration to comply with the AFNOR NFX 15-211 Class I and II safety standard.labconco. BSI and AFNOR Safety Standards Air Science USA www.salareinc.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 71 . the toxins emitted in the workstation are adsorbed by the activated carbon within the filtration column and captured – keeping the user and the environment safe. MA 01969 1-800-964-4434 www. This interchangeability of the filters allows the filtration column to be configured specifically for the applications carried out within the enclosure. upper dilution air supply and rear downflow baffle contribute to horizontal airflow patterns to reduce concentrations of contaminants Labconco www. biochemistry.com LM Air Technology Misonix Mott Manufacturing mottLAB NuAire Salare Sentry Air Systems Terra Universal TFI/Inline Design The Baker Company www.com www. They can be easily relocated without affecting the air balance of the equipment 4) Protect the environment Free of any ducted airflow system.labspacesolutions. It is able to keep operating costs low.com www.mott.hansonlab.cleatech.airscience. It does not involve the installation of a  Captair Flex.sentryair.terrauniversal. flexible and environmentally-friendly solution. designed to protect the user. forensics.com www.com www.com www.germfree.greenfumehood.com • Completely self-contained and provides all around visibility • Features a Multi-Layered EDU Filter with 99. New modular filtration column can handle liquids and powders individually or at the same time.000 fpm • Sash handle. The Flex also has a unique modular filtration design which allows the hood to handle liquids and powders individually or at the same time. even when the cost related to filter replacement is taken into account.bakerco. 5’. 3) Easily transport and instantly use your fume hood Captair solutions may be moved from one location to another within the same laboratory according to protection needs.flowsciences.mottlab.com 388 Newburyport Turnpike Rowley.labconco. A Captair solution eliminates the energy costs related to systems for extracting and supplying conditioned air.hemcocorp.escoglobal. ANSI.labmanager.com • Available in 4’.com www.misonix. an all in one filtration fume hood design configurable at will for use in chemistry. without complex planning.geniescientific.com RDM Industrial Products www.com 70 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www.tfiinlinedesign.com www.isecinc. Air Science USA www.lmairtech.com www.net www. Germfree Laboratories www.ca www. The Captair Flex filtration technology is based on the proven principal of molecular adsorption.HEMCOcorp.com www. make this shared protective equipment a reliable. A single electrical outlet is all you need to run the Captair® Flex® fume hood. air foil. Captair solutions eliminate the direct emission of pollutants into the atmosphere and help to protect the environment. economical. It can be installed at any time. pharmacology.com www.com www.captair.com www. They also avoid the pollution generated as a result of the energy needed to run the airflow systems of traditional ducted fume hoods. the one and only inventor of the ductless filtering fume hood and worldwide leader since 1968 innovates once again with the low cost Captair® Flex™ Technology. Innovative liquid seal technology insures filtration integrity for both molecular and HEPA filters.

while containment operates under negative pressure. 95 percent don’t really know.com www. Sensitive applications will often add sensors for oxygen and/or water.mtixtl. the greater the equilibrium difference.” Without taking additional measures. In regulated industries. Although glove boxes are most often associated with biology. Maintaining 1 ppm levels 24 hours a day will be quite expensive. the greater the equilibrium difference.com NuAire Plas-Labs Plastic Concepts Terra Universal The Baker Company Walker Barrier Systems www. or fits on any standard benchtop • Capable of producing a < 1 ppm oxygen.com BioSafe™ GlOVE BOX MANUFACTURERS Coy Laboratory Products Innovative Technology Labconco LABREPCO La Calhène – Getinge LC Technology Solutions MBraun USA MTI Corporation www. or when either the product/ process must be protected from the lab environment or the operator “… the cleaner it is on the inside relative to the outside.com Protector • Complete glovebox system with gas purification.com • Provides a < 1 ppm O2 and H2O Inert Atmosphere • Includes a single-column gas purification system as standard (dual-column available) • Expansion features include additional antechambers for thru flow work processes. A quick online shopping search for “glove box” leads to a dizzying array of devices ranging in price from $411 to $50. ultra-clean surfaces to eliminate germ traps and simplify cleaning and disinfection • Continuous-seam interiors create a hermetically sealed chamber • Each chamber includes a pair of 10-inch diameter glove ports (twin models include two pairs) Terra Universal www.labmanager.000. Isolation is meant to protect the product. They are most commonly used when a process or operation requires low humidity or low oxygen levels. One often hears the terms “isolation” and “containment” with respect to glove boxes. “Most of our customers have to watch their budgets. two glove ports. validatable oxygen and moisture monitoring. the purge cycle is software-controlled and documented to ensure that materials are handled to specification.lctechinc.vac-atm. According to Bob Applequist. and glove boxes typically use a specialized atmosphere. with some type of scavenger mechanism to achieve ppm concentrations of those species. all scientific and engineering disciplines use glove boxes for one application or another. often over specify for oxygen and moisture removal based not on actual data but on perception or assumption. cold storage freezers.labconco.coylab. They differ from other safety enclosures in two ways: users can introduce articles into glove boxes and manipulate them inside through ports fitted with gloves. he says.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 73 .com www.gloveboxes.com www. he explains.com www.com www.gloveboxes. Isolation normally involves positive pressure.bakerco. and built-in data transmission. “They know they want low oxygen and moisture. MO).” Any glove box can achieve very low oxygen or moisture readings.plas-labs. needs protection from the process or operation.” Customers. product manager at Labconco (Kansas City. Opening the antechamber without taking preventive measures will introduce ambient atmosphere into the working chamber.com www.com www. while containment refers to protecting the operator and/or environment. he says.labconco. but when you ask them how low.terrauniversal.plastic-concepts.com www. Glove boxes for regulated industries will almost always include pressure gauges. ON-DEmAND ISOLATION Or CONTAINmENT Glove boxes are completely closed compartments ranging in size from a few cubic feet to several hundred cubic feet.com 72 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. “but the cleaner it is on the inside relative to the outside. This is dealt with by providing vacuum-assisted purging with the desired atmosphere.lctechinc. “oxygen and moisture can creep up to 10 percent in 10 minutes.terrauniversal.and moisture-free environment • Features a one-piece radius corner construction for easy cleaning LCPW Series LC Technology Solutions www.com Vacuum Atmospheres Company www. particularly with respect to scavenger systems.lacalhene.com www.com www.” Glove boxes consist of the main chamber. from simple plastic boxes to sophisticated mini– clean rooms that meet ISO sterility requirements. and an airlocked antechamber for introducing labware and materials into the box.” • Features a HEPA inlet filter for a particulate-free internal environment • Closing two internal valves creates a controlled atmosphere that can be pressurized up to ±5 inches water gauge achieving a leak-tight inert atmosphere • Physical barrier and filtration system protects user from exposure to hazardous materials Labconco www. process vacuum ovens and furnaces Innovative Technology www.mbraunusa.com www.walkerbarrier. for users with limited space • Can be supplied with a stand.bASIC LAb GLOVE BOXES RECENTLY RELEASED GlOVE BOXEs VErSATILE.com www.nuaire.com PureLab HE Series • Features smooth.labrepco. price is the principal factor affecting most glove box purchase decisions.

After heating a newly made incubator to steady state over a two-hour period. performance features and demanding quality control standards mean that the scientist culturing cells can be assured that Binder Inc. pharmaceutical and food processing.” says Wernerspach. eliminating hot spots. all of which affect cell growth. CO2 incubators are typically heated to 37°C and maintain 95% relative humidity and a CO2 level of 5 percent. or DIN. global product manager. These infrared sensors are dedicated to measurement of CO2. closes the door and pushes three buttons (three are used to prevent accidental start-up) to start the cycle. and.us “Ultimately you want to go with something that best meets your requirements. that protect cultures and that are not found in other incubators. Heating elements never make contact with the unit’s walls. either of which is deadly to cells. Besides units that can be activated when needed. the application and the customer’s comfort level with the technology is what plays a big role in the selection of the equipment. fermentation studies and bacterial culturing. A number of incubators offer a high-temperature decontamination cycle that works much like a self-cleaning oven. operate independently of other gases. There performance is critical because CO2 percentages that are out of balance can lead to culture pH changes and result in an environment that is either to acidic. Leaving the shelves in the incubator during the sterilization procedure means that there is no reassembly. This option also eliminates the need to take apart individual components for autoclaving. and the 180 °C hot air cycle used in the BINDER incubator exceeds all international standards. weld-free interior with rounded corners.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 75 .” Many manufacturers are working toward addressing some of the common challenges associated with culturing cells. the lab environment. the anti-contamination features. which harbor the very pathogens they trap. Figure 1 is a graph of a 5% CO2 set point showing virtually drift-free conditions over a 24-hour period. removable shelves and programmable alarms. BINDER CO2 incubators do not use HEPA filters. and it also means that the shelves are sterilized along with the rest of the interior. of Great River. the most important of which is reducing aerial contamination.us www. New York. Complete sterilization is the only way to eliminate contamination from a CO2 incubator. CO2 incubation at Thermo Fisher Scientific. A double-latch locking system tightly seals doors and facilitates quick return to set point for temperature and CO2. a nonchemical. or one in which ammonia can form.” says Wernerspach. hematological studies. Incubators also come with options that can further increase user ease and convenience. The chamber interior is guaranteed to be condensation free. Hence. empties the water pan and replaces it.  The Binder CB 53 CO2 incubator. “With the press of a button. or one in which ammonia can form. The growth of healthy cells in all locations is dependent on environmental conditions remaining constant throughout the incubator over the length of the culture process. This has led to a Toll Free 866 885 9794 sales@binder-world. and are not affected by humidity levels. biochemical studies. Inc. there are also continuous contamination prevention units that work all the time and do not have to be initiated manually. providing uniform temperatures and fast recovery times. They are divided into two main categories: gassed incubators (CO2 incubators) and non gassed or microbiological incubators.. eliminating spots in which contaminants can lodge. is responsible for lost time. interiors made of solid copper components are also gaining interest. What this means is that a scientist using a BINDER CO2 incubator can be confident in the unit’s performance and the environment provided for their cells. culture pH changes.binder-world. Here’s how it works: At the end of a given run. BINDER’s quality control process adheres to the German industrial. How stability is accomplished. the customer can heat-sterilize the incubator and get rid of any decontaminants or hazardous spills. PrODUCTS IN ACTION BETTEr TEmPErATUrE CONTrOL Laboratory incubators are used to grow and maintain cell cultures and are available in a variety of sizes and types. “Ultimately you want to go with something that best meets your requirements. with a temperature range of 20°C degrees to 45°C below ambient.S. as an effective antimicrobial agent. including touch screens. CO2 was monitored for the test shown using nine sensors placed throughout the chamber. are commonly used in insect and plant studies. Shaking incubators are often used for cell aeration and solubility studies. When 9-1/2 hours have passed. There are a number of features exclusive to CO2 incubators from Binder.” says Wernerspach. with excess moisture re-condensing in the water pan. either of which is deadly to cells. At the end of the day what customers really care about is having a reliable unit in which to grow their cells. Most incubator units are water-jacketed. incubators provide the best conditions for their success. This results in less handling. the user wipes up any spills that may have occurred. air-jacketed or use direct heat to maintain the temperature around the culture chamber. Microbiological incubators are essentially temperaturecontrolled ovens that work within the biological range of 5ºC to 70ºC and are mostly used for growing and storing bacterial cultures. Incubators can be used in a wide variety of applications including cell culture. Air within the unit’s APT. Taken together. Incubators with number of companies developing copper-based products.bASIC LAb INCUbATOrS CO2 Incubator’s 180 C Sterilization Cycle Protects Cultures Contamination in culture experiments is so widespread that many labs accept a low level of contamination as a “norm. data storage. Here is a look at what these features mean for researchers. 74 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www.  A 5% CO2 set point is virtually drift-free over 24 hours. temperature is sampled six times a minute at 27 points throughout the chamber. and in some cases is even responsible for the loss of invaluable or irreplaceable cell lines. standard. resulting in an environment that is either too acidic. and humidity. most prominently a 180 °C hot air sterilization cycle. One technology uses HEPA filtration to continuously cycle the air and remove airborne particulates and contaminants. the incubator is completely sterilized and ready for the next batch of cells. CO2 for maintaining proper pH levels.LINE™ preheating chamber is blown over heating elements and around the culture compartment.” says Douglas Wernerspach. with the shelves still in place. EPA has also recognized copper. monitored and maintained is integral to unit performance.” But this pernicious problem costs laboratories a lot of money.labmanager. Refrigerated Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) incubators. If CO2 percentages are out of balance. CO2 incubators are mainly used for cell culture and provide control over factors such as temperature. Filter replacement and disposal costs are eliminated. “Solid copper or 100% pure copper is naturally antimicrobial and for the first time the U. can ruin experiments and invalidate research. “The cell culture market today is thriving predominantly due to new applications in areas like stem cell research and hence there is more potential for growth in these products. These incubators feature a one-piece.

