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Humanism, Society, and Gender

Did Women Have a Renaissance? 12/02/2008

dimorphism starts in order to have the inferiority of women. Boccaccio asks
what is really natural? If the religious requirements were lifted? What is a
woman’s natural virtue.

acts of courage, honor.

the plague was not understood as it is today. Struck suddenly thorughtout
Europe. Advanced very quickly. Happy one day and painful day the next. It
terrified europeans. Is god really in control, why would he allow this. The
good suffer as much if not more than the bad.

second day, ninth story

• she’s a paragon of intelligence. She in the company of man can be
gracious and entertaining without being intrusive. She’s good at
writing, reading, book-keeping.

• woman are encouraged to quit doing at a later period

Chain of Beings (everything that exists is ordered)

• God: intellect

• angels: pure spirit

• stars: fortune

• humans

• sensitive

• vegetative
• inanimate

Judeo-Christian History

• a time before the creation. Some of the spiritual beings rebelled
against god. God defeats them, and creates the world. Humanity
then makes the ‘fall’ or original sin. SIN alienates humanity from
god and nature. After the fall, god tries to make a new contract with
humanity and humanity keeps destroying things. Finally he sets up
a covenant with their representatives the Jews. He reduces the rules
to 10 and writes them in stone tablets so they won’t forget. The
kingdoms of David and Solomon however, humanity keeps messing
up. God tries again to set things straight and he sends a messiah
(Christ). Crucifixion and resurrection. God takes the punishment for
humanity. The last one is the last judgment, and he will decide the
world is going to end. Those who kept his word will be saved.

5th story of the 1st day

• the
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