Two Composite Cantilevers. Two cantilevers made out of beta titanium 0.

018" are welded to a beta titanium transpalatal arch. Composite cantilevers are made out of two different wires which are joined together by a spot welding . These cantilevers can be very useful since they offer the advantage of having different rigidities in different parts. Since beta titanium has the best joining properties most of the time composite cantilevers include a stiffer part beta titanium 0.017" x 0.025" and a more elastic part made out of beta titanium with round 0.018" section. Composite cantilevers can be also created joining 0.018" wires to a beta titanium lingual arch or trans palatal arch.

the lower Sagittal is more efficient when a lip bumper is added. Note that acrylic pads are seldom fitted on lower expansion appliances. it must be ensured that they are not impacted during treatment. in order to obtain the best results during distalization of the first anterior molars. However. it is better to extract the second molars. If these teeth are not yet grown.In as much as the roots of molars are strongly anchored. .