ft and 12.wheatonsci.uvp.0 cu.99% HEPA filtration system ensures ISO Class 5 clean air quality inside the is achieved.nbsc. NU-5510 DHD AutoFlow Direct Heat CO2 Incubator was designed for such applications as AIDS Research. Designed to provide precise CO2. less media is needed and less handling of cultures is required. The 99.so-low. AutoFlow Water Jacket Incubators have been designed to provide a reliable controlled in vitro environment for optimum tissue cell culture growth.com www. The Incubator jacket creates a gentle insulator surrounding the innerchamber providing unsurpassed temperature stability. ft. Designed with an external IR Sensor. This reduces the chance for contamination.torreypinesscientific.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 77 .0 cu. SANYO North Americawww.com www. Programmable digital solid-state infrared [IR] CO2 Sensor provides a stable.nuaire.com www. eliminating a possible source of contamination • Employs six-sided. an overnight sanitization cycle can be activated Best Products • Best Performance • Best Protection 2100 Fernbrook Lane Plymouth.labnetlink.com New Brunswick Scientific www. With a 4.caronproducts. relative humidity monitoring and antimicrobial copper interiors Thermo Fisher Scientific www.darwinchambers.com Forma Series II 3110 control promoting cell culture growth. which makes this the easiest incubator to use for delicate applications.com www. model features infrared CO2 control.bASIC LAb INCUbATOrS NuAire AutoFlow Incubators • All models feature a fanless design. The Closed Loop HEPA filtration system creates an ISO Class 5 air quality inside the chamber. within 4 – 5 minutes after door closure ISO Class 5 clean air conditions 76 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. constant temperature.nbsc.com NuAire AutoFlow CO2 Incubators INCubATOr MANUFACTURERS BINDER Boekel Scientific Carbolite CARON Products Darwin Chambers Grant Instruments Hach Company Jeio Tech Labnet International www. The chamber also provides an environment for the storage and preservation of embryos. which produces Constant Contamination Control (C3).labmanager. It provides dual sterilization cycles.thermoscientific.com NuAire’s AutoFlow CO2 Water Jacketed Incubators maintain up to 98% Relative Humidity (RH) reducing desiccation inside the chamber.binder-oven.com www.com • Series includes 6.com NuAire Sanyo Sheldon Manufacturing So-Low Thermo Fisher Scientific Torrey Pines Scientific UVP Wheaton Yamato Scientific SETTING THE STANDARDs FOR DEMANDING ENVIRONMENTs www. gametes and animal tissue cell cultures at or near body temperature.com www. models • Features inCu safe™ copper enriched stainless steel interior surfaces to protect against cross contamination • Optional SafeCell™ UV contamination control system minimizes decontamination interruptions • Direct Heat and Air Jacket™ surrounds inner walls with natural convection airflow CytoGrow™ GLP Series • Features triple-wall cabinet construction for optimal temperature uniformity • Includes a validatable in-chamber HEPA filtration system to maintain Class 100 air quality • Features a CFC-free foam insulated outer door • Extra options include available oxygen control.com www.jeiotech. An environment is provided for storage and preservation of embryos. A chamber capacity of 188 liters provides more usable space at a lower price per liter than other incubators. the NU-5510 offers Password Protection capabilities to prevent users who are unauthorized to change the setpoints (CO2%. Control mechanisms are built in to prevent contamination within the growth chamber.com www.sanyo. direct heating with gentle convection circulation of chamber atmosphere • R-Series models are available in 48-liter and 170-liter capacities.shellab.hach. The coved corner interior makes chemical disinfection easy. work chamber. +95°C humidified decontamination and a +145°C dry sterilization eliminating all contamination. The growth environment is applied equally to all microorganisms within the chamber.com www. this compact incubator fits under most standard lab benches. The DH AutoFlow NU-5100 CO2 Incubator is the perfect workhorse incubator for research where there are multiple door openings per day. Temp) or running conditions of the incubator. constant CO2 level and naturally humidified atmosphere for optimum growth of tissue cell cultures and other organisms requiring this precise environment. gametes and animal tissue cell cultures at on near body temperature. creating Constant Contamination Control (C3) for a dependable contamination-free environment.boekelsci. The exterior chamber walls are lined with high tech R5 insulation to provide excellent temperature stability and energy efficiency.carbolite. direct heat and high relative humidity • Exterior is powder-coated with ISOCIDE antimicrobial paint to protect against contamination • In the event of contamination. NuAire’s NU-5500 DH AutoFlow Direct Heat CO2 Incubators offer a unique HEPA Filtration System that converts this incubator into a miniature Clean Room. Designed to provide a sterile.caronproducts. therefore.nuaire.4 cubic feet [130 liter] chamber capacity and an overall height of 31 inches.and 170-liter capacities New Brunswick Scientific www.com/co2-incubators Caron Products www. S-Series models are available in 14-. The NU-5500 is the ideal incubator for optimum tissue cell culture growth and an array of clinical applications. MN 55447 www. ft. As with all NuAire AutoFlow Incubators.com www. 48. and relative humidity • 6 cu. temperature.yamato-usa. there is nothing to be removed from the chamber prior to heat sterilization. Perfect for cell line changes and/or working with hazardous agents. saving lab space.com PrODUCTS IN ACTION RECENTLY RELEASED INCubATOrs Oasis™ GALAXY® Direct Heat Experience Constant Contamination Control NuAire offers both Direct Heat and Water Jacket CO2 AutoFlow Incubators assuring the highest level of performance and dependability for optimum growth conditions.grantsci.com www.us www. making necessary corrections to the chamber environment and supports faster recovery times.com www.com www.sanyobiomedical.com www.com www. drift-free output.thermoscientific.us.

Even before LIMS. As with other software products.™ an analytical electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) that allows laboratories to document scientific observations. Sophisticated data mining becomes much easier: search. training. exporting sources. Selecting and buying a LIMS takes effort and time in advance of the actual purchase for the following reasons: 1. there are yet other products that sound like they might be a LIMS but have different names.” What all this means is yet more choices to consider. better decision making. and electronic laboratory notebooks. R&D-focused LIMS. a fully integrated Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) solution available either from one solution provider or as a best-of-breed integrated solution. Now the types of LIMS available are somewhat overwhelming. 34 Maple Street Milford. PrODUCTS IN ACTION A PrODUCT CATEGOrY IN TrANSITION LIMS products vary from software for small laboratories to systems for enterprise-class distribution. 2. says. the merging of these technologies becomes irrelevant. It can work independently or in conjunction with existing IT systems such as LIMS. laboratories are able to automatically capture. An ELN is a literal replacement for your paper laboratory notebook. NuGenesis SDMS also includes SDMS Vision Publisher. explains. market pressures are forcing a “convergence” of the requirements into Waters NuGenesis Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) provides laboratories with an effective foundation for scientific information management by making data easier to access. and distribute scientific information is fundamental to the long-term success of science-driven organizations. MA 01757 Tel: 508 478 2000. But even though more choices may make the selection process lengthier. and view information according to a variety of data types. some ELNs contain LIMS features. there are many ways to implement and purchase a LIMS. and some products combine LIMS and ELN. and aiding in the administration of intellectual property throughout its lifecycle. This process builds a database catalog.” A good idea might be to ignore the labels and look closely for the features that meet your needs. 3. it is a place to enter and keep your laboratory notes and get signoff. and shared among scientists and team members collaboratively – delivering measurable gains in time to market and employee efficiency while reducing cost and risk. generated by instruments. Susan Najjar. scientists. However.waters. spreadsheets. control procedures.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 79 . There are Environmental LIMS. projects. if users are working with a well-integrated solution. With SDMS. summary documents.labmanager. NuGenesis SDMS automatically imports diverse data. a workflow software package designed to guide the laboratory analyst through a routine. retrieve. LIMS is in a period of especially high transition as LIMS and ELN software continue to converge. Vision Publisher easily adapts to fit and support existing free-flow or prescribed workflows in your lab. “The GMP-ELN and LIMS layers contain very different functionality. PC-only LIMS. Beyond the LIMS/ELN question. validation and other required services. and disseminate information from a wide variety of analytical technologies. This information can easily be searched. whose product combines LIMS and ELN features. There are still other products that are called “LIMS” but do not appear to be like anything that has just been described. projects. more efficient operations.” At Thermo Fisher Scientific.com “The GMP-ELN and LIMS layers contain very different functionality. where large implementations can cost millions of dollars and encompass licensing. Ken Rapp of VelQuest. SDMS Vision Publisher includes the SDMS Intelligent Procedure Manager. accelerated product development and delivery for these world class organizations. and easily find and collaborate on scientific results. facilitating compliance with regulatory requirements. SDMS Vision Publisher optimizes the utilization of information collected and cataloged by the NuGenesis SDMS platform. QC-focused LIMS and Forensic LIMS—to name just a few. and ultimately. Additional confusion arises now that some LIMS include ELN features. The confusion between LIMS and ELN occurs partly because there is some overlap between them.bASIC LAb LIMS Waters® NuGenesis® Scientific Data Management System The ability to collect. NuGenesis SDMS provides a single interface to a wide variety of instruments and data 78 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. Waters® NuGenesis® Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) has a proven track record of optimizing the management of scientific data for hundreds of companies around the world. ERP. NuGenesis SDMS technology scouts all servers. It is important to note that a LIMS and an ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook) are not the same thing. the SDMS platform scales from a single lab to the global enterprise without major modifications to your existing IT infrastructure. With an open and flexible design. Fully configurable. Things might become even more confusing before this period is over. and presentations created by researchers. and data types. and restore results to their original applications. generalpurpose LIMS. there is an increased likelihood that the best solution for your laboratory will be out there and readily available. communicated. from boxed software to commercial licenses for COTS (Commercial Off-the. secure. Web-only LIMS. you use it just as you would use a paper notebook. where an integration plan is used to turn specialized products into a single solution.Shelf) to open source to SaaS (Software as a Service). The functions and distinguishing factors among available products are always changing. As such. which gives you the ability to quickly and easily perform searches across servers. Informatics marketing director. comprehensive method standard operating procedure (SOP) and integrate results with a chromatography data system. 800 252 HPLC www. The instant accessibility of this information has resulted in stronger collaboration. and outside sources into a centralized data warehouse. process. access. and data types for all new content and then automatically extracts metadata (data about the data) during the capture process. “…from a usability perspective. NuGenesis SDMS is an application-independent software and database platform that you can use to create a common electronic repository for scientific information throughout your company – from the raw data generated by instruments to project documents and electronic laboratory notebook reports. ELNs and other products took on some of the functions of each other.

labware. With LIMS it is possible to save time and money.com www.chemware. customer specific tables/ modules. followed by algorithmic analysis and alignment of the data.lablogic. the demand for low-cost DNA sequencing has driven the development of high-throughput sequencing technologies that are based on several parallel instances of the sequencing process. Powerful data mining capabilities help lab managers to make decisions on the next steps in the process. microarray. manage processes at various stages or make common decisions. With the emergence of Epigenetics as one of the frontiers of biological science.labsystems.com LIMS MANUFACTURERS Agilent Technologies Aurora Systems Bruker ChemSW ChemWare Computing Solutions H&A Scientific LabLogic Systems Labtronics www. We have presented one possible application of LIMS 24/7 in sequencing.com www.bASIC LAb LIMS RURO introduces the most comprehensive laboratory information management solution with LIMS 24/7. Moreover.com www. find bottle-necks and track performance.bruker.com LabVantage Solutions LabWare Novatek International RURO Sapio Sciences STARLIMS Symyx/Accelrys Velquest www. Single and secure lab data repository Lab processes automation Unlimited workflow scenarios Data mining and knowledge discovery 100% Web based Install once. GLP. Indeed. preclinical and animal research. donors.visualab. Projects are organized by type. a software like LIMS 24/7 used in all labs could help to coordinate the work.labmanager.labsoftlims. further decision and final review directly at the workplace. your lab.7 321 Ballenger Center Dr. ISO.hascientific. Thermo Fisher Scientific www.symyx. and analysis results. Next generation high-throughput DNA sequencing technologies are widely used by the scientists who embark on a monumental task of deciphering genetic information from a statistically significant population group. map sample lifecycles and generate automatic updates from any standard Internet connection and through any web browser • Enables connectivity with a variety of instruments Recently. and multiple sample numbering systems • Assists with audit trails.chemsw.sapiosciences. samples. gene expression. drug discovery.com www. search and archive..com www. time and date stamping of all actions.” allowing free choice of screen and menu designs.velquest.labvantage. and helps with 21CFR Part 11 compliance Autoscribe • Compound Received data can be displayed in micrograms and milligrams in Dosing Data report • Treatment concentrations are displayed to four decimal places on all screens • The order preferred by each user in the Pooling Splitting screen is now saved on a user-by-user basis • Importing WBA data from MCID analysis software is much easier LabLogic Systems www.com www.labtronics. This approach produces thousands or millions of DNA sequences at once.2. version control of all reference data.com 80 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. no need for costly installation and setup costs • Users can securely and easily create workflows.com www.lablogic. subtype. RURO is making genomic data easier to share.limsondemand.0 • Improvements in performance and scalability so a single server instance can now support several hundred concurrent users • Includes enhancements to freezer management with support for configurable freezers and easy viewing of samples in shelves/racks/boxes • Features a configurable data model and user interface with zero programming required Sapio Sciences www.agilent. all laboratory users can login and use this software from any- where on the network. access from anywhere Always up and running 24 / 7 / 365 State of the art architecture and design LIMS 24/7 meets CFR. PrODUCTS IN ACTION RECENTLY RELEASED LIMS Matrix Gemini version 5.ruro. antibodies.com www. but this software could also be successfully employed for the management of clinical trials.com • Software-as-a-Service LIMS.com www. DNA libraries.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 81 .7 • Compatible with Windows 7 • Features a “configuration wizard. MD 21703 USA sales@ruro.com www. cohorts.ntint. biobanks and proteomics labs.RURO. Suite 100 Frederick. analyzing and sorting the data generated as a result of several experimental work-flows. raw ChiPSeq data files.sapiosciences. and your clients with the best laboratory management possible. genotyping.autoscribelims. priority and other criteria and all the related information is recorded within such projects. the researchers face even greater challenges of piecing together genetic information and DNA-protein interactions. It is an excellent solution for data management and sharing that can handle complex ChiP-Seq data including collaborators. elaboration.7.com www.com 1-888-881-RURO (7876) www.com Debra 5.com LIMS-on-Demand Exemplar Version 4.com www.com www. CLIA and HIPAA standards providing you. These research projects are insurmountable without a flexible laboratory data management system capable of storing.com www. LIMS 24/7 is an easy to use yet provides powerful analysis tool for streamlining the overwhelming sequencing process.com www. and to improve rate and productivity. In order to communicate results.com www. instruments can send data directly to LIMS that is configured to guarantee the traceability of the work.starlims. The goal is to retain result achievement. The challenges of this approach are associated with handling massive amounts of the generated information.com Thermo Scientific Informatics www.

