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YOK MON pur wopUOT] u WALAOd AOU GNV WANA “dM a poupa y aunjo4 ANIDIGAW AO AYOLSTH AHL AO VIGAdO TIAONA NOINVdWOD er my Ha, CT nd Loni, Yale Ny Unies af Chip Pr he Thay fda, 14 HUMORALISM Vivian Nutton Hamam i ¢sstem of medicine tat considers les to be the res fre dstrbance in the satura balance ofthe humus, within the Body 1s a whole or within one pariculr part. It streses the unity of the body, td Ge stone ineracon bercen metal and physical proves, Tt at ‘ne andthe same time hihi, for cach person and each bodily art has ther ove atu humoral eompositon (so known a at mire, fr temperamen) and univers, forthe range of varaton elimi snd the ‘me pater of illness (Seans) canbe seen wo ocur in many nds "Thema alince of ea is bays precio fr x constanlysbjet potently harm indueaces from one dt, ieee and emionmen Hence an appopete dagnss of the cause or causes of nes sf fom simple, since it mst ave an lst es ange of actors both inside ‘nd ote the ody. None the lees, provided ne can dscoe the proper ely humors balznce within an indi, one canot only restore the ‘dy to hel (ouditonally by allpatic mens, but homeopathic remedies se not excluded), but can ap devise means of maintaining that health or 1 longa pose. Tn humoral, prophylis plays as ret roe as ‘herp Histoily, humors formed the baie for the Western tain of ‘melcine down wo the niceenth cena Ini ees manfsiaons, in ‘Sth and fil centuy oc Greece reveals o nk with any ofthe mee ‘stems elsewhere inthe easter Mederancan, and the few apparent para- Ike wth Indian or Far Eastern medical systema may well be fritous. By the second entry 4D, it had besome dominant troughost the Roman mpi. The Arb conquests of de seventh century, and the subsequent slo of Gaene and Hippocratic txts nt Arab in the nich cena, fensred it primacy in Masi lands, where, parSculay in Paistan, at