vacuum release that permits reopening a freezer immediately after door closure.eppendorf. MN). which. A second compressor is required to cool below that point. These freezers are now being distributed in the US and Canada by Eppendorf North America. Carrying the same high quality.bASIC LAb LOw-TEmPErATUrE FrEEZErS New Brunswick Ultra Low Freezers. which is useful for storing bone marrow for medical procedures. Purchasers of low-temperature laboratory freezers can select from numerous options and temperature ranges. Heated Vent plunger to relieve vacuum formation and password protection to prevent unauthorized changes to the freezer settings. there is not a huge benefit to getting colder. For example. the C340 and C660 also with insulated inner lids. A liquid nitrogen freezer does not use a compressor. ultra-low-temperature freezers reach temperatures of -150° C. operate to about -20° C. Among the trends are alternative cooling mechanisms such as liquid nitrogen. For the past 25 years.plus every unit is 95% recyclable! capacity without increasing footprint. and electrical consumption is less than for conventional freezers. This allows every unit to run shorter cycle times further reducing energy usage for a greener product. world renown shaker company. each fine tuned for maximum performance by model. Energy efficient. All NBS ULT’s are CFC. Cryogenic nitrogen is readily available and relatively inexpensive and remains liquid for extended periods. The temperature “sweet spot” for lab freezers is about -85° C. moist air that causes the device to work harder to retain its set-point temperature and causes condensation and freezing of water vapor inside the unit. These cost effective alternatives to the Innova line do not have a built-in voltage stabilizer or vacuum insulation paneling however. and not too many are sold. NBS products carry on their legacy while creating a new one. Opening the door of an ultralow-temperature freezer introduces warm.6 cubic feet to the largest at 26.ft. The speed at which a freezer recovers from temperature excursions is a function of BTU reserve capacity. Each freezer line is equipped with the same two-stage. Innova Freezers: The Innova line has the widest capacity range from the smallest under the counter at 3.9cu. innovation. director of product management for cold storage at Thermo Fisher Scientific (Asheville.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 83 . VP of international sales at NuAire (Plymouth.labmanager. Richerson says.com “Once you get below -135˚ C. “Mechanical” (compressor-based) freezers reach the -40° to -50° C range with a single compressor. Factors to consider when purchasing include communications The New Brunswick freezer lineup consists of two levels. Vacuum insulation used to be a rather expensive option. Innova and Premium. Each Premium upright utilizes five compartments with four adjustable height shelves. Included in the six models. Internal voltage stabilizers are also standard on the Innova line with Buck/Boost. still retains many of the same quality features of the Innova line such as the easy to read LED display with SMART PLUS™ controller.” In the US Tel: 800-645-3050 In CANADA Tel: 800-263-8715 www. Two large capacity uprights for easy access to samples choose between the U535 and U725 each with three compartments and two adjustable height shelves to store any sized rack. temperature uniformity. there is not a huge benefit to getting colder. The Premium line offers Five models. are also producers of high quality ULT freezers. there are two unique upright sizes which include the U101 under the counter and ultra-slim U360 with advanced LCD control panel. PrODUCTS IN ACTION HOw LOw CAN YOU GO? Low-temperature laboratory freezers can achieve temperatures of about -40° C or lower.” Richerson said. NC) notes.” explains Buckner Richerson. Concerns with carbon footprint are spurring innovations in lowtemperature refrigeration. that share many green features. U570 and U700 all offered in both 120 or 208/220volts. reputation and heritage as Eppendorf. Two chest models are available. High-end freezers should maintain uniform temperature throughout the unit and recover quickly from openings. and data storage. Other features unique to the Innova line include new gasketed and insulated inner doors with ice proof latches that lift off without tools for easier cleaning and reduce cold air loss when other compartments are accessed. Another cold-conserving feature is double outer doors or double inner doors to minimize the loss of cold air.” Higher BTU reserve is better. high-efficiency cascade refrigeration system from Embraco. Premium Freezers: Are conventionally filled with polyurethane foam insulation. but as Chris Wilkes. “Once you get below -135° C. but it has come down in price. Where floor space is at a premium. ongoing costs for liquid nitrogen are higher than for the electricity it takes to run a mechanical freezer. provided its container is insulated. New Brunswick Scientific. To achieve energy efficiency and extend the life of the compressors. quiet running and dependable all Innova freezers use Vacuum Insulation Paneling technology to reduce wall thickness resulting in larger storage 82 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. the low-stage compressor turns off automatically when the set-point temperature is reached.and HCFC-free to reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses and minimize the depletion of the ozone layer.” “Some systems using exotic refrigerants can get much lower than -85° C. together with Eppendorf. “But these are quite expensive. But while the acquisition costs are comparable. three large upright models the U410. while the high-stage compressor remains on continuously. is defined as “a measure of a freezer’s ability to maintain a cold temperature across the entire cabinet in the presence of a heat load. and temperature recovery after opening. NBS have been offering ULT’s that are environmentally friendly and exceptionally energy efficient. users can opt for vacuuminsulated panels. alarms. by contrast. which take up less room than polyurethane insulation. A total of six space-saving Innova models are available from stock for quick delivery. according to Thermo Fisher Scientific. which boils at -196°C. Kitchen freezers. quality/ configuration of the inner and outer door closures. design.

labmanager.C3 is modular. when the future is NOW. The optional i.com www.com Donna Holpuch dholpuch@helmerinc. Users may scroll to any day to view a graphical representation of the temperature function. The i. i. and optional leveling feet. The interactive temperature graph provides access to 42 days of temperature data and may be viewed in 1 or 7 day increments.it UF 755G and UF 455G • Feature temperature set points from -20°C to -86°C • Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP) offers improved insulation at a lower wall thickness • Features stainless steel “Rollbond” evaporator technology for uniform and stable temperatures • Inner chamber temperature variation: ±3°C at -82°C (set point.com for more information on i. and temperature download capabilities are also included.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 85 .Center®. 21 and 25 cubic foot capacities • Feature up to 20% more heat removal capacity compared to ordinary freezers • Introduce up to 15% less heat into the lab. 84 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www.bASIC LAb LOw-TEmPErATUrE FrEEZErS Helmer Introduces i. The lock is integrated into the door and is accessed via the i. hospital grade power cord. Blood Bank Refrigerators will now feature 7 drawers in single door models and 14 drawers in double door models. and options can be added at any time. Other updates include an ON/OFF power switch. PrODUCTS IN ACTION RECENTLY RELEASED LOw-TEmPErATUrE FrEEZErS • Uses HFC CFC-free refrigerants • Cascade system uses two air-cooled compressors • Features a temperature range of -50°C to -86°C • Features two access ports: one on back for CO2 backup. one on bottom for recording NuAire www.Series® products.bakerbio. Pharmacy Refrigerators will feature 6 roll out baskets and 1 shelf in single door models and 12 roll out baskets plus 2 shelves in double door models. Upright model in shown with optional Access Control Home Screen. Undercounter model shown with standard Home Screen.D3 Integrated Electronic Access Control module provides secure access without the use of external locks.C 3 is easy to use and all functionality is easily accessed. Contact Helmer at helmerinc.C³™ Monitoring for the Future…Now Helmer introduces the New i.com www. In addition.com Glacier 9668 Revco® PLUS Series • Available in 17. all i.com Thermo Fisher Scientific www. a proprietary door locking system with a personal identification tag for each user Angelantoni www.angelantoni. Up to 100 User profiles may be programmed directly from the i. 7” touchscreen is door mounted.Series® Products. A rechargeable battery will offer 72 hours of backup protection in the event of a power outage.com www.C3 is icon driven. The Icon Transfer screen allows users to customize Home Screen icons. • Upright models feature inner doors with anti-shock panels in polystyrene on a polyurethane core • Cooling system is based on a cascade cycle using two hermetic compressors • Plus models feature BIOGUARD®.com Platinum Series The i.C3 Access Control Setup Screen.com Set for release in early 2011. Future options will be available for release in 2011.bakerco. All temperature data can be downloaded via the download screen for documentation. password protection.C3 which offers constant temperature monitoring and multiple information logs with historical information on all i. The LOW-TEmPErATurE FrEEZEr MANUFACTURERS Cincinnati Sub-Zero New Brunswick Scientific NuAire Sanyo Biomedical So-Low The Baker Company Thermo Fisher Scientific www.Series® Products.Series® Products from Helmer will offer many new feature! The NEW i. all i.D™ Integrated Electronic Access Control.C3 settings are password protected for your security.thermo.com www. home screen customization.com www.C3. preset) Baker BioScience Solutions www. Alarm events are represented by icons that are touched to automatically transport to the event log.so-low.nbsc.sanyo.com www.C3 and the next generation of i.us.nuaire. This will increase storage capacity by over 17% in blood bank refrigerators. Adjustable LED spot lighting will provide energy savings as well as provide users with the ability to direct lighting where it is most needed.helmerinc. As with our previous i. Why wait for the future.cszindustrial. featuring a 7” full-color touchscreen door mounted at eyelevel! An interactive temperature graph.thermoscientific. to minimize air conditioning costs • Feature an automatic voltage buck/boost system Contacts: Wade Reichart wreichart@helmerinc.com  Full-color.nuaire. Options currently available include i. Automatic alarm tests are noted with icons for documentation and conformance.C3 leads the way for the Next Generation of i. Access Control Screen may be used as the alternative home screen.com www.

food. drugs. 74 Walker Ln. NJ) says throughput is the leading issue factoring into purchase decisions. instead of rotating uniformly (Fig.e. In an ever-changing environment. which researches rice plants and seed. while particles which tend to agglomerate (i. The traditional methods of sieving bulk materials with vibratory. through the slotted nozzle rotating below the sieve mesh. 2). Cryogenic mills pulverize nonbrittle materials by first freezing and then milling them in specialized sample containers.retsch-us. Depending on the expected particle size and sample volume. TX). It can also be a faster alternative to vibratory sieving for particle sizes up to 200 microns (Fig. taste enhancement for foods.bASIC LAb MILLS AND GrINDErS Retsch Air Jet Siever.” “Working in nanoscale provides greater bang for the buck. “Labs are taking in more and more samples and need to process them in a shorter time frame.” says Kyle James. which is a growing market for mills/grinders. rubber. Air jet sieving (Fig. the results of a quality check must be available quickly and reliably to allow for immediate adjustment of production parameters. particularly for grinders with automation features.com/as200jet screen. They have the option of doing one sample at a time manually or employing a miller or grinder that handles multiple samples. the nozzle first moves forward by 20° then backwards by 10°.” Tim Osborn-Jones of Spex SamplePrep (Metuchen. air jet sieving is usually carried out with only one sieve fraction.” Freezer mills (also called cryogenic mills or cryomills) have been around for about forty years. for the Separation of Fine Particles Particle size analysis and distribution are important criteria for the quality control of bulk materials. pliers.labmanager. • When using 25 mm (1 inch) tall sieves. “When we used a conventional laboratory blender. the single sieve is placed on the unit and covered with a lid.” Over the last decade. pharmaceuticals) can be sieved at slower speeds. With this technology. “Whether it’s greater coverage area for pigments. scissors/ knife. the control of size is important. Thus. it is possible to sieve down to 20 microns. PrODUCTS IN ACTION BrINGING OUT ThE BEST IN ANALYTICAL SAmPLES Mills and grinders are used to prepare samples (of minerals. biological articles. two factors enabled by more powerful milling/ grinding machines that are safer and easier to clean and more rapidly achieve desired particle sizes. for example. PA 18940 Phone: 866-473-8724 • Fax: 267-757-0358 info@retsch-us. PA). allows for the dry particle separation and sieving of materials from 10 – 20 µm. and heat-sensitive materials. air jet sieving is the most efficient method.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 87 . plastics. operations that Glen Mills’ (Metuchen. In contrast to other methods. 2: Comparison of sieving times of commercial flour with vibratory sieve shaker and air jet sieve The principle of air jet sieving For dry sieving of samples with particle sizes below 20 microns. 1). Newtown. near-mesh particles are blown effectively from the mesh so no material lies on the sieve surface. 3: Open Mesh Function 86 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. our product was coarser and took twice as long to grind. This function moves the nozzle according to the principle “two steps forward. Fine-meshed sieves are particularly susceptible to “near-mesh particles” which blind the sieve  Fig. for example) through particle size reduction (comminution). Osborn-Jones says price is a relatively minor factor since “the purchase price is paid back relatively quickly. experts believe that many drugs that fail in clinical trials could be improved by producing them as nanoparticles or within very narrow size ranges. paints) benefit from aggressive air flow and fast nozzle rotation. uses a planetary mill for that purpose. Particles with sizes smaller than the sieve apertures are pulled through by the vacuum cleaner (A “cyclone” attachment can be added to collect the smaller-than-mesh sample).e. Milling/grinding methods may be classified as impact. A powerful industrial vacuum cleaner generates a strong jet of air which disperses the particles on the sieve. 1: Air Jet Sieving Machine AS 200 jet by RETSCH  Fig.  Fig. existing solid drugs might benefit from tailoring their particle size.com www. cutting. Analytical labs must be assured that grinding a particular sample under specified conditions will always lead to the same result and provide the same quantity of the target material. 3).” Two other related factors are reproducibility and yield. specified target particle sizes have become smaller and size ranges narrower. “Every major pharmaceutical company in the U. the particles are dispersed with each rotation and are distributed over the complete sieve surface. Incorporating the freezer mill into our protocols has increased throughput and efficiency. different sieving methods and machines are suitable for analysis. samples are analyzed for their components or to demonstrate specific properties. Similarly. enabling the user to customer the parameters according to their specific application. NJ) director Stanley Goldberg compares to using a “hammer. Although not appropriate for every sample. freezer mills work wonders with samples that typically do not grind well—plastics.” says Goldberg. Two unique effects occur: • The jet of air causes a continuous new orientation of particles on the sieve surface. Together with the sample material. The Open Mesh Function of the AS 200 Jet has proven to be a key feature in eliminating near-mesh particles and prolonging the life of the sieve. or improved efficacy for drugs. crushing. however. Lab-scale mills can rapidly produce small sample batches of a drug during product R&D for subsequent testing.” says Sharhara Anderson at RiceTec (Alvin. “Labs are taking in more and more samples and need to process them in a shorter time frame. The speed of the nozzle and force of the air are both adjustable. AS 200 Jet.S. the inflowing air causes the particles to impact the lid. When using vibratory shakers for wet sieving. and forensic materials. obstructing the air jet. but also leads to premature wear of the sieve. and nail file. Sensitive samples (i. Afterward. pigments. This not only can result in erroneous data. and smaller is often better. For the pharmaceutical industry. which helps to deagglomerate the sample. sales manager at Retsch (Newtown. and abrasion. plants. one step back”. horizontal or tap sieve shakers are limited to particles above 40 µm.

ASTM.” Ross observes. specifies an oven’s temperature deviations by measuring at nine locations inside the oven. Users should modestly overbuy on temperature range to ensure that their applications will easily be covered. circuit boards and LCD screens to a fineness of <2 mm • Available in a heavy. push-fit rotor allow for quick and easy cleaning • Capable of processing power cords.com www.com • Features automatic imbalance compensation and a grinding bowl lock system • Able to grind larger sample quantities down into the nano range • Includes a special emptying device with 2 sieves for grinding bowls • EASY GTM ensures the set grinding parameters are not exceeded PULVERISETTE 6 Planetary Ball Mill Premium Line CONTrOLLING TEmPErATUrES TO A FrACTION OF A DEGrEE Most basic lab uses employ oven temperatures from just above ambient to several hundred degrees Fahrenheit. executive VP at Binder (Great River. and controls/displays. Materials testing or pharmaceutical development groups involved in drying or curing should focus on temperature stability/uniformity and perhaps automated recording and diagnostics. users’ preferences have shifted from gravity ovens variability within the oven. which vary from fractions of a degree in high-end ovens to several degrees. Vendors supply temperature specifications. although ovens used for materials processing reach temperatures in excess of 1000ºF. exhaust capabilities.hmicronpowder. Lab ovens range in size up to capacities of 25 cubic feet.jetpul.de/en www. may reach 2400ºF. to the point where temperature distribution becomes a selling point.net SOLUTIONs IN MILLING & SIEVING E. have a larger footprint. Location is connected with unit size. Smart buyers whose oven volume and application needs vary often purchase several smaller ovens rather than one large one.fischione. fire/explosion protection. and access to electric utilities.spectrumchemical.com www.com www. insulation. while conveyor designs—common with mediumto-industrial-sized process applications—provide continuous heating of many samples.bASIC LAb MILLS AND GrINDErS OVENS bASIC LAb RECENTLY RELEASED MIlls ANd GrINdErs SM 300 Heavy-Duty Cutting Mill • Features a powerful.labmanager. without fans to fan-based forcedair units. NY) notes that in recent years. Fischione Instruments www. Fans distribute heat more rapidly on startup.glenmills.com www. and “people are becoming less willing to wait for units to heat up.retsch. Uwe Ross.” comments Ross.spexcsp. The former often suffer from temperature inhomogeneities and stagnation. and may require specialized electrical hookups. while the newer DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung) standard uses 27 points.com IKA Works Retsch Spectrum Chemicals Laboratory Products Spex SamplePrep Thomas Scientific UDY Corporation www. which is why ASTM and AASHTO standards call for forced draft ovens. Other features to consider are general location. Circulation ovens (the most common in labs) come in two types: gravity convection or mechanical (forced) draft.com www.A. batteries. and temperature recording (useful for regulated industries requiring documentation).ika. temperature measurement and/or recording.com www. “Users will tell you that an application works great— on the middle shelf in the rear left corner—but nowhere else.ika. for example.com .biospec. oversized ovens consume considerably more energy than compact designs. ease of use.thomassci.fritsch.retsch-us.net M 20 Universal Mill “People are becoming less willing to wait for units to heat up. Larger labs primarily interested in glassware drying are better served by large ovens with customizable configurations than by hightech units with advanced controls. ambient or inert atmosphere.com www.” However. mounting (floor or tabletop).com www.fritsch. specialty ovens used to process ceramics.de/en Micron-Master® Jet Energy Mill • Designed to grind any type of crystalline or friable material. www.02 horsepower) motor • Fold-back housing and removable. metal-free version for contamination-free results Retsch www.udyone. high-torque 3 kW (4. Basic components common to all general-purpose lab ovens are an electrical heating coil. Kilns.cianflone. Advanced features include double doors. producing product in the size range of 0. Fans provide more even heating by minimizing temperature Fritsch www. and a circulation mechanism that provides even temperature distribution.com MIll ANd GrINdEr MANUFACTURERS BioSpec Products Cianflone Scientific Glen Creston Glen Mills Fritsch Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems www.com www. Cabinet ovens are used for batch processing. compatibility with other equipment.glencreston. for a given heat rating. exhaust. digital control.25 to 15 microns • Able to handle materials as diverse as talc and diamonds • Available with IQ/OQ protocol documentation for Qualification Test Plans The Jet Pulverizer Company • Batch mill suitable for dry grinding of hard and brittle substances • Double-walled grinding chamber can be cooled with water through two hose adapters • Grinding chamber is removable for easy cleaning • Two grinding chambers can be alternatively operated using one drive IKA www. but most applications employ units of 6 cubic feet and smaller.com 88 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www.

“Some users are less concerned about the quality of calibration than about getting a sticker on their pipette that says it’s been calibrated.com www. ft. Certainly anyone in a regulated environment knows the importance of calibration.wisoven.yamato-usa.binder-oven.com www.com www. throughput needs. excellent temperature stability.” says Christian Petrilli.carbolite. ft. Calibration is conducted by Sheldon Manufacturing www.com www. Water used during testing is degassed and distilled. technicians test three different volumes for variable-volume pipettes. choose an electronic pipette for high- 90 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www.terrauniversal. She provides the following tips for selecting and using pipettes: operation. but most calibrations are carried out at the original manufacturer’s facility or through a third-party service provider. Off-site calibration has a turnaround time of two days.boekelsci. Regulated industries calibrate their instruments several times a year: all labs using pipettes should consider taking advantage of calibration services every six to twelve months. and efficient mixing • Suited for all types of hybridization and incubation applications • PID controller enables heat-up from ambient to 65°C in 20 minutes with a stability of + 0. include three shelves. and draw/dispense mechanisms easier to actuate.labmanager.jeiotech.com • Make sure the pipette fits well in the hand. Some service companies perform calibration at the customer’s site.shellab. director of marketing at BrandTech Scientific (Essex.com www. A typical calibration costs between $20 and $100 per pipette.. director of marketing at Eppendorf (Hauppauge.labnetlink.cascadetek. sizes ranging from 0.spindustries.com www. NY). Electronic pipettes are becoming more popular because of the reduction in sample volumes and simultaneous increase in the number of samples processed. while on-site calibration can be done the same day.com www.boekelsci. Calibration is perhaps the most important service-related activity for pipettes. • Choose a pipette whose plunger mechanism requires low activation force. • Make sure the operator’s hand can flex without removing the pipette.” According to Andrea Dickstein.labrepco.5°C • Forced air convection maintains excellent uniformity throughout the heating chamber Boekel Scientific www.bASIC LAb OVENS PIPETTES bASIC LAb RECENTLY RELEASED OVENS Little SHOT III™ Medium Hybridization Oven • Provides rapid heat-up. Improved ergonomics is therefore the most easily identifiable trend in pipettes. and multi-functionality in dispensing techniques.com www. “But most recognize the value of a pipette that is calibrated properly.tedpella.” • Temperature range is 10°C above room temperature to 250°C • Features an over-temperature limiter and door opening alarm • Optional adjustable fan speed helps to prevent powder sample blowing • Dual-wall door opens to 180° and features a double-rack door handle Jeio Tech www.com BINDER www. CT).thermoscientific. Like most routine maintenance.com www.com www. The company’s calibration room is maintained at 50 percent relative humidity and a constant temperature. ft to 8.7 cu.6 cu.shellab. calibration may be viewed as more of an inconvenience than a necessity. seamless welds and strong bracing • Features solid brass vacuum valves with Teflon seats to prevent leaks • Features positive latch handles with spring-loaded glass for a good vacuum seal • Temperature range is 10°C above ambient to 240°C • Available in four models. • Feature temperature range from 5°C above ambient to 300°C • Include digital temperature setting with accuracy of one degree • Feature homogeneous temperature distribution and rapid dynamic response “Improved ergonomics is… the most easily identifiable trend in pipettes.us www. • Consider automating through a liquid-handling workstation.com www.jeiotech. Eppendorf employs a weighing vessel and a trap to reduce evaporation from small samples.com www. preventing RSIs should be a top priority in high-throughput labs. For example.com Ontario Ovens SHEL LAB SP Industries Stovall Life Science Ted Pella Terra Universal Thermo Fisher Scientific Wisconsin Ovens Yamato Scientific www. under conditions of strict environmental control and using standardized methods and materials. Calibration usually takes place off-site at the calibrator’s facility. or multichannel pipettes for microtiter plate applications.com .us OVEN MANUFACTURERS BINDER Boekel Scientific Carbolite Cascade TEK Jeio Tech Labnet International LABREPCO Lucifer Furnaces MTI Corporation www.slscience. Materials used to manufacture pipettes have become lighter.com www. • Determine that the volume is easily adjustable and that all buttons are easily accessible.com www. In a worstcase scenario. RSIs can lead to surgery and lost productivity costing tens of thousands of dollars. • When using a pipette for more than two hours a day.com/eng SHEL LAB Model 1425 Vacuum Oven FD Series Drying Ovens • Sizes range from 0. It ensures that the pipette is delivering precise volumes after thousands of cycles.com OF-G Series Forced Convection Oven MANUAL LIQUID HANDLING FOCUSES ON ErGONOmICS The high-throughput demands of modern laboratories have led to a rise in pipette-related repetitive stress injuries (RSIs).6 to 9 cu.mtixtl. and all volumes are measured at least ten times.luciferfurnaces. Some pipettes may be calibrated by the user.ontarioovens. Electronic pipettes offer a reduction in the force necessary for dispensing volumes of water and weighing them on an analytical balance.binder-world.com www.

can now be precisely and reproducibly set.hamiltoncompany. loading gels or dispensing supernatant. But because your performance is the most valuable resource.eppendorfna. No matter where you are in the world.com www. regardless of your hand position or work position. dispensing results are affected by many factors. You work on demanding problems. we have significantly reduced the weight and required operating force of the Eppendorf Xplorer. Your standards are extremely high and your performance is professional. Program the Xplorer to an altitude or specific liquid density. In the US Tel: 800-645-3050 In CANADA Tel: 800-263-8715 www.com Jencons Scientific Labnet International Nichiryo America Oxford Instruments www.com www. Your unit can also be personally labeled to prevent an accidental exchange with another Xplorer.rainin. Every day. which mean no delays due to complicated programming or inflexible processes. fatigue-free work and full control over the pipetting processes.com www.gelcompany. e. regardless of hand size.brandtech. The new Eppendorf Xplorer electronic pipette was specially designed for high professional standards to provide optimal support for you in your work.hirschmann-inc..com www.vistalab.brandtech.com/ergoone www. mixing cycles. with a new intuitive operating concept and design based on the proven Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept®.eppendorf. low weight and intuitive user guidance to minimize user strain • Features an innovative rocker: when tip is ejected.g.com www.com PIPETTE MANUFACTURERS Biohit Boekel Scientific BrandTech Drummond Scientific Eppendorf Gelcompany Gilson Globe Scientific Hamilton Hirschmann www.com Everything under control For slow pipetting. With the Eppendorf Xplorer. the “Manual pipetting” function and operaProduct Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 93 92 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. a feel for your task is required—and complete control of the piston movement! With the Xplorer. precision and reproducibility. Wheaton Science Products www. Improved balance of energy Simple logic Rainin Instrument Company www.biohit. or which liquid you’re using.com www.com PrODUCTS IN ACTION RECENTLY RELEASED PIPETTES ErgoOne™ • Available in single-channel and multi-channel formats • Tapered tip cones accept TipOne® and other universal tips • Plunger forces minimize stress and maximize control • Light. the piston automatically returns to zero position.wheatonsci. All information on the Xplorer display is clearly readable.usascientific.jenconsusa.com When tips are optimally seated • Features a 50% drop in tip insertion forces and line-of-sight enhancements to further minimize physical effort and save time when acquiring pipette tips • Four 12-channel models are available for precision liquid dispensing from 0. It follows the “Up is up and down is down”™ principle: Press the rocker up to aspirate liquids and down to dispense liquids. reproducible results.5 µL to 1. The Eppendorf Xplorer was developed and produced by renowned ergonomic experts according to the strict criteria of the PhysioCare Concept.com Everything at a glance with one click You can easily select all functions with the practical selection dial. you get precise adjustable parameters. The clearly arranged color display of all adjustable parameters means no more getting lost in the submenus! An optional help function can be installed in your language of choice. The Eppendorf Xplorer’s perfect balance and hand rest guarantee a low-impact position and efficient relaxation periods. we have developed a unique multi-function rocker for the Eppendorf Xplorer. These features set new standards for simplicity. which eliminates up to 97% of repetitive motion from repeat pipetting The Eppendorf Xplorer’s spring-loaded tip cone provides maximum tightness with inimal attachment force. noticeably reducing the energy required for ejection without compromising tightness.5 μL to 850 μL • Four 8-channel models are available for volumes from 0. Improved view VistaLab Technologies www. for example.com Xplorer® Electronic People who give 100% every day deserve the best tool and the best equipment. all relevant factors.nichiryo. volume. consistently perfect.com USA Scientific VistaLab Technologies www. tional rocker make precise and flexible directional control of the piston possible.com www.com BrandTech Scientific www. Instead.com Rice Lake Weighing Systems www..drummondsci. Because the tip always rests in the same position. etc. the reproducibility of your results is heightened. Reproducible results are essential for your laboratory work! Of course.com www. speed. The handle and size of the control buttons feature a user-friendly design.usascientific.com .com www.! The more energy you need to expend. Dispense. When the tip is ejected.eppendorf. by signs of fatigue or the aspiration and dispensing speed of the liquid.gilson. balanced weight reduces fatigue USA Scientific www.ricelake.com www.oxford-instruments.com www. and Auto-Dispense.globescientific.labnetlink. The switch enables ultra precise control of liquid aspiration and dispensing. the quicker your energy reserves are depleted. The optimally angled pipette head and high-resolution display with individual brightness setting guarantee a comfortable work environment. piston automatically returns to zero position • Features a spring-loaded tip cone for maximum tightness • Single-channel and multi-channel models are available Eppendorf North America www.vistalab.bASIC LAb PIPETTES Xplore new ground with the Eppendorf Xplorer pipette • Features electronic piston stroke.com To make pipette operation even more logical. and important decisions depend on the results of your work.com www.250 µL • Three user-defined volume settings can be stored for later recall with a single keystroke Ovation Multichannel HandyStep® Electronic Repeating • Automatically recognizes the size of encoded proprietary syringe tips • Features continuously adjustable volume selection from 1 µL to 50 mL • Compatible with standard syringe tips from variou MANUFACTURERS • Features three operational modes: Pipette.labmanager. the Eppendorf Xplorer can be individually adjusted to your environment and requirements.boekelsci.

rapid temperature recovery after door openings. two pairs or three pairs of doors in a variety of materials: with glass front door and solid back door. Select™ Refrigerator and Freezer models are available with one. The interior is white and there are three epoxy-coated shelves per door. magnetic door gaskets. 94 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. Includes audible and visual high/low alarms. Product selection includes fullsize reach-in +4C Solid and Glass Door Refrigerators. choosing among lab refrigerators and freezers often reduces to secondary or subjective criteria. space-saving insulation. Environmental Protection Agency to establish industry-wide Energy Star standards for lab refrigerators and freezers. Pass-thru models are available in two. Tamper-proof temperature logging and recording are desirable features for regulated industries and those called on to testify in court. two or three doors. 53ft2 and 80ft3. Energy consumption for “always-on” appliances is a serious concern for large organizations like pharmaceutical companies and universities. price and availability. Available options (depending on model) include: extra shelves.norlakescientific. internal electrical outlet. seismic mounting. Cabinets are formed-in-place with high-density CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation. They are available with one pair. and come in a variety of temperature ranges. H1N1 vaccine is stored within a narrow temperature range (35ºF to 46ºF). reverse hinge doors. Select™ Refrigerators and Freezers feature top-mounted refrigeration. sliding basket drawers. Cabinet construction features include white painted exterior front. and condition monitoring are differentiators. which can be adjusted in 1” increments. Several vendors have nevertheless made a business of refurbishing and retrofitting home-appliance cooling “Due to their heavy usage. 2 to 10 volt DC output. Nor-Lake® Scientific Select™ laboratory Refrigerators and Freezers are designed for heavy-duty long term cold storage for a wide range of demanding laboratory. temperature chart recorder and chart paper. vendors began submitting energy efficiency and performance data to EPA. After considering temperature capabilities. controllers. capacity and footprint. WI 54016 800-477-5253 www. real time clock. One notable development in refrigeration has been the emergence of cold storage to support vaccine work. uniform controlled temperature environment and energy efficient operation for long lasting reliable and durable performance. Standard features include interior lights (switch activated). Eye-level controls. However. temperature uniformity throughout the box. “The key is to reduce overall energy usage while maintaining performance. with all glass doors or with all solid doors. purchase decisions often come down to brand name recognition. The traditional chart recorder is still the industry standard for temperature monitoring. compressor and fan. operation diagnostic monitoring of defrost. mechanisms to prevent door freezing and/or vacuum pressure build-up. alarms.” said Gordon Shields. key door locks. Energy efficiency has become a key driver in refrigerator/freezer purchase decisions. ft. pharmacy and life science applications. particularly for H1N1 influenza vaccine storage. scientific. password protection of set points and factory settings. Doors have heavy-duty pivot hinges and pull handles.com Select™ models feature advanced digital LCD 4x20 character display.6 cu. “… purchase decisions often come down to brand name recognition. and 1”diameter lead sensor port. 33ft3.bASIC LAb REFrIGErATOrS/FrEEZErS Laboratory Refrigerators and Freezers. door ajar alarm. Chamber capacities include internal volumes of 24ft3. with galvanized steel on the top and bottom. -20ºC (and below) freezers for enzymes and biochemicals. Common upgrades include alarms. but companies have been slow to adopt such equipment due to difficulties in changing established SOPs. access port 2” sleeve with cover and export crating. automated data recording. Freezer and refrigeration options fall into four general temperature categories: +4ºC refrigerators for chromatography supplies. microprocessor control system with key pad. Sliding Glass Door Refrigerators. Thermo Fisher Scientific (Marietta. price and availability. 2 product sensors with glycerin bottles. Units range in size from under-counter systems as small as 3. blood storage.. most industries are moving toward electronic temperature monitoring.”  Nor-Lake® Scientific pass-thru refrigerators have a front door and a rear door. chests for labs. door locks and special shelving. Beginning in late 2008. director for cold storage at Thermo Fisher Scientific. easy roll low profile casters. The combined features of the Select™ control refrigeration system and cabinet construction produce a precise. stainless steel interior and/or exterior.S. shapes and sizes.labmanager. from which the agency will eventually issue guidelines for the coveted Energy Star designation. Available with sliding baskets as shown. perceived reliability. event logging and sensor failure alarm. remote alarm contacts.” Many labs use household kitchen refrigerators to store very low-risk laboratory materials. 4-20ma output. to standalone chests as large as 70 cu. -30ºC to -40ºC for biological samples.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 95 . and -80°C freezers for long-term storage and stability. ft. However. which surprisingly do not yet exist. Secure Guard lock system. low and high alarm test. perceived reliability. so they can be accessed from two sides. Nor-Lake Scientific 727 Second Street Hudson. stainless steel drawers. OH) plans to offer a wireless recording/logging option in 2010. and pharmaceuticals. sides and back. four and six door configurations with solid or glass door combinations. PrODUCTS IN ACTION A TEmPErATUrE FOr EVErY TASTE Lab refrigerators and freezers are similar in construction to household units. and health agencies mandate twice-daily temperature measurements. air-cooled condensing unit and automatic condensate evaporation. Pass-thru Refrigerators and -25C Freezers. lab refrigerators and freezers will never be as energy efficient as units purchased for the home. but these units are designed for low-traffic use and lack the precise temperature control and refrigeration capabilities of lab-designed units. digital temperature control. RS485. Many vendors have been working with the U.

• Available in capacities of 19 cu. ft.norlake. and Commercial UL and C-UL listing to ensure optimum performance and unwavering reliability.com ArcticTemp • Features front ventilation and a bacteria-resistant powder coating • Features a field-reversible Sure-Seal door design and interior volume of 5 cu. including power failure.midsci. Marvel Scientific’s 6CADM general purpose laboratory refrigerator addresses the differing physical needs of individuals. science and industry.darwinchambers. that reliability is measurable and recordable. your specimens and your lab. high/low alarm values and alarm delay period. ADA Height Lab Refrigerator Designed to comply with the height standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Marvel Scientific refrigeration products are engineered and constructed to meet or exceed the stringent standards required by health. Accuracy and Monitoring Marvel Scientific refrigerators have always been the most dependable and reliable.marvelscientific. automatic defrost. stainless steel interior/exterior and glass door • Operating temperature range is 2°C to 10°C. The MicroSentryTM Scientific control is an interiormounted digital electronic control that allows you to set temperature.biocold. swivel casters.thermoscientific.O. ft. blood and plasma • 24 models range in size from 4. under-counter styles to 51. MI 48838 Tel: 1-800-962-2521 | Fax: 1-616-754-0970 E-mail: lferguson@agamarvel. Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 97 REFrIGErATOr/FrEEZEr MANUFACTURERS BioCold Darwin Chambers Helmer Kelvinator LABNICS Equipment Marvel Scientific New Brunswick Scientific Nor-Lake Scientific NuAire Sanyo So-Low The Baker Company Thermo Fisher Scientific www. factory set at 4°C Helmer  www. vaccines. reagents.com www. The two-drawer lab refrigerator features interior lighting.9 cu.nbsc. or modification to. ft. with either a solid or glass door.com www.com Marvel Scientific www.nuaire. The unique configuration allows full www. ft. to a remote or central monitoring system.com www. full-extension drawers store all types of containers and provide superior visibility and access—no more reaching to the back of a crowded refrigerator shelf. Let Marvel Scientific help you professionally protect your research. giving you the ultimate confidence in your refrigeration.4 cu. hidden touchpad controls with LED digital display. forced-air circulation P.com www. Lab refrigerators with the MicroSentryTM Scientific control are available in 15” and 24” undercounter models.com www. ft. flammable material storage and explosion proof product has been designed specifically for the lab with a Commercial UL Listing for your peace of mind. Full-wrap drawer fronts come in white or stainless steel with matching handles.bakerco. The top shelf includes an ingenious flip-up section to vertically store tall items on the shelf below. At Marvel Scientific.com Thermo Fisher Scientific www. The model 6CADM now features the MicroSentryTM Scientific controller. There is a history record of high/low temperatures for monitoring programs. Two slide-out shelves feature safety stops to prevent shelves from being disengaged from the refrigerator.kelvinator.com www. Science and Industry Serious about Standards In laboratories worldwide. Each general purpose.marvelscientific. All models are front vented so they can be built into casework with zero clearance. • Customizable with interior lights.com Scientific Series™ access even from a seated position.com www. giving the user precise temperature regulation and set-point security • Feature powerful industrial-grade compressors and positive. PrODUCTS IN ACTION RECENTLY RELEASED REFrIGErATOrS/FrEEZErS 6CADM Series Jewett® Collection • Features MicroSentry™ Scientific control for temperature accuracy and monitoring • Includes a powerful compressor for faster pull-down times and quick temperature recovery • Features positive-close hinges to reduce door ajar occurrences • Front-vented for true integration into laboratory casework • Designed to store high value. uprights • Include microprocessor control. When these units operate inconsistently or fail. laboratory refrigerator is built for lower countertops and users of all abilities.labmanager.com www. New general purpose lab refrigerators feature the exclusive MicroSentryTM Scientific refrigeration control.com/cold Innovative Two-Drawer Lab Refrigerator Marvel Scientific’s 6CRDE is the first Two-Drawer Undercounter Lab Refrigerator with a Commercial UL Listing. Now.sanyobiomedical. • All standard shelves are epoxy coated wire (SS shelves available) • Sliding doors or swing-out doors are available • Includes one year parts and labor warranty with additional four year compressor warranty MidSci www.com www. Two super glide. Temperature is confirmed via the large LED display and audible/visual alarms notify if there is a high/low temperature event or if the door is left open. ultra efficient compressor.com 96 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 .com www.com www. critical samples. A remote alarm interface allows communication of any alarm event.1 cu. with the ability to control. its design includes numerous unique features.helmerinc.marvelscientific. Because the 5. lifetime fan motor.thermo.so-low. public and commercial facilities be accessible to individuals with disabilities. maintaining stable temperatures to protect valuable research and costly materials. household refrigerators are pressed into duties they were not designed to fulfill. ft.com www. and notification of periodic maintenance and diagnostic codes. up to 72 cu. Box 400 Greenville.com/cold Superior Temperature Control. An optional door lock and access port are available when product security or alarm probes installation require them.labnics.us www. extra deep drawers and heavy duty drawer slides for full loads. Title III of the ADA requires that all new construction of. we believe it’s time to get serious about standards. confirm and capture temperature performance.bASIC LAb REFrIGErATOrS/FrEEZErS Marvel Scientific: Refrigeration for Health.helmerinc. consequences can range from inconvenient to costly to dangerous.

marketing communications director for Air Liquide America Specialty Gases (Plumsteadville. limiting product loss • Auto shut-off feature allows remote filling with wall box and piping • Constructed of stainless steel • Features a Cyl Tel gauge on 450-.com www.9999% min. the grade required is entirely customer-driven.” Bob Jefferys.labgasgenerators. While not expensive for a single tank. applies what is arguably the number one differentiator.’ That can include pure gases like nitrogen.com www.middlesexgases.” Like commodity gases. and 1.” All major ga MANUFACTURERS provide specialty pure gases in several grades. nitrogen.” Jefferys says.com www. ranging from high purity (99.01 micron Parker Balston www. it becomes tempting to apply the aphorism “I can’t define it. costs can add up quickly for large companies with hundreds of cylinders. Because gases are often deployed at the laboratory or individual level. PA). large organizations have difficulty keeping track of which cylinders are empty or are no longer in service.998% min.” typically amounts to less than a dollar per day per cylinder.concoa.airgas. Keeping up with the marketplace involves staying abreast of gas analysis and blending techniques.com SPECIAlTY GAs MANUFACTURERS Airgas Air Liquide Air Products and Chemicals CONCOA/Controls Corporation of America Matheson Tri-Gas Norlab Parker Balston Praxair www. or “demurrage. and argon. and others. moisture. “The basic definition I use is ‘any gas that’s tested for purity after the cylinder is filled. For gases.labmanager.alspecialtygases.bASIC LAb SPECIALTY GASES RECENTLY RELEASED SPECIALTY GASES Specialty Gas Regulators NitroVap-1LV and NitroVap-2LV • Produce more than 320 LPM of pure evaporation grade nitrogen • Require less than 1 square foot of bench space and can supply more than 100 evaporator nozzle positions • Use a combination of filtration and membrane separation technologies • High-efficiency coalescing filters remove all contaminants down to 0. “A major supplier should maintain a high degree of technical expertise.airproducts. such as levels of oxygen. specialties are distributed under an unusual economic model: Customers purchase the gas and rent the container (usually a steel or aluminum high-pressure cylinder fitted with a heavy-duty valve). Each grade is tested for a defined set of impurities. purity) to ultra-high purity (99.” says Jefferys. Two main factors enter into specialty gas purchase decisions: price and quality. “And they tend to be a lot more expensive than run-of-the-mill industrial gases.” The specialty gas business has become more competitive during the past decade.com www. carbon monoxide.com ALPHAGAZ™ Series • Available in three grades and two purity ranges • ALPHAGAZ 2 exhibits the absolute lowest impurity levels available in the industry • ALPHAGAZ 1 exceeds purity recommendation of most laboratory instrument manufacturers. with many smaller businesses being acquired by large manufacturers. At the same time. total hydrocarbons. oxygen. “The first thing we ask when a customer specifies a pure gas is which impurities will adversely affect their application. But after considering the numerous ways specialty gases might differ from their commodity counterparts.airliquide.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 99 . purity).com www. ‘quality’ means some desirable combination of purity and mixture accuracy. purity) to research grade (99. high-purity helium is employed as the mobile phase for gas chromatography. for customers to check their gas inventories. director of laboratory markets at Airgas (Radnor. the costs can run from $100 to as much as $3.com www.airgas.com A GUArANTEE OF PUrITY Defining the term “specialty gas” seems simple at first. or custom gas blends. “It’s not the same product you’d use to inflate helium balloons at a birthday party.” Perma-Cyl Gas Vessel • Allows liquid to be held for long periods of time without venting. “quality” means some desirable combination of purity and mixture accuracy. PA). up to mixtures of fifty or more individual components. high-purity results • Check-valve cylinder connection option prevents contaminants from entering gas stream during cylinder change out Airgas www.000-. Best-in-class specialty gas companies send out periodic email messages or other reminders use. 1. Depending on the size of the container and the type of gas. “in order to retain its customers.000.” For example.com “For gases. Rental.” says Todd Morris.praxair. “Once that is understood. but I know it when I see it.matheson-trigas. “The definition of ‘specialty gas’ comes up at every training session I conduct.com www. “Specialty gases are very high-purity products consisting of single gases. end users have become more demanding in terms of specialty gas purity and composition.” notes Morris.norlab-gas.500-liter models Middlesex Gases & Technologies www.999% min. For each end • Made from solid bar stock with a needle valve built in the regulator body to reduce internal volume • Feature stainless steel diaphragms for consistent.” Jefferys says. making it suitable for general lab use Air Liquide www.com 98 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www.labgasgenerators. it is relatively straightforward to set the customer up with the appropriate gas.

pharmaceutical manufacturers might use liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry to analyze water samples containing unacceptable TOC values. and pesticides. “But in the end.000. “Over the past decade. solvents. the popularity of TOC analysis has been driven by regulations. BACTErIAL CONTAmINATION Total organic carbon (TOC) analysis measures the carbon content of dissolved and particulate organic materials in water.com www.000 ppm astroTOC UV Turbo • Features a response time of less than 5 minutes with 100% oxidation • Multi-point calibration compensates for background TOC in make-up water • Available in ranges of 0-2000 up to 0-50. TOC often serves as a surrogate for more difficult measurements.1 mg/L of carbon.000 population is required to control TOC to specified levels in drinking water.com www.S. inspection.com www.com Sievers InnovOx On-Line “TOC analyzers are reasonably priced as lab instruments go. pharmaceuticals.com 100 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www.com www.hach.teledynetekmar.com www. unattended operation.com www. but regular calibration. chlorinated industrial chemicals. for low-end sensitivity from a NDIR detector • Allows unattended auto-calibration monitoring and automated self-diagnostic tools Teledyne Tekmar www. thermochemical oxidation.” In the drug industry.shimadzu. and maintenance by skilled technicians is required for reliable operation. and that comes down to analysis time or throughput. Several types of oxidation may be used: high. • Supercritical Water Oxidization (SCWO) technique offers enhanced reliability. most purchase decisions are based on productivity. The two main approaches to TOC measurement involve either initial removal of inorganic carbon (mostly carbonate) followed by TOC measurement.com www.teledyne-ai. and detection.thermo. as will the addition of detectors for nitrogen or isotopic carbon.labgasgenerators. and Europe is required to measure TOCs to certain specifications.oico.” The second regulatory front is the environment.analytik-jena.5 to 50. Online TOC analyzers are capable of continuous. CO).skalar. ease of use and low maintenance • Handles difficult samples such as brine.hach. Response times for TOC analyzers vary widely.com Hach Company www.com www.com www. The carbon measured in TOC analysis may arise from any combination of living or dead organisms and chemical contamination. robust. A basic unit costs approximately $20. high-purity water is used both for cleaning and in sterile drug products.com • Employs UV Persulfate oxidation for increased carbon liberation from challenging matrices • Uses static pressure concentration (SPC) technology. Autosamplers will add to the cost.uicinc. contamination from petrochemicals. for example. meaning it tells how much organic carbon is present without identifying the contaminant.tocsystemsinc.com www. “Additionally. but instruments generally take five to fifteen minutes to report stable readings. or the subtraction of inorganic carbon from total carbon present. to about 0. VP of business development at GE Power and Water (Boulder.com www.labmanager. every municipality of greater than 10.com TOC ANAlYZEr MANUFACTURERS Analytik Jena EST Analytical GE Analytical Instruments Hach Company OI Analytical Parker Balston Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Skalar Analytical Teledyne Analytical Instruments Thermo Fisher Scientific TOC Systems UIC www. peroxides and ozone OI Analytical www. It can also act as a screen for additional analysis. The four steps in TOC measurement are acidification to remove inorganic carbon.” notes Steve Poirier. or electrolytic oxidation.000 µg/l • Housed in a spacious. humic acid and cellulose • Features a dynamic linear working range of 0. Detection limits for TOC depend on the measurement technique used and the type of analyzer.or low-temperature combustion.” Poirier says. The latter two operations form the heart of TOC analysis. Water utilities use TOC to monitor by-products of chlorination or ozonation.geinstruments. oxidation of the remaining carbonaceous material. For example. It’s nonspecific.geinstruments. while low-temperature methods (below 100ºC) are five times as sensitive. The advantages are that TOC analysis is straightforward and does not require the specialized skill set of chromatography. Hightemperature (up to 950ºC) oxidation produces a sensitivity of 0. • Ensures processed and purified water is safe for human consumption • Maintains excellent long-term calibration stability.estanalytical.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 101 . “Every pharmaceutical company that ships drugs into the U. purging to release volatile organics (which are measured separately). photo-oxidation. providing accurate and dependable data with minimal maintenance • Created using reagentless electrochemical oxidation technology developed for use on the International Space Station • Efficiently oxidizes organic compounds using hydroxyl radicals. catalytic oxidation.bASIC LAb TOC ANALYZErS RECENTLY RELEASED TOC ANALYZErS 9210e Fusion SUrrOGATE MEASUrEmENT FOr ChEmICAL. dual-compartment enclosure GE Healthcare www.” Poirier adds. some companies have demonstrated equivalency between TOC measurements and other tests and use TOC as the primary regulatory assay for releasing wastewater.02 mg/L.ssi. TOC analyzers are reasonably priced as lab instruments go.oico. According to Poirier.

no oil is used. it is no longer necessary for the vacuum system to occupy valuable bench space. people tend to replace their vacuum pumps with what they have used before and not take the time to find out about the alternatives. we know you’d rather work on your research than on your equipment.000 operating hours. Oil-free diaphragm pumps can provide vacuum levels from atmosphere to below 0. filtration and liquid metering/dosing. piston. RELIABLE. and give you some protection if things go wrong. The microprocessor then monitors any changes in pressure curve and adjusts the pump’s performance instantly. the pump operates at low speed to prevent any overreaction to small chamber volumes or low boiling solvents. “Even manual controls are better than none. that’s 10 years before the first scheduled service!” A misunderstanding regarding oil-lubricated pumps is that people assume more vacuum is always better. The SC920 vacuum pump system offers four different operating modes: • Evacuation: The vacuum system pumps down at full speed.” Vacuum pumps used in laboratories can be classified into two categories—rotary vane pumps. Two Black Forest Road Trenton. Centrifugal pumps use centrifugal force to push the fluid through an outlet.labmanager. 50 weeks a year. • Pressure Control: The vacuum system regulates pumping speed to achieve and maintain the desired vacuum setpoint. leaving a vacuum that pulls in more fluid. “… people tend to replace their vacuum pumps with what they have used before and not take the time to find out about the alternatives. • Individual Pressure Function: The system regulates the vacuum according to a user-defined pressure curve. By accessing all system functions from outside a closed hood. researchers find these versatile pumps to be extremely quiet and sturdy – even when continuously running corrosive solvents. For instance. This will reduce building heating and air conditioning costs. vice president of sales and marketing at Vacuubrand.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 103 . peristaltic. A repeat function allows successive repetitions of the programmed pressure curve. Although technology has advanced to provide smaller. cleaner and quieter options.5 mbar/Torr. user costs and cost to the environment. Used for a wide variety of applications including rotary evaporation. • Automatic Mode: The vacuum controller automatically finds the vapor pressure of the sample and regulates pumping speed to maximize evaporation. Whether adjusting the system pressure or opening/closing the coolant valve. They operate in different ways to create vacuum and aspirate fluids. sometimes referred to as oil-lubricated pumps. piston and syringe pumps. reducing everyone’s exposure to solvent vapors. “In many applications. researchers can instantly make a change using the touch screen and control knob on the hand-held remote control. glass breakage and chemical spills. Although oil-free pumps tend to be more expensive than oil pumps. which can then be saved as permanent logs and exported to spreadsheet or text files. rotary lobe and rotary vane to push fluid through a cavity. Oil-free pumps can be built to be corrosion resistant and hence do not require regular maintenance. the type of vacuum control used will determine how much scientist time is needed for oversight and how fast the application proceeds. pull fluid into a chamber and then push it through the outlet valve. No matter the amount. but electronic controls offer huge productivity advantages. Like the remote control.” says Peter Coffey. with the exception of freeze-drying. while oil-free diaphragm pumps are a says Coffey. the included Windows® based software makes it possible to display pressure curves as charts.knflab. such as process costs. This ensures fast process times with exceptional accuracy and repeatability. For certain applications he also recommends considering buying a pump with controls that provide a good balance of speed and control. “What is more important is matching the vacuum to the application. and almost any application can now be performed using an oil-free pump. gas and liquid pumps to keep on going.” says Coffey. and therefore there is no cause for oil contamination and no necessity for oil change or disposal. and compares it with the programmed setpoints.” How the SC920 system works At the start of a process. while positive displacement pumps use bellows. we’ve designed our chemically-resistant diaphragm air. LABOPORT® vacuum pumps feature premium chemical resistance and oilfree design. First of all. “Vacuum pumps last a long time and many people go through their careers without actually buying one. We think you’ll like them because of their light weight and small footprint – physically and environmentally. The setpoint pressure and the opening/closing of the coolant valve are easily entered for a set range of times. “Service intervals on better oil-free pumps exceed 10.knf.” more recent addition.” he says. Oil-lubricated pumps have been around for many decades. frequency. say you want to have precise control over vessel pressure – our system display allows you to monitor and control it to defined values. and dry (oil-free) pumps. New Jersey 609-890-8600 www. 102 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. whereas oillubricated pumps offer high capacities and higher vacuum levels up to 10-3 mbar/Torr. Thanks to this remote control capability.com KNF Neuberger’s SC920 vacuum pump system (right) includes a wireless remote control for easy monitoring and control of vacuum system functions. See more online at www.bASIC LAb VACUUm PUmPS PrODUCTS IN ACTION OIL-FrEE ALTErNATIVES OFFEr NUmErOUS ADVANTAGES BESIDES BEING KIND TO ThE ENVIrONmENT Costs associated with generating a vacuum. so you can too. even behind a closed hood sash from across the lab. or kind of solvents you use. “If you use your vacuum pump 20 hours a week. OIL-FREE VACUUM IN YOUR LAB At KNF Lab. then monitors for changes in the pressure curve and optimizes pumping speed instantly. have never really been considered seriously. “Hence.” KNF NEUBERGER’S VACUUM PUMPS & SYSTEMS KEEP ON GOING FOR CLEAN. not many people are taking advantage of it. and are perfect all-purpose pumps for your laboratory researcher. With our wireless technology you’ll conserve precious lab resources by keeping the fume hood sash closed during processing. harmful vapors are less likely to enter the lab. A pressure sensor measures the actual pressure in the system several times per second.com. there are a lot of advantages to their use as well as significant savings. making adjustments while the system is safely behind a closed sash. position the SC920 under your lab bench or in a fume hood. such as diaphragm. Instead. metering pumps.

com www.” and rely on the VARIO® controller to avoid overpumping that causes bumping and foaming and loss of sample. from atmosphere to 1 mbar (0.com www.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 105 .shimadzu. full housing enclosure and weight balance for quiet operation • Includes an integrated gas ballast for a constantly high suction volumes • Three-stage vacuum creation process delivers 3. PC3004 and PC3010 VARIO® systems let you easily scale up evaporations to 20 liters or more with the same level of precision and ease.ilmvac. Why use that precious resource to babysit evaporative applications? No one would consider manually maintaining temperature of critical processes— introducing and removing a heat source manually to maintain a constant temperature.brandtech. the proper set-point changes as the more volatile solvent evaporates.vacuubrand.com TECHNOLOGY FOR VACUUM sYsTEMs Thermo Fisher Scientific www.com www.com • Speed and stroke controlled operation for a precise hysteresis-free vacuum • Features a sound insulation system. so manual control—and systems that find only the first boiling point—fall short. Unfortunately. but only by running timeconsuming trials and programming the controller to maintain vacuum conditions at an approximation of optimum as it changes over time. You could program set-points and a ramp.varianinc. Why waste precious researcher time on manual control of vacuum applications? VARIO® vacuum control technology relies on innovative electronics to detect vapor conditions in evaporative applications and automatically and continuously adjusts vacuum to optimize conditions—without programming—to accelerate processes while protecting samples. adjusting vacuum to accommodate the continuously changing vapor pressure of the sample mixture as the more volatile solvents evaporate. vacuum conditions will be less than optimal. No test runs or programming of approximate conditions.net www. while protecting samples and minimizing need for operator intervention.thermoscientific. VARIO™ vacuum pumping systems are also available for evaporations up to pilot scale. Instead.1 m3/h at a low final pressure of less than 2 mbar Buchi www. you press “Start. for a complete chemistry-design pump • Feature a range of pumping speeds from 10 to 800 liters per second • Integrated drive electronics reduce the need to costly cabling • Installation is possible in any orientation • Features a sealing gas connection to safeguard bearings Tel 860-767-5341 www.com www. The better option is with VARIO® control by VACUUBRAND. A computer link is available for process documentation.com New Star Environmental www.varianinc.welchvacuum.pfeiffer-vacuum.com BrandTech www. expecting the system to maintain conditions the way that a thermostat controls ambient temperature or the heat on a hotplate.pfeiffer-vacuum.ssi.coleparmer.com 104 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. exceeding vapor pressures needed for evaporation and leading to boil-over and loss of sample.newstarenvironmental.edwardsvacuum.com www.buchi. You can pick optimum conditions for one solvent out of a manual or solvent library. The VARIO® controller monitors vacuum conditions and continuously adjusts pumping speed to optimize vacuum conditions moment to moment. VACuum PumP MANUFACTURERS Alcatel BrandTech Buchi Cole Parmer Ebara Edwards Gast Manufacturing Ilmvac KNF Myers Vacuum www.com www.oerlikon. The unit monitors vapor flow from the application and adjusts its own pumping speed to continuously optimize evaporative conditions.vacuubrand.com www.myers-vacuum.precision-scientific.75 Torr) • Features a base pressure below 5x10-2 mbar (3. and the process will slow to a crawl.com www.com www.com www. and set a target vacuum pressure.com www. Vacuum provided by an uncontrolled pump often leads to over-pumping. PrODUCTS IN ACTION RECENTLY RELEASED VACUUm PUmPS VACUUBRAND ME1 and ME1C HiPace™ Series • Deliver pumping speeds of 14 lpm and ultimate vacuum of 100 mbar • Feature robust PTFE diaphragms and valves for optimal chemical resistance • Feature a well-proven and long diaphragm life of 10. The result is an evaporation that is often completed in 30 percent less time than with conventional two-point electronic control.bASIC LAb VACUUm PUmPS VACUUBRAND PC3001 VARIO™ The VACUUBRAND PC3001 VARIO™ vacuum pumping system provides self-regulated control of evaporative applications like rotary evaporators and concentrators without test runs or programming.com Oerlikon Pfeiffer Vacuum Precision Scientific Shimadzu US Vacuum VACUUBRAND Vacuum Research Varian Welch www.vacuumresearch. no time-wasting babysitting to control the evaporation manually.pumpsebara. It’s manageable— if inefficient—with a major commitment of concentrated attention.adixen.com www. Manual control of vacuum conditions requires continuous oversight. It detects multiple boiling points in complex mixtures and generates the pressure curve that accelerates the process while minimizing bumping and foaming caused by over-pumping.knf.com www.brandtech.com www.buchi.000 operating hours • ME1C features a full fluoropolymer flowpath. but aren’t there better ways to use your time and education? Electronic two-point control is another option. Soon.com Pfeiffer Vacuum www. while achieving the highest evaporation rates that protect your samples. VACUUBRAND’s PC3002.75x10-2 Torr) • T-Plus software enables control of pump parameters from a PC MS40+ Rotary Vane Varian www. The most valuable resource in the lab is the time and intellect of the researcher. as with uncontrolled vacuum.labmanager. Should your application be destined for scaleup.com V-710 What is the most valuable resource in the lab? Reagents? Equipment time? Sample material? No.000 to 15.com www. Consider the rotary evaporation of a mixture of solvents.com www.gastmfg.com • Inverter electronic allow user to tailor pumping speed to each application • Features a high pumping speed over a wide range. There is no over-pumping.usvacuumpumps.

one custom program. lab managers and facility designers are specifying lab washers based on environmental and ergonomic factors. the temperatures can be lowered. With individually adjustable wash and rinse temperatures.labwashers.com 800-991-9380 proinfo@mieleusa. and so are salary and upkeep of personnel. and selection of cleaning agents suitable for the task.” Henley notes.” Austin adds. a high temperature can be set. the Miele G 7883 sets the standard for brilliant results in an under counter design and can be installed into an immediate laboratory area. and cleaners and wastewater disposal are important factors that affect operating cost. For example. who manages Miele Professional’s (Princeton. Austin says a trend he sees is the use of individual lab washers in facilities where a central wash room had been the norm. anything up to 18 height. and cleaning agents. and current wash methods. petri dishes. free up technician time for more value-added work. of tap water. the pump in a high-end under-counter glassware washer is rated at a minimum of 100 gallons per minute. “Purchasers have moved beyond up-front cost and are beginning to take these other issues into account. the G 7883 is engineered to run at maximum efficiency. the more critical the research. as do kitchen units. beakers.” Research space is expensive. the more likely it will employ an automated washing process. Some lab-designed machines employ bottom-heating for drying.” Increasingly.” observes Ken Austin. and the final rinse uses heated. unmodified household dishwashers are not suitable for laboratory use. The G 7883 is good for cleaning laboratory glassware pipettes.” says Mike Henley. wash temperature. This washer offers 8 standard and 2 utility wash programs. should consider automated controls that verify and validate cleaning cycles. as they ensure consistent cleaning of critical labware. steam condenser with low ambient heat. energy. If not. The ultimate machines of this type are validated to pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices. “Purchasers are interested in how the machine coordinates with the building. and is a great “Green Choice” for today’s labs. Cycling time for lab units is longer. and provide assurance and validation in regulated industries. sufficiently high temperature. test tubes. FL). Because of the heavy demands placed on cleanliness and the unusual form figures of labware. Utilization of water. a spray pattern that reaches the entire wash load. and precise sensors. NJ) laboratory division. “They don’t come to work to wash glassware. or those that come in contact with the legal system. recirculated.com From water treatment labs doing trace metal analysis to university tissue culture labs.bASIC LAb WAShErS PrODUCTS IN ACTION MOrE ThAN A CONVENIENCE Many labs today rely on glassware washers. general manager at Lancer (Winter Springs. holders and baskets are customized for lab equipment. The ideal combination is high water throughput at relatively gentle spray pressure. mechanical action. If aggressive cleaning is needed. and an organization’s ‘green’ strategies. The interplay between centralized and individual lab washing involves Get repeatable results with the G 7883 www. Labs operating in regulated industries.” 106 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. Manufactured to last through 15. others with more robust pumps cause glassware to launch and break. “Generally.000 operating hours with minimal heat loss. a DI rinse cycle. Efficient cleaning is a function of cycle time. “Generally. volumetric flasks. the more likely [a lab] will employ an automated washing process. the lab. and breakage is higher than when scientists wash their own.labmanager. Factors to consider include type of labware and residues being cleaned.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 107 . the more critical the research. from initial wash through drying. But central washers often do not thoroughly clean items. this glassware washer allows you to custom tailor settings to the task at hand. The G 7883 also offers adjustable temperatures up to 93º C for superior cleaning ability. therefore shortening the cycle time. throughput (pieces per day). but high-end washers employ forced HEPA-filtered air. “Researchers don’t trust the wash room. Many kitchen models lack a pump powerful enough to provide effective wash coverage. and wind up cleaning their critical pieces anyway. deionized water instead Still Handwashing? the general aversion to washing glassware. compared with 25 to 30 gallons per minute on a home washer.

com WD 290 • Dynamic Filling provides resource savings of up to 20% per cycle • Each cycle requires 40 liters less water and energy turnover is reduced by 20% • Productivity boost of up to 25% can be achieved with DI water preheating option • Features full glass doors and chamber illumination so the cleaning process can be monitored Belimed www. BOD bottles.labwasher.yamato-usa.com This Week in Your Lab www.com/blogs/Editor www.scientek.com www.labconco.us www. bottles.belimed.labwashers.getingeusa.thermo.labmanager.net www. slides.labconco.com www.hotpack.com www.net G7893 • A complete washing and drying cycle takes one hour • Saves space with a 24-inch footprint • Incorporates true HEPA-filtered forced-air drying • A cool-down step can be programmed at the end of cycle to ensure glassware is safe to handle Miele www.labmanager.steelcospa. time and temperature • Capacity for culture dishes. etc.bASIC LAb WAShErS RECENTLY RELEASED WAShErS FlaskScrubber SW3000 Series • Features a lower spindle rack that holds up to 36 pieces of primarily narrow-neck glassware • Includes specialized inserts for pipets. tubes.com www. beakers. culture tubes and small utensils • Water and detergent are pumped through spindles to reach innermost areas of glassware • Features forced-air drying through spindles to ensure thorough drying inside and out Labconco www. Petri dishes.com • Features rotating spray washing arms and versatile cycle programming • Available in single-door or two-door pass-thru configurations • Includes a simple touch-control user interface. pipettes.com www. displaying event.com www. cylinders. flasks.com www.steris. discussing the most up to date information for the Lab Managers Scientek www.belimed.com Editor’s Buzz by Pam Ahlberg WAshEr MANUFACTURERS BeliMed Getinge Hotpack Labconco Lancer Miele Scientek SteelCo STERIS Corporation Thermo Fisher Scientific Yamato Scientific America www.scientek.com 108 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 .com www.lancer.

5 Earl Court Woodridge. We understand how important it is to use reliable ultrapure and pure water. says Bardon. so look for a system that is easy to sanitize.com “Invest in a flexible system that will meet your needs today and grow with the lab. reverse osmosis. university. depending on the stringency of the application. hospital. The first-step purification or the system that is used to convert tap water into pure water has to be very efficient. several factors need to be considered. according to Bob Applequist. while Type III water is used for general washing. weekly or monthly. activated carbon filtration. It integrates in-hand monitoring and accurate pure water dispensing in one unique product. as users are testing for parts-per-billion (ppb) or parts-per-trillion (ppt) levels. Parts-per-million (ppm) mittee for Clinical Laboratory Standards (NCCLS) has specified three types of water: I. CLSI. depending on their use. However. while ultrapure water generated from a point-of-use system can be used for applications that have more specific and stringent purification needs. After choosing the right system. ASTM D1193-06. EP and JP.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 111 . inorganics.usa@veoliawater.labmanager. global sales and marketing director for ELGA LabWater. hand-held dispensing ELGA is the global laboratory brand name of Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies. alarm) • POU filters for multiple applications to remove endotoxins. microorganisms and pyrogens. director for North American Sales. Eight commonly used methods to purify water are distillation.2. Water Purification made easy • Fast and simple sanitization to minimize microbial growth • Data capture via USB port for system validation • User settings can be customized via the web and uploaded using the USB post in seconds • Multiple dispense positioning o Wall. The PURELAB flex can be used for analytical and lifescience applications in all pharmaceutical. preventative maintenance is equally important. The level of monitoring can be done daily. as well as daily water volume requirements.elgalabwater.com www. says Hammond. Renaud Bardon. CLRW.2 MΩ-cm water quality. so that the water can recirculate regularly. Water needs to be kept moving. Special-purpose water refers to water that has been treated to remove specific contaminants. product manager at Labconco. height adjustable arm. delivering accuracy. the demand for high-purity water has also increased. The key then is to invest in a flexible system that will meet your needs today and grow with the lab and change with the applications. but today. This innovative water purification system has won many awards including the 2010 Instrument Business Outlook Award for Laboratory Equipment Industrial Design. The National Com- The water quality conforms to international water standards e. people are more concerned with organic contaminants. the most important ones are to fit the product to the application and differentiate between the need for pure and ultrapure water. DNase. people were mainly concerned with ionic contaminants. bench. particulates and microorganisms. says in the past. as well as special-purpose water. ultraviolet oxidation and electrodialysis.the future of pure water Ensure accurate consistent results with ELGA’s PURELAB flex. The PURELAB flex is designed around your needs. Lab Water at Millipore. Handset designed for today’s laboratory • Intuitive to use • Ergonomic handset design • Clear water purity for absolute confidence as you dispense • Handset displays prioritized information shown at all times (system status. says Bardon. When considering a water purification system. In most cases. converting that pure water into ultrapure water is going to be very easy and consistent. Modern systems have built-in alarms and calibrators that warn customers if certain components are nearing the end of their life cycles.bASIC LAb WATEr PUrIFICATION SYSTEmS PURELAB flex . food and beverage laboratories. Sample the water routinely to make sure that it doesn’t contain impurities that will interfere with your analysis. RNase and bacteria • Flexible dispensing in four different ways o Variable flow – drop by drop or up to 2 liters per minute o Autovolume dispense from 50ml to 60ml and repeat dispensing o Hands free with optional foot pedal o Locked dispense for glassware filling  The PURELAB flex delivers 18. For labs with variable demands on quality and quantity. make sure its dynamic. PrODUCTS IN ACTION WATEr DEmANDS YOUr RESPECT: ThErE IS MOrE TO PrOCUrING PUrE WATEr ThAN INVESTING IN ThE RIGhT WATEr PUrIFICATION SYSTEm As instruments have become more sensitive and applications increasingly complex. Pharmacopeia USP. ISO 3696: Grade 1. If you have that first step right. microporous filtration. ELGA’s PURELAB flex is a state-of-the-art water purification system. When selecting a water purification system. ultrafiltration. says Matthew Hammond.g. as still water ends up building biofilms quicker. both the quality and the quantity of water have to be taken into account. Hammond adds. the pure water generated from tap water can be used for most applications. deionization. The PURELAB flex is easily adaptable to facilitate changes to laboratory design layouts and applications. performing regular. IL 60517 (877) 315-3542 Email: elga. Contaminants in water can consist of particulates. flexibility and modularity become very important. the world’s leading water service company. organics. flexibility and ease of use with an innovative and ergonomic design.” is no longer the smallest level of contamination. II and III. 110 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 www. Type I refers to the purest water on the scale and is used for most analytical applications.3. TOC. Whatever system you buy.

290 Concord Road Billerica.bASIC LAb WATEr PUrIFICATION SYSTEmS PrODUCTS IN ACTION RECENTLY RELEASED WATEr PUrIFICATION SYSTEmS CRYSTA Series PURELAB flex • Produces high-quality ultrapure water (Type I) and pure water (Type II) • CRYSTA 1000 and 2000 models require reverse osmosis or deionized water as input source and can be used with CRYSTA 500 to create a complete purification system • Features a timed dispense mode for walk-away.siemens. researchers can use nylon mesh Steriflip filters. As a result.sartorius-stedim. Easy. Apply vacuum and recover sample in new tube www.arieswater.elgalabwater. and feature 0. Sterilize Quickly With High Protein Recovery Cell culture reagents and media often contain high concentrations of serum. the time required to transfer or sterilize sensitive reagents can result in degradation of labile.com Millipore www. 40 μm.pall. and sterility. Because microbiological contamination is commonly introduced during liquid transfer steps. Four mesh sizes allow for optimal performance in stem cell.com www. neurological and skeletal tissue applications.com Aurora Biomed www.aurorabiomed. essential molecular species.com www. Speed can also determine cell culture success. cardiomyocyte.thermoscientific.com www. which enable faster separation of large volumes of cellular material.com www.millipore. Massachusetts Phone : 800-645-5476 www.millipore. Fast.com www. filter clogging and protein binding are common challenges. improving recovery and reducing time to collect isolated cells. unattended operation • Delivers up to 2 liters per minute of type I.22 µm or 0.com WATEr PurIFICATION SYsTEm MANUFACTURERS Aqua Solutions Aries Filterworks Aurora Biomed ELGA LabWater Labconco Millipore Pall Corporation Sartorius Stedim Siemens Thermo Fisher Scientific www.com www. bacteria.aquaa. which require cells that exhibit reproducible phenotypes and are free of contamination from yeast.com www. requiring only three steps: 1. and 100 μm sizes.45 µm pore sizes.labmanager.labconco.millipore. Sterile Cell Culture With Steriflip Filters The Steriflip filter’s revolutionizing design has made it a popular tool among cell culturists aiming to eliminate contamination while simultaneously increasing experimental throughput. Filtration using the Steriflip device is straightforward.com LaboStar™ • Produces analytical grade water on demand • Features easy push-button operation and quick sanitization regimens • Recirculation feature maintains optimal water quality while minimizing bacterial growth • Produces up to 18 megohm ASTM water quality Q-POD® Element Unit • Ensures delivery of ultrapure water with very low levels of elemental contamination • Features a footswitch for hands-free water delivery • Ideal for use in a Class 1000 clean room environment • Supplies water in volumes required by the user (up to 1. Attach filter to 50 mL sample tube 2.elgalabwater. II and III water • Flexible dispense tip filtration guarantees microbial purity <1CFU/10ml • Water purity maintained by recirculation of purified water through ion exchange and UV purification technologies to the dispense point Steriflip® Vacuum-Driven Filtration Device For decades. 60 μm.com www. the Steriflip filter’s innovative design has provided cell biologists with ease of use. Nylon mesh Steriflip devices are available in 20 μm. Sterilizing-grade Steriflip filters are available with either fast-flow Millipore Express® Polyethersulfone (PES) or low-protein-binding Durapore® polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membranes.siemens.com ELGA LabWater www. Isolate Cells Fast For High Viability For cell isolation applications.com www.5 L/min) Siemens Water Technologies www. and other cells. proteins. minimizing liquid transfer increases cell culture reliability.com 112 Lab Manager Product Resource Guide 2010 Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 113 . Millipore’s Steriflip filter eliminates liquid transfer and speeds sample handling by integrating a filter into the mouth of a sterile tube to which the original sample tube is directly attached.com Cell culture is an exacting and time-consuming prerequisite for cell-based assays. and viscous solutions. speed. Steriflip filters provide both fast flow and high protein recovery.aurorabiomed.water. Flip assembly upside down 3.

uecorp.com www.labx.labx.RURO.spexcsp.com Product Resource Guide 2010 Lab Manager 115 . www.labmanager. or contact buyers and sellers. university. Boekel Scientific Buchi Corporation ELGA Labwater / Veolia Water Eppendorf North America Erlab.elgalabwater. Inc. Retsch Rice Lake Weighing Systems Ruro SPEX CertiPrep The Baker Company Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc Universal Electric USA Scientific.com www.com www.uecorp. 33 85 103 65 53 49. Millipore Bioscience Molecular Devices Corporation Nor-Lake Scientific NuAire Inc. 114 97 7 107 113 35. additional benefits are: • Reliability • Aesthetically Appealing • Re-locatable and Scalable • Reduced Installation Costs To learn more about Universal Electric Corporation and its products.com/CytoOne www.aircleansystems.HamiltonRobotics.com www. Gilson Pipetman Hamilton Robotics Helmer Inc. please visit www. Canonsburg.com www. 39 95 77 87 47 81 43 51 5. LabX showcases over 190.knf. Inc. Inc.com www. Vacuubrand. 116 71 15 3.com www. pharmaceutical.helmerinc.millipore.com www.labwashers.labwrench.waters.boekelsci. Inc. 115 37 105 17.captair. 93.retsch-us.com www. Miele.vwrsp. bid in LabAuctions.biotek.com BUY & SELL EQUIPMENT • ONLINE AUCTIONS NEW PRODUCT INTRODUCTIONS • GREAT DEALS www.com/performancelabware www.com www.com/sdms 69 75 29 55 63 111 59.com www.labsafety.com/as200jet www. Visit LabX today and get the product you’ve always wanted NOW! PrODUCTS IN ACTION ADVERTISER INDEX Company URL Page AirClean Systems.com www. pre-owned lab equipment. PA 15317 Phone 800-245-6378 www.com www. Inc. hospital and data labs.binder-world. Lab Safety Supply LabWrench LabX Marvel Scientific Metrohm USA.com STARLINE Plug-In Raceway.com www.com www.com www. 61 2.eppendorf.gilson.com/co2-incubators www.us www.mybuchi.com www. KNF Neuberger Inc. 83.com/LM! www. Inc.com or call us at 800-245-6378.bakerco. and supplies.com/pk2020 www.000 listings of new.com www.nuaire.norlakescientific. BINDER Inc.fi nd exciting deals! Register today to run ads. 79 THE FUTURE OF RACE WAY… 168 Georgetown Rd.com www.vacuubrand.com/weights www.com www.com www. It offers a flexibility that no other product has – the ability to add or relocate electrical outlet modules anywhere on the raceway quickly and easily – without shutting down power! STARLINE Plug-In Raceway not only offers flexibility and low cost of ownership.moleculardevices.marvelscientific. BioTek Instruments. Inc.com www.usascientific. has revolutionized the power distribution industry! Universal Electric Corporation created STARLINE Plug-In Raceway to meet the ever-changing power distribution and datacom needs of research.uecorp.com www.ricelake. surplus.IC-changeisgood. Waters Corporation www.

eppendorf. 800-645-3050 • In Canada: Eppendorf Canada Ltd.com In the U.: Eppendorf North America.S.com • Email: info@eppendorf. 800-263-8715 .ble a l i a v A now! Simply better pipetting! Eppendorf Xplorer ®—the new electronic pipette www. Inc.

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